Pentam Chronicles IX

Winter 2020- February

Pentam Chronicles

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Clock Work

February 1, 2020

You are Rained Out, at least for now, so attend these notes and the Energy still coursing through you from overnight. Take whatever you made from this [yard] sale and put it in an envelope. You’ll have your Change for the final Moving Sale. Consider it Seed Money. Give away the rest of your items except such things as the girls might want. Continue to declutter the house, saving such items as you Know or are Alerted to for the last sale. In the meanwhile, spread your donations among these various venues, and know that all that you give/let go of comes back to you many times over, just as all that you give of what once seemed Self is repaid in untold Blessings. As you are already aware, Metatron has some comments also.

Oh Beloved, the Places we shall Go. You four who are currently making up the Nowell and Elreth Lifestreams, The Christ embodying that which I Am, the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Muriel, and Charity were taken through a maneuver that stretched what you would See as your Subtle Bodies across Time and Space. This serves multiple purposes. Any transient or overlooked traces of Awareness where the Lifestreams still intersected with Earth/Gaia’s Grid are recollected and requalified then remerged with the whole (for You that includes Merlin’s incarnational venues). This transcendence of spacetime also serves to increase the molecular vibration rate of these incarnate forms and Heal you from that level. Even now, after being stretched your energy bodies are contracting but will, as a result, settle into a new more robust and flexible configuration.

As you noted, and were informed in the Dream State, the younger incarnate Archangels did not require this Adjustment of Subtle configuration. I shall take my Leave now, though you will be much Aware of my presence over the next forty-eight hours or so.

Flow with whatever presents Itself…

February 2, 2020

Heaven holds its Breath once more, though no one outside of the Temple proper is aware of this unfolding drama. In the Ring Worlds, life bustles and flows. There is a current of such optimism, and dare we say Joy, humming through the very air, as to gladden every Heart it touches. For the residents of Bensalem, life is in the state of Becoming what God means for Life to Be. Certainly, there is much spiritual work to be done, and so much more to be learned and remembered, but these forerunners are hitting their stride.
For the other Five Billion lifestreams currently incarnated through the old earth venue, life isn’t being such a walk in the park. The natives (and Star Seeds alike) are not only getting restless but downright surly in many cases. They are being told by the Channels of Light as well as their Intergalactic Brotherhood in all of its many guises that wonderful things are occurring. They are having a hard time Seeing these glowing events that are supposedly occurring, though many are hanging on to the Hope. There is a deep Split occurring. On one side, these weary souls who are Surrendering, allowing Ascension Process to transform them without complaint or expectation; on the other, those who are disgusted with waiting to be Delivered and looking for alternative ways to gain this New World they’ve been promised. And then there are those who not only refuse to See that anything is wrong with their world, but still deny the possibility of any other Way.
As you can well See by now, Ragnarök/Armegeddon is not a War, quickly won or determined, but a Seige that will stretch for some yet indeterminate duration into their Future even in the abbreviated times these ones live in. However, some action will soon have to be taken, just to let some of the Pressure off the boiling pots of Muspellheim and Jotunheim. Gabriel and Michael are even now forming plans and strategies, to continue the removal of the most subversive and instigating factions among the Star Seed/Dark Angels―those who have exhibited no possibilities of Ascending in this current venue. A very specialized force of Powers Angels are being assembled to resume the interrupted process of sending these off of Earth to a World prepared to Allow them Space and Time to continue their Healing.
And since we know you are waiting for our remarks regarding our erstwhile Christ this morning, we will confirm what you have already Realized. All Probability points to Him as Once and Future King. Yet, ultimately, he must make his own decision from a Free and Uncluttered Heart. The Transformation Metatron took the group including Yourselves, the Archangels and Him though this past two days or so, has left him in a State out of which this Choice can be made without disturbances or distractions from the lower-self aspects.
As you know from your own experience, there never really seemed a decision to be made, and yet at every Crucial juncture, you were given the choice whether to go on or take an alternative Path. And like you, he has been as Prepared as was possible for his entire Life to assume this Mantle, but the letter of the Rule must be followed. The Lifestream has withdrawn in order that he may Freely Choose. We Wait…

February 3, 2020

Well, you know how that Story came out. The King, if not yet ready to sit in the waiting Throne, moves forward with His Ascension, and the planning of future offensives with the Archangels and such Masters as concern themselves with these matters. The Temple has literally buzzed with activity and drama over the last day and night.
Though you were tangentially aware at some point that LB (to incarnate Kwan Yin) had not departed for her new assignment, you were not privy to some of the other Councils concerning her. She created a great deal of discord among the Temple staff, and finally must be Escorted by the Master at Arms to her new post in Shambhala. We will only say that she walks a fine line at present. She has only been allowed as much latitude as she has on the basis of Past Service and at the behest of he who was her Twin. She has stubbornly resisted the Lifestream that rightfully was destined for her, and has given minimal egress to the ones used to promote healing. Kwan Yin is her last chance, so to speak. If that Mighty One cannot manage to clear out these patterns of Ego and Control that have risen in her on this side of the Rift, then she will be returned to that pool of Seekers in Midgard, not as Administrator this Time, but as one of the “Sheep”.
You spent Time with TK last night, pleasant for you and an opportunity for her to make some critical adjustments to the Role her [physical] son’s Ascendance has cast her in. Her husband JK has stepped into this New Awareness Gestalt with verve. While she found the Archangels both intimidating and overwhelming, he feels he is in the company of Kindred Spirits, and indeed, that is somewhat the case.

