Pentam Chronicles III

The Pentam Chronicles III

Fall 2019 Cont.

Pentam Chronicles

Check out this link for more information. This is a continuing series of Posts relating to the Chronicles or Journal I have kept for some time now.

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November 4, 2019

Kyrie eleison, Indeed! Lord have Mercy― and were it not so events would be unfolding very differently at this juncture. (You are doing a fine job of noting the musical cues you are being supplied with to smooth out the transition between “ordinary reality” and the state of heightened Awareness you so often find yourself ping-ponging between these days. That will continue until you become more adept once more in functioning at that expanded level on a sustained basis.) Our Lightworkers, instead of embodying the intrepid Warrior aspects we have long cultivated, are in large part either lounging in New Jerusalem at the “afterparty” so to speak or ignoring the deeper Call they feel vibrating through the Pattern. We might say they are being the Sheep rather than the Shepherds, and that can’t continue.

As was mentioned a few days ago, if the Awakening Intellect of their Hearts is not sufficient to spur them to Action, we shall have to exercise other Options. So, we had not one but two songs flowing through you this morning as you struggled to awaken from this deep exhaustion you are experiencing.

Don’t Fear the Reaper― It perhaps speaks for itself. Of course, in the enlightened days to come, the Reaper will have changed his routine. If they don’t choose and embrace Ascension and the Pentam Model, there is Kur/Attalu ( A level of Awareness congruent with Hell). They can either go there to stew, die and return there, or even be reborn there after not being able to adjust to 4D Earth. It is quite a self-sufficient system that Ereshkigal has established. We (you may have noticed that Merlin poked his head, or mouth, in there) think that a tour should be arranged for select ones among our Sheep.

And in other, cases where less stringent measures are needed, A Total Eclipse of the Heart is in order. Turn them around, so that they can never see the Beloved on the other side of what was/is a Rift to them.

Another busy day, it seems. Delegate! Though you have given the Archangels some well-deserved Time Off, it would be appropriate to send the untried but capable Uriel on the mission to turn around those who require it. He will benefit from participating in this venture immeasurably also.

On the other tack, that of touring the “Hell” world, we have but one Candidate, and she will need not only herding, but strict supervision Herself. You know we are speaking of). She already Believes in Hell. She will See it very well, and those she Shows will also. This time, it will be D who provides the Entrance Fee. You are only the guide.

More later, perhaps…

November 5, 2019

We would say that you need to let go of this Dark Mood you emerged from the Dream-state into this morning, and quickly. You already know that it is nothing more than the result of working in the Trenches, so to speak. These energies stored in the chambers of this deep level of Shambhala― the realm of the Dwarves―is virulent indeed. And nearly as effective as the guardian Leviathan at preventing those who would delve into the Earth/Gaia, searching for her Crystal Core and the Fountain of her Power.

You were wondering what was being done with that offal left over from the dissolution of the Astral Bands. This is one place it is being utilized. You feel the weight of this energy to your empathic core despite best efforts to defend against it, and your connection to Self in New Jerusalem. Don’t let light fail you. And don’t let yourself be buried in the offal generated by a World at its Lowest point. The Dark Ages, that probable past when Earth/Gaia plunged into the upper 2nd Dimension, and nearly fell completely, generated more despair and anguish, apathy and stoicism than any other period in “History”. It truly was Hell on Earth, inspiration for Dante’s Inferno. Long did it molder at the verges of Gehenna. Now we are using it, as well as placing it strategically so that the very ones who push this far in their Lust for Power encounter this, and inadvertently requalify its bulk for the Goddess’ Consumption.  

Once more, though you did not think to impose this duty on others, we say delegate. It seems that L and S are available, and would benefit from this experience. You have already Shifted into Mictlan, where the work is similar, but not quite as Heavy. Let them complete the configuration of these lower Shambhala “Storerooms”.

We would comment later on the work in Atlantis. Today you need to apply consciousness to an overview of where we are on World configuration.

