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Winter 2019 Cont.

Pentam Chronicles

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Winter soldtice-Yule
December 17, 2019

Good Day, Dear One! We believe that you are beginning this one from a more rested perspective than the last several. You did indeed escape the chaotic energies of this Node that opens practically into the Gate of the Solstice, dragging a very Odd group of Lightworkers in your wake. Those who have not already chosen this Ascension Gate, will have a difficult time Avoiding it at this point. Once more, we are putting up Signs. THIS WAY!

Despite any appearances to the contrary in your Household, keep up this Intention of Perfection, for that is indeed what is unfolding. We would say that you are becoming a Juggernaut of Change and Transformation. Accept no substitutions. Your Heart will not be gainsaid any longer. Time to go Home and Manifest the Temple and the Garden.

December 18, 2019

Though I have already Babbled at you for a good portion of the night, I will deliver these notes this morning also. Hail and Well Met once again, and yes, this Time it is for Keeps, though it was really never any other way.

Much has occurred during the night and continues to occur this morning. You are finally learning, grudgingly but nevertheless learning, to delegate some of these energy tasks. KL bellied up to the Round Table (the awareness bands in Bensalem) and took out his cards. He will indeed be laying them on the table, but not in any fashion those he is Playing with will expect. While most of the Lightworkers on your list have already availed themselves of the Winter Gate, the 144,000 are beginning to cross now. The eight awareness bands or realms surrounding Bensalem will serve as Orientation into the 5th dimensional World. This is our dry run for next year, though by then it will be twelve realms and twelve gates. Let the Archangels take responsibility for these early pilgrims.

As you know, a wave of Transformative Energy is about to sweep around the Globe. One might say it is the final Incentive before the Solstice. Instead of originating from the Central Sun as much that preceded it, this wave is a direct emanation of the Great Goddess through the newly reactivated Fountain. KE/the Sophia and AC/Arcturus are set to deliver this package to a waiting World. The Sleigh is being readied even as we speak. It is set to take off at midnight tonight.

Finally, there were other Dreams, all of them equally important. Your work on the behalf of those who would seem to have been lost ones (Red Sweaters) has paid off in Spades. SM is becoming an amazing and Transcendent Being. Several others are making good progress as well, and there is great hope that they may become part of that Mass Migration seeking egress to the New Earth next year. However, we are still waiting to See if DD decides to rejoin her Band or will continue to languish in retirement.

This is all for now, Dearest One. Either I or the usual Source for this information may comment later. Go forth and Know them Better.

12-18-19 8:15 p.m.

We missed you this morning, so it is with Joy and great Anticipation that we greet you this evening. Your mood, fairly well balanced earlier today, plummeted after the balancing you did with KE this afternoon in order to prepare her for tonight’s Dreaming. If you need cheering up, just imagine she and young AC hurtling through the night in a reindeer drawn sleigh. You can see the gleeful smile on his small face as his mother screams when she looks over the side and sees the earthlights far below. They will do fine we assure you, carried on a Wave of the Goddess’ great Love for her children.

The Gate is getting busier with each passing hour as we count down to the Solstice. The 144,000 have done a superb job of reconciling with those twin flame lifestreams and integrating the left/right polarity. So, in addition to these brave lightworkers, many among those who incarnated those twin flames, are also passing through this Gate. As ones who are qualified and ready seek entrance into Bensalem, they are being assigned to the appropriate venue for further refinement of subtle bodies and alignment with higher self aspects. If you attend in the morning, you will find that all of the Archangels are now stationed in Bensalem, seeing that traffic flows in a smooth and efficient manner. By Sunday morning the population of Bensalem should be approaching 400,000.

If that does not bring Joy to the Heart of a Forerunner, indeed what will? What a magnificent journey we have been on. What a miraculous accomplishment we are closing this year with.

