Pentam Chronicles V

Pentam Chronicles V

Fall 2019 Cont.

Pentam Chronicles

Check out this link for more information. This is a continuing series of Posts relating to the Chronicles or Journal I have kept for some time now.

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December 1, 2019

Since you already have bits and pieces of what we wish to convey this morning swirling around in your consciousness, we will get right to it. As always, the Words in print will lend veracity to our statements and serve to im[print] them in your Awareness. Going over the Notes from 1997, you have already Seen that we are very much at the Same point in unfoldment in many ways (This is in spite of the fact that you are not yet Physically present in Fort Davis. However, you are there, and in a much more substantive fashion than you can presently conceive.)

The Daevics that bound your forms are once more freed, though it would be incorrect to say that those who served the Pentam Core were any longer enslaved or coerced. They were with you in the capacity of Warriors, even as you yourselves are, and this was a service they chose to render. As in that probable past you are currently tying up the loose ends from, the bodies are at a sorry impasse just now.  Though surprisingly not as dire as at the point you received these original Notes that we will edit slightly (to include GR somewhat, and to compensate for the present conditions), you are still in need or a jolt or attunement in this area. Attend to this editing, and pass these along to those who will benefit from them.

“Diet is central to this tuning we speak of. Your health is very important just now. These bodies truly do yearn toward death just now, but left to their own would seek it in that dis-eased and wasting condition which is the want of material flesh rather than in the, to the body, terrifying transition into a more refined vibratory state. While there is no true need to fast per se as we have/had been requiring of you, there is a great necessity for sweeping changes in both the diet and your attitudes toward food in general. We will make some very specific recommendations today, and trust that we no longer shall have to assign particular days to break your routines. The fasting, of course, has been as much aimed at that particular purpose, as to the needed lightening and trimming of the “physical” body that you are enjoying. Break away from these ingrained patterns.

            Cooking, while it may at certain times be an enjoyable pastime, is more drudgery than anything else when done on a routine basis, and not necessary for the most part. Limit those demanding and more elaborate meals to once a week or so. Cook such things as soups with many vegetables, rice, beans, etc. in quantities that can be eaten over several days’ time. While it is fine to have chicken or fish once or twice a week, limit the amount of animal protein you utilize in these soups, etc. to just enough for flavoring. Make your main meal of the day steamed or roasted vegetables, or a salad at least twice a week, and as we have already stressed, limit your snacks mostly to vegetables or fruits. On some days, consider a menu which might include simply cereal, fruit and perhaps yogurt later in the day. These are important changes to be made, and we cannot emphasize them strongly enough. Your bodies are changing, and you must change with them, or suffer the consequences.

            In moderation, breads (wholegrain) continue to be a fine food to accompany meals, as are most grain products. It goes without saying that GR is the exception to this since she does not tolerate gluten well. You must cease eating nuts, or products that contain more than minuscule amounts of them. You have become highly sensitive over the years to what has been a mild allergy since childhood.

We noted above that this allergy to nuts was an intensification of a childhood tendency, and so it follows that you must also avoid raspberries, plums and grapes [this includes their dried counterparts, prunes, raisins, etc.]. Your body reacts to the acids in these foods, and the reaction will continue to intensify. 

When you buy chicken, you should make sure that it is the skinless [preferably boned], as this is lower in fat. In the future, use only the turkey or chicken sausages or ground meat, without any other meats mixed in. Fish continues to be desirable but avoid frying or heavy breading. “

For the present, we still find that most dairy products are quite acceptable if not overindulged. The same goes for alcohol at present. We are not asking you to give up anything overnight. The holidays should be enjoyed in moderation while we remain focused on the overall gestalt involved in transitioning to the higher functions of the Light Body. What remains of the corporeal is fully as terrified and stubborn as it was at the juncture you think of as occurring 22 years ago. This, of course, is inaccurate from the viewpoint of Awareness, and another area where the Bodies’ beliefs are hindering our further unfoldment.

We will have much more to say in this vein in days to come. We have realized that you have been so bombarded with information, with energy work and the completion of patterns begun on the other side of this “Rift” that would seem to exist from 2006 through 2013, during the past two months of Awakened activity, that we held off on much health information. However, we are quickly reaching a critical point, one where the relationship between you and what remains of your physical bodies, must be set aright.

We have gone long, but this is important.

December 2, 2019

In the aftermath of a rather restless, and very uncomfortable night, you are feeling that you have been left ‘cooling on the meat hook’. While you Know this is not true and are attempting to look at this from as pragmatic a viewpoint as possible, the body is doing its best to make access to Awareness and Consciousness difficult. Physical pain sets up a sort of static undercurrent in the subtle body that inhibits clarity. You are feeling that energy circuit through the Right side of the body, as well as that pain you have labeled, for lack of a better definition, sciatica. Though its origins are in that year long healing that you completed in September/October, it remains as a vestige of the Battle with Belial. It seems that no matter how much of the Dark and viscous energy you Clear out, more accumulates. And since it is not accumulating from your own form, the question of its origins and continuation remains. Even though your impeccability in dealing with that Lifestream was only seldom in question, to engage It in the fashion you did, your body dipped further back into physicality than at any time since 1988, and the remote possibility that we might have lost you and all the Possibilities that you embody, existed for a short time.

While you Loved him unequivocally, and he Loved/Hated you, each of you was quite willing to see the other utterly destroyed in your Bid for Power in that first cycle on the Far side of the Rift. The decision made by Merlin (you were in no condition to See the Probabilities at that point) to Divide and Conquer by enticing part of that Lifestream into MS’s form, saved you. While you began that relationship from the aspect of greater Love and Service, connection to MS’s Emotional Body, soon strained that Love and Acceptance of the Path to bitter ashes. MS, the man, did not love or even like you, and so the struggle for Power took on a much different flavor. It took the Death process in the deep recesses of the Earth to heal the shattered woman that emerged from that Battle.

