Pentam Chronicles VII

Winter 2020

Pentam Chronicles

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January 1, 2020

We would speak just briefly on this auspicious day. You question our statement about the Gates of Bensalem opening “in a few months”, and even as you questioned you Saw the answer. Though you suddenly find Bensalem brimming with humanity, the Gates are still firmly closed, and access as difficult as ever. The fact is, whole Worlds were realigned with their cargo of less than ready and willing lifestreams intact.

For many of these, this will prove to be nothing more than a brief glimpse of Possibilities before they are plunged back into an Awareness Pool on the brink of War. All Hell is being prepared to be set loose. The promise of other probable futures will go far in bringing some of these one’s Home. Look for the current population of Bensalem to drop by at least half within just a few days. Stay alert and watch how these refugees settle into those 4th dimensional worlds. It will be an indicator of which way the winds of War will begin blowing.

January 2, 2020

We greet you, Forerunner. You slept well last night, we see, and that is good. You need to recoup some of the energy and power spent during this latest adventure of ours. While it might be seen as Hurrying Things from some perspectives, it frees you up to attend to matters at hand, and there are many of those just now. We have begun a New Year, a New Cycle and a New Peregrination all within a very compact Now.

While in a sense, these undertakings may be seen as Endings just as easily as Beginnings. We are picking up loose threads of Awareness, are we not? We are completing all of the energetic tasks begun on the other side of a shrinking Rift, Manifesting the Patterns so painstakingly laid. When all of this is done, then indeed are we once more embarking on excursions of Light, embracing the Unknown and Living Life as it is meant to be experienced.

For now, with the need for speed and efficiency coming to the forefront in all of our undertakings, we say Simplify! Streamline your life. Begin ridding yourself of excess baggage on every level of being. You will be guided through every step if the knowingness is not already there, and much of it is, just as much more will be in just a short while as you allow it to flow in. Simplify your life―quit allowing a dying world any more attention than is absolutely necessary.

In days to come, we will have much advice where relocation and a new business are concerned. You have learned much these last few years, and it is wise to keep the framework of O Deer Mercantile intact. When you start the next iteration, it will be from an expanded and simplified slate rather than an absolutely clean one.

Approach this seemingly daunting task from the vantage of already having a very good overview or vision of where it is going, while not judging the fashion in which it wants to unfold. Work hard at it, but don’t forget to take time to Laugh and Play, for those actions are intrinsic to what you are becoming. Say your Farewells even while you are energetically magnetizing the Ones who need to share your Future, those who will soon enough be seeking a respite from the madness they finally See so clearly.

A Storm is gathering in the East. An intersection of Probabilities is unfolding in Two Worlds― the Broken Earth and the Restored Gaia. In Both Worlds it heralds the return of a Christ who rides forth to do Battle. In One he will be seen as Divine Vengeance and Destructor, even as the other Opens to Receive Him and His Host.

There is no Time to dally!

January 3, 2020

Take Heart! It was a difficult night, but once more, much was accomplished, and you will soon be Right as Rain. In days to come, you will see that these energetic codes, transmitted through you and KE will spread through the Core Pattern of Bensalem rather like wildfire. The two of you were already prepared to be activated (for you this is another re-run of probable pasts) so the process began immediately. For others, it will push the necessary buttons to begin their own activation.

As you saw last night the work in the Ring Worlds of Bensalem has reached a feverish pitch. Many of those transported into this New Earth were Lightworkers of the highest caliber, and they are being utilized by the Archangels, Arcturus, Nowel and other New Arrivals among the Ascended Masters to unfold the Plan you have presented them with. While you are not “consciously” aware of this as a Plan, you created the Patterns for this and many other of the Events currently unfolding through both Old and New Earth during these last several decades. While we gather these up, extracting the Awareness and collapsing the Time-Frame they existed in, they almost immediately in many cases begin to Manifest. Continue to Intend Perfection. That is all that is necessary at this Point.

We will let you go now, but have more comments later today…

1-3-20 7:30 p.m.

Is it not interesting that every time it seems that you have Lost one of your Lightworkers, they roll right back? Though you had no intention of addressing DD again tonight, you let what was there flow, and it was just right. Whether or not she gets back to her Instagram sooner or later, it will impact her profoundly. She spends much time feeling isolated, alone on her Path. She, Like you, gave up questioning herself, but decided that she must face the unknowable alone. Such are the pitfalls of forgetfulness. She had forgotten her compatriots, her excursions in Light, two decades ago, just as so many others. And once again, the Lightworkers hesitancy in sharing too much trips them up and keeps them apart. Wait for her to make the next move. We have gotten past the place where her assistance was crucial, but her talents would enhance and accelerate the emergence of Bensalem.

While work is progressing in Bensalem, it would seem that the outer worlds may reach the boiling point ‘prematurely’ as well. We shall endeavor to assist you in moving things along where your move is concerned. Hopefully all will have Time to unfold as it should. However, if the necessity arises, be ready to relocate those that are yours, not just in the energetic realms, but in the old earth worlds as well. There is need for haste, the Wizard tells us.