November 6, 2019

A very good morning to you, Lady! A night Off was just what was called for. The respite provided by an interlude in Pangaea/Eden brought with it a great deal of healing. After a brief check-in with L and S in Shambhala this morning, along with dropping off some “blueprints” for Awareness/Vortex connections between Shambhala and Mictlan, we suggest that you get to what we are still calling New Atlantis and sort out the project unfolding there. We might say that at present, there are too many Chiefs, and not enough Indians. They are having to learn/relearn how to work as a pattern or unit. Remind them that there is no I in Team. 😉

Ah, we are remembering how to do World Shifts (Assemblage Point movement) with abiding Joy and a sense of Adventure. Just some parting notes as you prepare to zip between Shambhala and New Atlantis. This Shift below has opened L’s long suppressed Sacral Chakra and liberated all manner of old (and forgotten) energy. She is Remembering what it is to be the Balancer of the Pentam Pattern. In S, as he awakens, we discover a very competent lieutenant. He is not only very apt at interpreting these patterns you present to him, but highly efficient at implementing plans and templates. Awakened, he will be an integral and exceptional asset to the Pattern’s growth and unfoldment.

New Atlantis is indeed “New” and shall continue to be called such. It is a blending of what would be perceived as previous pinnacles of Civilization on Earth. What we are attempting to accomplish here, is a World that contains fewer of the foibles and faults that led to the downfall of its Predecessors.

November 7, 2019

There is not much Consciousness to use as a focal point in this World, the Below, the EarthStar region, but enough to function. You are correct to connect it to the Hopi and their Prophecies. 

It is good to have an extra set of senses, is it not? We realize that this is difficult, that it is stretching you beyond the already intense level of functioning that you have only recently reconnected to. Your research this evening should delve further into the Hopi information than you have gone in some time.

While a great wave of Light, the much anticipated 11:11 Portal bringing energy flooding into the Earth from the Central Sun, is even now getting closer, you have your own Schedule so to speak. The Pentam Pattern, both old guard and these new ones who are being assimilated very quickly, are only a few hours from a very dramatic Energy Shift. This is being coordinated among three of you, the Container and That Which Binds it, and that which is Contained. At present, A is the Christed Being of record, A Son but not The Son. As you have surmised this day, New Atlantis is to be the Realm that he is coordinator or Energetic leader of, and now that the vortices are being aligned and secured, it will become his base of operations. And yes, you will quickly come to Respect that sly smile. He is a Master Manipulator of Awareness Bands, and he helped both you, L and G make some very important Shifts today. You ended up in the Unknown, G at the Sacred Center, and L in the Realm of Consciousness. All into worlds “not” attainable from the present field of Earth’s Awareness and stretching the Pentam Pattern to its Breaking (or Expanding) point.

A few pages of a new book, one that was pointedly offered to you, and you are thinking about Suffering as an addiction. Continue to consider this. As for the dreams that you had last night, you did some deep work with D concerning her attitudes toward the male of the species. Because she still insists on embodying that Jezebel Archetype (though it gets harder as she grows older) she refuses to recognize that the Male must undergo an evolution, regain his status as Divine, by losing his status as King and Ruler, by being humbled before the Goddess. That, only to be lifted up to his true place, to recognize that they are Opposite and the Same and be reconciled with the Twin Flame. She has repeatedly chosen the Male Archetype that is driven by ego and hubris, that requires his female to be compliant and available in whatever capacity he requires. Thus, she becomes the dough that belongs in the bowl you saw, malleable and easily manipulated, though she knows it not. She will never turn around and see Love, until she breaks that deep pattern of disapproval of herself. She has been prepared to be deeply affected by tonight’s energy.

Memory, or Awareness, is being restored to H and the children/adults in that dream. We have literally reached back in time to retrieve the Power and the Awareness, they all possessed from a very young age. Neural pathways are being restored by this tampering with Time, and they are rounding up the near Totality that each found and lost along the way.

