Pentam Chronicles IV

Pentam chronicles IV

Fall 2019 Cont.

Pentam Chronicles

Check out this link for more information. This is a continuing series of Posts relating to the Chronicles or Journal I have kept for some time now.

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November 17, 2019

You are on the brink, not of an Abyss this time, but of an entirely New way of Being. As Lady Kundalini sweeps through, remaking you and those who resonate most closely to you in her passage, new possibility presents at every level. The Wheels of the Chakras begin to dance in sacred synchrony, burning away all that is not conducive to their new level of activation. The spaces between them dissolve and we would call this integration. You are being transformed into a vehicle both worthy and able to embody Lady Master in her new office of World Steward. We like the word Steward in lieu of Lord. It is not only appropriate but significantly more descriptive of this Vocation.

Make caring for the Earth and nurturing her through her 5th Dimensional evolution Heart’s Desire and Joy. You will find this labor unfolding in its own delightful and unexpected patterns. Remember that you are the Pattern Maker, and these designs are already part of what you are. More than willing assistance in this office is ready to flock to you and with you on this New Excursion in Light, and Mother Gaia Herself is yearning to undertake this next step. Do not disappoint her.

On a more practical note, you must indeed begin to organize, and plan as far as that is possible within the framework of this flow. There is much to do, and this will require that you begin allocating your days into, not a routine―but as we just said, a flow―one that does not neglect any facet of life or of the tasks you need to complete. Break the Old patterns, but don’t replace them with New. Intend life to unfold and rely on intuition and increasingly knowingness to move through it.

We will not call for dietary changes so much at this time as for modification. Increase your plant-based consumption and aim for less dense intake. Make greens with their rich vitamin and mineral content a cornerstone. As the season for these foods in particular is upon us, this will be rewarding. Begin to follow the Ayurvedic seasonal approach to diet and lifestyle. It will reward on many levels.

While we have too often pulled you from your regular yoga practice these past few weeks, because of energetic requirements and the fact that your body was going through a very difficult process, this will not continue to be the case. We would like to see you expand your practice and your meditations. Ultimately, this will replace some of the Time you have previously spent sleeping and bring decidedly more benefit. It behooves you to expand on your nascent ability to Dream Awake. Nurture this ability.

November 18, 2019

We will begin by saying that you will need to attend to us and our remarks later today, after you’ve been to KE’s. She is struggling through a very difficult process, as you are well aware having been through it yourself. Be Sweet, and shed as much Light as you are able, but know that there is no further assistance you can render at present. It is a Warrior’s Path she embarks upon, that of the Shaman/Sorcerer, and that you also know is a lonely path. However, she is not Alone. Beings of Light surround her, all Loving her and blessing her with their Well Wishes.

As for you, you feel that you are struggling with what is perceived as the “physical” aspect of this healing. Quit viewing it from that perspective. We realize it is a difficult Shift to make, but appearances are deceiving, and your appearance has little to do with what you are any longer. We would suggest that you Work harder at changing it. Certainly, the present underlying Daevic form, the Winged Serpent or Dragon Quetzalcoatl, has no stake at all in truly binding this body as is the wont of less free and wild of these beings. It is with you in Service to the Earth and All-That-Is.

Certainly, you should be encouraged by the brushes of Communion between you and Lifestream earlier this morning. She will not Descend. You must find it within yourself to Ascend to her. We would say what need of a Gate for those who manipulate Time and Worlds. You are already where you are Going.

In more ways than one it would appear. You have begun to reread those Notes from the year preceding your first Exodus to Texas. Like the fields of Awareness you have navigated these past weeks, picking up the threads of Work begun on the other side of what is the Pentam Pattern’s manifest crossing of the Rift, and completing it, so too is this Enterprise a resumption. You are once again Repeating a previous Cycle in [Time], better equipped and far more prepared to work the Magic before you.

Fly on the Wings of Intent!

11-18-19 2:00 p.m.