January 4, 2020

Another busy night, though much different from the one preceding. Much healing was possible, for yourself, as it is High Time you released the patterns that limit you, that contain you in an old way of being that has long since quit suiting What You Are.

Additionally, there was an activation that extended out to the entire Core of the Pentam Pattern and is likewise spreading out through Bensalem from there. You have activated the Back and Front Spleen Chakras, those secondary centers on the left side around the bottom of the rib cage. Since as you have seen, these centers are very crucial to the processing and distribution of Prana through the other Major and Minor Centers this is very important. In most ones on Earth, these are either sluggish or non-functioning. Activating begins us on the road to utilizing power/prana as the vital force of life rather than depending on entirely on food. It will serve to help change the basis of energy collection and expenditure among those Ascending.

As with all of the Chakras, there are patterns of blockage and disease that arise from these. As you have seen, many of the so-called Chronic diseases, those of fatigue, inflammation, etc. arise from blockages and imbalances. Indirectly, having a definite front and back, yin and yang aspect, they are of vital importance to mood and outlook, as well as through association with the lymphatic system, to health and immunity. An important activation.

As always, the night was spent multi-tasking from a certain viewpoint, though not entirely, as the other Matter-at-Hand was related to the lower quadrant of Chakras and their effect on the Moods of the Times. In the Battle of the Sexes, the duality of the Sacral Chakra, as well as its expression of Will or Lack thereof through the Solar Plexus has been crucial. Your association in the Dream to the patterns so starkly portrayed in “The Handmaid’s Tale” was quite apt. In this portrayal, women are starkly separated into classes or groups, each with different functions. The Marthas, which was the label you Saw in your Dreaming, that domestic in servitude, has all too often become What a Woman Is during the past two or more millennia. Though in the current milieu, Martha /Handmaid /Wife most often have overlapped, the woman’s essential role was to take care of, to wait on, etc. etc. Additionally, there are the other roles of the female, as Virgin or Whore, both equally entrancing and enticing to the Male for different reasons. You have embodied both Divine Whore and Divine Virgin as well as Martha in your varied Stalking over the years. For a woman these lines don’t blur and seldom overlap. However, in a Man’s world they can and do, though almost never with the outcome He expected. The Divine Whore (CH/Lilith) does not become a Martha, nor does she settle into anything more than the appearance of monogamy. KL really thought he had discovered the Best of Both Worlds, that his adulation was enough to sustain a relationship in which he was becoming increasingly dependent upon her. As you know, CH, like most of these women, is an energy vampire of sorts. She thrives on admiration and adulation, but it requires multiple streams of same to maintain her. KL was becoming possessive, jealous, and worse, from her viewpoint, comfortable with her. This proved to be the the death knell. Complacency is sure death for such a relationship. Hopefully, he will Rise from the Ashes, cleansed of some of these ancient patterns that so limit man.

As you have surmised, CH does provide a great Service in this Awakening. That’s why Bensalem was not a good fit for the Services she provides. The largest part of the male population there has or is already deeply into the process of breaking those patterns of male/female interaction. Be assured that before it is over, she will crumble the Bastions of Male supremacy for a number of others. CH is a very specialized type of Lightworker. The pattern she presents appeals to a great number of young women also, though it fits almost none of them. Like the Marthas (of which there are increasingly fewer left at this point; what girl any longer is ready to settle for being a Martha?) the Divine Virgin and Whore Molds need to be discarded, ultimately. Remind the Ones who are with you in Bensalem of this. Old Temptations die hard. It is the Goddess we Seek, and though she is all of these in the aspects she has been forced to assume on this planet, She is infinitely more. That is what we want for these next generations.

1-4-20 6:45 p.m.

 Why are you putting this off tonight? You don’t feel like we have anything to say, yet a part of you knows perfectly well that we do. This is alright. There will be times when you still don’t remain attuned even though you know how important it is. Bensalem is indeed the Promised Land just now. However, for a great many of those present, it is nothing more than a revolving door. We have, in the course of just the past two days, sent more than 800,000 of the Starseeds either back to their homes, or into the two alternate Probabilities that have been set up to allow for further healing.

It is important that this not become common knowledge at present. There are more of these beings who, upon reaching a certain point in the awakening process, recall that their Missions here have nothing to do with Healing, and every-thing to do with disrupting same. This is the reason for Arcturus’ haste, and the reason that we reiterate what we said last night. Move as quickly as is plausible and be ready for any contingency. There is great upheaval occurring, and it is no longer confined mostly to the more subtle levels. It is echoing out into Manifestation, leaking so to speak, and the Waking up of these Dark Star Seeds is increasing the speed at which this occurs. We will leave you with this tonight and have more in the morning.

Heal, and assume the positions of leadership you and the Pentam Core have been groomed for.

