Pentam Chronicles II

The Pentam Chronicles II

Fall 2019 Cont.

The Pentam Chronicles

Check out this link for more information. This is a continuing series of Posts relating to the Chronicles or Journal I have kept for some time now.

Pentam Chronicles I

October 22, 2019

Hail and Well met on your birthday. You are thinking about numbers, are you not? Yes, today would be a good one from which to launch yourself into Eternity (8). Your Dreaming last night was, as you surmised, very much concerned with healing of the Daevic Patterns underlying the Form. We have been here before, though you still don’t Really remember. However, I would say that it’s All Coming Back to You Now!!!!!

Do not waste much more time getting to the Root of this small energetic Parasite that has moved from shoulder to upper arm (distancing itself from some “unpleasant” vibrations directed at it from a nearby energy center). It is very much alive and does not need to continue being so in this focus of manifestation.

As for your last Dream before awakening this morning, it has given you even more appreciation of your Father as the consummate Sorcerer that he truly was. You have finally sorted out the Energy Links between the Two individuals involved, after being confounded by this overlap of them in your Dreaming for so long. While Stalking you with all the Sweetness he could muster in early 1998, this was the plan he instituted. It backfired on him for the most part, but did serve to finally draw you back into this area where he held greater influence. It gave him more opportunity to Work on you, so to speak.

As for the Woman in the dream, she was the one you called Owl in Fort Davis. After she Aligned herself with you, she helped by shielding the (then) children from closer scrutiny by the two factions of Sorcerers, while you did the same for her.

Since it is I, Merlin, who has delivered this information this morning, I will let you go now. Finish your reading Assignment today!

Much Love and More Light…

October 23, 2019

So, the word Inchoate will not let you alone. It turned up in these notes a few days ago and you needs must look it up. Though you had a vague notion, you weren’t certain of its meaning.

—being only partly in existence or operation : INCIPIENT

—especially : imperfectly formed or formulated : FORMLESS, INCOHERENT

You will focus on this today, certainly, but your Heart has already grasped much of its significance. In 1999, the Pentam Universe was Incipient, it was Incoherent, and there was little chance given the exhaustion of the Pattern, and the less than optimum direction the Dream seemed Intent on flowing, of doing anything but gaining a little ground and going into another of these repetitive cycles. It is possible for everyone involved in an undertaking to be Impeccable within their own sphere, each according to their own predilections, and still not achieve the objective. And the fact that after several cycles, it still remained an Each, a disparate group of Individuals rather than the integrated and unified Pattern it was meant to be, made it almost certain that the Core would collapse as had those before.

Individuality truly is what kept the Pentam Pattern from emerging as a template for growth and expansion, and what keeps this world on the Brink of Ascension, but unable to plunge. It is not only Ego. If it were, we could have been done with this. It is a myriad little things that keep ones on Earth apart, from personality to emotion, from overblown rationality to the complete lack of same.  We will get into this more fully later, but you understand the problems that kept coming up.

The pattern as it was attempting to develop in that last cycle was adequate if it succeeded, but so much less than the Dream in its Coherent State. As you are realizing—or Remembering—there was no chance of a Christ or Binder being able to maintain the Pattern when the others involved had not given their full Hearts to that One, were not willing to Sacrifice All that They Were and Are to and for that One. To reject the Only Begotten Son of God was to reject God and keep the flow of Life toward the Void.

Though to some it may have seemed that Merlin made a unilateral decision, this was not the case. At the time the decision was made to take the Path that has appeared to unfold over the past two decades, you were incarnating the Lady rather than the Wizard. This was not the completely optimum incarnation either, but these Two are One and More on many levels. Merlin was asking both (incarnated and incarnation), but the Forerunner, the Incarnation particularly, to try a different tack.