KE’s anger and the bitterness she spoke of are sustaining her just now. She has already worked through several stages of grief over her shattered relationship. Better the Relationship than one of them, we would say. She is moving through this very quickly, for it is fueling her clearing process even as it triggered it into overdrive. After you told her about NI, she looked back along the lines of she and AC’s interactions over the past year or more, and saw that though she didn’t want to See, this was an inevitability along this current Timeline.

When push came to shove, he chose to flee rather than face the Unknown that KE had already decided to pursue. Because of his choice, her strength has increased incrementally as his dwindled over the past two months or so. A child is a powerful motivator for transformation of parents, particularly young ones. Some, it inspires to be much more than they would have been otherwise, while others are intimidated and reduced to fear and helplessness. This was the case here. AC loves this small and somehow daunting being they have brought into the world but has no clue as to how to be a father to him.

Thus far, AC has been offered two opportunities to cross this abyss that exists only within his own soul any longer, and he will be offered one more. Impeccability requires that we only observe. If he accepts the challenge, then some among us might step forward and help him find the Way!

November 19, 2019

A fine morning, is it not? Focus outward rather than spending too much time on this inward work of repair and transformation. You are in just the Right Place (with Arcturus on Ship Utopia) for most of this to occur with only minimal Thought on your part. Allow it to occur and concentrate on other things. You have only begun to realize the past day or two what the Shift of Timelines and Worlds last week cost you. To accomplish that magnificent maneuver, a Sacrifice was required, and we would say you stepped up as always, taking the Damage caused by this literal tearing asunder of Being on yourself so that He emerged not only free to follow his own Path, but mostly unscathed. We thank Babaji also for his assistance, for this was a brutal but delicate operation. You are mending nicely, casting your cares upon the Waters of New Atlantis and soaking up the Antediluvian Sun. Arcturus stands by to assist if need be.
You are still having difficulty achieving what you think of as Flow. You will see that you are looking at the Big Picture rather than its components. Your rhythm will soon be restored. One who is Interested asks us to remind you that you need to choose the House in Fort Davis that speaks to Your Heart most.
Go in Harmony!

November 20, 2019

Let this pain flow as it will today. Heart’s Desire is always the most difficult reality to realize in this world. That’s because we who are trapped by its faded and tawdry glamours, insist on thinking and looking with head rather than heart, of grasping at practicality rather than joyous abandon. It hurts now, but you will soon find that this magnificent Lifestream that has consented to share our journey, absolutely demands Joy, and will settle for nothing less than all-encompassing Love. She is settling in this very morning. This is the cause of your Un-settled mood and uncomfortable body, as well as the Love swelling in your Heart along with that grief and pain you had hidden from all but Self this past week.

This is not a time to cling, nor a juncture where there is anything to be gained by holding onto anything. Let go. Allow power to flow, first through your own form, washing away all the residual energy stored in the Memories still lingering from this last two decades, healing and nurturing All-That-You-Are.

Then flow it into the Seven Levels of Arcturus’ realm, giving the Lightworkers posted there the signal to begin the restructuring of Solar Plexus Awareness on Earth. We are about to begin the rerouting of immense layers of Earth’s History, gradually shifting the focus from the antiseptic visions of White Atlantis (through the medium of the three Birth Cultures of material realities) to the Deep and Timeless realm of Lemuria, where Goddess/God danced in Sacred Union and their children wandered the Dream Time. This work will take place in phases over the next year or so. It will require a great number of Lightworkers. They are being called to serve even now, and flooding into this World. We are going to redefine Utopia.