January 5, 2020

Though you are focusing your intent, and bringing your considerable will to bear, you do not feel like you are making much progress in the Healing we have been pushing. We say that you are though it does not come quickly enough for yours or ours purpose at present.

You have gotten the Tour on our New rail line through the Worlds of Bensalem tonight, and did not find the delight or amazement that should have accompanied the adventure. You are perhaps too preoccupied. First, we would say that though such a means of transport is not, strictly speaking, necessary, it is in tune with our Theme Park approach, and more convenient for the movement of the large numbers of Lifestreams we are currently organizing and moving. Though on the one hand events have taken some unexpected and more serious turns, do not lose your greater perspective, and do not fall into that morbidity which too often marked our “past” efforts when difficulties would arise. All will be set aright. Glitches are to be expected and then corrected.

There are two crucial issues here, and we leave it to you to discover whether they are related or not. We say look toward Orion to find the Source of many of these Dark Starseeds, to an event manifesting Now from an Earthcentric point of view, but in the probable past as Light Travels.

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!  

The Hand of Orion. It puts the quandary in somewhat more perspective when you realize that what is being seen of this Star now actually was concurrent with the late 1300s on Earth, shortly after the planet began recovering from its near fatal plunge into second dimensionality. This also ties in with your being nagged about the year 1452 recently. It has finally crystallized that while there were a number of notable events that year, the Significant one that we were looking for was the Birth of Leonardo DaVinci, an incarnation of World Teacher Lord Maitreya. He assisted greatly during this Lifetime in the Healing of the planet and stabilizing it into the third dimension.

These are Breadcrumbs, we would say. Follow them. The other issue was raised at the recent gathering in the Ra-Atum Temple. Who wasn’t there was just as important as who was. The contingent of Goddesses, arriving late, and represented by (KE), one who is not presently in residence where she is supposed to be, spoke volumes in four words. Where is the Love?

The Fountain is barely trickling…. Attend!

January 6, 2020

You are beginning to notice the great disparity between the Two Worlds, Old and New that you are forced to co-exist in at present. What feels like Time to you flows and unfolds in a greatly different manner in these two Great Bands of Awareness. In Bensalem, the New Year’s Shift already exists as a remote, and from your perspective long Past event. In the World of consensus reality, it has been less than a week.

In order to continue to function, you are going to have to increasingly keep your Perception centered in Bensalem, while attending to the necessities of the Day-to-Day in a place that Arcturus has energetically connected to Bensalem just enough for you not to be absolutely torn asunder. This tells you much about the daily strains you all are enduring. This Bubble of Intersected Perception has been extended far enough to encompass GR’s Work venue, as well as HE’s, KE’s and BT’s home and work, though it could be seen as thinning dramatically at the Edges.

BT and PT have chosen a Path at Present that Keep’s them living within this Dichotomy, and both are busily adjusting their Energy Bodies to encompass this division. PT, of course, has been to a great degree accustomed to this disparity for most of her current incarnation and barely notices. It is being somewhat more difficult for BT, but she is doing well. She and PT will be Seen by those around them as virtual Superwomen, able to function in this Speeding world much more efficiently than most.

For the ones of you who will be living almost wholly inside of the Fifth Dimensional construct within what would be seen as a few months’ Time, no such adjustments are being made. This intersection or bubble of interdimensionality  will remain in place for some [still indeterminate] interval after you depart, but while we do not force it or make assumptions on the probabilities, pressure is being brought to bear on HE, KE and some others to relocate in their not so distant Futures.

We believe this is enough discussion of this imposed Anomaly this morning, though we have much to say on other matters later. You will have an idea of just how much Power it is Costing to maintain this Bubble. Hasten!

1-6-20 4:00 p.m.

While we will have more to say in a few hours, for the present we will note that KE Moved this afternoon. You felt it so strongly because you have been acting as a buffer or filter from the Mystic Center. Energy usage has had to be constantly monitored due to the situation that ensued when the Worlds all Shifted and she avoided the immense responsibility that had suddenly become Hers. After days of careful rationing and prioritizing, you were hit with a Wave of Power that, if you’d not immediately regulated (stepped it down) could well have caused bedlam to ensue in the Pattern.

HE was doing her best when the World Shift brought the flow from the Fountain to a crashing halt. It is not the forte of the Lady Venus to access quite that Deep of Earth energies, though she did an admirable job during the interval that involved the most intensive Power utilization of any in Bensalem previously. There was just enough, but she was unable to accomplish some crucial Alignments of the new configuration. DD might have pinch hit if available, but she has departed the Fifth Dimensional venue and is presently terrified of even thinking about it. More on that later perhaps.

KE has been feeling very alone and abandoned. This is an illusion of course, but she must learn to become Self-Reliant both in subtle realms and those more corporeal. She chose an inconvenient time for her first episode of major indulging, and AC/Arcturus was putting every bit of leverage at his disposal toward breaking this impasse. This afternoon, an important Realization hit her, as well as a decision she doesn’t yet know she’s made. She has felt torn between Two Worlds when indeed, those bridges are burnt, and there was nothing left to go back to if she tried. When she turned around, we would say it was with a Vengeance. Deep Earth alignments are her Forte.