On these notes, we let you take your leave. Relax, and enjoy your Evening.

November 8, 2019

You keep wondering, do you not, why it is when you sit down to record our remarks, why it is that you keep wanting to type 1989 rather than 2019? A thirty-year gap from one perspective, and a gap that is being filled up and covered over from another. It is a strange Feeling indeed, we believe.

Busy days are at hand. We apologize that the breaks are short, and never long enough to catch your breath, but we are making up for Lost Time at present. A/Arcturus has stepped into his role as coordinator for the Earth Ascension Event with gusto. As you realized today, he is still frustrated by his limitations in the chosen incarnational vehicle.  And yet, he is aware that this one provides much greater flexibility and potential than any already incarnate human form presented. He is progressing by veritable leaps and bounds, and with the assignment of the Five Warriors from your pattern and the two Elemental Beings incarnated through C’s offspring, he has extended his influence considerably. Those working with him will soon adapt to the heightened awareness required to communicate with him, and K is chomping at the bit to “talk to her son”.

As you See, the changes are accelerating among those of your Pentam Pattern and others you are working with. The ripples from our energetic endeavors are growing exponentially. Those who have not gotten caught in these currents, who are resisting or attempting to escape, will be Shattered. As you know, the shattering is a very effective incentive for reconciliation and growth when all else fails. 

Be sure to attend in the morning. There will be considerable more change within the Lightworker’s file, and we would make some remarks before you travel into the bosom of family that has been kept purposely apart through these last crucial weeks.

November 9, 2019

We Greet you warmly on a day when Chill is the Word. Not what you expected. But yes, maintain the configuration of Self as it is presently. There will be advantages that become clearer as all unfolds. This approach to the 11:11 event is feeling much like our old friend the roller coaster ride. This time, it is not you who is being carried through Hell on the Drop however. We cannot say the same for a few members of our Merry Band. While you have had the advantage of clearing most of the Lost Year’s accumulated dross energy while knitting together your Lifestream, all those currently in that process or just waking up are attending to that task now, and some very quickly, for the coming challenges require it.

D’s old friend Gwen is perhaps finding the Ruthless Stalking of her long acquaintance a bit difficult. However, you see the necessity, and so we enlist the assistance of One who has no reason to Care. In the meanwhile, Gwen, we would suggest that you toss these last bits of Personal History into that pit of despair we’ve been working with in Shambhala. White robes are not easy to keep clean.  D feels, as you have intuited, that you have somehow “fallen” off of your pedestal again, and that in spite of her (repressed) anger at you, she is responsible to pick you up, dust you off, and set you back where you belong. It is another heavy Responsibility, in a life that is already overburdened with them. The proverbial straw one might almost say.

Long suffering and sacrifice have become a way of life to D. She is still feeding loops of guilt that, in her mind, extend back to even before you two met, though her Memory does not always bear up and match these loops. She, however, is determined to Paint the picture of a Past in which her part of the drama, as redeemed sinner become saint, is to hang on the Cross or Burn at the Stake, if necessary, to sacrifice herself. Go ahead and encourage her to complete that process. Then she can move on to other things.

It is gratifying to See just how well L and S are doing in their present task. Their approaches are each appropriate to the still relatively skewed directions the two of them take. She is facing her deepest Fears (Root Chakra: Health, Security, Safety, Aging and Fear of Death) and will hopefully leave most of them with the rest of the energetic offal in these deep places. For S, this Job is an exercise in tactic and approach, an intellectual challenge to be met and completed efficiently. He has, in the process, cleared huge amounts of karmic effluvia almost without notice. However, as you have noted, he has thus far avoided opening the heart, and there is much that will be quite painful stored there for him. This is something to be aware of.

Some present at S’s today, will see or perceive you in a new Light, and that will be well. Others may continue to think of you as the family eccentric, as the Black Sheep they have taken into their circle despite Herself. However, those days are coming to an end, and that is as well.