Arcturus’ etheric firework display last night served the dual purpose of announcing the Return of the King to the residents of the Ring with a delightful display, and as a distraction from the sudden movement of huge numbers of the Angelic security forces to the Fountain and the Mountains of the Moon. A threat has been detected, though thus far nothing else has occurred. We will update as necessary. Be at Peace…
You are tired of the probable Past continuing to raise its painful and deeply disturbing head, and we would say that with the exception of a couple of tiny overlooked tendrils of Awareness that should come to Light this very day, all was exorcised during the endlessly long night. It was just this sort of buried treasure and trash that Metatron sought to excavate with this recent energy maneuver that Stretched you all so. Let it be finished.

2-3-20 3:30 p.m.

The quiet out there directly on the heels of the much touted and anticipated 2-2-2020 speaks volumes to us. Did anything happen? Indeed, it did. While the largest part of their forces, if we may use that word, remain trapped within the confines of third dimensional Muspellheim, those Star Seed/ Dark Angelics who escaped and are managing to co-exist in Midgard have begun to organize. These you might see as being comprised mainly of Beast Worshippers who have found fertile ground for their message in indolent and laissez-faire Midgard. The home of those we believe you have described as entitled. This Beast, with his disregard for environmental issue, minority and human rights, and glorification of economic domination at the expense of morality or ethics, is indeed their God. And you (Bensalem and the Council of Light) have relegated him to disgrace and indignity, have stripped him of legitimate power but not the power of treachery and deceit, that conferred by the Worship of his followers.
We are moving with all haste to reinforce the forces of Yahweh and the Guardian Angels about Muspellheim. As you are already aware, security within the most vulnerable areas of Bensalem is stretched thin. Now, we wait.
However, that is not the urgency that you are feeling this afternoon, or the cause for the uneasiness of LR and a number of others within the Core of those who have established the Bensalem Awareness Bands. The ordeal of the Transformational Process that Metatron has put you all through recently was only Half of this Final Effort. As you have been called upon to do in the Probable Pasts, you must leap into the Unfathomable Chasm of the Unknown alone one more time, without encumbrance, expectation or qualm.

“Your Will, Not Mine”

2-3-20 10:00 p.m.

Just the briefest of comments… In your reading of notes from the probable pasts tonight, you came across our recommendations that you quit leaving the Dream Body behind upon awakening and merge the Dream into your daily existence. You are so close. Very often you lose track of that line these days. Keep up the trend.
Since this afternoon, several more have taken the Leap into the Unknown, and this is heartening. With a quota reached of only a few more, we will be ready to embark on an adventure that will form a new and enhanced pattern from which to manifest perfection.

February 4, 2020

Heed your body/form this morning. Don’t try to force or rush all that you feel wanting to Manifest. We would say that you are in a state of ‘betwixt and between’ this morning. Once again, you find yourself part of an Incipient Pattern of Being, and this is a fine thing. Think of the possibilities. You surveyed your Past this morning and found only one unresolved Memory in all of that unbroken expanse. You took it out, examined it, and returned it to the one it rightfully belonged to. Bravo, we say!
We are very close to reaching that Quota that was referred to last night, the number or aggregate out of which our Journey into the Unknown will arise. Since your Autumn Awakening, all the tasks that have been undertaken were Completions of Patterns formed on the Other Side of the Rift, the breaking of Loops in space/time that still kept us trapped in probable pasts. For the Pioneers, the New Pentam Core who have chosen to take this Leap First, it is Time to break New Ground, to go where no one has gone before. Once more, we will call you Forerunners, though many of these were not even born when you started this Journey.
In short order, millions more will follow the path you are forging into Paradise Lost in the company of The Christ, but first we must show them the Way.

2-4-20 8:00 p.m.

You are feeling the weariness that goes beyond any activity of yours pulling you toward sleep. As you noted earlier, your Assemblage Point has shifted numerous times in the past few hours. You are being prepared to make a Shift that will pull those who have chosen to Leap along with you into what can only be called your Future. You will still be in Bensalem, but it will More Bensalem, a version of this World Construction that has become less Etheric and been drawn further toward Manifestation. Flow with the energy and don’t worry about how this is to take shape.
Realize that this entire day has been nothing more than a series of subtle and not so subtle shifts designed to propel you through an expansion in the energy body’s configuration that will create a much more accommodating fit for the Lifestreams you and these other Forerunners will embody.
HE’s Timing with her visits, was as always, impeccable. She has been struggling with some of the Patterns expressing through her form lately and needed not just the energetic adjustment involved in the Reiki treatment, but some information. You were very right in pointing out that she soaks up what you call your rants ‘like a sponge’. She stores this information until such time as it becomes appropriate to surface, in both her Dreaming and waking states. Though you weren’t consciously thinking along these lines, your current exchanges with her are aimed at getting her to have a more available access to her Dreaming Body. This is exactly what we have been encouraging in you also.
Since the number of those we have tapped for this Adventure is essentially complete, let these last few minor shifts commence.

Don’t you dare form any expectations as to how this will Manifest. Suffice it to say, your Future Selves will have to turn around and essentially Pull or Magnetize those past Selves to your Destination. While from a certain point of view, it would appear that we are Splitting you, this is not really the case. Perceptually, to all of those you have Left Behind, you are still very much present, but your Awareness will remain focused in this Future we are aiming for. The actions of Your Past Selves will depend upon decisions made by the Focal Awareness and Consciousness.