On this side of the Rift, we were able to complete the Healing of both yourself and DW, the originally intended incarnation for the Belial lifestream through the Twin Flame connection between Sunat Kumara and Lady Venus, and to finally send a Healed Belial back into the Bottomless Pit, where He is Healing his own complement, the Dark Lord/Lady and those other Souls who abide there with Him.

While it might seem we have digressed this morning, that is not the case. The injuries you sustained in this Healing for another, are still not fully addressed, and are being used by the Body to ward off the Formlessness it fears so deeply. Though you have been doing your last Work outside your own Home World of Bensalem in the Blessed Isles and acting as Administrator until JS was ready to return, it is very much for your own healing also.

Finally today, we would say that this strange Misplaced energy center at the back of your right leg is being used to gather the same dark energies from Belial and the Shadow that these others of the Pentam Core were left with after their various services in the years from early 2000 to 2006. Each and every one, you might note, was severely injured at the Throat Chakra level. There are other issues, but those will be addressed in the near future. Clear that misplaced center and return it to where it Belongs. Complete your work in the Blessed Isles…

December 3, 2019

Today is the DAY! You have completed your Heroes’ Quest and Died to the World that Magical three times. You are Free of the karmic circle, the rounds of reincarnation and the need for physical form. Your work in the Blessed Isles (Throat Chakra World) is almost done. Complete it today. Become the Formless Warrior you already are/were and lead those who have depended on you to Know the Way into Eternity. It is your Birthright. Live your Truth.

Even as you transcribe these notes, the Body attempts to rally in one last weak bid for power. Pain is and always has been its principal weapon. Do as you have done so many times before. Sweep it aside and attend to your own business. We know that you will not have the opportunity this morning to Do your yoga but let Lady Kundalini have her way with you today. She brings transformation.  

The work LR did with the Cronus lifestream yesterday was magnificent. It was yet another of those events that was initiated through the Warrior’s dialogue which has always been one of the finest tools in your work together. The synergy evident when you combine your intuitive faculties assists both of you immeasurably even though you are occupied with what would be seen on the surface as unrelated tasks. As you well Know by now, everything the Pattern does is interrelated on some level, and each contributes from his/her own place in the Journey and the innate talents we have nurtured and encouraged along the long Way.

So Cronus is Free, and can rejoin the group of Titans who have temporarily deferred their Ascension and thrown their lots in with Mother Gaia. Even with the tactic of altered/redirected probability lines, the necessity for Healing remains. As you well know from your experience, the imprint of interactions with the Grigori Belial interpenetrate the subtle bodies on successive layers, making the removal of these degenerative blockages extremely complex and difficult for even the most gifted Healers. So, while from one vantage, Cronus did not succumb to the temptations offered by Belial, from another, more subtle level he did, and now must be healed. His peers will see to this healing, and his continued service to the Earth will seal it.

The Titans who have decided to remain with the Earth are:

Cronus, Rhea, Tethys, Mnemosyne, Atlas and Iapetus.

The Titans will be based in Pangaea but are free to move at will among the Worlds in order to complete tasks for their Mother. We are urged by the Wizard to remind you of the instance, seemingly long ago and on the other side of the Abyss from your present focus, when the Titans helped you heal from some particularly difficult energy wounds.  You are reminded that Time no longer has any direction and telling you Now is the time for that Healing to take place.

We will conclude for today and let you get to other things.

December 4, 2019

Hearty Greetings this morning, Beloved! The next great healing has begun. Keep the energy flowing forth from the bosom of the Great Mother to the waiting arms of the All-Father. To accomplish the Healing of the Throat Chakra of a Planet and Her inhabitants, it was necessary to dip down and access the Fountain. Out of the Love you bear for Her, for the Growing Pentam Universe, and for that which languishes in the Pit, you have allowed the Earth to embrace you once more. You have received the boon you required from the Titans and now must use the EarthBoost to Lift the misplaced Logos Chakra from its place at Foundation, currently only accessible from the very lowest levels of Shambhala, and that after encountering the Guardian Leviathan. It must be placed at it’s rightful Home in the Blessed Isles and Activated there.

The Logos was just another “thing” that got lost in the shuffle of those cycles on the other side of our Pentam Rift. While you were Aware at the Time of the shuffling, the inversion of polarity that occurred among the existent Worlds in 1995, you failed to See some of the Ramifications. Now, suddenly, or not, it is apparent to you that the reason why manifestation within the Manifest world has been difficult or impossible in large part. Yes, ones who have been attuned to the lower chakras, the Spiritual Wannabes who are ruled by Egos and the secret vices they have twisted to appear as part of the Path to the ignorant masses, access this Chakra. In the name of Abundance, of Material gratification, they have called upon this magical at-one-ment of Intent and Will, to make of their own lives a Heaven on Earth. However, since they had no access through that medium to any actual Power, they did little damage.

This was not the case with the Dark Lord/Belial lifestream however. Not only was he able to access a twisted form of Power from it, but was also able to do great damage to those Souls of Light who could still Manifest in Subtle Realms. Until He was returned to that Abyss he’d come from, you (the Pentam Core) were free to establish these various patterns of Ascension, but unable to materialize them within the Mass Consciousness or Noosphere.

We are restoring Balance from every Direction. We will most likely wish to comment later as this unfolds.

Let it Go…

12-4-2019 7:45 p.m.

