Merlin’s Notes on Time

Spending Our Time…

I was in the midst of one of those all too frequent episodes, where the intensity of the energetic work I undertake for Spirit and Ascension Process had reached the point where it was nearly impossible to function in the normal Day-to-Day. As is often the case when this happens, I was fuming and fussing, worrying about chores I hadn’t got to, about my lack of productivity. As is also often the case, Merlin laughed at me and supplied the following brief notes:

Despite the commonly held human assumption that it is so, Time is not a commodity. It cannot be bought, sold, saved, wasted, or spent. It is a condition of your linear oriented perceptual apparatus, a by-product of physical existence within a dimensional gridwork of space and gravity. At times, it may appear to slow down, to rush by or even stand still, but it remains the river upon who’s current the mortal incarnation rides from birth to certain death.

While you are directly aware always of the moment in which you are ensconsed, indirectly aware through memory of your past, and indirectly aware through anticipation of a future, Time itself is meaningless.

A life Well Spent, whether it endures for days or many years, requires nothing more than your presence. That, in and of itself, guarantees that the time will not have been wasted. That is an impossibility. Your presence within life, your interactions of perception and experience, garner awareness and enliven the texture of Manifestation.

Quit measuring your life, or anyone else’s, by the yardstick of Time. You are bound to fall short if you think about it. How many hours have been spent (or wasted?) sleeping, eating, brushing your teeth, sitting on the toilet, engaging in meaningless social intercourse, driving to and from, and that old favorite of human’s everywhere, standing on line―waiting your turn in the queue?

Add it all up. You are all wasting time. How many mountains could you have climbed? How many productive pastimes could you have engaged in? And what the Hell difference would any of it make Right Here―Right Now when the past is no more than an ephemeral assortment of images that are called up when the correct neurons fire?

Spend a little Time thinking about this if you wish. I am Out of Time for the present…

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