November 10, 2019
So, it seems that while your other Self fled when the press of still unfamiliar energies at S’s began to ramp up in earnest, much was still accomplished on both parts. He certainly drew L’s attention. She was uncertain of what she had “noticed” about you, but her guard dropped while she tried to See. B too, felt a ripple that was soon followed up by A/Arcturus vigorous stirring of the pot. K may not be able to Hear him yet, but she understands very clearly when he requires something, as does her sister. They are both acting as Stalkers just now, but are Dreamers at core, and operate in both modes instinctively.

The small blonde boy with his charming yet somehow maniacal smile, jerked L out of her dark digs in Shambhala, relocating her temporarily in his World so that he can do some further attunements on her energy body. And in S’s case, he simply provided what Heart Desired. She is weary, weary of this life, and she is missing her Husband much these days. Though the Twin Flame aspect has departed, they were Soul Mates as well, and most of that particular Soul Group have already left incarnations contemporary to S and are again incarnate. She wishes to join them.

You have had hours of energy work already today and have more of the same looming. Keep reeling in those tendrils of Time you discover in your search. As you are surmising you are indeed working within the Morphogenic Field today, manipulating what those incarnated on Earth have experienced as the passage of Time these last three decades. History is being rewritten, and a more robust paradigm prepared for the Shift we will begin to experience in the next twelve hours.

11-10-19, 11:50 a.m.
Patience! You will feel better, or some relief at any rate, after this energy is allowed to be discharged later today. It is building up at present, accumulating for just the right point in unfoldment, and will continue to do so for a bit longer. You saw the storm clouds rolling into the various World levels. All but the World Kur, for it is an underworld, and the lower levels of Mictlan and Shambhala. All beings and worlds or Assemblage Points resonating with the fourth dimensional reality around which Earth/Gaia is currently Centered, and higher, are feeling this build in pressure and will experience the resulting paroxysm. You saw the dark vortex out of which the Lightning Bolt of Transformation will descend. You are gathering the power for these pyrotechnics and must continue to contain it for now.

November 11, 2019

Another busy night. The energy/power you were accumulating all day yesterday began streaming into the newly upgraded and established Matrix of Awareness Bands for the planet, rewriting the History of the Planet and rerouting the Path’s of several billion lifestreams in the process. The “Worlds” aligned, expanded and exponentially began to undergo manifestation, replacing the previous pattern with that of the fledgling Pentam Universe.

Arcturus will soon begin the next step, that of overwriting the Trinary Universe pattern in this Quadrant with same. Like a virus, it will gain momentum. We are in the process of recreating Creation. What a wonderful notion. We realize that this is not your “job”, but we thought there might be great interest in the repercussions of today’s activities.

You are still waiting for the Storm, for the Lightning Bolt of transformation to sweep through your Pattern today, and we say that you will not be disappointed. It comes. Go about your business. You, and a number of others will Know when it is Time.

Lastly for this morning, we would like to comment on your reaction to the Pleidian’s announcement yesterday regarding today’s events. We would say that they are master manipulators of Truth for the consumption of the Masses. We were amused last night at Merlin’s remarks, that it is well that you are not in the Public Relations section of this Ascension undertaking. While for the True Lightworkers, the ones commissioned to accomplish this Impossible maneuver of Light, a bit more earnestness is often required, you full well know that if they knew just how difficult this would be, they would not go. Even the Pleidean’s beloved Starseeds are wimps in the face of the challenges that Ascension from a 3/4D enslaved Daevic form entails. And as you noted, they do not share the facts that lifestreams are shattered by entry into Earth’s Grid, that there are not nearly enough viable incarnational vehicles to accommodate the number of Starseeds they report, or that the mass of lower dimensional matter (human forms) on Earth needs to be reduced dramatically over what would be seen as the Next Cycle in order to make this entire enterprise doable. It is propaganda, pure and simple, a tool used by nearly every inhabited world’s administrators.