 The Logos Chakra is indeed on the move, but not yet stabilized at its new position. You are becoming very much better at splitting your Attention, that is, attending to the day to day necessities while still engaged in Awareness in these energetic maneuvers that are required. You still let your momentum slide at times though, and so, without the opportunity to meditate or nap lightly, the focus of your work was not maintained throughout the day. All is well though, and in Dreaming tonight, we are certain that the Activation of the Blessed Isles World will occur, opening the three levels or “islands” to those Souls ready to experience this energetic pattern.

 Elysium Fields will provide shelter to those who, through assiduous discipline and devotion, divest themselves of the lower self and may be judged Pure. Valhalla, with its Halls of Light, is the Home of those who Sacrifice themselves for the Good of All and to further the Ascension of Gaia. These are the Martyrs who will at the Winter Gate in 2020 enter Bensalem as is prophesied in the Book of Revelations. Alba or the White Isle is the refuge of the Heroes, those whose service in completing their quests earned them this exalted place, and first entrance to Bensalem as the Gates open. By the time of the quickly approaching Janua Coeli,

There should be about 280,000 lifestreams capable of aiding in the Manifestation of the New Heaven and the New Earth. These upper Worlds—Pangaea, now the Blessed Isles, soon to be joined by Shambhala—are the most exclusive, and will remain sparsely populated for some “time” yet if we may use the word. They provide a respite for long serving and very weary Lightworkers, as well as places to retire for those who can do no more. And ultimately, they will be the staging grounds for the final work involved in planetary Ascension into the Pentam Dimension.

Before we take our leave this evening, we would recommend you focus on what you require of and for the body as you shed what remains of corporeal form. Having this image and vibration before you is necessary for a smooth transformation.

Also, we would note that AC, and the dichotomy he represents (Warrior of Light and willful child) always affects your mood, and we would say yesterday, he kept you from morbid contemplation. The fact is, he was assisting with the dislodging of the Logos Chakra from its position in the dense energies of the Foundation, and resourceful though he is, he was finding those heavy vibrations as difficult as you. As a last comment, we would leave you with the revelation that AC does not “like” the feel of the pleasant appearing house he lives in and is quite distressed when his Mother is not there to moderate that sense of un-ease. There is not much to be done about it just Now. But you should be Aware.

December 5, 2019

As he has repeated many times in the probable pasts, Merlin is telling you this morning to “hold onto your Hat”. The Logos World is stabilized and Activated, and you already feel yourself being pulled into that recently vacated Foundation location and ultimately for a short trip into the Fountain. Use the available Power to Hook what you have referred to as the Lower Level of Shambhala, the Land of the Dwarves. The correct name for this world will be Svartalfheim and it has been prepared to be in readiness when the restoration of the Logos Chakra World to its rightful place provides the vacuum and attraction needed to shift it into place at what has been called the asthenosphere. In the human body, the rightful place of the Foundation Chakra is at the bottom of the feet. The misplaced and damaged Logos was felt at the back of your right knee and served to effectively block much of the flow of power you should have been accessing. It’s relative position in the Earth also served as a blockage to the true Foundation.

Today, we will effectively split it off from the world of Shambhala. Since the two were not truly connected, but only occupying adjacent space/time/energetic coordinates, this will be almost effortless.  Svartalfheim is being magnetized into its intended configuration, and without the Gravity provided by that World, Shambhala will begin to drift. What is needed today, is to send your four Archangels to guide and accelerate this Shift.

We realize that you were of the notion that this shift would not likely take place until December 9th or later (originally, I was Told it would be the 2020 Summer Solstice), but the approach to the Ascension Gate is accelerating both the Beings chomping at the bit to use it, and requiring an open Path to it. We are well ahead of schedule, and this is a wonderful thing. The collapse of Time and the continued impeccability of the barely Awakened Pentam Core has made this possible.

For this morning, begin this process, and consult with us again later please.

12-5-19 12:00 pm

What a fine day it is being. Shift your Assemblage Point to match this assertion. You have not caught your ‘breath’ yet, but this shift is necessary. HE has shifted into the Foundation and brought a friend. She will do wonderful things there, and much will be done for her. We have assigned her a locker next to yours, where she may leave behind much from her probable past that no longer serves her. She will, very temporarily, act as Administrator of this World until the intended individual is ready to assume the mantle.

You still know relatively little about our Shiny [New] Brow Chakra world but shall soon discover its many wonders. As with the Foundation World, the permanent Administrator is not quite ready to take the reins, so in the meanwhile, KL has been asked to stay and supervise the early work in alignment that must be done. GR had to hurry back to Bensalem, but the other Archangels may linger also, and little Gr with them. She is learning very quickly to maneuver in the Realms of Light.

You noticed the Wall of Fog which marks the position of the former Land of Lost Souls in your growing Bensalem World. And is that the North Pole off in the distance? Perhaps KE has not yet separated the Myths from the Legends, or perhaps it is not possible to do so. Let us call this new Construct the [Golden] Cathedral Myra [Mira: in Albania/from Alban? White in Latin], or simply, the Workshop. 