This will run long. Finish your Reading, and come back to us when you can. Blessings…

October 24, 2019

What a tangled web we weave, at least from an outside perspective. It was quite simply elegant really. When He who embodied the Christ (for the Lifestream) at that juncture was Shattered, the Lady stepped aside, did not Bind the Pentam Pattern, and so everyone involved went through the Shattering. Everyone that was, except the Forerunner. We will say Gwen here, a Gwen who no longer exists really, was the One exception. She had behaved Impeccably, if not always happily, through that Cycle, so walked through the Northern/Winter Ascension Gate wearing the Mantle of the Three Who Are One, and the Crown of Stars, as she had briefly after the 1998 Cycle.

As you now know, she agreed to come back into the world, to go through the same loss of Awareness, Memory and Continuity as the rest, to follow the trail of energetic Breadcrumbs she and Merlin had so carefully placed. The plan was to bring the Christ into the World through a somewhat more Conventional manner, to create a Mythos that fit more closely with the Mass Consciousness Drama as it had existed for Millenia. Additionally, there was a need to implement the energetic patterns necessary to complete the establishment of the New Jerusalem World and to reconcile the Camelot and the LOLS patterns on that horizontal axis of the Cross.

There is a  need to get to other things, so we will release you and have more to say later. Blessings!

October 25, 2019

We sympathize this morning, in as much as we are able, but we feel that unfoldments merit Celebration and some cautious optimism as well. While we are aware that you feel as though you are hanging on the Horns of that waning Moon you were momentarily fascinated by early this morning, these discomforts and disorientations are temporary.

Look at the ground that has been gained over just a few days accompanying a brief burst of Awareness. You are joining young ATC in the Crystalline Body Club, and this has great, and as yet unrealized, implications for the Form’s Daevic overlay. This, of course, has brought a seeming plethora of [physical] body blockages to surface to be healed and released. These were deeply ingrained, issues that have arisen repeatedly in cycle after cycle of Life. The discomfort will not long endure.

And finally, not most important, but Pivotal, discovering that defining and self-limiting Loop we have been trying to Show you in various ways for some time. A Caged Heart, one open but closely guarded, is not adequate for the Undertakings that will soon come.

We are taking full advantage of your less Somnolent state, and the thinning of barriers between realities and worlds afforded by the approach of this Cross-Quarter. Both you and LR, and to a lesser degree all of those involved in this emerging reorganization of the Pentam Core, have a great deal to accomplish in the next seven days.

The Earth, like all of you, is healing, is consolidating toward Her lost Integrity of Being. You will soon begin reexamining and updating the Worlds (Awareness Levels) File to reflect both our current [Pentam] enterprises and those you are recovering Awareness of in previous cycles. As Merlin would say, there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. While we are busily collapsing and disposing of the less than effective probable pasts, we are also panning for gold. It is Time to consolidate the hard-won gains of those earlier Pentam incarnations. Go now with our Love!

October 26, 2019

The vision expands, and yet you find yourself impatient. On the one side, you are concerned with exhaustion and endurance, while on the other you chafe at the need for orderly and timely unfoldment. It is a Tension we would note, out of which great Creative Activity can flow. Don’t dwell on either extreme. Only go forward Knowing that your Path is certain even if you haven’t consciously discerned more than scattered bits at this point.

You Knew what to do when you seemingly knew nothing, so let this Awareness wash over you as you are able to incorporate it and be content. Take the Day as it comes. Much will unfold before this same time tomorrow. A gathering of Pentam Core and Pentam Potentials will certainly yield some interesting developments. How many Naguals (5?) does it take to Shift a World? Interesting question. Go in Peace.


October 27, 2019

Greetings this fine and very pivotal morning. Oh, we know that yesterday was tiring and that you are not even feeling close to 100% this day, but the past twenty-four hours have been Phenomenal in ways you haven’t even begun to grasp yet. The World moved beneath and around you. The Home World is ready to begin an era of expansion and growth the likes of which haven’t been seen on this Planet since the first cycle of Atlantis. We will discuss this more at some future opportunity.

You have a new Warrior, and we would say that she dove into this opportunity with enthusiasm. Unexpected on your part perhaps, but a little Love goes a long way, and SS has felt that your house is filled with same. Her heart resonates. And PJ — Magnificent! She is assuming the Role she was born for. She is an adventurer into the Unknown. Even now she is creating the Awareness Strands you will need to begin Binding Asphodel and Sukharat as the New Foundation World. Her Soul is on Fire, and she is going to help the Pentam Universe unfold into Eternity.