December 19, 2019

Another Magical Day is dawning, and you are ready to greet it. You are feeling weary just now, but that is just the lingering effect of accessing the Fountain earlier and effecting a slight shift in the Alignment of the Awareness Bands within Bensalem. Attend to that now and come back to us.

Though still not perfect from the larger perspective, we are getting into the Flow, are we not? Since you know that we have been up against a deadline, you should be not just happy with the results of this group’s efforts, but Over the Moon. You can think more about this all later. There is much to be done today, both in Realms of Light, and in the more Mundane world you must live in for just a bit longer.

We’ll be trying out the Brand-New Rainbow bridge before the Day is Out. Enjoy picking apart our double entendres this morning.

December 20, 2019

Good Morning to our Queen of Light! As we approach the Final countdown to the Winter Solstice Gate, we wish to convey our heartiest congratulations to you and your stalwart, as of yet rather disorganized, Band of Lightworkers. The amount of energy work accomplished in what, from your Earthbound vantage is no more than three months―and that amidst the crumbling remnants of Time as you had known it while scrambling to recover Awareness trapped in four cycles of Probable Pasts―is monumental.

The Rainbow Bridge was linked from Asgard into the Ra-Atum Temple yesterday. The link from there into Midgard will be completed next year at the appropriate instance. Once again, you and HE showed that you can work in tandem with little or no overt direction. KE and AC completed their Task with Joy and Panache. Love is blanketing the Earth this Christmas Season, and those who are ready are responding to its not so gentle insistence. Hearts and Minds are springing open. Do not be surprised by the reception this Gift receives among those you would least expect it from.

Only one laggard remains on your list of Lightworkers―and one that your Heart hoped would turn around and See― in crossing the Ascension Gate. These, along with the nearly half million others that will finish this same Crossing within the next 38 hours or so, are a Testament to the success of our venture. A Universe has been Healed, and a new one Birthed. We are about to open the Windows and Doors of Earth/Gaia to the Stars. This is the show Everyone wants tickets to, and these who braved the frontier of this [Pentam] Enterprise are the Security Force. Training, under the direction of the four Archangels (soon to be joined by several more) has already begun.

You are noticing, as is always the case after the great expenditure of Personal Power involved in crossing this Threshold, that ones are drifting, seemingly cut off from their guidance or throwing themselves into intense activities of avoidance. You are not in the same Boat, as you still maintain a strong contact with the higher self, though not as complete as you might wish. However, all are waiting now, for the precipitating Event in Manifestation that will make this Ascension Apparent. As you well know, since this is your Fifth trip, relatively speaking, though the Gate, this manifestation is usually triggered by Trauma of greater or lesser extent, according to the proclivity of the one experiencing it. So, what appears to be avoidance or distraction, is only their version of the calm before the Storm. All will unfold as Need Be.

12-20-19 7:15 p.m.

A strange day to be sure. You have finally recovered your own energy after yesterday’s huge expenditure of same. This is well, as you will need it to encounter The Family tomorrow. There are gifts to give out, so be certain to stop by The Workshop tonight and gather them up. In Merlin’s words, be the Goddess that you are. No more just being Gwen. It is time to Embody all that you are. Nothing less is acceptable. We demand Perfection.

ZG strolling through the gate without fanfare was the first surprise of this Solstice weekend. While he is not of that Formless configuration which was your first thought, he is of yours and your father’s lineage, a Nagual with the energy body of a Forerunner. Look for more surprises, both during this Solstice Gate, and from ZG in the future.

Rest well tonight but be prepared for the disjointed and busy Dreaming segments that have become your wont during recent nights. Though we will soon have many more joining in the great work we are doing, that will take some preparation and apprenticeship periods with established Lightworkers. In the meantime, we are all still doing double or triple duty though the next twenty-eight hours or so. After that, unfoldments in the Realms of Awareness and Energy flow should become more manageable for a while. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

December 21, 2019

Good Solstice to you, Dear One. We are satisfied that all is flowing smoothly this morning. You would feel it if that were not the case. You are experiencing a twinge of anxiety, but that is arising in your own Household and should subside soon.