November 21, 2019

What a magnificent night of Dreaming and Assemblage point Shifts. Prepare for this to be very much your New normal. You are not yet in a position to sustain the Dreaming Attention that you once commanded, but with practice that particular Awareness will soon be rounded up. You were right in your observation of the pattern of Matrilineal descent that is emerging out of your genetic line. Since we do not anticipate at present that KE will need to produce a daughter, GL is heir apparent to that Eternal Flame at present, and she is well configured to do so.
The long wait for the Wild Card, as Merlin named you in a previous cycle, has yielded far reaching rewards. Continued careful manipulation of the genetic line will support the further Future Ascension of Gaia as Star birthed from planetary energy body. We remind you of this because it behooves you to remember or regain Awareness of a time when you were quite used to these children, not wholly the genetic offspring of the Ap-Parent progenitors, suddenly showing up in-womb. Far from being discontinued, this program that might be termed Playing God by many has been expanded, using yours and your daughter’s and granddaughter’s genetic material. Though the program is carried out by those of the Second Cycle of Atlantis, who were responsible for most of what could be seen as flaws in the present human physical pattern, and the slavery of the daevic kingdom, it is now supervised by those who are indeed agents of the aforementioned God.
There are still far too few material incarnational vehicles that can withstand the still rigorous travails of the Ascension process. However, many more with the traits that have made you and your line so successful―the empathic gene sequence, nagual energy configuration, and the notable genetic leap that appeared in HE as formless (no daevic underlayment required) being― to name a few.
We release you now, as we Know that you have an Eventful Day ahead. We will have further comment on last night’s adventure if Time allows later.

November 22, 2019

Another exhausting day, and from a materially oriented perspective, not much accomplished in your view. We have a more expanded View luckily, and we see that it was a very productive day. While you had your Battle of Wills with young ASC, he was not only being taught some succinct lessons on acting through his more corporeal aspect but having some crucial energy body adjustments done as well. Though he is surrounded by a number of Beings of a more EnLightened configuration, he is also often in proximity to those of the very opposite nature. What he has taken from these experiences is, among other things, that he may relatively easily manipulate these lesser Awareness’s, as he constantly observes them doing to one another. As his Mother is still very attached to him  fashion (an attachment Arcturus continues to allow at present because he and KE have no other real interface), he uses this connection to compensate for what he perceives as his baby helplessness. If he is to become Self-Reliant, that is, attuned to his own larger reality, he must be pressed to switch his perceptual center from the rather considerable Power resident in his Solar Plexus, to a Heart focused Intelligence and Intent. Considerable progress was made in that direction yesterday.

As always, with this small bundle of magnificent Being, the energy flows both directions. He assisted you with your own clearing, so much more difficult when it is focused at Heart and I Am rather than the more familiar territory of the lower chakras. We assure you that progress was made there also, though you might not think it seems so this morning.

11-22-19 3:30 p.m.

Another huge and quite successful energy maneuver, and we will say that the Sun/Son shines more brightly upon the seven levels of New Atlantis and its Sundering Seas as a result. You have already seen that a further migration of Lightworkers into the Assemblage Points involved with those Awareness Bands is in progress. That is just the tip of the Iceberg however, and we will note that there are quite a few of those in the sea that creates a border/buffer between New Atlantis (3) and its Northern neighbor Sukhavati. It was the ravages of technology skewed and an Ice Age that marked the end of that World’s focus in the apparent Timeline.

This has you scratching your head, as you know we do not mention anything facetiously or without point. Be patient. Much about this morning’s Not Doing will unfold in the next several days. As for you, shake of the lingering traces of energetic static still bouncing about your subtle body. We would note that you did not even notice the abrupt Assemblage Point Shift that moved you from recovering and clearing painful Heart/I Am unbalances to Moving through a wave of Power that felt like concentrated Fury and Wrath. This was directed at those Arcturus and LR were addressing as possible hindrances to our Plans. You used that reclaimed and transformed energy from your clearing to fuel that wave. This is a new experience for you, and so, very notable.

You do not feel like a particularly clear channel for this information at present, but that is a matter of some readjustment of balance, and a rather broad Assemblage Point shift that should take place soon. We will speak more of this tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, heed the Lifestream’s directive… Become the Woman you See and Feel, not the one you see in the warped mirror of corporeal expression.