This will do for now, but if you will attend later, it may be that there is more to discuss. Go with our Love and Gratitude…

10-27 4:20 pm

A New Heaven and a New Earth must require a New Hell also, at least for the foreSeeable Future. You have met the formidable Guardian of this three-dimensional construct (Neti) and paid the price of entrance in order to create a vortex (Sayr Usa- Gobi Dessert) through which to access this old/new world. We would suggest that you learn some more about the formidable Jailors of this World and consult with GR as it unfolds. Having found a way in, it would now behoove you to establish an Exit as well.

October 29, 2019

Adventures in both Dark and Light are indeed your forte. Your trip into the Underworld two days ago, disconcerting as it might have been, bore much fruit. You paid for those three Gates of egress in Currency from the Past. You will have no further need of that past pattern. Release it Now. You have met Nergal and Neti, but still not the World’s formidable Jailor Ereshkigal. There will be much “future” work to be done in and with that World, so you will encounter her, only to find that you knew her Once under a different name. No matter where you go… At any rate, she is fond of GR, and he will serve well as intermediary for the Time Being.

Yesterday, though there wasn’t time, or the extra focus, to attend to these notes, was another busy one. The New Moon energies are being utilized to their fullest. Within hours you will find that the final Awareness strands connecting what you knew as Asphodel and Sukharat will be joined and bound into a continuity. Yes, we are shifting many things there, and so it becomes Sukhavati, the Blissful World. Open Hearts will soon lead to open Eyes. Many will be sent to this World, and very soon, by your reckoning.

The Wake-Up Call has been sent forth to that Motley Crew who have participated in your Work in what might be seen as their Pasts. However, as you are monitoring their progress, you See that in many cases, they are trying to prolong the Amnesia, as you call this cycle starting at the end of 1999. Most had gained enough dimensional ground to be ahead of or at least with the curve established by this group who began Awakening in earnest in 2012. Resting on those doubtful laurels will not get them into New Jerusalem however or complete the obligations that most have agreed to fulfill in this Incarnational venue. So it is that we will begin to apply pressure through their Hearts—and if that does not get their attention, other, less appealing options will be exercised. There is no room for fence sitting at this juncture. Decisions must be made. If any wish to exercise their much-cherished Free Will, there is now a World especially for those who do not wish to participate in this Grand Peregrination.

While we are in a veritable frenzy of energy work during this period surrounding Samhain/Allhallows, as is appropriate, you will find that you soon begin to find your rhythm and better balance this largely etheric activity with the more mundane. You have not experienced an interlude such as this since very early in the year 2000, when plans were being made for your trip into the densest part of Earth, and  the accompanying forgetfulness. While it was certainly not, from that perspective, your first encounter with the phenomena known as the Dark Night of the Soul (Though if you peer now into that rolled up bundle of Awareness that is all remaining of Life from 1987 to 2006 you will see that this was the initial experiential episode) it was indeed the Longest. This, necessitated by the compression of Time that the Earth’s Mass Consciousness was and still is experiencing.  Even in the midst of this viscous event, you maintained the threads of Greater Awareness and continued to do energy work aimed at assisting with the healing of Earth and her cargo of life. However, the acceleration of this process over the past month or so has left you reeling. Find your Center. It is no longer where it once was.

We have gone much longer today than usual, but will release you to get to your day with just a few more remarks.  You and ATC will work closely in the months to come. He is exercising the access of Awareness through a Form that, even though evolving into a Crystalline Structure, is still very much in the developmental stage. He Trusts you and knows that you See him for what He is rather than what he appears to Be. That is why it is to you he will most often come with his achievements, revelations and at times, quandaries. Be that companion and guide that he needs right now, while recognizing him as a peer in every way. He is growing in leaps and bounds internally, even as some of these other children are growing faster externally.