December 6, 2019

Let this pain wreathing your Heart this morning disperse into the mists of Avalon. Your dawn walk outside of the Temple has carried you this day into the new yet familiar precincts of Camelot as it is manifesting in Bensalem. Yesterday, and indeed, many of those before it, have been days of magnificent and taxing labor. Giving birth to Worlds, we would say, is much more difficult than delivering corporeal children. Accept the Healing available in this Sacred Place. Have an Apple, and drink from the cauldron of Morgan Le Fay when she offers you a chalice. It is true that next time you two encounter one another, it will be as the worthiest sort of adversaries, but for now you are a supplicant, a woman/goddess requiring the restoration available here.
When you are through here, take another walk and visit the “Workshop”. You will indeed encounter an old and very dear friend there. Nowell, along with all the iterations of Father Christmas, from St. Nicholas to the Hog-Father, and all the Ascended Others who have exemplified the Nous of God, the Light of the Father, may be found here.
We would not suggest that you wander beyond the Wall of Fog just yet. Our busy Archangel, Gabriel, has not quite finished his labors here, in what was once the Land of Lost Souls. We would not comment much more about it yet, save to say that what once was the Valley of the Shadow, is about to be filled with the Light of this World’s Sun/Son.
Proceed today, with the healing you can only find in being Home.

December 7, 2019

Breathe deeply of the Clear Air of Bensalem. You are healing from your labors, and in the Place your Heart Lives. The work you have done this week has brought it even closer in terms of Manifestation. While it is true that the cozy Pink House in Fort Davis that you so admired has sold, know that what is appropriate and in line with our Greater Purpose will present when the right “Now” is upon us. Continue to intend Perfection and know that as the recently requalified and restructured Worlds settle and are aligned, the process of manifestation becomes more Effective than in any other period of your present incarnation.
What an interesting and fruitful meander you had this morning in the company of our old friend and teacher Nowell. Make certain that you keep that Token he gifted you on your Person. It will come in handier than you can Know at present, and very soon, we believe. These new levels or Reference Points in Bensalem will become invaluable during the busy interlude we have before us. As more and more Beings from far-flung Stars join us in this magical unfoldment of Planetary Ascension and Solar Precession, the training and orientation provided by those who inhabit Camelot will become more important than at any time since its inception.
The Workshop, as you have Seen, is a treasure trove of wisdom, experience and intelligence. The Knowledge to be gained here will help ones both begin and end their Paths on Gaia. The Repository contains the collected works of millions of years of the Father’s messages to His children, of engraved Invitations with directions Home. From recorded Crystals to Scrolls to Digital Archives―from Cave Drawings to the Upanishads to the Torah and the Apocrypha―all of the Blueprints to Ascension that have been provided for Humankind are contained in this Band of Awareness. There are classrooms here, wizard’s dens and alchemist’s laboratories, meditation and contemplation spaces, and the finest “toy shop” in the Worlds.
Nowell and yours’ sleigh ride provided you with a marvelous vantage, first of the Cathedral/Workshop crowned with Northern Lights and shimmering snow-covered forests and dells, only to take a right turn and find that you were circling the Big Rock Candy Mountain. While you are calling this Level the “Terminal” already, you should defer to Gabriel in its final Naming. He has worked very hard on this project, and with minimal direction or assistance. The Land of Lost Souls (LOLS) certainly does not fit any longer, and though many among these incarnated here are Martyrs or “Victims” of Religious persecution, there are many more of varying agendas also. It is a departure point Now, however. Those who have served in whatever capacity it was their destiny or purpose to fulfill in this venue, will take their leave from the Space Port (Gate/Vortex) you saw there. This was only a quick tour. There will be much more to See when the opportunity presents.
Finally, this morning, we would note that though you are feeling Empty again, that will not remain the case. You will soon be filled to the Brim once more, and ready for whatever comes next. Send LR this morning’s notes and the updated Lightworker’s file. It is very hard to Keep Up these days…

December 8, 2019

While you are feeling a bit scattered and uncontained this morning, it is another fine day in the offing. As you have already intuited―that would be the more correct description since there is little of Conscious direction in this unfoldment―that the Goddess or Mother Level is Growing so to speak, south of Ra-Atum Temple. As you already know, it is the Greenwood. While Humans will at a certain point be welcome here, they must be mindful. Nature Rules here, Her rhythms determined by the Trinary Goddess’ cycles and moods. Faerie will move freely between this World and Pangaea, for this is where the Paradise Vibration will begin to take hold in fifth dimensional Earth. This is where those who honor the Great Mother, the Old Gods, the little angelics and elementals―faeries, pixies, sprites, gnomes, slyphs, hobgoblins and pucks, just to name a few―may come to rest, venerate and learn to live close to Gaea. The Horned God, known as Cernunnos as well as many other names, is Guardian/Consort/King here.
Allow this gem in the Crown of Gaea to grow and flourish. With the completion of this World level, we can begin to expand, to form new Alignments and allow in those who use this year’s (Ascending; Ascension) Gate and choose to serve here.
We will let you go, in hopes of adding more notes later about the small ripple that has begun to move through your family once you have your wits about you again.

12-8-19 4:15 p.m.

It’s Time you started to gather in all these tendrils of Awareness you’ve been floating through today, to consolidate Self even though you are not exactly certain what Self is just Now. It has been a fruitful weekend, though on the surface it might seem to have been less than so.
Small ripples, given the proper medium or impetus, become waves of change. As you surmised, BT was the only one who was initially affected much by your news, and she covered the Feelings that surfaced well. LLs initial reaction, much as you already knew, was a relief that she did not have to continue to contrive ways to avoid you at most times. You make her uncomfortable on levels she does not care to Look at. SM, given the opportunity to reflect, is sad. You provide a Spiritual cushion for her, a continuity that she has come to rely upon. While she is more at Ease in general with LL and some of the others, she has shared parts of Self with you that she never would with them. She feels a kinship that extends well beyond any outward family ties. For the rest, as they talk, or gossip, the pot will begin to be stirred. We shall see what Dish it results in.
BT wants badly to reestablish a link that has not seemed present for some Time but does not know how. Be open, be receptive, and send her the Love that is all she really needs. Let the energy this afternoon congeal and coalesce.