November 23, 2019

It is time we began to look into the Chambers of the Heart World Sukhavati, for there are Five, and they are taking on definition and form after last night’s work with Alignment. Merlin would like to convey that it was a splendid peregrination for all concerned, and to comment that you were a bit Trigger Happy when he directed you to hit him with a Jolt of Lightening. He found it quite encouraging, and a little intimidating. His Girl is growing up.

 You journeyed through Assemblage Points in need of recovery, and awakened the Heart to Memory lost in a conflagration of pain and loss. The Roses were delivered to what is their correct Home, and you received gifts of immeasurable value in return for what you Gave. Use the Energy you accrued for a Boost at the correct Time today.

LR has Chosen to work in these lower vibrational worlds, instinctively knowing that he has clearing and balancing to do yet in order to maintain a steady connection to Consciousness. Knowingness is his forte, but one of the things he Knows is that an unbroken connection through the entire spectrum of Awareness (the Ourboros) is a requirement for completion of this cycle.

Questions you still have about this unfoldment, or continuation of an interrupted manifestation, will be answered soon. All understanding must present itself at the appropriate juncture and optimum Timing.

November 24, 2019

We were beginning to think that you are avoiding us this morning. However, since we are aware of the present state of stretched and static consciousness you are assembling just now, we will attempt to work around and through it. You were wondering just a bit ago, if you had indeed utilized that Energy Boost we spoke of yesterday. We would say Yes, and in fact twice― sitting on the couch at KE’s chatting with HE, and again on the way back from Publix with GR. You created a temporary Hook or Energetic Connection with your two Empathic children. This will only endure for a matter of days, but it will serve multiple purposes. For them, it will provide impetus for change, for decision and action. Both are stuck, at present, for different reasons outwardly, but also both as a result of their Empathy as it is currently held in constrained loops with those who are embodying their Twin Flame Aspects. Together, you embody the Three Points that will enable Spirit to act through you (all) and accomplish a great deal in a short amount of Time. It will result in a series of energy maneuvers that should galvanize both GR and HE into taking much needed actions and making required decisions where their individual Paths are concerned. Both are hampered by the inability to utilize and flow much energy through their entire Chakra column, though each has different Centers that remain inactive. It is a testament to their robust and evolutionary energetic structures that they are both where they currently are in the unfoldment of Ascension process without these seemingly vital configurations in place. All you need to do is be aware of this connection and provide the energetic impetus to activate and balance their subtle bodies.

The one you See as your problem child, attempting to maintain ineffective and inappropriate attachments both to her parents and her child, is being addressed. Not only through the Dreaming you have been doing with her, but she is being Pushed by Life itself, as well as the futile fragments of these Attachments she is trying so hard to preserve. She is no longer― from the broader vantage of the Awareness she is now privy to though not happy about, and as a result of the process of unfoldment she has not been successful at halting― able to sustain some of the emotional blockades she has clung so hard to.  The subconscious anger that has fueled her interactions with you for so long has mostly dissolved under this onslaught, and she has no idea how to Be with you. She feels lost in regard to her own daughter also, mistaking PJ’s lack of Attachment and Aloof Warrior’s stance as the absence of love. This is not the case, but BT is still trying to rationalize all that is happening to her. She feels guilty and simultaneously resentful of all of you who do not Care like she does, who, in her mind, do not Care about her. At any rate, the acceleration of conflicting emotions as the Holidays, and their concomitant Stress, Obligation and in BT’s case, extreme Conflict and Division, will very likely cause her already slipping façade to collapse entirely.

We realize that this is difficult for you this morning, but we have just a couple of more comments. Practice that state of relaxed tension you were once so very good at. Change is crackling in the very air you breath, and when it comes, it will come quickly. You will be expected to roll with it, to remain the calm center in the Vortex that forms around you. Continue to woolgather, as you were thinking of this process of reclaiming Awareness earlier this morning. It will serve you in good stead. 