We will undoubtedly comment further as the day develops.

11-11-19 2:20 p.m.

Always we are surprised at what the right frequency and application of Energy can do. For you, everything has already changed. The storm blew through your Pattern and now a Rainbow of Promise extends through Five of the Eight “new” Worlds. Meanwhile, your erstwhile only lightly populated Awareness Bands are filling quickly with new residents. They look around and shake their heads in most cases, wondering what is different, then proceed with their daily business. Time will begin to feel even stranger to them than it has already. A few more will notice, but still, most will not assign it any particular import.

Tonight, many who haven’t awakened previously, will have strange Dreams, and arise tomorrow feeling a change in direction. Guides and Teachers stand ready to assist the curious and the brave. It is a New Day indeed.

Another wave of Light will shimmer across the vastness of space, reaching the Earth at 11:11 p.m. wherever ones are. More change, more upgrades, much healing.

Check your charges once more before you move on to other things and take note of talents and assets we have assembled. You are right that the most advantageous approach to the Ascension Gate is as a party or Band. However, if you will just pay attention you will see them arrange into the appropriate formations over the next week or two.

Go, and catch your Breath!

November 12, 2019
Remember the Rainbow! Not the one that arced over the beautifully engineered worlds your Pattern and the Grid Workers have assembled over this past month or so by your reckoning. The one you have carried in your Secret Heart for twenty-one years without ever wavering. Take it out and own it. Let it become your Reality, not a world to be assembled, but your World. Don’t be satisfied with just manifesting it. You are the Pattern Maker, and this is the pattern written on your Soul. Externalize it. That is all we have to say on this front this morning. Other matters are tugging at you. Unravel and quit dissembling, we would say.

D is very much on your mind, especially after the information you accessed last evening concerning the part she is meant to play in the Epic which Will unfold over the course of the next year and a half. She confuses you, and we would say that this is largely because though you have continued to act in the capacity of Mentor, she is no longer your Responsibility. You know where that lies. They need to wake up. Show him her cryptic message from last night. Also, tell her to Unravel and quit dissembling.

11-12-19 2:50 p.m.
It is certainly being an interesting day. We realize that you are feeling a bit like an empty Container, or Shell just now, but this is just the lull. You will be refilled in due time.
K and N were not the only ones to earn their Wings after this last, very intensive, round of work leading up to yesterday’s Portal Energy and Shift. We would say you went above and beyond at every turn, getting down into the trenches (or caves) so to speak, to make certain that all was prepared for the great influx of souls into this reconfigured Ascension Playground.

We thank you, as do the White Council and Lord Arcturus. And All-That-Is, Spirit, always aware when service above and beyond is provided in order to enhance Awareness and accelerate this universal healing process, thanks you also, by giving you a promotion of sorts. We will see in what Light you consider this new post once you settle into the office.
In the meanwhile, release it All, and see what comes back to you. It is Time.

November 13, 2019

You were poised at the perfect point from which to Let Go completely, to release everything that remains of the Tonal, to let the Nagual expand and become All for a brief period. Now you are reaping the benefits as your subtle body is cleansed of all these remaining bits and pieces of emotional flotsam that remained wrapped up in the threads of your awareness. Merlin would say that it is amazing how much we find concealed in the pockets of that robe we’ve been talking about lately.

You feel, and rightly, that your body is in the process of expunging a great deal of toxic and very caustic waste. Be patient. This is a very temporary stage of the process. Ah, here we are again, speaking of an upgrade you are not quite Feeling yet. Remain open, stay vigilant, for the shape of what you will soon manifest is already beginning to coalesce.