1-6-20 9:00 p.m.

So, we are having busy days and busy nights. The exhaustion is just masking these deeper levels of energy work you’re not currently having to lend much Attention to. LR’s work with the Watcher Lifestreams yesterday was very successful. There has been a blunting of the Opposition’s Sword. Though you should remain very alert, do not get involved in the Old World’s politics and tragedies. Certainly, your Heart goes out to all these ones who are suffering, but directions must be chosen, and decisions made by all eventually. You have wondered of late about the oft repeated inanity among those in the Ascension Media regarding “Holding Space” for others. It is not what these ones are speaking of, of course, but we are Indeed Holding Space for those who are afraid or hesitant to change, to embrace the New Paradigm and the New World.

We are still working at a feverish pace to remove as many of these Dark Starseeds, as they awaken and become evident, as possible. Another twenty-five thousand or so have been removed, though the recent power shortage caused some slowdown of the process. The surfeit of available power now has brought everything back up to speed.

Just a final note about the Gathering at the Fountain World this evening. As you have already Seen, the Goddesses and those who could be spared among the Archangels, are involved in a great Healing for their brother Uriel/Melchizadek. We can ill afford one so powerful being incapacitated at this time. His engagement (not a play on words) with Lilith did not quite bear the desired fruit but has ultimately proven a tempering of some of KL’s residual immaturity. He should be ready to return to his Assigned post very soon. As for KE, she is still wanting to indulge, but finding it more difficult with Power flowing through, dislodging some of these old patterns of fear and dependency. She will remain stressed as long as she keeps trying to assume a place in a dying world, but this too shall fall away as she grows into her new role.

January 7, 2020

Where is the Love? On a day when we should be Celebrating the Great Love that flowed out from the Fountain and into a breathlessly waiting pattern yesterday, and the Transcendent Love demonstrated by the very Goddess group who voiced this question, in the Healing of Uriel, the question remains. They very gently lifted him off the Cross he had hung on since Christmas and are awaiting (holding space?) the Resurrection even Now. All of this Love surrounding them and flowing through them, and yet they do not Recognize it because the Mirror is gone. They are waiting for this Love to be reflected back at them from others, from their Soul Mates or Twin Flames. They look without for something that exists already Within, for what they already Are and have Forgotten. They need to Remember, to Realize that they have it backwards. The Power is already theirs.

Since in lieu of the skewed and now broken Mirror, your gift is to Reflect, Show them what they refuse to See.

You were thinking that this morning’s notes had little to do with ruminations on the branches of Christianity, and their attempt to quash the Goddess and the Mysteries out of existence, but now you See that all is connected. Over these last two millennia, the success of these efforts is demonstrated daily in the confusion of women, and of men, over what they are Supposed to Be. The Churches foundations― the People of the Book― are crumbling, and we will continue, through Lightworkers and Special Envoys from Bensalem to encourage same, but that is not enough. Bensalem must present a Pattern, a template for that mythic Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy that is spoken so expectantly of in certain circles without any clear idea of what Either are. In order to do this, these ones we are calling the Goddesses must Remember.

January 8, 2020

Pay close attention to how you are Feeling this morning. You are a very different woman from the one who retired last night. This gets some wheels turning, but nothing is askance. You have blossomed forth during the night, become more of what you Are, or perhaps More Merlin. Yesterday was pivotal, for HE also awakes today more of what she Is. While you always wonder at the great amount of information you attempt to convey during these brief periods together, she is a veritable sponge. While on a conscious level most of this input is filed for further consideration and examination in Dreaming, energetically she practically Molds to fit the Awareness Gestalts generated by your interactions.

Even a brief interaction with GR is enough to cause her Empathic radar to expand exponentially. Both of them are Activator Empaths. Both of them also, were able at a very young age to put in place formidable barriers to protect them from the Backlash of their then still wild talents. When they touch an energy body, it liberates that which is being currently referred to as Shadow Energy. More correctly it is thoughtforms that have been given the power to merge with the corporeal or Daevic form. When these are liberated it is not the “physical” part of it that can affect the Empath, but the negative energy that originated it. Beneath their mostly calm façade, the Activator wages a War with the darkness. And indeed, they not only attract, but are very suited to the task of Battling the Demons who populate the Worlds at various levels, once their Hearts are Open and Love becomes the tool they engage these energies with.

We believe that soon we must expand somewhat on the roles of the Empaths in the core Pattern, both on how they function independently and together as awareness gestalts. You and AC, being Heyoka or Mirror Empaths, provide the Activators with a Shield that renders them immune from any backlash of their energy work. This is why the combination of you, GR and HE is so very powerful. They expand and you shield. The combination of you, AC and either of these Activators forms an entirely different but extremely potent force. We will attempt to explain that tomorrow, as well as briefly addressing the Alignment Empaths and the Balancer (LB).