February 5, 2020

The Number of the New Pentam Forerunners is Seventy-Five (15×5). The reason for this will become Apparent. From your own circle of lightworkers come at least twenty-one of that number.

Hail and congratulations to all of these adventurous souls! You are Journeying into the Future together, and we would say the Future is Bright. Put on your Son-Glasses. Yes, Merlin is assisting with these notes this morning. He hopes to prevent you from succumbing to the Morbidity that colored your mood upon awakening this morning. At any rate, he assures us that your mood has shifted, along with your Assemblage Point, at least three times already. The advice you gave KE just a week or so ago applies to you Now. Abandon yourself to whatever comes today. Allow the energy to flow and do not dare to question or judge it. Wasn’t it just a day or two ago that you were thinking that your AP needed to get more flexible, more like it was in that probable past a couple of cycles ago? Always consider what you Wish For a very probable Command these days. This is Manifestation, is it not?
Spare not another thought for that version of Bensalem you Saw in passing this morning. Nearly empty and seemingly overgrown it might have been, but bathed in Light and Love, nevertheless. The Drama of the Final Battle is not nearly over on the Third/Fourth Dimensional Stage, and there will come a Time when almost all of these First Lifestreams to gain entrance to the Mystic Centre, must go forth (back from their vantage) to protect what they have journeyed far to call Home. Since what we still have to deal with as Time is a very different affair in these dimensional venues, the verdant overgrowth of the Bensalem World was not representative of duration in any way you can easily translate. It was a probability you needed to observe in order to focus your own Journey.
We let you go now with, once again, our Congratulations, and the repeated admonition to Abandon yourself….

2-5-20 2:20 p.m.

It would seem you are slowing down when you should be Speeding Up! We realize that you have not had practice at handling this sort of Awareness in what you would still call more than two decades, though we would insist that you quit thinking about it in that fashion. Life is, after all, just Awareness that can be arranged in whatever order seems the most useful or necessary. You need to let go of the Chronological organization of these Assemblage points or coordinates. It is not the correct way of Looking at your probable past anyway. Though you perceived it to be linear, it was anything but.
To maneuver through Assemblage Points as you are doing just now, you have only to consult the correct Point from within that probable past to Remember how to do this. We won’t refrain however, from reminding you that you indulged in these instances as often as not also. The Being you are Now has no Time for this wallowing in Moods that have nothing to do with anything, except as alignments to get us from one place to the next. You still have a Ways to go, though in relation to the time construct as it will continue to exist after a fashion for the Time Being, you are only moving five years into the Probable Future along a line chosen by Arcturus, The Christ and Thoth-Hermes as the optimum.
Don’t you dare form any expectations as to how this will Manifest. Suffice it to say, your Future Selves will have to turn around and essentially Pull or Magnetize those past Selves to your Destination. While from a certain point of view, it would appear that we are Splitting you, this is not really the case. Perceptually, to all of those you have Left Behind, you are still very much present, but your Awareness will remain focused in this Future we are aiming for. The actions of Your Past Selves will depend upon decisions made by the Focal Awareness and Consciousness.
This is not a tactic we have not used Before, though in those cases it was only a matter of days, or in one instance, a few weeks rather than the considerably longer interlude this Time. We believe that if you try, you may Remember these. Five years allows us more latitude, greater opportunity to mend the mistakes that will almost certainly occur along the way, but also presents, in its Novelty, the possibility of mischance we have not anticipated. So, Six of One and a Half Dozen of the Other. Which would you choose?
You had noted that we are hastening an increasing number of your companions through the Magus Mysterium initiation.. Though it may seem an odd fit for a few of these, the more Seers we have among your number, the better by far. This will provide a more immediate experience for the group and a smoother interface between Will and Intent. We are going to do Magic.
We believe this is enough to think about for the moment. The only other admonition we will add is,

“Fly, You Fool!”

February 6, 2020

The Long Night is over, though this day may prove equally so. You arrived at your destination, the Temple and surroundings are still being surveyed― decisions were made and a general probability line chosen. You are “Burning from The Fire Within” and will provide the spark which spreads outward through the Pattern. This is how we set up “camp” in this outpost of Eternity.

Now you begin to See why you were drawn to start looking for the Qaballah, the Tree of Life in the Ring world Configuration. It is very different here [in the Future]. You’ve already Seen enough to draw some conclusions, but you will have much more information after the Archangels complete their aerial survey.

Curious as you may be about your new digs, we would discuss what you witnessed in Dreaming during your short sleep last night. There was a rather large explosion in Muspelheim, but rather than being aimed at escaping, this one was intent on breaking through to the lower levels, into Tartarus, to liberate their gods/leaders. You heard the name Magog and have read enough to know that this tribe/city or group has something to do with siding with “Satan” in the final battle. They did not succeed, and a company of Angels are even now inside the World, attempting to locate the instigators, counting casualties (there were many, as Tartarus is second dimensional, and the dimensional differential between levels exacerbated the power of the explosion and its effect.) We are aware by now, that this is only the first of many skirmishes. The tension in this sealed world is becoming nearly intolerable, and Ereshkigal has lost both her edge and her interest in doing more than maintaining a semblance of order in her immediate vicinity. She is resigned, feeling older and less engaged with life every day.