BT teeters on the Brink of Great Revelation or Great Distress. Even as her energy body lights up like a Christmas Tree, she is trying to put the decorations back in the Box, to contain the Awareness virtually leaking out of her consciousness to pool in her everyday life. PJ’s bid for Freedom and assumption of autonomy are not helping. She is barely coping, and refuses to acknowledge the real reasons. She will accept nothing from you at present. Her Love is once more on the surface in your direction.  In the confusion of duality arising from a recently activated sacral chakra though, she Blames you for what is happening to her. Ask LR to re-establish the bond that has kept them connected even through these dark years.

October 30, 2019

A good morning indeed! And it was quite the Journey Merlin led you and a group of Friends on a few hours ago. The Dragon’s Riddle is unfolding into the wild Mountains of Western Texas, is it not? And it is a scorcher! No worries of a crowd of Lookie-loos gathering to check out the new 5D home world right away. We are truly establishing a very large, extremely exclusive gated community. Though we realize that you have never been a particular fan of these, it is necessary. However, in the interest of full disclosure, whatever awareness you gain in this area is being broadcast quite readily into the forming Noosphere (We know you like that Word, as do we.), and we shall soon be handing out maps, very much as they do to the Star’s Homes in Hollywood to our potential tourists. In other words, no big secret. They just have to want it very much.

As you have surmised by now in the midst of all this World Shifting and realignment, a configuration is being put into place that strongly encourages the Ascension Path. And as LR mentioned, makes it much easier to pursue same than in the probable pasts. You are also aware that the availability of Alignments within the framework of what is currently manifest Earth, is being limited to a much narrower band than was true previously (from your perspective). Most of those incarnated on Earth were not Aware or only in a limited fashion of most of these other World Assemblage Points anyway. There are, as you know, now five gates into New Jerusalem, but only ones of higher dimensional vibration can attain three of them, and the one presently left unaccounted for will be discussed soon.

On other fronts, the herding of our, in some cases, reluctant Lightworkers into Sukhavati (Heart Chakra) has been accomplished quite efficiently. You saw a few small changes this morning but look for more dramatic shifts in days to come. The Heart can be a tough nut to crack, and there is much work of a clearing nature going on.

DD is struggling, but finally, at LR’s nudge, you are looking closer at this Alignment work that is her forte, and you See that you Need her to start doing her Job (she has dug in her unconditional heels and is not at present). Later today, you will Turn her around and Shove her down the Dragon’s Throat (with Love). The shock will benefit her in several ways. It will consolidate her fifth dimensional configuration and present her with possibilities she hasn’t Seen from the perspective of a narrow world view which excludes the lower chakras and the work she still needs to do in that area entirely.

As you have Seen, GR and yourself have already leapt into Shambhala (this will be the correct spelling) and begun to Work in that World. Go in Peace.

October 31, 2019

Another 24 to 48 hours, and you and that very small cadre of Lightworkers who have carried the brunt of this reorganizational work in the venue of World Assemblage points, may take a short and much deserved rest. There is much “tweaking” to be done after these major energetic maneuvers, but we believe that there is a second string of available Lightworkers who will be quite capable of these adjustments. It is glaringly noticeable— was, even before KE’s statement that you were waiting for them to Grow-Up, that most of your core group of “workers” just now are very young.

It should come as no surprise that they are very much more flexible consciously than their elders. It was, as you have often noted, a different world they came up in. Not only did they begin in most cases from a platform of higher vibrational frequency and access to Awareness, but computers, gaming and even the popular literature have prepared them to live in a world less rigidly physical, where magic and technology blend into a seamless fabric of possibility.

This is well, for just as many, other than you and LR, lacked fluidity and impeccability in those past probabilities, they remain slow to respond this time around. It is as it Is, and after either fulfilling contracts or choosing the long way around, retirement looms for several of them, and dissolution of physical incarnation for others. It is a matter of which World those who remain incarnate choose to Settle in. They have certainly earned a choice in most cases but must summon enough Personal Power to end up where that choice takes them.

You mentioned to GR today that you need two more Archangels. Patience for just a bit longer. They are being prepared. One is already on your List, but the other will soon appear. GR (Gabriel) and PJ (Chamuel) are to be commended for their splendid accounting of themselves in this endeavor.