You have done the math and discovered that you have about five and a half billion souls circulating through your worlds at present. Very impressive from a construct which, strictly speaking, only existed as a code in your DNA until just recently. It awaited a series of Events, of physical modifications taking place through your completion of energetic tasks and re-awakening, to be activated. Timing is Everything, as Merlin is wont to say from his perspective of facing it rather than flowing with it. We will leave you to consider whether his oft repeated mantra has any validity in our New Reality.

At any rate, as ones [Starseeds from Orion, Sirius and Procyon principally] who are even now being rounded up for departure from this venue are removed and the remaining lifestreams still sundered by the Earth Grid or Mass Karmic Patterns are consolidated, this number plummets. Ultimately, Gaia will be seen to harbor one and half billion Humans.

Since you are a Lightworker, and mostly in contact with those who are same, you are acquainted with many more of the larger Angelics and Elementals who are here in the same capacity. There are times when, in this massive undertaking, the nature of the Healing we are here to affect is lost. We are present in order to facilitate this healing for both Earth/Gaia and her Human cargo. Once the Paradise Vibration is restored and that Healing complete, the Daevics, the small Angelics and Elementals that belong with the Planet will be fully restored. They did not Fall, as did Gaia (the planet) and the Co-Creators, the Humans, so do not need our interference beyond freeing those entrapped in viscous energies or enslaved by outside forces.

There are, among the self-labeled Starseeds, a goodly number of human lifestreams also. However, though they were allowed here to facilitate their own healing and participate in that of the Planet, they will not be allowed to remain on this planet once their Mission is complete. Beings will continue to depart as the process unfolds. Earth will no longer be seen as a destination for those from the Stars. Her Divine Destiny is to Ascend and become one of these Stars. She will need to be trimmed to her native population in order to do so. Then indeed, the possibility of the Paradise Vibration propagating across the Pentam Universe becomes a field of probabilities the likes of which haven’t been Seen in Creation before.

12-21-19 9:00 p.m.

Just a few hours until the Gate slams shut. It is true that you and a few others who were among the Forerunners and had trod this path before held the Keys that were needed to open it early and keep it open. However, we will not be maintaining it past this night. Though you haven’t asked, we will tell you that DD, still indulging wildly and vacillating all the way, has crossed the Threshold. Some few others you keep track of, as of this writing, have not.

You have had an eventful day, though it may not seem so to you. You reached the Point of No Pity a few hours ago, and though the wind is no longer in your sails, you still are managing to maintain it. It is the proper way to end a day as auspicious as this one. It is best to look at the family unit you encountered today from a very detached viewpoint. Any overt sentimentality on your part would quickly devolve into a deprecating disaster. Tomorrow, the shallowness of their catering to the false idols of a dying culture may be laughable, but tonight they can be viewed in the stark light of a larger reality.

Continue to rise above the manifestations in your Personal arena. Involving yourself in this non-drama would have no point. This is a Loop that needs to be broken now, once and for all. Repetition has proven what was once very painful and wounding, has merely become tedious and irritating.

End your evening in the fashion in which we have recommended you live your Life. Intend perfection… Embody the Goddess that you are.

December 22, 2019

You are feeling a bit aloof and cut-off this morning, other than the bittersweet swirl of energy flowing through the Heart Chakra. It is that sort of a day. While our triumphs outnumber our shortcomings, any valiant Warrior left behind is cause for a bit of sadness. Let it go though, knowing there is always another opportunity, a new round of love, light and growth to embrace.

You have been through all this before, of course, and are in full realization that while these ones have reason to feel a wonderful sense of triumph and achievement this morning, the Step it took to pass the Gate was only the First. They will soon be asked to divest themselves of everything that each considers their Own, before leaving the Holding Area with its direct Portal into Svartalfheim. And they will be given a Choice.