November 25, 2019

A new day, is it not? You feel very much clearer than just twenty four hours ago, and though you still maintain that stance of relaxed tension that prefaces Change, you are doing quite nicely at rolling with the odd currents of energy circulating through the configuration formed by the connection between you, GR and HE. You are aware that both GR and you are Working on HE’s Heart Chakra. You perhaps understand some of the reasons she has kept it so zealously guarded for so long, even while lavishing love and Attention on her children and grandchildren. As a result of her unique energetic structure perhaps, she is not inclined to Attach, but she is a natural stalker. This woman has chosen her stalking and held it in place for more than two decades. She is a tender woman, and she has buried the wounds of hurt, regrets and grief deeply beneath the Sweet façade she shows the world. She resides within a bubble that must be burst. Use this temporary connection between you as the Pin. You have seen the love she is capable of. Just imagine the Love she will Command when Heart and Eyes are open.

As for GR, he is a Great Light still reluctant to allow the expansion necessary to become the Strength of God that he is meant to be, to be a veritable Beacon of Revelation in a Dark World. He has thus far avoided allowing his Power free reign, or to let God/Spirit express It’s Divine Will through him. He senses and feels the immensity of crossing these boundaries, and Hesitates…

Be ready to move Mountains today!

November 26, 2019

We are using this fiery New Moon energy to accomplish great deeds. Stubborn as they both are (as are seemingly all your tenacious and volatile lineage) the force generated by the connection of three powerful Empaths, is literally pummeling HE’s and GR’s still closed chakras, and in the meantime pushing its way quite powerfully through secondary energy centers and nadis.

As you saw earlier, the circuit was completed― God/I Am/Goddess (Father/Dreamer/Mother) interacted in the pattern of Infinity and created a Cosmic Singularity for an Instant. Interesting, is it not, that You are not in Kansas any longer. Draw a few breaths in the Clear Air of Pangaea, and a New Universe is born. It was long known that the broken patterns of the Trinary and Binary Universes could not endure, that what began as a Perfect Dream and was subverted by a Hasty Archangel, must collapse out of its polarity and imbalance. Once again, Merlin would say that there was no need to throw out the baby with the bath water. A Brand-New Dream, the Pentam Universe, was ready to slip into place. Not a Big Bang, but a Blossoming of and into Creation…

We are Somewhere over the Rainbow, and it is Very Good.

11-26-19 9:30 a.m.

It was not a restful night by any measure, but one of such immense significance that you are not yet able to See all of the Ramifications. They are many, we assure you, and oh so perfect. The energetic maneuver you three accomplished during the night was a Sign indeed, that the Gates of Ascension are requisite rather than an actual Choice to be made. All that ones on Earth can choose from is the more efficient and much easier Way― or the kicking, screaming, causing themselves much more agony Way. Seems a simple decision, does it not?

And yet, they will vacillate, fight it and cry out at the unFairness of it. Human nature, and the puffed-up beliefs where their much touted Free Will is concerned, is a trap of its very own. These are the humans we are speaking of, those children of Manu, with their Bright and Magnificent possibilities looming just ahead. We would say what of the Starseeds? They believe themselves to be here as some sort of Space Army, Soldiers of Ascension with no inkling of what it, or their beloved 5D really are. We would state today that most of them are involved in this Cosmic mash-up for the same reasons as the human cargo of Lovely Gaia. The War in Heaven cost many beings of Light their Ascended status. Just as Earth fell, so did they in their far away battle fields in the stars. It was efficient, and Merlin says, a stroke of genius, to send them here, imbue them with the core imperative that they were here with a mission, and let them heal with the rest. However, they are wallowing a bit at present, suffering from an overblown sense of self-importance that is neither merited nor supportable if they are to complete Ascension.

Keep this in mind as you and the other Lightworkers continue to address them, to attempt to get through their particular brand of arrogance and bring the appropriate healing energies forth.

11-26-19 4:00 P.M.