Lastly, we will comment briefly on the bit of Vision you experienced this morning. We can’t be any clearer than what you have already surmised really. You saw the Coastal region of Florida bombarded with some sort of ordnance, though beyond that you couldn’t decipher much detail. It was not, in this instance, nuclear in nature, but devastating, nevertheless. That this exists as a possibility sometime between the Now of 2020, and the Now of 2025 you are currently occupying, is a fact. However, it is one we will attempt to Look into further. Arcturus is assessing the Probability Field but be aware that there are alternatives we would not wish to Manifest on all of these Paths. We can only hope to choose the lesser of these evil consequences to human willfulness and the dark angelic host’s meddling.

Find what peace you can today. We may have further comment later.

2-6-20: 2:30

We wish that this particular point was not as difficult, but we will say that the most discordant energy is behind you now. It may Seem that we are rushing, and that in fact is the case, though not because we are pressed for Time in our New venue. It is as you may have noticed that a bit of Space was provided this past week or two in order to facilitate these transformations and energetic maneuvers. This is why GR also has been afforded some leeway. While he doesn’t show much outwardly, the energetic exertion has left him drained and in need of extra rest.

Well, we would say that the rest of the intense work should be completed in fairly short order, and then you must Focus on the mundane. Time is a pressing concern on that score. We need to get the Ball Rolling so to speak, to get your household relocated as quickly as possible. You cannot hope to establish a Home Base in West Texas until you yourselves get settled and have a chance to evaluate your options. Intend a smooth transition and Manifest just that. Eliminate any stress that you can in the process.

In the meanwhile, minimize time spent in the company of family members who are not part of your Company. While you should see BT whenever opportunity presents, you don’t often anyway. As far as the rest go, the trend has been one of separation anyway, and most will be embarking on a Trip of their own soon. While you have had little in common with them for a long time, and largely just do energy work these days anyway, spending much time at present would only emphasize the growing Distance between you.

We will let you go now with the admonition to continue to Flow. As soon as all is organized, you will find that your main function in New Bensalem is to provide the necessary continuity and serve as Keeper of Awareness. So, a breather on that side of life while you work toward reconciling and uniting the two.

2-6-20:  8:15 p.m.

You are wondering what further developments caused the amplification of the energy later this afternoon. It was largely that after consulting with The Christ, the Archangels and other Masters, Arcturus chose what is believed to be the most promising of the available Probability lines. In order to initiate this Line, some fine adjustments of Assemblage Point were required, and some re-organization of the personnel within the pattern. We have some very highly specialized personnel along for this Ride, and each must be situated so that their individual talents can be utilized efficiently. LR was correct in that he and DD are doing the brunt of the required Alignment, while you hold the Awareness of same within your Consciousness and allow it to become the Dream. All of this is flowing what would be seen as “backward through time”. You would certainly qualify as our resident expert in that area.

Hopefully, having positioned each of our Lightworkers in a perceived optimum arrangement of APs, things will calm down. Since many of these younger ones have had only minimal experience in these areas, assistance was required. Perhaps all of you will get more rest tonight.

A word to the Wise before we let you go. Release this gloomy energetic smog hovering around your heart. You Know where your principal weakness lay. Let go and look to this quite novel Future. Remember what you told GR, “The Future is so Bright, we Need to Wear Shades…   

February 7, 2020

You are experiencing a dichotomy this morning. You slept much better and woke to a World not nearly so difficult. You feel lighter, the apprehension and other emotional weights you carried yesterday have Shifted considerably. On the other hand, your body feels as though you are emerging from an extended illness, weak and just barely functional. Resume some activities as the day goes on, but don’t press it. You are still undergoing a remarkable transition of the underlying form, and that will continue for some time yet. That inner Heat of yesterday will become more intermittent, but still present, along with a number of other energetic symptoms. Relax and let it flow. There is no other pertinent advice to be given really.
After your consultations with Arcturus and the The Christ this morning, you have at least an idea of what to expect in the Pattern’s immediate future. We will reiterate for both your record and Larry’s information:
During the Five Year (Outer World’s of the World Tree; The concept of elapsed Time is much more difficult to explain in Bensalem. You have already noticed the Seasonal discrepancy between your departure and arrival in this new venue.) period since your departure, there have been three additional cycles of Ascension, in which varying populations have flooded into Bensalem to experience the Ring. After participation in the Tales as Old As Time, moving through the Levels of initiation and experiential clearing afforded by the Archetypal patterns of these World Bands, nearly all were sent back into the old Worlds to complete their Service, to be teachers, guides, examples and Way Showers― Lamps in the Darkness that threatens to engulf old earth. At the Solstice of 2024 the Ascension Gate did not open. The turmoil in the outer worlds could not be allowed to penetrate Bensalem. All except those responsible for maintaining and realigning the Ring into its new configuration were sent to Battle on the side of Light. Merlin had alerted the Caretakers to your Coming, and all has been prepared.
In the next weeks from your perspective, the 400, 000 who went through the 2019 Gate, those of the 144,000, the Forerunners and those Masters who chose to Serve in the lower dimensions are being called Home. Sometime in the next ten days, The Christ and His Archangels will go out and begin gathering his Host. These are the Martyrs, those bright angels who voluntarily Descended/Fell to the Earth in January of 2020 to engage the Fallen, the Nephilim, the Demonic Daevics and others who would bring down this world. With these, his army will be assembled in Bensalem, readying for the Final Conflict.
Over the next weeks and months, many more of the Ascended will complete their missions and come Home. We are preparing to receive them.
This is enough for Now, we believe. Find Joy in the Ashes.