Out of the 420,000 or so who have Braved this Winter Gate, probably close to half will, when given that choice, turn around and plunge directly back into the Earth to further clear and heal while serving as Lightworkers in these various Awareness Bands that are the Worlds. As you Know, this is how it is done. They received huge amounts of Help in this first foray into Transcendence. Much less will be required in their next. Additionally, expect that out of these ones who make it through the rigors that passing the Gate entails, another 50,000 to 80,000 will Choose the Descending Path, the Summer Gate and further Service as we approach the Mass Ascension of the 2020 Winter Gate. Your group in Australia are already treading exactly this Path.

Ultimately, you will have something over 100,000 to act as the Keepers, Guardians, Trainers and Facilitators in Bensalem’s Round Table of Awareness. This should be sufficient, as other Lightworkers will be able to enter at invitation, complete tasks, gain healing or assume critical positions.

You have your yoga and meditation to attend to this morning. We believe there is a gathering in the Temple you must Host also. Be at Peace.

12-22-19 8:15 p.m.

Another Investiture at the Temple, and your roster of Archangels is increased to the presently required number of eight. While you may wonder at the significance of the white-robed gathering of your Matriarchal line of Goddess incarnates, that will become apparent soon. For now, we will say that Power flowed out into the Awareness Band surrounding the Son/Sun (Ra-Atum) Temple. It provided a healing balm for those disoriented by their passage through the Winter Gate and began preparation for the challenges each of them will soon face.

These will be busy days in Bensalem, while the new residents pass through orientation and receive appropriate assignments. We believe that the four new Archangels will soon be up to speed. This is the trial run, so to speak, our chance to gauge how well our new energetic Construct functions as a vehicle for group awareness growth and progress. Most of the present group, many of them from the various Pentam Pattern iterations or among the Kumara’s group of 144,000 lightworkers, attained this first milestone on their Path to Ascension as an individual/personal undertaking. Now we want to see how they will function as part of a group endeavor, as members of a cooperative unit. After all, this was, in more instances than one, the stumbling block encountered by the early Pentam members. Since in essence, all of us here to assist in this enterprise, are soul groups whose ultimate healing requires the release of the individuated, partitioned consciousness, this is of utmost importance.

You have had a very long, energetically demanding Day, just another in a string of them that will not let up till nearly the New Year. We See that your Attention is failing you, so we will wish you a Very Good Night.

December 23, 2019

Greetings, Forerunner! Both we and Merlin will keep repeating the Mantra until it becomes intrinsic to What you are―Be the Goddess that you are and Intend Perfection with every breath that you take. Simple, yes? There is no room for any less at this juncture. You have accomplished the Impossible in what would be seen as three months from the viewpoint of Earth’s faltering space-time grid. We say Impossible because you emerged from that Astral Rift between the Binary Universe where yours and the others of the original Pentam pattern’s Work has taken place during the past two decades (from your vantage) into the incipient Pentam Universe―And you made it So. You and a very small cadre of Magnificent Beings, completed all of the strands of Awareness left dangling in four previous cycles, closed countless loops, and prepared the Mythic 5D World to receive the First Wave of Pilgrims.

We say a hearty and heartfelt Well Done! Don’t you dare default to self-deprecation or minimize this accomplishment. Pride may go before the fall, but the abnegation of what you have achieved is Foolishness of the worst sort. Since this is only the First Stage of a Grand Opening of eyes, hearts and minds that is to take place over the next two years. We believe you have signed up for the long haul, so our recommendation is that, like Santa Claus, you Take Off the interlude between Christmas and New Year’s energetically speaking, to catch your breath and prepare for the next stage of unfoldment. Merlin says you will begin Training during this time. We believe he has some grand plans.