We greet you once more today, Lady. While we fully realize how busy this next few days will be for you, we must let you know that there is much more unfolding around you. The Tibetan Heaven World should be scrutinized closely. Do some more investigating and think of the worlds as they corelate to major religious/cultural centers, and the distribution so far thereof. Food for thought before you prepare dinner.

November 27, 2019

You wonder if this is going to become a regular occurrence―being awakened in the wee hours of the morning to attend to matters esoteric and be annoyed by a cat… Or is that to be annoyed by a Wizard and to attend to a cat? Since you already know that I am not only about this morning but both within and without, I will just say that these are crucial times. It behooves us to See to it that the unfoldment of the Blossoming Pentam Universe proceeds smoothly and without hitch or hick-up on this small jewel of an Ascending planet.

You will rest a bit easier in just a while when the connection between the Trinary Empaths is withdrawn. The three of you who have been the One of you for the past two days or so, span almost the entire range of empathic ability as it exists at this time, and together, you feel Everything. However, it must also be noted that together, you are quite capable of absorbing and processing this input without being overwhelmed by it. All of you will emerge from this experience not only more balanced and more powerful, but also with considerably more robust nervous and subtle systems. Win, win!

I shall release you in just a few moments to rest so that you may attend to your cook-a-thon later. Set aside space to be the Joy this Thanksgiving. You will never be at this particular intersection of expression again. This is the first and last Thanksgiving in this Place. Make the most of it. Where else can a gathering of family, friends, co-workers, Masters and Archangels take place in this fashion? It is a Blessing indeed. Make the best of being neither Here nor There―and both There and Here at the same instant. It will be Magical.

Sleep and Blessings Dear One…

November 28, 2019

Hail and Well Met, Beloved! What a night… Caught between the Moon and New York City. It was, as you intuited from the Dreaming content, a Gathering of many of the Angelic Folk, a planning of strategy and allocation of personnel, etc. And, first and foremost, the reason that you and GR attended, was in order to requalify or reorient that Atlantean Vortex there as a well-hidden (in plain sight in one of the busiest cities in the world) portal into the Lunar World.
We were quite successful, with a little help from our friends―it is becoming clear to you just how powerful little GL has the potential of becoming, and how well she works with her younger brother, the Elemental counterpoint to her Angelic lifestream. While you and GR were quite able to travel in Dreaming on your own, we need to be attentive where the training of this next generation is concerned. Being born into this higher vibrational matrix, less encumbered by the gross corporeal form, they are in need of our awareness from a much earlier age.
And there was still Time for dancing. It has been too long since you were Out dancing, my Love. And an old Wizard can still “cut a rug” it seems. All in all, both a successful and lovely night. Stick with me, Kid, and oh the fun we shall have.
Now, I release you to your Turkey Day and other chores. Make it Magnificent.

November 29, 2019

What a splendid Thanksgiving Day! Yes, it was exhausting, and you worked harder than ever, and with enough energy cranking through you to light up a medium sized city. You said that you ‘lost your flow’ but we would say that you actually found it. Very soon, life will be lived exclusively from the vantage of heightened awareness, and that new norm is even Now becoming.

We want to touch on a few points concerning yesterday’s work. Yours and LR’s blithe attitude regarding a move that only one or two present could even comprehend is causing a ripple. This is Serious Business from most points of view―picking up and moving 1500 miles to a place few have even heard of. Yet, they feel the Joy in you at the prospect, and the happy anticipation in GA. An entire family unit contemplating huge upheaval that would have seemed implausible at best just a few weeks ago.

In HE, it has caused a deep divide. She wishes you happiness and fulfillment in life and envies the Freedom she senses in this decision. KE feels her own desire for adventure, for the unknown, growing from a spark to a Flame. AE is confused. She has finally accepted you as teacher and guide, and from her point of view you are leaving her ‘high and dry’. Part of her believes that she should be upset, while another part feels like she is going along for the ride in some fashion. H believes that with you gone, his woman will be more amenable to his suggestions and guidance. JS is afraid. His family are not certain what to make of this odd group that have welcomed them into home and hearts, but they admire your temerity in undertaking this move.

