Looking Back—Moving Forward

A Brand New Day

Morning has broken, like the first morning

Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning 

Praise for the springing fresh from the word 

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens on the album Teaser and the Firecat releasd in 1971

I recently realized that I’ve been blogging for eight years as of January 2021. My first attempts at this medium having been on a Blogger Blog called A Glitch in Time  (Taken down several years ago). These have been busy eventful years, and the time has flown. 

While that original blog covered all aspects of life— home, family, gardening, cooking, and my own roots, I often ventured into the territory of my Spiritual Path as well.

For as many years as I can remember, this esoteric pursuit was the wellspring of my being. So, with the inception of UnSeeyn Reality, it is my intent to do something a bit different for this site. It is my plan, insofar as I have any, to cover lots of Spiritual territory and explore the different manifestations of the Planetary Awakening I’ve been involved in to varying degrees since the 1980s.

There was a time when I thought that perhaps I should avoid dwelling on Spirituality, and my sometimes controversial opinions and musings on same. I’ve come to the realization that the Spiritual Path lies at the core of all that I am and that was just Fear trying to rear its head. I can no more deny that essential part of myself than Not breathe. And now I feel called to begin exploring that aspect more fully.

The upshot of all this reflection, is that, having saved a number of my more popular posts from A Glitch in Time Blog  I am currently updating and rewriting some of them to be more relevant to where I am Now, and in the context of the Spiritual Awakening occurring at present. 

Here is an updated post from Summer 2013 that was called A New Day…

Playing It By Ear (The Songs in My Head)

Very often, as I hurtle through busy days, always rushing, and yet falling further behind each day—I find myself humming one old tune or another.

There was a time in life when I successfully quieted the nagging inner dialogue that is almost universally part of the human condition. This was accomplished through meditation and contemplation, and with consistently applied self-discipline. Over the course of years though, it crept back and for a time seemed intent on running my life. That voice was  back with a vengeance, and the only way I seemed able to keep it at bay was to let the Music that lives in my busy mind, play.

I am much more adept at quieting the dialogue these days. I can once more find the silence out of which growth and understanding can occur, but still too often, I get distracted. So, I often  hum as I go about my daily business. Over the course of several decades, I have acquired a rather immense library of familiar and dearly loved tunes. This is not something I think about. Songs, some I may not have heard in many years, are just there.

At times it is the full experience—lyrics, tune and even the approximate year and the band who recorded it. Other times a tune will worry around my mind, and I am unable to let it go until I can recall the words that go along with it. In those instances, Google is a wonderful tool. Mostly though, the music merely serves as a backdrop to my daily activities. Sometimes, some trick of the senses—sight, smell, or even touch—brings a particular piece of music to mind.

When this occurs, I often become aware that the music, the repetitive song I am hearing in my head, is a Message. I have come to Know that Spirit (God, All-That-Is, The Source) sometimes has to find other means of speaking to us when we get so busy and involved that we ignore or under-nurture our Spiritual sides. 

Such seemed to be the case as I gazed out the window early one morning while I waited for the coffee to brew. The sky was, simply put, beautiful. Mornings at our former rural home were often lovely, but that day was magnificent. As an old Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) song I had not heard in years began to wind softly through my awareness, I shook off my morning torpor and ran to get my camera.

Morning has broken, like the first morning

Brand New Day

How exhilarating it is to venture out early and greet the day. In the days that followed that one, this tune was often in my mind. Is there a message there? I think maybe the answer is yes. Morning has broken— that could just be an archaic way of saying that it is past dawn. Or, it could be a more personal communication to a woman whose favorite time of day was once morning.

Now, even when I do sleep decently, I still rise grudgingly more often than not. Even once up,  I usually become involved in the endless list of tasks that need to be attended to rather than paying Attention to Spirit, and the beauty and grandeur of the early day. I am doing ever so much better these days, but there is still a long way to go.

In those days, I existed all too often in a sort of busy void, neither particularly happy or unhappy, but preoccupied and rather unfocused a good deal of the time. I was quite certain that I was being nudged though, to wake back up to a greater Reality. It was time to See and Breathe in Life  rather than just getting through it. 

“Praise for the singing, praise for the morning. Praise for the springing fresh from the word.” 

Remembering the Words to That Tune

Since I first wrote these words, my entire life has Transformed. Instead of just thinking about doing yoga and meditating, I do both now. My ability to channel or connect with Ascended Beings, nearly non-existent for close to a decade has returned strongly. Such are the intricacies, and  the ups and downs, of the Ascension Path.  One must constantly adapt to whatever level of attunement is available.

Messages come to us from Spirit in a hundred ways, through synchrony and serendipity, numbers on a clock, in nature, or through a song stuck suddenly in our head. The trick is to learn to listen and observe, to remain Mindful. And to be ready when that precious opportunity Knocks.

Do you ever feel like Don Quixote, tilting at metaphorical windmills? Too often, we can feel that trying to be equal to the task that is life is just such a futile act. That was me before I began my Spiritual Journey. It changed my life, gave me back hope and and purpose, and sometimes Joy and Bliss.

I spoke before of quieting the Inner Dialogue, that running conversation we all carry on with ourselves in order to assure that we are We, that reason and consciousness are firmly in control. What a load of bull our Egos insist on feeding us.

What we long for is that quiet place inside, for Truth and the opportunity to experience what each of us truly are. Until we can embrace this mass of contradictions that has become that I being experienced just now, moving forward will continue at a snail’s pace. We cannot become the truth of what we are until we can accept ourselves and forgive ourselves right Now.

In earlier experience, this Spiritual progress came no easier or more quickly, but having already run this particular course, I am afraid that my impatience is showing. During that long ago spiritual quest, it took me months of meditation before I one day realized that I had finally achieved that long sought inner silence, and as soon as I realized it, it of course ended quite abruptly. (The need to “think” about what I had accomplished defeated it completely.) But I kept at it. The intervals of peace grew more common and lasted longer.  I found out that what fills the Silence is ever so much better than than what we manufacture to hide from it. In silence, we learn to speak with, rather than at, God.

Lest I forget, quelling the inner dialogue and achieving Silence was and is, only the first step in a Process. you can spend years learning, healing, releasing the past, and evolving through a series of internal initiations. And it is true that it is difficult, that you suffer physically, emotionally and mentally, but it is the only road worth taking in my view.

Would I do anything differently if I could Reel in the Years (Steely Dan) and start again? Quite simply— No. I may sometimes wish returning to that exalted and ecstatic state that is variously called Nirvana, Transcendence, Samādhi or Enlightenment was easy as clicking my heels together and being transported Home, but anything worth doing once is no doubt even more rewarding the second time around.

For me, ultimately, though I may kick and scream as I go, there is only God’s Will, the Path that Spirit has set for me. In the meanwhile, I will just let the music keep playing in my head. There are so many songs that mean so much, so many that speak to me on levels I cannot reach otherwise just now. Time after Time (Cyndi Lauper).

Baby Steps

I’ve made a great deal of progress in the years since I first wrote most of this. Not in huge strides mind you, but I am willing to accept Baby Steps. I am re-Learning Patience and Acceptance. No longer do I rail against my lot in life, and my outlook is in general a lot sunnier. I’ve rediscovered that elusive Inner Peace, if only briefly, from time to time. 

And the music in my heads keeps on playing…

Till Next Time!


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