December 8, 2019

While you are feeling a bit scattered and uncontained this morning, it is another fine day in the offing. As you have already intuited―that would be the more correct description since there is little of Conscious direction in this unfoldment―that the Goddess or Mother Level is Growing so to speak, south of Ra-Atum Temple. As you already know, it is the Greenwood. While Humans will at a certain point be welcome here, they must be mindful. Nature Rules here, her rhythms determined by the Trinary Goddess’s cycles and moods. Faerie will move freely between this world and Pangaea, for this is where the Paradise Vibration will begin to take hold in fifth dimensional earth. This is where those who honor the Great Mother, the Old Gods, the little Angelics and Elementals―faeries, pixies, sprites, gnomes, slyphs, hobgoblins and pucks, just to name a few―may come to rest, venerate and learn to live close to Gaea. The Horned God, known as Cernunnos as well as many other names, is Guardian/Consort/King here.

Allow this gem in the Crown of Gaea to grow and flourish. With the completion of this World level, we can begin to expand, to form new Alignments and allow in those who use this year’s Gate and choose to serve here.

12-8-19 4:15 p.m.

It’s Time you began to gather in all these tendrils of Awareness you’ve been floating through today, to consolidate Self even though you are not exactly certain what Self is just Now. It has been a fruitful weekend, though on the surface it might seem to have been less than so.

Small ripples, given the proper medium and impetus, become waves of change. As you surmised, BT was the only one  initially affected much by the news of your upcoming move, and she covered the Feelings that surfaced well. LL’s initial reaction, much as you already knew, was relief that she did not have to continue to contrive ways to avoid you at most times. You make her uncomfortable on levels she does not care to Look at. SM, given the opportunity to reflect, is sad. You provide a Spiritual cushion for her, a continuity that she has come to rely upon. While she is more at Ease in general with LL and some of the others, she shares parts of Self with you that she never would with them. She feels a kinship that extends well beyond any outward family ties. For the rest, as they talk, or gossip, the pot will begin to be stirred. We shall see what Dish it results in.

BT wants badly to reestablish the link that has not seemed present for some Time but does not know how. Be open, be receptive, and send her the Love that is all she really needs.

December 9, 2019

You feel yourself moving among a number of strands of Awareness this morning, and yet you See no pattern emerging. All are interrelated, we would say. Let this Dust settle, and the picture will begin to form. You are where you’ve been Before, from a certain vantage, attempting to synchronize a New way of functioning with the old linear Timelines that caused you and your fellow Lightworkers to constantly be maneuvering to compensate for its myriad limitations. You are no longer Standing at the End of Time. You are Outside of it entirely, and there is no place to Stand. So, you must Fly. Gravity is nothing more than a Nod to the crumbling edifice of the Trinary Universe. The Binary, as you are well Aware if you just think about it, is gone, has winked out of existence entirely except through the Mercy of Father/Mother God. Between them, they hold the spark of Awareness of what Is Not, so that their Children still trapped in those collapsing bubbles can escape.

You were thinking earlier that you cannot begin to wrap your Limited Mind around all that is transpiring just now. We supplied that it wasn’t necessary, though all of that Awareness from those Times that Were Not are safely stored in your subtle body and only waiting for you to Illuminate them once more.

It is True that Gaia/Gaea, this magnificent jewel of a Planet you and so many others call Home for the Present, has Precessed and Ascended. This has been the reason for our feverish Hurry in preparing the Worlds, or Awareness Bands, for the entrance of the incarnated population who remain centered primarily in the Fourth Dimension. It’s Merlin’s Baby/Bathwater analogy again. The Planet needed to Ascend in order to accommodate the planned ascension of Her cargo of Life, and that same cargo could not continue to exist on a planet that they were no longer dimensionally aligned with. So, we provide Containment, our own version of Disneyland through which they can continue to balance their Karma, clear the energy bodies, and Ascend.

You felt this event during the Night as a low rumble that emanated from the Planet and from within you, simultaneously as a deep vibration between Solar Plexus and Heart, and recognized that you had experienced the Same thing before. Even as you woke up in your Dream and Recalled that you also Remembered experiencing that Before, as you traversed the field of collapsing Time between 1989 and 2019, with all of its Hills, Valleys and Backtracking.  You have, in fact, Experienced it Twice already. These were all Now from your point of view, and not Now also. Each time, the work of the Forerunners was preventing the inhabitants of Earth from initiating that Nuclear Armageddon from which there would be no return. That eventuality, though in some ways more efficient from an expanded vantage, does not fit into the New Improved Pentam Dream, nor does it satisfy the need for healing of some 4 billion Lifestreams that inhabit this planet. Lucky that you had that Golden Token ( given me by Nowell). That was just the Coin required to divert this probability line into a more auspicious unfoldment. That is quite enough for the moment.

We will be brief, so that you can attend to Business. Journey to Fort Davis again first… It is necessary that you use the tools at hand to familiarize yourself, to become part and parcel of what you are already part of. This is a most beneficial practice. This is how we reawaken those dormant APs from our present Home. Examining the vision you had “years ago” about the shop and life in Fort Davis, you are noticing things that might have been confusing before, but have new light shed upon them Now. The dark-haired boy child in HE’s arms you thought of as Donald. You were connecting this with your Father at the Time, but perhaps the direction of the Light has changed. Other possibilities present.