Today should be a Turning point for D, L, and several others in the Pattern. You finally succeeded at triggering the Awareness in D last night that you have been striving for. She is surveying the stream of collapsing/shifting Time behind her and finding those islands of memory where clearing and release are still needed. You were given a deep understanding of the long road she has endured as a guttering spark held waiting within the Earth’s embrace for all these years (longer for her than for you because she spent all of it trying to Light the Way through the Dark Valley). You were experiencing a deep compassion last night when you realized just what the implications were of her taking that Descending Path just before that Version of the Pentam Pattern seemingly dissolved and dispersed. She did not fit into that Next Version, nor would she have been able to muster the energy. Her own Judgements of the two women (yourself and C) who might have assisted her in the maneuvers required to utilize the Earth Boost at either of the next two Winter Gates, kept her from seeking assistance. So, she continued her Lonely Path into the Pentam’s period of nascence, the InBreath. Ultimately, each one involved chose their own Path of predilection.

For you it was a Path that spared as many others from the Attention of the Dark Lord/Belial as possible and healed many who the Shadow had touched. It was a Final Battle of epic magnitude.

For L, it was an exploration of the Foundations of Earth, learning/healing/formig alliances both with Her as Dark Mother of Death, and with her Children.

D chose to Hang on that Cross, To Burn on Joan of Arc’s Stake―to attempt to take on the Sins of a World.  She was willing to die for them, again and again, and she did.

C finally found that True Love (Both in Place and in Person) she had been searched so long for, then thought she had lost it in the forgetfulness of the Role she assumed as Guardian of the Bottomless Pit before more of its Demonic/Angelic horde could ascend and assault Earth.

We could go on, and if you are interested, we will at some point. Those you worked with in the 1990s are the unsung Heroes of Earth.  These ones labored on alone through the Darkness so all these beings who began waking up in earnest in 2012 could begin Ascension Process without the many roadblocks that previously littered the Path.

November 14, 2019

Energy Puzzles are your forte, are they not? However, this one was wrapped in so many layers of, we will use the word Obfuscation here, that you weary of its convolutions. It is like a Gift you keep trying to unwrap, only to find another layer beneath. Take heart, for you are nearly at the crux of this Mystery.

Your night was troubled, filled with dreams so Symbolic they screamed, yet hazy and mostly beneath conscious recognition now. Do look up the symbolism of the Cobra though, for that is the one object that Stuck, so to speak.

On other fronts, the Pattern moves forward in very robust directions. Both L and D have entered the process of recovering misplaced Awareness, and each is now Ascending into the Crystalline Body matrix. C is still hesitating, a bit of lingering Fear. She is afraid of Remembering. However, we would assert that B, K and A will not hesitate to push her, if she continues to linger at the lip of that Shrunken Abyss.  L is rounding up her Intent, and this will signal S to leave the holding pattern he has assumed to join her. While N, with some assistance from P (lifestream aspect transfer) has taken to her new role as Guardian Archangel quite readily, K is struggling. He still clings to the Hope that C will join him in Bensalem. However, she has neither the Desire, nor at present, the ability to access that World. So entranced is he with the alluring feminine pattern that she Embodies, that R remains Invisible to him. Her heart calls, but though his is open, he is still Thinking with a Lower Center.

This will suffice for now. Do your Yoga―And Lighten up.

11-14-19 3:30 p.m.

We would mention that Lightening up is apparently not in your repertoire today. Yes, the pain through the Heart Center is of that suffused and sustained sort, and you are right that it is triggered by a flow from Consciousness that you are in turn sending through these shiny new Worlds we’ve so recently filled with both seekers and laggards. It is healing energy, and it is starting with you, sloughing scar tissue from around that, all too often over the years, closed vortex of unconditional Love. Be at peace. Soon it shall be rendered as shiny and new as these Worlds and our young Pentam Universe, and it will flow without any discomfort.

It finally penetrated your foggy brain that the caged Cobra in your dream was indeed the Goddess Kundalini in her guise as Sexual Awakener. You have kept a tight rein, we would say, for a long time, and with good reason. Freed, this is a dangerous energy. She will indeed Transform whoever and whatever she encounters. However, this ingenuous Lifestream you are now hosting, is testing the water so to speak. She has spent little Time in manifest/material realms, and is unaffected by your caution, and admit it, small remaining fear. She and her Twin, incarnating in the same venue for what would be seen as the first instance in a very long Age {This is hard to explain as it is not time as you would know it, but an experiential plane of separation}, will consummate their Union. What we are advising, though we don’t really think you have a choice in the matter, except to make it distressful rather than a natural flow, is to allow the energy to flow. Let the Lady Kundalini have her way.