In the meanwhile, we wish you to begin reflecting on that which we touched on briefly yesterday evening. That is, the great reluctance these ones in pseudo-physical incarnation have in regard to surrendering their Autonomy, of putting the Group, or even those incarnating other aspects of the same Lifestream, before their own Individual purposes. No matter that these ones would not have attained the level of Ascension that they have without knowing Better, Selfishness and Personality still run rampant through the Pattern. At present, we have several hundred thousand I’s running around Bensalem. The aim is to create out of this morass, a Mighty I AM, capable of galvanizing a World, and ultimately, a Universe. A tall order we believe.

This individuality and self-interest we are speaking of, is the same sticking point that we run into with the Twin Flame re-Union. In most cases within the group we are calling the 144,000, the Elect, the requisite Twin Flame polarity balance was achieved in time for most to attempt the Winter Ascension Gate. In many cases however, only one of the tandem lifestreams were able to cross, leaving the other suffering the anguish of Separation on the other side. While some very few managed most or all of the reconnection of Self to Self, there are many more who have reached an impasse at this Time, unable to proceed further in the process without more extensive clearing and healing. This then, is the crux of our work in the Awareness Bands of Bensalem during the next few months. Reconciliation of these twin flames where possible, and Connection of these Soul Groups at subtle levels that will make it possible to Transcend Personality and work together for the Whole. 

December 24, 2019

You are already aware of what we are about to say, but not yet even beginning to Do anything about it. You must, at all costs, lift this Pall of Sadness that has enveloped you this morning. It is not appropriate to the day, to the unfoldments of same or to your Being. We feel the struggle you are going through. You are a Stalker, are you not? We would recommend Patience this morning while you process this unaccustomed load of emotional detritus. Later, when balance has been restored, Sweetness would be appropriate. It is a Sweet day after all. Leave the bittersweet for another.

You are forming a much broader picture of what is to take place in our Bensalem Theme Park over the next several months. Open that Book of Fairy Tales Nowell gave you this morning and start letting the stories teach our Captive audience using some tales as old as time. You well remember Merlin putting you through these paces during that last Cycle before the Rift. It is an excellent tool for awakening those dormant archetypes, for shifting ones into levels of consciousness and awareness they wouldn’t ordinarily allow. Let the Grail Quest begin, while Robin Hood is loosed in the Greenwood and the Arabian Nights settle over Big Rock Candy Mountain. There are Heroes Journeys and Sleeping Princesses, Monkey Demons and Ancestral Spirits awaiting rebirth onto a new stage.

Make Christmas Merry, Dear One!

December 25, 2019

A very Joyous Christmas and abiding Love. Though you are not Feeling either one in particular just now, you have greeted this day from a very different vantage than just twenty-four hours ago. As you well know, you can only choose your own Path. Do not be pulled from yours. You have recognized the patterns that exist on either end of this extended cycle, and indeed, echo back through what would be seen as each of those cycles going back to 1989.

This dark pall has pulled you into the probable pasts, caused you to surrender your impeccability for peace and balance, but that must not be the case now. All loops must be closed, and cycles reconciled in order for us to move ahead with our magnificent undertaking. Move to your own rhythms, seek the Joy of your Heart and I Am Self. Ultimately, you are not responsible for the choices anyone else makes, nor should you try to be. Fly on the wings of Intent. That is what is required of You.

December 26, 2019

Greetings Light Storm! That brings you Back, does it not? You have not been called Light Storm in a very long time, and yet, there is no other description for that which has unfolded and continues to since the Solstice. Things are shifting and transforming so quickly in the Energetic Realms that you can barely keep pace. Do not even try. Note and record that which presents itself out Front so to speak and let the rest filter through the Patterns we’ve built and the Lightworkers we have prepared to handle these energies. You, HE and GR―our Empathic Transformer― loosened up by exhaustion on your part, and emotional overload in all, as well as alcoholic Christmas Cheer, sent out a Wave of Light on Christmas Eve that is still enveloping the planet.