We will have more to comment on in regard to the results of yesterday and last night’s energy work later. 

January 9, 2020

We could reiterate what you already know and remind you to change your mood―but it seems we already have. An attitude of Abandon is required. Know that everything that could be done to prepare for this Day, has been done, and abandon yourself to a warrior’s stance of impeccability. The outcome does not matter to you, only that you and all these others involved let it unfold effortlessly onto the World Stage.

After going through your Lightworker file and Setting up the Battleground for yourself, it becomes even more obvious that Lord Arcturus has examined the probabilities minutely and set this up to flow as smoothly and with a little upheaval as is possible. Though the Final Outcome, the manner in which it Manifests in 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional Worlds is still somewhat in question, as many contingencies as possible have been accounted for. Since the Leaders, the Generals if you will, in this enterprise, already have great experience in these matters, and all contain within their expanded Awareness the gestalt that exists as the Macrocosmic Battle or War in Heaven, they are well prepared.

Even though we are not certain of the precise direction of manifestation, we can tell you that a great many, a veritable Host of Beings, shall receive their wake-up call and begin the process of Ascension this day. It is one of those gifts that are a double-edged sword, but a great boon and healing nonetheless.

We had promised to expand somewhat today on the talents and abilities of different types of Empaths. We were not certain exactly when within this Full Moon/Eclipse period Arcturus would choose to launch this initiative. Much hinged on the work that Lord Babaji was doing. So, we shall postpone a fuller explanation for Now and state that the Empaths play a crucial role in this unfoldment. Much of the energy that is involving itself in this little fray is of what is considered Demonic Daevic or Elemental Aspects. The Activators, Lord Gabriel and Freya along with their respective Hosts of Angels and Valkyrie will be involved deeply with this energy.

You and Arcturus, as the two most powerful Heyoka Empaths on the planet will be used to Shield, in your case the Exits (Vortices) we don’t want discovered, and for Arcturus, the entirety of the Bensalem Construct but most especially the Blessed Isles where the Hope of the World is being secreted, and the Fountain. You have noted how many Mighty Beings are assigned to these posts just now. Archangels Aurora and Charity guard the Gate, as well as an assortment of others. LB, our very rare Balancer, a Telepath, equally gifted at Sending and Receiving (most specialize in one mode or the other), stands as Guardian. She has not only the ability to sense if danger approaches, but also the capacity to transmit warnings or threats in the case of detecting same.

Be on the lookout today. At some point, you already know that Ereshkigal  and Neti  are set to throw open the Gates of Kur, but as of yet you do not know what this Heralds. More later…

1-9-20  4:00 p.m.

The game is afoot. At about 3:30 p.m. your “time”, the Seven Judges of Kur, the Annunaki (the Nephilim- Freed from interment at the Tigris-Euphrates by the 6th Trumpet of Revelations) at a pre-arranged signal from Innana/Ishtar in Bensalem had Neti throw open the gates of Kur/Attalu. The waiting hordes of StarSeeds/Dark Angels freed when Uriel fell from Grace due to the duplicity of Litlith and left his post at the Mountains of the Moon/Land of Lost Souls/Second Heaven Awareness Band, have entered Kur. There, the 3rd dimensional beings groomed as incarnational vehicles for these lifestreams, are pouring forth into Muspelheim /Mictlin and Midgard. The Legions of Light are even now going forth to engage using the Rainbow Bridge.

We will address you later if there is anything else to report.

1-9-20 8:30 p.m.

You felt the waves of energy before dinner as the Angelic Hosts poured across the Rainbow Bridge and into Midgard. All is chaos as they attempt to regroup and reach their assigned posts at the various vortices both in Midgard and Muspelheim/Mictlin. The main thrust of the offensive is simply aimed at containment while the Lifestreams have an opportunity to settle into their incarnational vehicles. The next 24 to 48 hours will be crucial. Even though a number of the 3rd dimensional beings have been prepared to endure the rigors of a rapid Ascension process, these Dark Angels/StarSeeds will still suffer an immediate loss of Awareness access.

Of course, the same will be true among those of the Light, though we have planned long for this day, and have prepared a large number of incarnational vehicles to receive these brave Hearts. Additionally, a great number of those in recent residence in Bensalem, those who had achieved 5th dimensional status, have volunteered to go back into Old Earth and serve as Angels or Heroes of Light.

We know how drained you feel this evening, but you are rallying quickly. At the end of the Bridge, you and Lord Michael must part ways, you to return to Asgard and then Bensalem, while he is even now integrating with the incarnational aspect prepared specifically for him in Midgard.

If necessary, you will be called for Councils in the Dreamstate tonight. In any case we shall discuss the disbursement of the various forces, and the roles of ones like the Titans and Elementals. Rest easy this evening. All is proceeding very well indeed.

