The Re-Union and the Great Divide

The Great Divide

Grand Re-Union <em>by Gwen Simmons with the Merlin and Lord Arcturus…</em> Greetings, Fellow Travelers in Time, Space and Awareness! We are well met after a year that did not quite live up to either its Promise or Potential. Instead, it proved most Illuminating in so many other ways. A call for Balance was made by the Masters and the White Council over a year ago— a Directive was received by the 144,000 (x2) along with many others among the Lightworkers on Earth/Gaia. The Time is arrived for the Reconciliation, the Grand Re-Union of those Lifestreams, so fractured and scattered by entrance into density. To these ones, these Lightworkers, having undertaken this Path, or Awakening, years, and in many cases decades ago, an extension of that Mission was assigned. Those who had successfully Healed much of the heavy energy residing in Form, were Now to extend that Healing to that Other, to the Twin Flame or Complement in incarnation. This, despite the hype and build…

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