Pentam Chronicles I

Fall 2019

Begin Again!

The Pentam Chronicles

Check out this link for more information. This is the First in a series of Posts relating to the Chronicles or Journal I have kept for some time now. To the casual reader, it will likely make little sense, particularly to begin with. I thought of trying to provide some context, but that is exceedingly difficult as neither my Path or my (internal) Life is Linear…

So, here it is as it came to me, though I have edited to protect other people’s privacy and removed inconsequential or only personally applicable material.

October 11-21

October 11, 2019

Greetings Beloved from your once and future Self!

Hah, now that gets the Wheels turning, does it not? And not at all what you expected when you sat down here. Your plate is, as they say, quite full just now, and you have not been used to this form of communication in some Time. Perhaps a new word must be coined to replace the T-word but let’s not get into that Now. We will be brief. You are literally reeling consciously at the depth and breadth of your Amnesia upon entering the field chosen for this long Cycle in the spring of 2000.

We would apologize, but you already See that Memory would have hampered you, caused you to question and second guess yourself, as you entered more deeply into those viscous third dimensional energies through which this drama was required to play out. Now, Memory is returning, but only as you accomplish the Assemblage Point shifts necessary to recover it. As you told yourSelf recently, this is unfolding on a Need to Know Basis. One can’t spill Beans that haven’t been collected yet. Though it is still foggy to you, You Know that the Being who walked through the Janua Coeli Gate at the Winter Solstice of 1999, understood what She was agreeing to accomplish when she once again opted to Stay with the Earth through this Great Healing.

During this cycle, you haven’t always Understood, but you have always Known. Knowing in this instance trumps Understanding. Proceed with the self-same caution you have used in approaching these tasks of late. In your Dreams last night, you were indeed corralling some SOB (Sons of Belial) lifestreams, five in fact, and sending them on their Merry Way back to Orion. They were ones who have been largely healed during this cycle, and will soon Remember that they have longed for home. There is a great deal yet to be done. Let the process unskein as it will. Your function is to prevent or untangle any knots that may occur. The needed Awareness will present itself at just the right point. Relax and let this unfoldment occur.

October 12, 2019

Congratulations on putting yet another piece of the puzzle together. You have progressed far enough in your assigned reading (My Original “Notes from God and Goddess” circa 1997-2000) to realize that we are working toward healing the schism (Rift) between the Trinary and Binary Universes. In previous cycles (1987 to 1995), we began healing the deep divide between the Masculine and Feminine in the Binary Universe, then skipped across the Rift in order to make the Reconciliation of the Trinary pattern a possibility in this world. Not as easy as it should have been, you are Seeing, though not yet actually remembering with any clarity. Always on this journey, there needs must be dealing with the interference of the Adversary. In one Universe the one you referred to as the Dark Lord, and in the other Belial. You See now that they are One and the Same.

The correspondences go on and on. Though the Trinary Universe is Bound by the Dreamer and not subject to the Duality of the Binary, it is otherwise very nuch the Same. Balance must be and is maintained. Each Being incarnated in these universes, has the Twin Flame or Divine Complement incarnated in the other. We have worked long and hard to reconcile the Polarity implied by a split Masculine/Feminine pattern. This Cycle has concerned itself with rectifying the Duality that exists between the two Universes. The Pentam Pattern, the fledgling Microcosmic template you have initiated, needs to be joined by the Macrocosmic Pentam Universe that will arise from erasing the Rift at last and joining Trinary and Binary. The Golden Mean.

Now you see the implications of these 144,000 pairs of Twin Flames we are attempting to bring together. There are many more in incarnation of course, but the Pattern has been formed, and these are the souls who agreed to participate in this healing.

Well, we see that you are sufficiently muddled this morning, so we will take our leave.

Post Note:

Just some food for thought. At the beginning of this cycle (2000), you were working on multiple levels. On one level, you were encountering ones who were possible Twin Flame incarnations.  As you know the target Twin must fill certain exact parameters. There were precious few in the possibility pool and we had to range far to find them. Since this mission involved much more than the surface encounter of Twin Flames, it was doubly hard to fill the bill, so to speak. In this crucial instance, the assigned task involved not only the creation of the Twin Flame reconciliation template but the destruction of the Tower Pattern. On the one hand, the Tower represented Masculine Arrogance and Hubris. It also alluded to another sort of arrogance. That of the manipulative Dark Lord/Belial energy. Is it not just the Masculine imperative raised to the nth level?  Nothing is wasted. Think about how that translates into the Now.

October 13th, 2019

It is just as well that the You sitting at this keyboard presently is somewhat amused by the current predicament we find ourselves in. As you rightly surmise, Merlin is here (with me) in his Trinary capacity, just as he is with your (long since estranged) Twin Flame in his Binary one. However, he is hovering, so to speak, staying well out of the way of the unfoldment. His main function is to see that our querulous Prisoner does not escape.