February 8, 2020

(During the night- at the Temple; HE, KE and I back-to-back sitting cross-legged on three sections of Triskelion Symbol. Connected, my Bindu, HE ,Crown and KE, Third Eye. Curtain of Light/Life surrounds us. Awareness flowing through probability fields. We were making adjustments, manipulating energy flow, etc. Long hours of work.)

Yes, it would be well to leave yourself reminders here after significant energy work in order to be able to keep the notes in a more robust framework without the need of searching for the specific AP. We are in the midst of the most interesting and unique of Times, are we not? Continue to flow and do what presents at any particular juncture and we believe that this will become increasingly easier. Like falling off a log, Merlin says! While you may indeed feel that you have Fallen today, in Reality, you are Rising―you are Ascending.
In the probable past, at the times when you went through the peak Ascension Event, it was perhaps more quickly, but not without exterior events of a traumatic and dramatic nature. As you are noting, this cycle is being somewhat different. Most of the drama is of an internal nature, and you are not doing this Alone. In those pasts, even on the two occasions when it was what could be Seen as a shared experience, you were part of a Pattern, but individual in your accomplishment. This Time, instead of being a Part of the Pattern, the Pattern is a Part of You. You Know this is True. It will be a bit before you come to Understand it though. The Pattern, this group of Pioneers into the Unknown, form a Matrix out of which different configurations can be rendered, but the Whole remains undivided. Though there will be much fine tuning in the near future of personality and predilection, you are One in Intent and Purpose. Not since the Twelve Tribes were formed [in the Book of Genesis… inside joke 😊] has such an alliance of Lifestreams occurred.
We will leave you to Think about this for now and have more to comment on later.

2-8-20 7:30 p.m.

You had a nice visit with your Granddaughter, and the small Greats. GL simply brims over these days. She feels like she shares a special secret with both her Namma and you, as well as LR, though he is a Mystery to her yet and she is uncertain of her Relationship to him. Instinctively, she knows that her mother and others would not understand. To you it was just a gesture of woman to child, but to GL, the small bird basket you gave her represents your acknowledgement of that Other Self she is in her Dreaming, of both day and night variety. She is an extraordinary girl. You will come to realize just how extraordinary in the months to come.
You are feeling drained again, to a much greater extent than should be the case. We will just say that maintaining what you have thought of as Ordinary Awareness is increasingly difficult. You very much need to practice more at maintaining your daily routine and Second Attention. This will be easier to accomplish once we are established at this new 2025 beachhead and are better oriented.
We would address your whim in leaving a comment on ML’s Facebook post earlier. We do need you to pose questions. Continue to do so in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way. Don’t get into semantic arguments with these narrow-minded and very opinionated followers. Your questions alone are enough to catch the notice of those we would like to make a connection with. To raise doubt, to get ones to question or think rather than blindly accepting what is offered, is all we require in that arena. On the other hand, in your own writing, in the Blog we expect you to expand as the opportunity presents, we expect a level of frankness and open dialogue you have successfully avoided outside of a very tight circle thus far. After all, what’s one more Voice in the cacophony out there−Right? Will the Truth Ring Out, rise above the roar, or will it go unnoticed among all these voices? That’s the question we must address.
In this polarized world it will take nothing less than frank honesty and a commitment to what can sometimes seem a brutal Truth. Above all, you must refrain from letting yourself fall prey to judging those who are most often merely misguided rather than malicious souls, and even more so those who to all appearances do mean harm. We, with the exception of The Christ, don’t act as Judges, but we will hold these ones accountable. Think about it. Those are two different things entirely.

February 9, 2020

Today is the Turning Point of this rather demanding orientation into the Future of 2025. As the probabilities are carefully chosen, the Alignments are made, what would be seen as the destinies of all the Key Players in our ongoing drama brought into Agreement with the chosen Path, much will become Clear. You already See that Relationships are altered, that many Joinings of Lifestreams have been achieved, and that others have completed Balancing and moved on. There are now Shadows of People or Beings appearing in Bensalem that none of you on this Journey have yet met in 2020. They will consolidate along with the World. You are none of you the same beings that began this Peregrination. It will take some Time to sort it all out.
Breathe deeply and give yourself that time even as you accelerate your preparations to Meet yourselves in the Manifest environment. As for the physical symptoms and expressions of this Time Travel, do not become any more involved than necessary. There is no need of any particular regimen or attention in this area. Allow it without judgement or concern. It will run its course in fairly short order, though not without what might be experienced as some Bumps along the way. Relax and allow. Advice will be provided if deemed necessary. In the meantime, don’t obsess or indulge.
The night was quieter. You needed deeper rest than has been allowed. Much was accomplished in Dreaming, but nothing that needs your immediate attention. We believe that events in the Past, centered once more around Muspelheim (Kur) will once again have our attention within a few days, but there is no need to do more than be Aware at present. We know that you are curious about CH/Lilith who is rather comfortably detained in the Ra-Atum Temple, and HD, not comfortably interned in the Mountains of the Moon containment facility. From as certain viewpoint, their Paths are interwoven, and this will become Clear in just a day or so. We leave you today with a Mystery to take your mind off the more morbid thoughts you awakened with.