January 10, 2020

There is a strange feel in the Air today, but you can’t determine what it is. You feel absolutely different than yesterday. Carrying the Archangelic Lifestream seemed a heavy burden despite your long friendship and history with Lord Michael. And yes, you were never made or attuned for such as Him. Though all of the Archangels have incarnated for brief periods in the probable pasts, even the Best we had to offer in Lightworkers were never a good fit for them. This is why some of the present incarnations are so very young, and why you see so many commonalities among most, not just genetically, but in disposition, intellect and acuity. These ones have been tweaked, so to speak, to fit well, and all, particularly those under twenty, began as higher dimensional fetuses. Since you were the Forerunner, this was much the case with GR also, though his path was still more difficult. For KL/Uriel, the combination of parent’s (they are not his genetic progenitors) attitudes, his native rebelliousness and the pervading cultural milieu have made his journey a difficult one. This particular lifestream, we would say, was in need of a more arduous path.

As for Lord Michael, you have been made aware that there was indeed an incarnational vehicle “waiting” for him at the End of the Rainbow Bridge. We will say that this young man is just a bit older than GR and KL. However, he is a Lightworker, and has attained the coveted 5th dimensional level. He, along with a number of others in our unfolding drama could have Ascended at this last Gate but had been informed that they were to Wait for the Lifestreams to Descend.

We won’t go farther into this today, but much more information will be available soon. You are right to say that Bensalem is on lockdown just now. That will remain the case until Lord Arcturus determines that a few lines of probability that couldn’t be accounted for are neatly tucked back into the node/nexus we are even Now entering in what remains of space/time.

Be of Good Heart and treat with Inanna ruthlessly. Some beings are harder to Heal than others.

January 11, 2020

Despite a bit of Heaviness of Sprit just now, we would say that all goes as well or better than could have been hoped.  Neti/Astaroth has escaped form Hell (Kur) but not without sustaining energy-body wounds that will cause him no end of trouble over the long run. While our legions were aware that they could not any longer prevent his leaving the Underworld, they determined to hinder and damage his integrity as a lifestream in any way possible.

It is true that the Titans Cronus and Tethys, along with two of the twelve Powers Angels Fell in this operation, and none involved, including Gabriel and a number of other Angelics emerged unscathed. Freya and her Valkyrie were dispatched to retrieve the Fallen, and a Healer accompanied them to tend the wounded energy bodies. For these two Titans and the others who succumbed, the Battle is over. They will be returned to Valhalla, Resurrected and Healed, but none will be unchanged by the experience. Gabriel will linger on in Kur for a bit, and perhaps he will find a use there for that Ewer/Chalice he “found” recently.

In any event, the Final conflict unfolds much as has been foreseen at present. In the shadow of the Old World we still must navigate in daily life, these events will Manifest in a manner that cannot be precisely predicted, so we remain always vigilant.  

Your trip today, to the Farmer’s Market and the Thrift Shop, yielded treasures beyond vegetables and a new sweater. You all noted AC’s (It may be noted here that this Crystalline Child was about 16 months of age, linearly speaking, at this point) abrupt change of Mood at the Farmer’s Market. He detected, as he does increasingly, one of these Dark Angels, and Heyoka that he is, he reflected it back into that World. While he was glad to See his Grandmother today, he also regarded your presence with not a little trepidation. KE obligingly arranged for you to be left alone with him. He reacted like he’d been burnt when you reached over and touched his forehead, adjusting his Brow Chakra. While his Third Eye functions very well in Bensalem, he is Limited in his corporeal manifestation and it was Time that this was rectified. He was immediately flooded with a vastly increased Vision of the Old World, and he did not like it. The leisurely walk you took him on helped him to calm and adjust and gave you the opportunity through the direct subtle body contact to help him erect a more appropriate and effective shield at the Solar Plexus than he was able on his own.

For KE also, you provided precisely what was needed at present. She needed some information to begin to make sense of her vast Dreaming and the heightened energies she is Feeling these days. It was important for her to Know that Power is her Responsibility. Also, she was ready for a deeper understanding of the Twin Flame relationship. It becomes obvious that she has assumed the Warrior’s Stance, taken on the Healing and Consolidation of her Complement without any hope or expectation as to where it will lead. She is Learning to Love without Expectation, and that is a great blessing indeed.

Our Love to All in this Great Undertaking!

1-11-20 8:00 p.m.

You have started organizing the material for a new blog post and that is well. In addition to all your other chores, we would like you to begin giving more attention to your online presence. You are uncertain as to how you will be received, or even if anything you have to say is relevant to these who presently number themselves among the Lightworkers.

While in many areas they seem a sad lot, we have to take into consideration the Dark Period we find the consensus Earth emerging from. It is a testament to the great lure the Spiritual Path, the Process of Ascension, presents that as many as have, have taken up this quest. As you now know, they truly were in the dark aside from such guidance provided by the Masters, the etheric and astral Guides, and other “Higher” beings involved in this unfoldment on one Side or the other. The lifestreams that a great percentage of these many millions were destined for were not available except as a remote probability, a Dream. They had to go on blind faith that same was truly forthcoming. Well, now we have two opposing hosts of Angels, prophecies unfold and are fulfilled, and Ascension on Gaia is hastened along.