December 10, 2019

The Full Moon in Gemini and the 12-12-12 Portal both loom. Already this magnetic energy is serving to galvanize, to move our chess pieces in this next unfoldment into the proper places. That synchronization we spoke of yesterday is imminent. You have moved into the Svartalfheim/Foundation World and taken over the Administrative position for HE. This World is the Realm of the Flame’s great power, the Home of the Shekinah. You will learn much in your Time here, and assemble that Totality required for the next stage of our Great Work.
We are using the Polarity Principle to relocate a select group to this West Texas town that so insinuated itself into your Heart and Imagination. And we are using this same Principle to accomplish a great Healing, to move a step closer to an Ascended and Unified planetary energy body.
Look for a great number of shifts among the Lightworkers over the next three days or so, not only of World alignment, but Lifestream and orientation. We are changing Directions again, and that from a multi-dimensional perspective. The Ascension Gate is open for business, is it not? This should inspire more to use it.

December 11, 2019

We are going to comment briefly this morning, then at more length later after some of today’s developments mature into the pivotal Events that will accompany this 12-12-12 Portal.

First, we would say that MS has reached a crisis point out of which the ultimate energy maneuver becomes possible. Her daughter has indeed made a Power bid, and for Now reigns as Queen of (at least this version of) Hell. HS and MS have shared a relationship much like yours with your father. MS was her teacher but also petty tyrant and worthy adversary. And, as you so well know about your old friend, she was superb in all of these roles. It is another of those relationships on Earth that become so complicated, so tangled emotionally, that the Love becomes a side dish instead of the main course.

For the moment, the gates/vortices of Kur/Attalu have burst open while the Battle still wages within. Many who have had a bit of Time to experience this World’s doubtful ambience will take this opportunity to Shift. Watch this unfoldment closely.

On the other matter you are Hyper-Aware of this morning, we would say also to watch the unfoldment. LRs presence in Lemuria is rocking a very “old” boat. It has also allowed him to relight certain Awareness Bands that involve shared memory, so given you access to some Perceptual Fields that have been unavailable to you. Finally, you are discovering the Compassion for these Star Seeds that has been lacking in your energetic interactions with them. This does not mean that ruthlessness is not still what is required with this group, but that understanding accompanies it Now.

As promised, much is in the midst of occurring. This energy requires of you more attention than you are currently giving it. In Kur, the battle wages grimly and ones who are ready to Ascend into the 4D world are taking the opportunity to exit without paying the heavy tolls exacted by Neti. This is a precipitating event we would say.

We are sending you to stretch out and attend to our business for a bit. Calm yourself and focus, not just on the Human cargo  inhabiting Kur at present, but on the Home we have been having you consider. Let all that is whirling around in your head settle and speak to LR later. 

Your body is infused with energy, but the mind is anything but attuned at present. That doesn’t matter. Remember what you were told just a short while ago. Reacquaint yourself with old friend Leviathan/Tiamat. You are in need of dissolving some of the patterns of Reason and Order (little as they resemble the ones held by most on Earth) that have come into being during your long sojourn in the lower dimensions. Let Her help you break these patterns and free your Assemblage Point to soar as easily through the realms of Awareness as they once did. A little Chaos is in order. Tiamat will teach you to Create out of the primordial ocean of the Void.

666, 000 have taken their leave from the Halls of Kur/Atallu this day before Neti could shut those floodgates thrown wide by the Radiant Goddess Inanna. Eriskagul is simultaneously enraged and proud. You know the story, but it must now play itself out in two worlds.

Just a note about Atlantis before we release you to your more worldly chores. Lines of Awareness (Dreaming) are beginning to be laid between the levels/islands of this World. LR is in Svartalfheim to “borrow” something he needs to reactivate the Dreamtime completely.

Go in Peace, and think about Manifesting without reason interfering.

December 12, 2019

Do not just cut those thorny vines you and HE were discussing in your Dream. Neither of you need them growing back. End this cycle. Have someone in to bulldoze and pull out all those Roots. You understand what we are telling you. It is high Time that you quit treading that same tired circle every time some new/old tendril pops up in front of you. It is indeed the Now from which to launch yourself from a level playing field into the unknown. There is no further Awareness, Power or Lessons stored in any of those probable pasts.
Break the last of these few remaining Loops as you “complete” the projects left unfinished on the other side of the Rift. It is nearly done. There is only a bit of alignment, tweaking of these Awareness Gestalts that exist as Worlds in your unfolding Dream. Then you can sit back, perceive all that is needed to See of them, and let them do their Work. The Hamsters are already in the Habitat, we would say. They will learn, grow and progress. There is nothing more you need to do.
Metaphors and analogies are often the medium we use to transmit information, and we are Bristling with them this morning. Use this Portal/Full Moon in Gemini to reconcile the last of the Polarities that still linger in Self. If something causes you to feel the kind of Push/Pull you are experiencing this morning, then you have found one. Ruthlessly eradicate this tendril of vine before it can take root in your Present and hamper your Freedom.
With every re-Action you experience that is of an Emotional or Lower Self/Sacral nature, you need to just Look at it and Remember the Fact that Merlin has been hitting you over the Head with for months now―you are an Empath―this “feeling” was not and is not yours. Why are you even bothering to Look at it? Toss it into the yawning Abyss below Svartalfheim to return to the Goddess.
Now you may attend to your Lightworker’s file and other matters. We would close today by telling you that it is Time to go “Over the Rainbow”. Make certain that each and every day includes some gesture that brings you more Manifestly into Fort Davis.
Go with our Love and a large container of Etheric Weed Killer!

12-12-19 8:30 p.m.