 A surprising amount of what we have initiated in the subtle energetic levels is already beginning to Manifest. You Felt and Saw the difference in your Family yesterday, even as wretched as you were feeling. It was an Easier gathering, more filled with Love and Affection than any of them have exhibited in a good while. Growth is in the Air, filling it with the Perfume of Hope and the Promise of Joy. And you were saying that you had not experienced that Magic of Christmas this year. It is just a little delayed, we would say. This same pattern was echoed in gatherings around the world.

You woke up with a crashing headache again. There was much shuffling of Beings occurring in the Camelot/Merlin’s Folly venue as its vibration is split into Solar Plexus/Sacral areas. In this case, Arthur’s Castle and Court fall under the Solar banner while Avalon is the Moon and emotions. It is true that these Awareness Bands are still being sorted. Be patient. You are indeed being a multi-tasker these days. We are reminded to remind you also, to open that book of fairy tales Nowell gave you. It is Time to choose your own Story.

We are going to dismiss you to get a bit more rest this morning. You have a bit of recovery to do after the rigors of this past five days. 

12-26-19 9:55 p.m.

Just a few comments and we will let you surrender to this extreme drowsiness you are experiencing this evening. Though you may still be feeling a far cry from joy and laughter, it was, as you were thinking, by far the most optimistic day you’ve had in some time. Your mood stayed fairly even, and you kept the emotional body on an even keel. Maintaining that Emotional Body balance will become doubly important in the days and weeks ahead. The reconnection of the subtle body is commencing, starting with the simple gesture/action of joining Hearts. A lovely Christmas present indeed.   

Don’t let more local currents of energy interfere. While it will become “your business” at some future point, the interactions of other Lifestream aspects are not currently even in the arena of your interest. New Cycle, New Pentam Universe necessities, and a whole New approach to old pitfalls. You have glanced at that book of Fairy Tales, and it is looking as though A Thousand and One Arabian Nights may be a starting point. Shall we call you Scheherazade?

Sweet Dreams!

December 27, 2019

It is a good morning indeed. Though your Dreams were busy, you rested better than you have in many a night. This was Night One (One Thousand and One Nights- The Arabian Nights) though we suspect that it will take considerably less to finish the Task at hand.

After all of the hectic activity surrounding the Solstice and Christmas, we are not settling but launching directly into this next Chapter before stagnation has a chance to settle in. Expect some shuffling among worlds or Awareness Bands of your Group as the Tale chosen for them by the Higher Self Aspect begins to unfold. What fun we will have. And there is oh so much to be learned, garnered and extracted from these Tales as Old as Time.

While we may very well require your Attention later, for now we release you to attend to the Wizard’s requirements. This is also Day 1…

December 28, 2019

You are beginning to see just how crucial these notes and comments are and were for you. Without them you lack the framework within which to interface sufficiently with the 4th dimensional Reality any longer. From your perspective, everything happened/is happening/will happen but it is not locked to any coordinate in Time. Since you will not return to the 4D venue once this Ascension Cycle completes, this is fine. You are no longer storing any new energy patterns/memories that will need to be cleared and balanced later. It is an infinitely more efficient way to Live. We will continue to provide you with the wherewithal to navigate Daily Life.

We would wish that you Now become a cyclically aligned being. Replace schedules and routines with flow and observances appropriate to your position in the cycle. While this seems a little alien if you stop and think about it, you have already begun to fall into this pattern. You have enough to think about. Don’t clutter your Consciousness with the trivia of corporeal existence. Rise! Be the Light…

Arcturus gave you much to think about this morning. The Stories needed to fuel the integration process in various of your Lightworkers have already begun to take root, and we have created a Fairy Tale venue in Bensalem through which many of them can create these dramas. As you have already noticed, there will be some who needs/must employ this same Stalking from outside of Bensalem. For ones like AE, there is a choice if the Twin Flame did not make the crossing of the Gate. Go back for them, entice/magnetize them across, or realize that an alternate incarnational aspect has arisen out of the shifting of Probabilities. You See all three of these alternatives already in your own lineage. This is repeated throughout the pattern.