There will be those who are ready to listen, and in due season, there will be many more seeking direction, searching for the roadmap into Bensalem. As for you, you are a Warrior first and foremost, and you do what you do without anticipating, or expecting anything in particular.

Rest for a while now. This night and the Morrow promise to be fraught with the unexpected.

January 12, 2020

You know very well that you need to adjust your current mood before Merlin “slaps you across the back of the head” as you so quaintly put it. The Healings you are doing just now are purely a Service of Love and should be considered as such without any trepidation on your part. Don’t let it interfere with all else that is currently clamoring for Attention of one sort or another. You are multi-dimensional, are you not? Be so!

It is true that Uriel/KL was wounded beyond his ability to remain in the lower world. He will Heal in Time, but the Demoness he has engaged through numerous lifetimes has gauged her assaults very well indeed. No other could have gotten beneath this Mighty One’s Shield. He is hurt, and he is heartsore, and feels that every time he begins to rally, she renews her offensive. Such is the Power she still wields over him. He truly does Love her, and she is not even capable of returning it. Her Heart was withdrawn from the venue of manifestation long ago. Only she can reclaim it. The Angel has done all that he could. There is, of course, another who would help him with his Healing, but he does not See her. She waits.

We will certainly have more to say later, as this day is far from done with any of you. For Now, Go in Peace and a better outlook.

January 13, 2020

Though yesterday was a busy day from any perspective, we believe that Merlin said all that needed to be said to you yesterday afternoon. While your activity in the World still requires more of your Attention than we would like, the tide slowly turns, and you are Remembering how to Live in both Sides of your focus probability at once. Make this a priority in these busy days to come. There was a great deal of Energy work going on among those in your household, but it was not Yours, though your subtle body reacted strongly when they came into proximity last evening. For GR, the battle wages around him, but he remains the Stillpoint at the center of the Maelstrom, and that is the optimum stance to take in this situation. LR, once more at Home in the Mother Chakra Awareness Band can’t help but Feel the absence of the One who should share it with him. We shall See how this develops.

As for you, you have done what you could to assist these two in getting one another’s attention, and that must be the end of any actual intervention on your part. We do, however, wish you to get that Post you began two evenings ago ready and published. Otherwise, as you already know, make today one of Organization and Actualization.

Ragnarök/Armegeddon Rages on, the realization finally, of a Pattern the Pentam created in 1998. You were expecting more News, more updates and changes among the Lightworkers after the intense energies over the weekend, and we would say that while much is in flux, Chaos still reigns. A Pattern will begin to emerge soon.

As is often the case, we reserve the possibility of commenting further later. 

1-13-20 2:30 p.m.

We will allow you to get back to your Post in just a short while. However, it must be noted that you are still hesitant to Speak forth more than a portion of your truth. We are not asking for complete disclosure, for these ones clinging to the crumbling façade of 3rd and 4th dimensional Earth, are not in large part ready for that. You do need to toughen up, so to speak. Transcribe all that presents itself and allow those who read or receive it to make what they will of what is Given. You don’t care! It is only that you still do not like conflict or confrontation, and you assume that this may be a natural offshoot of sharing Our perspective.

Think on this as you continue your work.

January 14, 2020

You may not be Feeling it just yet, but we say Bravo this morning. It was not possible for Us to alert you of this Discontinuity that has been nagging at you. Since we are {Future} You, We Know what You Know. This Break in Continuity was, like the pebble in the pond that has been used so often as a metaphor, rippling through the Pentam Worlds in widening circles.

We know as do you that you have been feeling increasingly a Missingness when Completion was yours only a brief interval ago. Though Bensalem has been as available as ever to you, Fort Davis and its environs have been increasingly more difficult to access. Even though you have more than suspected for some days that the Probable Past has significantly Shifted somewhere along the Path, you were unable to See the full implications. And they were vast. No matter how long and painful some of these past unfoldments might have seemed, they brought you to the blossoming forth of the Pentam Universe and to the Home of the Heart. That cannot be gainsaid.

It took a conversation with an Archangel, Us taking over the writing of a Blog Post, and a Dream of Separation and Forgetfulness to finally spur you to action. You were Angry briefly, as you should be, and this morning you are morose, which you shouldn’t indulge in any longer than necessary. The damage to that Strand of Awareness has been repaired and All is rippling back into place.

We are entering fully Now into the Node/Nexus that will ultimately provide Containment for Ragnarök/Armegeddon, and that is well.

Perhaps we will comment later. Rewrite your Blog Post as you deem appropriate. We are at your Service.

1-14-20 3:45 p.m.