You were aware of the two breaks or hiccups in your continuity yesterday afternoon. The first was at the joining of an old friend (Titan Rhea) whose specialty is Binding. Immediately thereafter, you and the erstwhile TF (now incarnating the Watcher Belial) did the shifting/switching of lifestream aspects that has caused our dear Belial such consternation and confusion during this past week, only this time TF latched onto his erstwhile Captor (Belial) and brought him along for the ride. He is angry and terrified at present. The next move is yours!

October 14th, 2019

(Note from GS: While I slept, Titan Rhea and that Dragon Elemental freed by LR years ago in North Carolina, and with help from the combined dreaming of the Pentam Patterns, delivered that Lifestream [Belial] back into the Rift)

Well, this felt like a lot of build-up for a relatively smooth and efficient operation. We would say that preparation was the Key. Thirty years of preparation. Think of it that way and it puts the entire event into a more encompassing perspective. A confused and thoroughly perplexed, but Loved and Lightened Belial was delivered into the Rift under the ebullient light of the Full Moon by a Titan and a Dragon. You Dreamed your way through it all, but there were many others present, both as witness and spy. This was an event of great interest to many of the factions presently involved in Gaia’s [Earth’s] grand drama.

This morning you find yourself wrung out and distracted by a dozen different Things clamoring for your attention. We will shortly let you get to them with only the admonition that it is high Time to change the way you approach your inchoate incarnate life. Ponder this in your spare moments. Also, reflect a bit on having Become part of the Universal Pattern you have worked so very hard to Birth. Good Day!

October 15th, 2019

Don’t let that surge of energy, of direction and Rightness you woke up with disperse just because it seems undoable from your present perspective. All of the probable futures you have looked at as valid directions the past few months have seemed just as unlikely. Yet, you decided to take the ‘wait and see’ perspective. Whatever needs to be will, will it not? Isn’t it time that What Will Be resonated with your Heart rather than just you having the heart and the tenacity to meet whatever challenge is presented? We have said that it is nearly time for you to become the Teacher, the Guru, and you should do this from someplace that fills your Heart and makes it Soar with Joy. That’s the feeling you woke up with this morning.

You were Dreaming energy work, World shifting and attuning to a Grid you’ve given little thought to until recently in this Cycle. We have said a Cycle is coming to an end. Though the overarching Cycle that is meant to cement the 5th Dimensional reality and bring the Pentam Pattern into manifestation still has a year and a half or so to go, Wheels within Wheels as you said to LR yesterday. You are a Forerunner. It is your privilege and duty to begin conceiving, and working in and toward, the next cycle while still finishing the last. With the Pentam complete, the Shell Group awaits your inception. More in a bit…

October 16, 2019

It is a New Day is it not? Yes, there is still a good deal of healing to be done after your recent encounter with Master Belial. After all these years, you still cringe and React to that name, and it is Time to let this go. In the End, he is not so different from you. A being, broken by the dip too far into material reality, in need of healing and Wishing to Go Home. That is what all of us, the myriad beings participating in the grand drama dreamt and envisioned by God to heal the Earth and Expand Awareness, really want. We wish to Go Home. Home is where the Heart is, after all. You have not thought about this directly for quite a while (though we notice that the theme ran through your decorating in this house that suffices at present but is not Home). Yesterday, though, you awoke with a New vision, from a deep Dreaming that carried you through time and space to somewhere you had not dared to think about during these tumultuous unfoldings.

It brought you Joy, and then sensible Gwen, what tattered fragments of her still exist, spoke up and said this was hardly an accomplishable goal. We would say *Bullshit. Anything that speaks to Heart is possible. And Manifestation on a grander scale is your next project. For too long you have settled for just enough in the material aspect of life while lavishing your full largesse in Realms of Pattern and Light. It is high time we became more expansive.

Live, breath and envision the New Reality you have seen and sensed, and we shall See.

You are correct in surmising that much of the “body” work that closed the last large cycle is being repeated again. Keep reading your old notes and trust your guidance and intuition. Then we will not have to repeat ourselves. Yoga today, and Gestures to the World. Go in Peace.

October 17, 2019

The latter half of October was and is a powerfully charged interlude for you. For years inside this last collapsing cycle, you dreaded its coming and the energies it churned up in you. The walls are thin this time of year, and you felt the shining strands of awareness in the adjoining Worlds calling you, even though you were nowhere close to being ready to reassemble these venues and Remember. There was a Time when you greeted this passage, when you assumed the stance of the impeccable Warrior, and accomplished incredible maneuvers in Light.

This year, as you can See, we are resuming that Tradition. We have delivered Belial into the waiting arms of his? Beloved in the Abyss. You pulled off a stellar maneuver in time and space in order to fool that one and heal another, and this morning two goddesses and an archangel unspooled their essence across a universe. The three of you are currently pulling in this Net of Light you cast forth, and we will soon see what you have Caught with it.