Just notice how you are “feeling” now compared to during the day out with the GRs. The fact that you are experiencing this energy through the second and third chakras means that you are intercepting an emotional gestalt emanating from close by. It tells you a great deal, doesn’t it? We are telling you unequivocally not to allow yourself to be sucked into this. It is not yours, and though you may be on the receiving End from a certain point of view, this is another of those vines we were talking about this morning. And this particular Vine is not growing in your yard. Let him deal with it.
In reality, this needs to be the place where one of those dangling emotional matrices from more than one previous cycles is reconciled and disposed of once and for all. Doing so will not only free up a great deal of energy, but it will fuel LRs growth into this New World view. And, as with all these gestures to the greater picture these days, it is providing what is needed to do a Healing. In this case, the split between Atlantis and Lemuria [Masculine and Feminine Polarity; Technology and Nature].
This is important work, but it is not yours. You are in Svartalfheim, not only to do some final Clearing, but to remember how to Manifest the Goddess’ Intent without allowing the limiting weight of Reason to interfere. The Flame is burning away some dross, some old content in your mental body that has likewise been carried through more than one cycle and brought back to the forefront this past year. We are at a place where Trust is the issue, or your lack of it to be more specific. Think about this. We believe that a bit more Light will be shed on this tomorrow.

December 13, 2019

Trust is the crux (ansata) point of this present hiccup in your Unfoldment into your Ascension. It is the Key to all your conundrums. It is not difficult really. Trust your I Am Self, not the mutterings of that remnant of a Lower Self that still struggles in its Death throes while Eternity awaits. It would seem that we have been through very much this same tedious process several Times before, and that is the sticking point for you. Indeed, what is the Point? Well, the point remains that you are the Forerunner/Forerunners, and that we must cover a complex probability field between each of the Nodes of Convergence. That which you become Consciously aware of is only the icing on the cake. In your multidimensional Reality, you are traversing many variations of these Paths that never reach the threshold of ordinary awareness.
We must cover numerous bases, and so the process has always seemed cludgy, repetitive and Endless. There is an End, so to speak, though that is only a Rebirth onto a rather larger Stage of Possibilities. It is passing through the Ascension Gate, allowing all that cannot withstand this Elevation of Being to fall away, leaving only Light and Love in its wake, and dwelling in this New landscape for the next stage of the journey. Life becomes more expansive―You become more expansive. And the Stage we work from and upon becomes exponentially larger.
Both you and LR have, in recent weeks, reiterated that this work ‘is what you were born/made for’, that you feel alive and Present for the first Time in a very long while from your obsolete Chronological vantage. And you are all too Aware that the same is True of these ones who are your Children in this manifest drama, and many more of those who have participated in the Pentam project over those Years of perceived Pattern Building.
You Knew this in 1989 when you looked at one another and agreed to plunge into the density of Third Dimensional Earth, even as you were Emerging from Same. Turn around one more time Today―Meet Yourself and close this Last Loop.

12-13-19 7:40

We know how unpleasant this particular impasse feels. We would say keep up the Reflection, but don’t let it settle in. As you have already been told, this is not yours to deal with. You have your own fish to fry, it seems. You have a whopping big World on the Hook, and between HE and you, should have these two Bands of Awareness pulled into proximity and bound together in this New/Old position in short order.
We believe that once this small-ish maneuver is completed that the two of you at least, should take a few days to enjoy the Holiday Season. Things have gotten far too serious of late. Joy is necessary, as is Heart and much more Light than is being let in at present. We do not presume to advise in other quarters. Apparently, this morning’s remarks were not met with approval. However, there is not Time for indulgence these days.
Merlin will not allow the present situation to remain. You know how testy Wizards can get. Find your center, and Breathe…

December 14, 2019

An eventful night, all in all! Worlds are being shuffled, moved and realigned again, often as not with their load of human (and otherwise) cargo more or less intact. You noticed that the Worlds/Realms located in Bensalem now form the Eightfold Circle of the Pagan Year/Path. Quarters and Cross-quarters flowing through a seasonal as well as an energetic progression. This will provide a very nice, well rounded experience for the visitors who manage to gain entrance to our Ascension Theme Park. We still have some flourishes, of course, but those should go into place next week, around the time of the Solstice Celebration.

While we might like to prepare you more fully for these rather earth-shaking events, there is really no way to be prepared. And attempting to do so, often as not, just causes you to interfere with your own impeccability trying to anticipate what is coming next. Let us just say that the Dream has been Dreamed, and is unfolding as well or better than might have been expected. There have, of course, been some hiccups, some places where the flow was impeded, but that is always the case when working through ones who are still caught up in the Illusion of material earth. Compared to the No-Time from which we so recently emerged, we would say that all is going swimmingly. The work is proceeding with a smoothness and ease that was simply not possible in probable pasts.

Keep ‘rolling up those rugs’ and seek the Joy that is so very close at hand.

December 15, 2019

We would say that though you managed to Stop the World, to let go of the immediate un-reality that surrounds you for a bit this morning and view Life from that broad and detached vantage of a Warrior. You are slipping. Don’t! Pull yourself up by those metaphorical and metaphysical Bootstraps, and approach this final bit of Alignment work with gusto and pride in a Job well done. For indeed, we would say very well done. This low-key anxiety and lack of focus you keep falling prey to is counterproductive. You already Know that all will be exactly as it Needs to Be, so don’t sweat the details. Details are for the Dreamer and the Dreaming. You are action, active and dynamic. You have not forgotten how to be this. You are merely a bit Rusty.

Certainly, this last round of work would have gone more smoothly had DD pulled her head out of her ass and Chosen the Path of Service once more instead of living in the bubble of her Fool’s Paradise. The thing about bubbles is that they inevitably burst. Leaving one without anything to cling to. In DDs case, as with some others from the Old Pentam Core (1990s), all is still up in the Air so to speak. The Ascension Gate looms, hers to take if she chooses, but that well-guarded Heart must choose soon, or be left behind.