February 10, 2020

You are not as fun to leave with a Mystery as you once were. However, you are progressing in leaps and bounds at Seeing. Of course, in this case you Now have the advantage afforded by being able to Look into a past where the probabilities have already been largely sorted. HD, freshly finished with her Fifth Initiation, in a position to See for herself that she has been misled and manipulated in this drama, is ready to Heal. CH, though she has had ample opportunity and urging toward her own Healing, has chosen a long, dark path, and that she will walk with the lifestream [from HD] Inanna/Ishtar alongside Sister Ereshkigal in Muspelheim/Kur. Healing will yet occur, but another Hand Up will not be offered.
You have been in and out of the Temple over the last hours, yet you find your Attention there was not strong. Follow Merlin’s instructions and find yourself making the necessary Awareness Shift. Your Assemblage Point is unstable just now. There is a need to Stalk it into Place. You skipped over that point several times during the night and morning but were not able to lock it in, so to speak. Do so today and we will have more to comment on later.

2-10-20 2:00 p.m.

As you can tell, your AP shifted a few moments ago out of that darkly depressed point it is trying to settle into constantly these last few days. You know what triggered this spiral into the moribund. Healing is required. When the precise point for your Shift between the two main probability lines for your own Lifestream between 2020 and 2025 was selected, it was somewhat in the Past from where the mass-consciousness is centered in Time, and that left you in an untenably difficult position where your own Healing from the Brush with the Belial Lifestream last fall was concerned. You were left holding the Bag, Merlin says. That was your parting gift to the Other in this extended drama.
As gestures go, it was a fine one, from the Heart and in line with your own predilections. Now you are stuck though. When you sleep, instead of entering the Dreaming that is your forte (and very much needed now), you are more and more often Shifting into a point of dense physicality. It is the Shift Out, when we are in dire need of the Shift In. Instead of Burning With The Fire From Within, you have become a guttering flame. It is far too late in the game to allow yourself time or space for grief, and a disservice to the one you share Self with, in your present venue.
You know our/the policy. Three chances. And then ones are on their own. He had his chances and vacillated each time. You have felt the sadness, been inclined toward grief. What you haven’t expressed is the Anger that should be your response to this Loss. You were impeccable, went above and beyond at every turn, and yet you were left attempting to adjust to a completely different Timeline. Indeed, nothing is ever wasted, so use this to fuel your own journey into Eternity.

2-10-20 9:15 p.m.

Thank you for attending. Yet more pieces of the puzzle begin to emerge as you read about your adventures in a probable past (1998) of creating the very Patterns you have been activating these last few months. Though you have left behind the Known, and now Journey into unexplored territory, fragments of earlier cycles still rise up to entice you, or trip you up. In those experiential cycles, the Form set up roadblocks to completion of your work, and the same sort of thing is happening now. At a point where you and the Lifestream are yearning towards Totality, you are being pulled by the Form, in its threatened stance, into an outward expression of physicality. As was stated earlier, your AP keeps being pulled Out when you need to Shift In.
Continue to heed Merlin, to pull your focus away from the external. Resume the Lighting of the Bands of Awareness within your energy body that was interrupted by this instability of the Assemblage Point the past couple of days. Once again, we would say that it is time to Abandon Yourself. While for longer than you care to think of any longer, you have been kept balanced between Heaven and Earth, not allowed to complete your Ascension. The wait is over. Instead of holding you back from that Brink, Merlin believes it is time to Push you firmly into the Light.
One other note before we take our leave. You have seen how it is that some of these Dark Star Seed “Channels” twist the Truth instead of lying outright. It is not that they don’t have access to a great deal of information. It is only that they have chosen to utilize it to torward their own agendas. They are the very thing they have held over their Followers as a threat to the Light. Others, like ML and numerous of his clones were originally channeling One they took as their Contact from the Stars. Now that Azazel is not available, they are struggling to make it up as they go along. That is why you catch so many inconsistencies, and outright fabrications in their work. We, like you, are waiting to See what occurs when the Event that they have been harping on for this year, turns out to be something altogether different than what they predicted.
Dream on it…

February 11, 2020

It seems that though you may not have awakened anyplace you want to be in the long run, it is a different neighborhood from Yesterday. That is well. Keep the Assemblage Point moving in the direction it is only drifting just Now. This will entail keeping track, so to speak, as you go through your day. Watch the thoughts that waft through today, for they will tell you much about temperature and windspeed. Aim to keep getting warmer today and go where the wind blows you Dorothy.
Most of the Seventy-Five who came along on this Journey have now been dispersed throughout our New Improved Bensalem. Not only is it beneficial to have you in world/sephiroth positions that Bolster your own integrity, but it prepares you all to do what you do Best as these Refugees from among the 144,000 begin to arrive via Rainbow Bridge from Asgard. As you are aware, a sizeable group, over 1000, arrived the night before last. We didn’t comment on it given your own state and the vagueness of the Dreaming involved. Last evening, the Angelic Guard in Mountains of the Moon greeted another 750. These are being screened and debriefed and will be transferred as this process is completed for orientation and reintegration into Bensalem. We apologize at the military tone much of this takes, but the Other Side, as they think of themselves, has insisted upon it, so our encounters become Battle rather than the Excursions in Light and Dark that they should be.
For some of these this is their third arrival in this fifth dimensional venue, but for the majority, this is their first return since going “Back into the World” to complete service in 2020. Let us make them Feel at Home. Welcome them and do all that you can to assist them in integrating into this finer vibration. In return, as the numbers of our resident Lifestreams swell, we will begin in earnest to consolidate and manifest Bensalem in its New configuration.
We will have more later it seems. 