You really did solve the last layer of mystery this morning, though it took you some time to See it. Surrender. That is all that is required just Now.

November 15, 2019

You surrendered, and what happened? The World Shifted. What had been your figurative past is now your future. Puzzle over that. You’ve been told it is time to Soar on the Wings of Intent. This is true for a number of individuals, if we can use that word, in your Merry Band. The very air around you crackles with tension and Anticipation. Keep your Intent fixed on the Rainbow, and let it unfurl as it wishes and needs.

You have seen that much shuffling within the pattern has occurred over the past 24 hours or so. Obligations have been met―balancing, some of it held over from cycles of Being that occurred in the 1980s-90s, has been completed―and we Move on. Love, while in some cases it may seem to be momentarily lost or misplaced, grows and thrives, like Bensalem itself. Brave Hearts have chosen it for their Home, to be prepared for the next wave of intrepid pioneers.

Many of the loudest voices among those we call Pioneers (for they are still hitching up the wagons and following only a faint set of tracks into the Unknown) seem to you to be hardly up to the task before them, and many aren’t. Many more though, take to these lonely roads like the Forerunners did, with little or no fanfare or Publicity. The loud voices help to point out that there is a Path already trod ahead though, and even if they fall by the wayside now, they will pack up again at some point and take the next leg of the journey. No effort is wasted.

As for the shake-up within the Pentam Pattern, there have been Ascensions, or promotions as you like to refer to them, and there have been the leave-taking of those who accomplished what they needed to in these roles. Just observe and know that All is Good. The pattern you have nurtured and tended for so long is under New Management. There will certainly be changes, and that is as it should be. It becomes easy to see that Arcturus is assembling a team that closely resembles the Nagual’s Band. This model is appropriate to our Undertakings.

11-15-19 2:00 p.m.

Attend please! We know that you are lacking in focus just now, but there are just a few points we would make. This energy that you are experiencing is the early stages of giving Lady Kundalini her way. You are hot stuff indeed just now. This Kundalini experience is not just for you. It is echoing through the Forerunners both within and without the Pentam, each according to their own level of clearing and impeccability. As you are well aware, She will point out to each where they are in need of tuning and toning.

For you, that would be the too long underused Solar Plexus Center. She is getting through, but you feel the pressure of the constriction at that point. We would suggest that you attend to that, and that you assume a reclining position for a while. This will be difficult but very worthwhile. 144 Lifestreams will be Rocked but not Rolled by this event.

Let the fire burn through you and rise from the ashes.

November 16, 2019

We will comment only briefly this morning. Open to the day. There will never be another one Like it. Let the Joy well up even as everything that was continues to burn and slough away. You have been told to regenerate Everything. That does not just apply to you, to what resides within your single energy body. There are a myriad of connections passing through you, around you and from you. You are the Earth’s interface, her interpreter, steward, protector and advocate now. Whatever is part of her by virtue of its residency and interdependence, is part of you. Thrill to it and begin to attune to a New sort of Being. Blessings indeed.

11-16-19 6:00 p.m.

Today’s overriding Theme is Fire. Fire as initiation, fire as cleanser, fire as a vehicle for regeneration and rebirth― the Fire of Silent Knowledge. It is the revelation that Illuminates. It disperses Darkness. While you burn away the dross, once more embodying the sacred Phoenix, so too does that fire echo through your lineage. H becomes the Flame of Knowledge and K is consumed in order to finally meet the Brilliant Being that lies Within. These are the immediate Revelations. More are sweeping through the pattern like a wall of Fire.

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