Between you, and the numerous of the Lightworkers stationed on the levels of what was New Atlantis, the work has gotten done and the alignments mostly completed. We will only say at this point that JM, a mystery woman thus far, is by predilection at home with the deep Earth/Gaia energies. Consider her an elf queen of old, a Lemurian Priestess returned to take up the work she never really stopped doing.

You are like a cork trying to bob to the surface this morning. Every so often a wave sweeps you back under, but you keep resurfacing. Be buoyant today, and all truly will be well. Go in peace.

12-15-19 8:00 p.m.

Don’t second guess yourself. As you are realizing, events are taking a shift into the realm of the seeming discordant and obfuscating. Obstruction to smooth flow is everywhere you look. We would reiterate what you have already surmised. If heading in a particular direction is this fraught with difficulty and interference, don’t go that way. Though events in the illusory world may seem of utmost importance, there are always alternatives. We work in a field of probabilities even in these trimmed ‘times’. In other words, if you hit a brick wall, don’t continue to butt your head against it. Go around.

There are several reasons for the present snafu of events and electronics, etc. Part of it is the difficulty we are having achieving this Alignment of this new World configuration. Not to worry, it will occur, but it is taxing work for those not really attenuated to it. Secondly, the discordant energy surrounding our two principal Forerunners, is causing some problems. You are fueling this endeavor, though that should have been done before rather than after your recent lifestream transfer. Though it should not be the case, the Flame/Shekinah has caused some profound reactions in LRs energy body. You may think of her as instant karma, as a magnetic strange attractor for blockages and imbalances in the subtle body. It affected you, but not to any undo extent. However, it was not foreseen just how much of the denser lower-self patterns remain buried in his energetic form. Since that was the case, the transfers that were already set to occur soon, were hurried just a bit. You are settling in well, feeling at Home already, but the trepidations caused by your Empathic configuration and the difficult energy work, are still stressing you.

Call on your own Higher Self, breathe deeply and we believe that things will smooth out quickly.

December 16, 2019

Another busy night where the delineation between waking and sleeping barely made conscious notice. You, HE and a number of others completed a good deal of the Alignment work required on the Round of Awareness Bands in Bensalem. In much of the day-to-day energy work, you and HE have become so interchangeable that one or both can do any of it quite effectively. She sensed your exhaustion and stepped in to assist. Several others that are part of her own Group were enlisted also. Many hands make for light work. You have surmised already that encountering AC as ‘twins’ was representative of the Two aspects he presents in his manifest interactions with you and others. As in the Dream, love them both and let the situation resolve as need be.

Yesterday, you truly did embody the Goddess on your outing. Much healing of a profound nature took place at that little gymnastics meet. In general, you infused a room full of small girls with Power and Grace, while shifting them away from the competitiveness and egoic attention centering that fuels so much of what they do.  More specifically, you gave ST, who had shown her courage by taking her chances when escape from Kur was possible, a Hand up. Today she is centering in a new worldview and is rediscovering Hope. JB, as always, extremely nervous and uneasy when he encounters you while accompanied by his Wife, let his Heart open in spite of himself. That was mostly possible because she [his wife] felt the power emanating from you and reached out an olive branch. She finally Knew that you are no threat to her, and never really have been.

There were many other smaller results of the Power that was singing through your form also. Relax into your day. Babaji will only be with you for a short time, but he brings great Healing. We are nearly through this Node. And that is what it is―an intersection of a myriad probabilities out of which only Love can flow.

12-16-19 10:45 a.m.

When you have taken all the roads and still hit a wall, you surrender gracefully and move on. Don’t trouble yourself with negative self-dialogue that you know is not Truth. The whole point of giving up your Free Will all those years ago from your perspective was to stop the need for second guessing yourself. If we need you to accomplish something, to go somewhere or to Act in a particular way, we make certain it is Clear to you. You get confused when you try to continue assembling a world view that no longer works.

Tomorrow morning you should catch up bills, paperwork, etc. It will be a better day for such things. Merlin should be settled in again by then. Babaji is even now taking his leave with much Love and a sense of having accomplished a great deal in a small amount of time. Hopefully, his next project will be as fruitful. Leave this Node immediately. You have found the optimum exit, and we would suggest taking it post haste. Do that by putting on a Holiday Movie and finishing your gift-wrapping, and perhaps those few Christmas cards you still wish to send.

The blockage to actual action and accomplishment you have been experiencing is nearly gone. Go forth and Realize the Dream. While despite the strange experience of Time you are navigating, much has seemed at a standstill lately, this will not remain the case. Be ready to move, at every level of being. Now indeed are we Getting Somewhere!

12-16-19 7:15 p.m.

Just some short comments to end up an interesting day. Perhaps it is Time to allow as to how perhaps you may be beginning to get the hang of Manifestation in this world of Illusion you inhabit. We would reiterate what you were receiving from our Wizard earlier, that we are going to attempt to begin making some inroads where what may be seen as some of the injustices, the arbitrary rigidity, foisted on average people by the institutions that have made this world so gray. We are going to infuse life with a Rainbow, adding color, depth and flexibility that makes living more tolerable and worthwhile.

The central idea we would say, knowing full well that it has been little in incidence, in Ascension process or life in general, is to restore Joy. After Love, it is the next essential ingredient in a life well lived. Love is flowing forth from the Fountain again, in ever more plentiful and accessible amounts. This is just the beginning. By next Christmas a large percentage of those incarnated on Earth will be queueing up to seek entrance into Bensalem. So, you see, there will be much work to come in the meanwhile. However, seldom any longer need it be difficult or taxing. Instead, we would insist that you fill it with adventure, with joy and wonder. Not such a tall order, after all…


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