The children, with only the exception of NE, already know that they are with you regardless of geographic location. NE’s feelings are so complex at present that she has shelved them for later consideration. Young as she is, she feels on the verge of an adulthood that will be nothing like what she imagined in years gone by.

Now, onto other concerns. Our previous discussion about the Decline of the United States was important on many levels. You feel the convergence of a great many factors as we approach the coming election year. This freeing of the Daevics, though it will have global effects, is another brick crumbling from the wall of America’s perceived supremacy.

The masses, sedated and indulged within the obscuring cloud of their consumerism―of having too much and wanting more, of gratifying their whims and entertaining themselves endlessly―won’t awaken till it’s too late, to the cancer destroying this country. And they won’t mourn those have-nots among them, the homeless, the poverty stricken and the disenfranchised who are the first to feel the desertion of their daevic underpinning. Later though, as the corruption of the medical structure, the corporate machine and the bureaucratic framework cause the economy to falter and plummet, disease and illness to increase, and goods and services to become scarce, their choices will gradually dwindle to Two. Ascend or Die. Truly, there are no other choices now, but you would be hard pressed to convince them of that. It will not be so much decline, as a crumbling which once started gradually becomes a landslide.

This is what the next years in all probability will bring, and why we must establish a Home―a haven for those brave enough, audacious enough and ready to Ascend and Heal the planet.

Fort Davis or Bust!

November 30, 2019

Catch your breath this morning, and let this tiny maelstrom, this dust devil of liberated subtle body content undergo its requalification and take its leave. You have looked back through Awareness, have seen that this same pattern of going ahead, of preceding those you work with through the Gate and leaving it open and beckoning in your wake, repeats. In 1999 however, you walked through the Gate before the Shadow could fall upon you as it had so many in the Pattern already. No one else used that Gate, and so started this long, lonely sojourn.

The Pentam Pattern were scattered like leaves caught in the wind. The Battle with that Shadow must be waged, and strategy planned, while Memory was still more or less intact. The trap was set, and in 2006, you crossed the Summer Gate and went deep into the Earth, crossed that Field of Death, just as many of your fellows already had, and waited. In 2013, the Gathering up of the Pattern, the regrouping so to speak, commenced in response to the Awakening that began around the Planet in 2012. Since a number of the principles among you had chosen Paths of Service through the long Night in the depths of the Earth’s, of Gaia’s energy body, it has taken another cycle of seven years to regather and Awaken. No one incarnated on the planet has used the Winter Gate since 1999. In 2019, we/you have left it wide open and posted Signs.

This is both First and Last Time this will occur. You will understand this better as the dust settles and you have an opportunity to Look around. Three was the Charm, but Five is the Golden Mean, the Pentam Complete. That chimeric 5D world that the ‘Ascension’ community talks endlessly about has been established, but as you well know will be accessible to very few during this next yearly cycle. Still, there is a stalwart group of warriors queued up and ready to cross the Winter Gate, and many of these will settle into the expanding environs of Bensalem. Other of the Worlds are assuming shape and definition, are expanding also, and many of these Lightworkers will settle in these while the work of seeing them well established and flowing properly continues. In other words, there are a number of these ones who are Ascending, who will be asked, even as you have been four times already, to go back into the Earth to complete their Service. The good news for these, is the Valley is not nearly so Deep as it was in those other cycles, and the Rift a mere scar across the Path.

Your Way does not lead back into any of these magnificently crafted worlds you have had such a stake in weaving into place [for the past three months from present vantage, but for three decades in manifest actuality]. Bensalem is yours until the Five become One in that venue and the succession/precession/ascension takes place from that platform. Then it is the Stars for Us, a grand tour of galaxies and universes before we merge with All-That-Is.

Morning Light

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