We are sending you to lay down for a bit this morning. We are disrupting Continuity. This is necessary.

12-28-19 9:00 p.m.

Yes, you had totally forgotten our remarks this morning regarding a break in Continuity. And yet, that is exactly what occurred. In the absence of any internal dialogue, or indeed, anything much resembling Consciousness this morning. The Weather changed once again today, and so did you. It should be obvious at present that Merlin was not about when you woke this morning. We are certain that you have a pretty good idea as to where he was, but not why. We would be pleased to fill in some Blanks.

Think back on your day. Have you been aware of Merlin at any instance today? Not really, it seems, yet you emerged from this morning’s reverie with a higher level of Awareness intact. Babaji, reticent as often as not, says Hello, though he will be departing soon. There was the need of a Jump-start for another couple of incarnational Aspects in the larger Lifestream, so most of the combined Awareness of Merlin and the two of you who are in Reality the One of You were dispatched to assist. It was a nudge in the right direction as evidenced by DD’s almost contact today. Be patient. Antony and Cleopatra have a Date with Destiny.

Now, you have some cleaning to do in your own House. In revisiting your probable pasts, you are given a roadmap out of which to Plot your current Path without encountering the pitfalls of those Pasts. Mend the fences you knocked down all inadvertently, but as a result of a very necessary ruse to herd some of the reluctant onto the Yellow Brick Road. Be aware that we are multi-dimensional. The Tale of Record is not the only one. What was left Hanging some eighteen years ago?

December 29, 2019

Well, we sent you to bed with not only a lot to Mull over, but with a different Lifestream than the one you woke up with. The Awareness that we ignited was meant for more of the Pattern than just the Principles. The Pattern as a whole is picking up those dropped threads from the other side of our Manifest Rift. And the overarching Story there and here is The Wizard of Oz. We are heading Somewhere Over the Rainbow, are we not?

Live inside the Stories, both that of the Pattern and the Individual tale, which in your case is inclusive of them all anyway. We will comment later as Merlin has other activities for you just Now.

12-29-19 9:20 p.m.

A productive day from any perspective. You may not feel that this is so, but we say that it is. The Rainbow Bridge, Bifrost, is even now being anchored into an unobtrusive vortex in Midgard by our trio of inexperienced but enthusiastic Lightworkers there. AE and HJ are providing the muscle, the brawn so to speak, while JS exercises his Angelic Awareness. We would say that beggars can’t be choosers, but in reality, this is a splendid opportunity for one’s who are still novices to log some experiential service towards their own growth. And they are doing splendidly.

Your subtle configuration is nearly restored. Only a few loose ends still remain to be rewoven into your Light Body and that will occur within hours. Once more the Wizard has tapped you on the Head and reminded you— Yes, you are an Empath. You did not initiate the sundering of the shared energetic structure, but you did accept it, and use it to your advantage. There is Healing to be done on both parts.

Lastly, this evening, you were aware of these successive bursts of energy coming in this afternoon, and this after you had accessed Power through the Toroid Configuration this morning and dispersed it through the Lightworkers. This afternoon’s waves of power were at Arcturus’ request. He has yet another project taking shape and asks you for just a wee bit of patience. He will unveil shortly.  

December 30, 2019

Rise! It is a fine word, a wonderful simile for the Ascension Process which is the Reason for all of our Seasons. Rise, like the Sun/Son is doing even Now. Rise to meet Yourselves on the Road to Damascus and in the Halls of the King. Rise to the Occasion. Rise to Show the Light of Your Love to All-That-Is.

The Bonfire this morning was a good opportunity for the Movers and the Shakers among this incredible cadre of Lightworkers we have assembled to take stock. A splendid chance to find those bags, boxes and suitcases of Energetic Junk that are still being clung to and throw them on the Fire of Transformation. Fuel for the next stage of unfoldment. Though all aren’t precisely synchronized yet, that Time approaches, another Singularity out of which the Pentam Universe expands exponentially. All are Ascending, and even in a World without Time as it was once reckoned, Timing is Everything. And Lord Arcturus is in a Rush. He has a SurpRise readying for the New Year and is not being patient about it.