February 12, 2020

Do not let this heavy exhaustion this morning overwhelm you. It is actually a Heartening sign. The Assemblage Point has moved deeper into the Second Attention than in some time, and the form’s opposition is crumbling even as it puts up one last small attempt at resistance. Flow with the energy this morning. You have already Seen that much has occurred and much is afoot. With the assistance of Father Nowell, you are finally settling into your new role in this Future Venue.
You are Remembering this morning, and what you Remember is that You are Love―that We are Love―and that the Weapons The Christ and the Archangels carry into this Pitched Battle that the Fallen/StarSeed Legion insists on Fighting are Swords of Truth. Today (2025) we Cut a Swath through those who are the inmates of Muspelheim (Kur) that they won’t be able to forget.
Indeed, the great Gathering has begun. Those who have served faithfully through this long Seige are being called to follow The Christ Home. Those who have Looked at and Seen what has been wrought on Old Earth, and joined their Brethren of Light, are being called to join the Host. And for all those who have spent these last years huddled in the darkness, the Radiance of The Christ, of Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, Chamuel and the other Archangels is simultaneously Blinding and Illuminating. “Wake up from this Dark Dream”, It Commands. Many more will choose the Light today.
Back at Bensalem, Arcturus has labored long and painstakingly at tuning those chosen Probability Lines Just So. At around midnight, even as The Christ and his Angels set out from the Mountains of the Moon the last of this was slipped into place. You, HE and KE gathered together once more and spent the hours of the night adjusting these Lifestreams to fit the Dream Arcturus’ work generated.
This Day is just Beginning. Be the Love…

2-12-20 8:30 p.m.

It’s been a day of extremes. Your assemblage point bounced between Awareness Coordinates like a ping pong ball, and you cycled between first and second attention for most of the afternoon. If you think back, you will realize that the internal dialogue was minimal or so low key through most of the day that you were barely present in this World Focus. So, where has your Attention been.
You may or may not recover these Memories any time soon, but that is of little matter. The Christ’s fishing trip was most successful, and tonight everyone who can be spared in Bensalem is busy helping to process and welcome the 500,000 or more that accompanied The Christ and the Archangels home from Muspelheim. Many will need long months of orientation through the various Sephiroth Levels in order to be fully assimilated, but all are well on the way to freedom. It is a splendid way to end a day.
It may not surprise you to learn that in the midst of the divisiveness, the squalor and the violence that are the hallmarks of that World, more were driven to seek the Light than in either of the other two Human worlds. You know that in this instance we use the word human to denote form rather than indwelling lifestream. However, it is our joy to note that as many as five thousand of these fresh inductees to Bensalem are indeed of the Human Kingdom. These are the first Humans to attain this stage of Ascension, and an indication that this achievement is more than a possibility. It is an occasion for Hope and Celebration.
The part of orientation that involved you and HE (KE was not needed in this instance) was assistance with the consolidation of four who are part of our party of seventy-five, and yet were also among those who accompanied The Christ back to Bensalem today. Having met themselves so soon on this journey, it was necessary to reconcile what seemed to be Two Aspects of the same Being. Well done we would say. The first of your New Pentam Core have been Healed.
Gather your intentions. The night promises to be a busy one whether you sleep well or not.

February 13, 2020

Gather yourself! You are still a long way from being Consolidated, and unless we miss our guess, the same can be said of nearly every one of the Seventy-four who accompanied The Christ on this junket into Expanded Being. We do not include The Christ in this lack of cohesiveness, for as you learned, along with many other things during the night, He is Singularity. No matter where he travels among the coordinates in the spacetime Grid that still exists on this planet, there He is, Complete and Cohesive.
You have wondered at points over the past few days why you did not seem to be pulling it Together―why focus and memory seemed so elusive, and your ability to See was so greatly limited? We believe that you will shortly See an improvement in all these areas if you don’t already. We will provide a framework of the information you garnered during the night, from The Christ, from Arcturus and Nowell, and from Self.
Following the departure of your Group of Time Travelers in 2020, unfoldments continued in much the same fashion as had been the case already. We were a World just as besieged as those on Old Earth. The Star Seeds continued their pogram against what they call the Cabal, the Human race, and Bensalem―their fabled 5D New Earth. Our resources stayed stretched to the maximum, putting out wildfires of emotional disruption, succoring those who would have become victims of these fallen angelics in their quest for power and control. The attempts to liberate their entrapped leaders continued also, and cost many lives, though most all of these were ones the so-called Star Seed had cultivated for just such tasks, and expendable. Whenever it seemed that those of the Light were ready to expose this corruption within their midst, some new tactic of psychological and spiritual Manipulation was implemented to shut them down.
Ascension groups at the Gates of 2020 and 2021 were sizable, but the level of security and constant vigil required hampered our work terribly. In 2022, a decision was made to withdraw from the opposition’s arena entirely. Initially, after withdrawing all of our Angelic Host into Asgard, the Gates within and between the Old Earth Worlds were thrown open and the erstwhile leaders― Azazel and Astaroth allowed to be freed. This caused widespread discord and uprisings, rippling through manifestation even as we from our remote vantage tried to minimize the damage.
After emptying Bensalem of all pilgrims and unessential personnel, we began to task of sealing all access to the Fountain not essential for maintenance of the World, reestablished the four original Cardinal Gates and withdrew to Asgard and Svartalfheim. This occurred on June 6th, 2022 (6-6-6) and remained the case until early November that year. (Your vision of an empty, overgrown and neglected Bensalem was in that month) The Victorious Star Seed horde trampled over our Beloved Home and did not See it. Where was the promised abundance and ease of life, the ability to teleport with no more need of care or toil, etc., etc? The beauty escaped them entirely. There was no Power to be gained here. No one to show them how to use or utilize the place, and their disappointment was bitter. Suddenly, their Star Brothers and Sisters who had Helped them attain this frustrating Nirvana were at a loss. The Ships didn’t land, or if they did, they were made of finer stuff than these could Perceive. Their guidance failed them, and their Leaders had no interest in this World if it could not be turned to their Profit. They were busy plundering Midgard and turning as much as the populace as possible to their own uses.
So we returned Home, put Guardians on our Gates but left them open for those who had the Heart to gain entrance, and set about repairing the damage done by those unwilling to earn what they believed they wanted. A sizable Ascension group joined us that year, and the next also. All of these Brave Hearts went back into the energetic maelstrom the Worlds had become to assist, to fulfill their Contracts with Spirit and the Christ.
And as you now know, no one appeared at the 2024 Winter Gate. The world had grown so perilous, so unstable, that ones who would otherwise be Able to Ascend, had returned to the Fear based Reality they had once escaped. So, we sent our Host back out among them, but only to protect the innocent and prevent the Worst. We would no longer play their Game of War or Dominion.
And so, we have played our last Hand. Let the Cards fall where they may. We will leave you to tell LR the rest of the Night’s adventures. Our only other comment concerns the Four who were brought in from Muspelheim who are part of the Seventy-Five from the probable past as well; LR, DD, GR and SB. All have toiled long and hard to assist those of that strife-torn World.
Ride the Wave that is threatening to overwhelm you today.