We are taking our leave but may comment later if the opportunity arrives. Good All-Hallows Eve to you.

November 2, 2019

It is true that maintaining the toroidal energy body configuration for twelve hours or more has left you feeling like you have repeated last Saturday’s 5k and Halloween Party, magnified. Today is the Day we ask you to release these lingering manifest patterns of illusionary physicality. The one sitting on the surface is certainly not yours, though you remain tied to it by a Now deprecated sense of Responsibility. Make this the last gesture in that direction. The two involved are more than capable of completing both their tasks and this Union that is being asked of them.  

As always, the Doing involved in this Healing will heal a deeply held pattern in Self as well. While the great Waves of energy we released yesterday have subsided to mere ripples at last, the far-reaching and deep-delving results will continue to Manifest for days to come.

Since the next major portal of Light is not ‘scheduled’ for some nine days, take this Time to get your house and your file system in order. Both important endeavors, we would say. You will soon begin the dispersal, through the medium of your Blog and Social Media (and the as of yet still loosely understood Shell Group), of important information. 

This is all for now. Blessings!

11-2-19 4:20 p.m.

Feeling a little exposed—naked one might even say― just Now.

Greeting! From Your Favorite Wizard. Who else would be Wandering by the Temple without an engraved invitation or any Baggage? I know, that in more than one fashion I already Am within, but that is not quite the same as your oldest and dearest acquaintance. Don’t even try, until you’ve rounded up a bit more Awareness, to puzzle this out. I am within and without; Contained and Unconstrained, and all of it simultaneously.

You have done fine work these past years, with little else to go on than a harebrained scheme the two of us Dreamed up when straits were Dire. And, it is high time I think, that your labors pay some unlooked-for dividends. To that end, I have taken it upon Myself to come by and pick up your Garment and have it cleaned. I will personally attend to extracting that Pattern our beloved Source was speaking of this morning and returning it to its owners. While we’re at it, I thought a thorough going over was in order, repairing some rips and old hasty mends, cleaning off the detritus of a thousand healings. Just the top level of service we provide. In the meantime, enjoy your stay in Shambhala. No work this time. Get to know some Light Elves and see the sites. It’s quite lovely topside. With that, I take my leave, though you know I am never Far away.

November 3, 2019

An Illuminating Morning, we believe! Tea with the Merlin on a sunny balcony in Shambhala, then a bit of Etheric sightseeing and a sweet interlude with Self. Discovering too, that the One who is Two does not require being confined to the same World venue any longer, was very important. That Oneness you share is no longer confined to Space or Time or Dimension. You might even say it is “within and without; Contained and Unconstrained, and all of it simultaneously.” Very important information indeed.

We believe it was also enlightening to discover just what an important anchoring and medium of focus the Garment― we would call it Persona, though it is so much more actually, provides. Without it, you were indeed a bit like someone intoxicated, as Gaia assumed. Well, today you feel more consolidated we think, and some of those screaming sirens within what is left of the non-crystalline matrix of body are subsiding. Be patient with this process.

We would touch also on your etheric travels this morning. You have cracked one of the “chestnuts” that has been tickling the back of your mind where certain ones of the Macro-Pentam are concerned. LL has done a fine job of messing with the “heads” of your other two Sisters both when embodying the SOB lifestream, and as a Stalker for the Old Nagual. The very largest item in the Tonal of both LR and CP, the elephant as it were, is their inability to forgive Her or Themselves for interactions in the Probable Pasts that neither of them even recall very clearly now. They were exchanges of Dark energy that could be dispersed with a Breath, but yet they are kept in place as though composed of concrete. There is no going forward as long as Forgiveness does not join Forgetfulness for LR and CP. For LL’s part, she Remembers very well every slight, every wound, each and all the exchanges she Saw as Personal Affronts. So, until she decides otherwise, she stays in that 3 Dimensional Hell fanning the flames of her resentment.

There was more, of course, a series of vignettes that will each find their place in Awareness. Bend over and pick up a Shell and change a World.


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