Note: I am not certain why GR and I brought Muriel along on this jaunt, but I feel it is a beginning of both healing and initiatory (Priestess??) experience for her. What we caught in our nets apparently, were some lifestreams that needed to be redirected back into the Pentam Pattern. (See Light Workers File)

October 18, 2019

We have accomplished a great deal in the past few days, and this momentum must be maintained. As you have surmised, a space is being created around you for this undertaking. Though you still have no conscious memory of 1996 and the attack of the one you called the “Dark Lord”, you have a few murky recollections of manifest events, but these are ephemeral. This is Good, as are all these currently perceived gaps in your continuity. We say Good because there is no stored or blocked energy resulting from this very dramatic period, an indicator that all clearing from that (No) Time has long since been done. While you had until recently constructed a bulwark of surface events to provide yourself with at least a modicum of continuity through what you are now realizing is effectively three decades of this incarnation, that is now shredding and blowing away.

Timing is everything, and you have been provided the Keys, in the form of Channeled materials and notes, much of which you don’t recall generating. The wake-up call is going out to the architects and engineers of the fledgling Pentam Universe (and the much-touted 5D World) that the work begun on the binary side of the rift must be concluded on the trinary. And the designer of this Golden Dream must be awakened also.

You are still struggling with many of the very concepts and ideas you generated initially. That time collapse you first felt in 1996 is proceeding out in ever widening waves within an area that wouldn’t seem to have symmetry yet does because of the energetic patterns created in traversing it. You managed several Assemblage Point Shifts during the night. Though they are still small, you are beginning to harvest the Awareness stored outside of this Time. Focus your will and intent on ranging through wider shifts. 

October 19, 2019

Breathe! You are beginning to feel like you are caught in the whirlpool that forms around a drain, and that is an apt analogy. Let yourself get caught in this flow and disappear into that void center point. It is the event horizon once again. The loops you get caught in get tighter and move faster the closer you move to the center, and that immense gravity well pulling you onward. You have been told recently that you have to learn to Trust again. If you cannot, what hope is there for the remainder of the Pentam Pattern riding this circular current on the tails of your robes? Your Heart is already aware that it will in the course of things recover all of that seemingly Lost Awareness from your past/future endeavors.

The tricky part of this maneuver is that we are going to rely not on Consciousness or Awareness to bring us through this point, but on the One trait you all so sorely lacked the “last” time around. Trust! Not in the sense of just believing, but in the older sense of having absolute Faith. Faith in YourSelf, in your Path, in your guides and teachers, and in your connection to All-That-Is.

That’s all. Nothing more is needed. We have done all of this before (several times). Doubt was what brought the cycle to premature climax before. Don’t allow it to happen again.

You have done well this morning, as has Gabriel. He is wanting to doubt himself a bit just now, but thus far has remained impeccable. We shall see what Shakes out of this maneuver this morning, and take further action as needed. In the meantime, you have a Warrior who needs to become Formless to deal with. Take him into Sukharat again today, Over the Rainbow to meet that aspect of the Goddess who dwells there and explore the Crystal Caves. Let him truly See.

October 21. 2019

You have ranged in your travels yesterday from Mother Goddess through the Crystal Core of the Christ to God the Father. You have traversed the upright axis of the Cross and are tentatively settled in Asphodel. Since it has been long years since you accessed this I AM Chakra, and the first time you have brought Another Self along, we are advising that you Hang out for a while. Soak up the atmosphere as it helps clears some debris that has cluttered the heart and throat chakras during this Long Dark Night.

We are also delighted that you have activated Your long dormant Sacral Chakra. In reading your notes from that Cycle which climaxed in 1999 you have discerned the necessity involved in taking this Emotional Nexus offline. Serving as you have, as an Empathic Healer, for the last two decades, your system would have been overwhelmed even as it nearly was [back] there in that probable past. Also, impeccability in the face of pursuing a Path that seldom included any Lamp to Light your Way, was required. Finally, you have your answer to the oft asked question about Empaths and emotions.

This is being difficult for you this morning. You must accustom yourself to deep waters again after dwelling in a desert for most of twenty-five years. We will speak more when the Energy settles into a more manageable channel.

10-21-19 3:00 p.m.

You are still pondering the information you received while on your strange peregrination this afternoon. Certainly, we would advise that you take unexpected journeys occasionally, go down roads that aren’t necessarily the shortest route from A to B. It is good Stalking practice for the future and good for your Soul.

It is indeed true that the seeds for your adventures initially in Murphy [NC], and then in Florida were sown in West Texas, after the debacle that resulted from attempting to take energetic shortcuts where forming the Pentam Pattern was concerned. Merlin admitted that he shot too high, had hopes of accomplishing a Great Healing in a very short (linear) Time. Frightened as you were when that time, your Heart admitted that it was what you’d always Known to be your Path. That Heart was nearly Broken when this Pattern failed to succeed and it meant  “abandoning” the crystalline matrix you had built in the Wilds of West Texas.

Before that Fall,  Merlin whispered in your ear and asked you a question that would change your entire Path as it appeared just then. It was not without sadness, not for yourself, but for others who had cast you in a role you’d outgrown, so to speak, that you acquiesced. Memory of this was removed, a plausible and true to the letter of the Rule, Past was slapped into place, and all but the bare amount of Awareness needed to complete your task made inaccessible.

As you become able to assemble more of your Awareness and connection with All-That-Is, more information will become available.

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