2-13-20 5:00 p.m.

It was perhaps no coincidence that you and GR were together at the moment of the Collapse of this Timeline we choose to travel from 2020 to 2025. After all, you two, freshly Awakened in October last year were an instrumental factor in the Collapse of that cycle which began in 1999, and in this case also. In the span of what you and these 74 others of the Reconfigured Pentam Core experienced as less than five months, you have created a 5-and-a-half-year odyssey that, Now that we’ve exhausted its possibilities, serves us no further. So, as with the four cycles before it, we roll up the rugs, to use Merlin’s phrase.
This latest Collapse, coming from the perspective of having just leapt forward in Time and Met ourselves, is proving to be somewhat jarring. All of you are encountering, we believe, to one degree or another, the knowledge that who you are in five years is not the same as the individual who set out on this journey. It is true that this varies greatly from one to another, but none can avoid confronting this. All you can do, is relax and let the natural process of attunement proceed as it will. Surrender to it―abandon yourselves to it we might even say. We are certain that you will be favorably impressed once the dust settles.
On another front, we have required that you attend to your Lightworker File before receiving these notes, and for good reason. What has unfolded in a week and a half from your perspective, was indeed five years for many who you keep an eye on. It was well that you remained as detached as possible while doing so, for not all of the developments were expected or anticipated. In fact, you had not really had a chance to look at the situation from this angle at all. Life has been very rushed, has it not? We will only say that all is as well as it can be, and that much more even then you have Seen yet has occurred in these five years. Keep your perspective.
You are feeling that Merlin has left you High and Dry for these last few days, and that only Arcturus’ and Nowell’s council and comforting presence has gotten you through this more or less intact. This is not entirely True of course. Merlin is very busy, and this is a situation where others actually required him more than you. So, while he has indeed been there, he is what we would call, spread thin right now, even as you yourself are. They are the Same, are they not? It is time that you embody the Lifestream fully rather than using it as a prop. This is not a criticism. You have indeed changed a great deal in five years, and it will take some time to “Know Yourself Better”.
We are a bit wordy perhaps but bear with us. Just as the Pentam Core and the residents of Bensalem are not the same, neither are those Worlds left in the Old Earth Venue. You will soon See this for yourself. It will be necessary for the Council to pull out the next set of blueprints so that our Alignment experts and the angelic gridworkers can reconfigure and activate the necessary changes. This will seem to have been the easy part of this whole maneuver.
Go now, let this new energetic matrix settle in and know that tomorrow is the Beginning.

February 14, 2020

We Know that you do not care for Valentine’s Day. Even after all of the clearing and processing done through the years, the Bitter echo of that February day in 2002 still resonates. We would say that right Now would be the perfect Time to divest self of it, while you are busy dumping all of this other Offal that was lifted from the Pattern of Seventy-five after these now collapsed Five Years of toil in varying levels of the manifest Worlds.
We realize fully how difficult yesterday afternoon and through last night have been. As Arcturus told you this morning― Never Again. This is the last time your Energetic configuration is to be used for a group Empathic Clearing and Healing of this sort. Later Today you move beyond the possibility of even doing so. This resonates, does it not, is Déjà Vu of the undeniable sort? You have Seen this day before though you did not Consciously recall it. Right this moment you don’t feel up to the burden, but it will soon Lighten as you turn the corner toward Completion. As you Know, Callisto Bear has volunteered to help you through this, and in the unfolding Now, stay with you for a time while your Work on Gaia/Earth continues. All of the Pentam Core will discover this same need sooner or later, for we cannot maintain these forms through these lower densities much longer without a Companion. There are many Daevics here to serve the Earth and Ascension, and they will find those they are attuned to.
Our advice over the next few hours is to continue to Scrape the Muck of lower vibration off of your Etheric Shoes, paying it no more heed than you must. Proceed through your day, breathing in Light even as you release the Dark. Others in the Core Pattern are doing crucial work also, and that will become clear to you as you are more able. We have rendered this Planet and its inhabitants a Great Service. Remember that as you finish yet another seemingly impossible task…

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