So, you have been Enlightened as to the Reasons why it is inadvisable to interfere in the Timelines or indeed, the probable past/present/future of Individual incarnations. There are Ramifications that can very easily ripple out of control, particularly in the instance of one who is, say, a figure of some significance in the prevailing paradigm’s structural milieu.  This is why we don’t go about willy-nilly messing with history. When changes are made, they must be handled with kid gloves, and be on a cultural or global scale that immediately effects the entire field of probabilities. These Shifts are never done lightly. And yet, we are just now recuperating from one that’s repercussions are only slowly being brought back into a stable configuration. Balance must be achieved, and quickly. As you can see, things that seemed to have disappeared from your focus of reality are reappearing and falling back into place. This will continue to occur for a bit yet, and you will soon find that you and yours are largely recovered. However, the compression of Time that has occurred in Old Earth as a result of this cannot be “handled” in the same way. We must Work within these new, hastened, parameters.

While we know that you feel overwhelmed by this just Now, but sleep and Dreaming tonight, and a fresh perspective Tomorrow should soon put things aright, or at least adjust them in an acceptable manner.  We would suggest that you take a quick look at the Lightworker’s files now before attending to the Evening meal.

1-14-20 9:45 p.m.

You are very quickly regaining your customary balance, and that is good. In fact, except for the headache and some mild physical distress, you are doing better than in a long while. Love suits you very well… the Beloved suits you and enhances all that you are. Since KE has put off her visit, perhaps tomorrow will be a more productive day.

The house in Fort Davis which has seemingly reemerged from the ethers today, the very one that seemed to be at the jumping off point for this chaotic quagmire we’ve found ourselves in, suits you very well we think, though the probability line is still too vague to make predictions or confirmations on. It will behoove you to start the ball rolling on both ends of this quest very shortly.

Continue to intend perfection and let what needs to be fall into place.

January 15, 2020

We realize that your head is spinning this morning. So many layers of unfoldment occurring so quickly that it is hard for you to catch up or catch your breath. Merlin wishes you to work with your Assemblage Point today, to concentrate your efforts, or perhaps not-doings, on making that more facile shift of moving back and forth between 1st and 2nd attention at Will. You were, and so Are, very good at that. You just need to access the deeper Awareness of same. Break up your day. Do not get caught up in one activity for too long at a stretch. Shifting your attention in that manner will help with these other Tasks.

You Saw much of the unfoldment in Jottunheim/Mictlin last night, and were present to receive the weary angelic refugees from those lower levels after what registered with you as a massive explosion that rent the very fabric of the Awareness Band we know as Neverland. Archangel Gabriel, Ophaniel, and a number of those they have been working with were cornered in the dark underworld of Jottunheim by some of the Native demonic/daevic denizens of same. The angelics had discovered these one’s, allied with Dark Angels, plan to force a hole or portal into Bensalem in what they perceived as a weak spot, a tear or rent, between realms (Into the “The Home Under the Ground” of the Lost Boys). The Angels of Light defended the rent in Awareness for as long as possible. When it became hopeless, Gabriel used that which he had held against just such a use. He used the Crystal Chalice/Ewer on Mímir’s Well (This sacred well was long since poisoned by the fall into lower dimensions). This acted as the catalyst that in concert with the dimensional disparity between the two worlds caused an explosion of energy, widening the rent and blowing/allowing the angelic unit to escape even as the lower levels of Jottunheim/Mictlin began to collapse around them.

You saw this in your Dreaming as an explosion. In actuality, it was an outpouring of density into the fifth dimensional venue. Arcturus Foresaw this Event. That’s why you, HE, a group of Dreamweavers and Healers were called to Neverland yesterday afternoon. While he was unable to pinpoint exactly how and when this would take place, since this was from a certain point of view, the manifestation of energetic patterns in Bensalem. Time, again, can be a slippery concept when working within the Old and New Earth respectively.

This event would seem to you to have taken place about 2:00 a.m. The rent is even now being rewoven and reinforced. The angels took considerable damage in this undertaking. More on that as it becomes available. You will start to see this reflected in the Lightworkers file within a few hours. Additionally, we still have a number of our angelics battling in Jotunheim/Mictlin, even as the collapse continues to cascade. All efforts are being made to extract them as it is still unclear how far this collapse will go.

We believe that this is quite enough for now. 

1-15-20 3:00 p.m.  

Most of the Forces of Light that remained in Jotunheim/Mictlin have withdrawn to the other focal point of the struggle in Muspelheim/Kur. This was not accomplished without casualties. Freya’s Valkyrie are working non-stop. Not all have withdrawn. All but the top three layers of the Hell-world have collapsed, but it seems to have stabilized there. This is causing a great deal of chaos. This is certain to have extensive repercussions in the days to come.

The repair work in Neverland is progressing well, and the casualties, with the exception of JM/ Raguel. She is not faring well and we will See what can be done. She is a seasoned lifestream in a very inexperienced incarnational aspect who doesn’t have the genetic advantages of some of her younger peers. And, this Angelic, long responsible as jailor, so to speak, to the dark angelics being battled, feels like he/she has Failed in some fashion, though we Know that this is not the case. She is being well cared for, however.

Fingernail Moon

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