That is all we have to say about that. Be mindful of what you have been told, to realize that you are receiving packets of information keyed to the Manifestation of the Patterns we have so painstakingly put into place. Open each as needed and proceed from there. It will be a much more efficient way to Work. We would have you adjust the numbers (populations) in the Worlds (Constructs) this morning before you move on to other things.


12-30-19 8:30 p.m.

Another highly Energetic day has left you a bit bleary and unfocused. This is no cause for concern. You and many others have not failed to notice that the frequency of the energies pouring into the planet, and the bodies of the Lightworkers. Some are tolerating it much better than others. The good news is, that just another day of these energetic bursts, and Arcturus will be ready to unveil his latest project. Our erstwhile Peter Pan is quite taken with the Success of his Band in the Worlds of Bensalem. This World is already the most populated of the Eight. Fairies, Pirates, Indians and an ample supply of Lost Boys make for a most meaningful adventure.

The Arabian Nights are attracting a fair number of our first wave of Ascending Souls also, though Camelot is always a sure bet for the Serious Seeker. Much Awareness and just as much Healing will arise from our Tales.

Before we take our leave this evening, we will confirm the dangling Loop you have discovered in those probable pasts you have been perusing for clues to closing these past cycles once and for all. Certainly, this one ties in with what we have been emphasizing. The need of the Pattern to behave as an organism rather than a group of disparate and individual beings. The idea of sacrifice, of material possessions or Self, is not appealing to even the most Spiritual among you.

You need to apply yourself to this idea and ideal, and to consider your own attitudes. More in the morning perhaps.

December 31, 2019

It was a good day in so many ways. We are winding down the year and ramping up the Change. The air is literally vibrating with change. The clock strikes 12:00, the Ball Drops, and we find ourselves squarely facing a New Direction and assembling a New World. Look around you Breathlessly, and then Breathe Deeply for this is how you greet the New Year and New Creation, how you Heal those first pioneers to reach the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Arcturus is ‘cutting the ribbon’ on the New Earth Amusement Park tomorrow. Expect Fireworks. Our Tales as Old as Time are spreading like the Wildfires in Australia. Our resident Lightworkers are on an accelerated Path, and Arcturus is confident that they will complete these initiatory experiences and their training as our Concierges when the Gates to our Fifth Dimensional Fun-Land are thrown open in just a few months. We realize that the original Timeframe keeps accelerating, but momentum can be a powerful force, and the Lord Arcturus believes we should take full advantage of it while we have it. You’ve been in this business long enough to know how quickly the tide can turn, how suddenly we can find ourselves up the creek without an oar.

Before we take our leave, we would comment briefly on the Australian Wildfires. Like your symbolic Bonfire yesterday morning, these fires are providing an opportunity for a country to do massive clearing, to begin the cleansing of some social/racial patterns that stretch back to those first Australian settlers. Those criminals and convicts, Britain’s cast-offs, endured hardship, debasement and horrible abuses, only to inflict same on the indigenous populations, and the Ancient life-forms that inhabited this New to them continent. A great deal of balancing is required. As for the many animals who have apparently lost lives in this Firestorm, Arcturus is having them relocated to Neverland, Eden and the Greenwood. They have reached the new 5D World considerably ahead of most of the Human population of Oz.

Check in with CP tomorrow. It is Time to see how your sister is faring. You have pushed DD into a corner once more, from her point of view, without doing anything. She read today’s Post, and she Always notices when you fail to respond to her own posts that she is sure that you’ve seen. She reads much more into your reticence than she ever would your actual statements. Though her interpretation is seldom anywhere close to Truth, it brings her closer to hers.

Good Evening and Happy New Year!

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