The Author

Inside the Box

Welcome to my UnSeeyn Reality! When I began this website in early 2019, it was with no clear idea where this project might be headed. It is my Heartfelt Intent, and that of my Guidance as well, to assist with the Planetary Healing that is currently taking place in whatever manner is possible. This undertaking has been underway for decades now, and I have been intimately connected to it for the past 30 plus years. I hope, as the possibility for Planetary Ascension unfolds as a Reality, to offer whatever insight I might from my long experience. This project belongs to Spirit, to All-that-Is, and I am only along for the ride. I look forward to seeing where this particular project wants to go. Having dabbled in writing content concerned with spirituality, metaphysics and esoterica for a number of years now, it has largely been from the perspective of my own Journey, a way to maintain Continuity in an evolving world. However, as we approached the end of a tumultuous Decade, the last stretch of a Cycle of immense Chaos and Awakening, I was Guided to start this new Odyssey— the Journey into my UnSeeyn Reality.

My Path, and my entire Life in fact, is about Service to a Higher Power. Always I am seeking to attain a clearer connection to Spirit and All-That-Is, and that is the purpose I will attempt to fulfill here. Though I have a great many interests and a very busy life, I chose long ago to put Spirit First. Ascension, of the Planet, and Myself, has been my Sole/Soul mission for many years. The Path has been fraught with many obstacles and a multitude of ups and downs. The process that I will attempt to chronicle as this site develops is a paradox— difficult and complex, and yet as simple as Surrendering.

Life Without Limitation

Any attempt on my part to describe my-Self, to define what and who I Am, only succeeds in limiting me. And, ultimately, to trap both me and you within a narrow worldview. I can use a description of my daily life—mother, grandmother, sister, business owner, blogger, homemaker, vintage collector and seller, website administrator and so forth—and convey nothing of importance. Or, I can allude to my Spiritual and Esoteric adventures and call myself Forerunner, Shaman, Empath, Seeker, Warrior or Dreamer. Even in that context, I still only succeed in placing myself in a Box that sits squarely in the midst of a mundane world.

I Am all of the things mentioned above and so much more. As are we All. Whether we have begun to Awaken from the long sleep of physicality or not, those of us incarnated on this planet Earth and Beyond defy the limitations of language and labels. We are Light, we are Energy, we are all cells in the Body of God, and we are all One.

The Journey!

Turning Point

In the year 2000, I reached a point of Choice. After having found my way to the threshold of the Ascension Gate—I was asked to stay. This was in order to facilitate further planetary healing by undertaking a journey deep into the energies of the Earth. I can say quite honestly, that I did not know it would be two decades before I regained a similar State of Consciousness. In the interim, during those long, mostly very difficult years, I experienced much, including extremes of Awareness. I fell so deeply into what I think of the Valley of the Shadow or the Dark Night of the Soul, that I despaired of ever returning. And at other times the converse was true. There were intervals in which I was very open to Consciousness and to my own Deep Well of Knowing. However, despite some few forays into Light, I did not come close to the Freedom and Connection to Source that I experienced two decades ago.

Early last year, as we approached yet another decade Milestone, I threw the caution that seemed ever-present in my life for nearly 20 years to the wind. I plunged into my Spiritual Practice and Place with all My Heart again. Last year (September/October 2019) there was an amazing occurrence in my life. I Reawakened, and it was as if I’d been blind and could suddenly See, as if the black ,white and gray world were suddenly lit by a Rainbow. I can’t come any closer to describing it.

Since that Reawakening, my True Work in this manifest arena resumed as though it were never interrupted, and I have hardly caught my Breath, let alone spared much Time for this website/blog since. I hope to remedy that situation in the No-Time to come.  

I will meander, via the medium of this website, through the Spiritual landscape as I have Perceived it. If you decide to follow along…


Blessings and Best Wishes, Gwen