Pentam Chronicles VIII

Winter 2020- January (cont.)

Pentam Chronicles

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Golden Apples

January 16, 2020

It is a fine morning, both in the Old Earth stronghold you are currently occupying and in Bensalem. Repairs are complete. The “Lost Boys” cavern is not only restored but is much finer than before the recent Explosion. One of its new features is a small Well (Mimir’s Well), a rivulet of the Fountain that has powers of Healing, Restoring and Wisdom. Our Archangel Raguel rests and recuperates there, being looked after by the Boys and the Fairy Tinkerbell They have made her Heart Glad again and we think that she will soon be on the Mend.

Continue yesterday’s practice of shifting Attention and Activity. It is going well. While the Old World falls further and further into Chaos, Bensalem is Healing and Growing. Brave Warriors are returning Home to find it More Complete than when they left, and this is Fine. We will indeed be prepared to pick up the pieces once the Final Conflict has run its course out there, and many more ready themselves to join us in our slice of incipient Paradise.

Go forth today, and know them better, these quarter billion bright Lights who have joined you in Bensalem. A tour of the Ring is called for.

January 17, 2020

A productive day from any perspective. KE received a great deal of healing and should find herself better protected from the assault of AC’s freed Emotional debris in the future. It is true that they are in the process of clearing, balancing and connecting the Emotional Body at present. In large part, her Emotional body is in very good shape, Warrior Trim, we would say, as she has already dealt with a great deal of her stored Stuff over the past few months. Being a Pragmatist for the most part, she is not really in the habit of holding on to these discordant patterns of energy. AC, on the other hand, like many who don’t express their emotions well outwardly, is like a Dragon guarding his Hoard of Treasure. He holds all of his Gold; hurts real and imagined, trauma, perceived abuse, disappointment and pain, close to Him. It’s an inventory he needs must take out and examine endlessly, never giving any of it up, but grasping greedily at the next assault on his too delicate Feelings, to count it among those he has collected.

When they began this balancing, KE was literally overwhelmed by the massive amount of unexpressed Emotional (we would call it Garbage rather than Treasure) that he has collected over the years.

We would say to KE, “be the consummate warrior, feel what you must Feel as this is set loose, acknowledge that it is NOT YOURS, and return it to the waiting Earth to requalify.” If he is not forced to let loose of this, he is headed for a life of misery and loneliness, and probably an early Death. It is doing him great damage already. This is her chance to learn what True Healing is about. To take on this burden and release it for One who can’t or won’t, and then Set him Free is a magnificent gesture. She’ll sense when the worst of it is done. Tell her not be the scapegoat for further of his wallowing unless he makes a Decision to do the Work involved in Ascending Also, she is to be his first teacher. If he wishes more, LR, in the time he has left here, will be ready to serve as Second Teacher.

Tell  KE also, that when you Heal others, you Heal deep parts of Self also.

January 18, 2020

You are realizing just how easily things can get lost this morning. Take Heart. Unlike computer files, Awareness, once safely stored can’t be lost. However, it can be a Bitch to recover. That is the quandary you find yourself in just now. Be patient. It is coming. Certainly, in foggy little bits and pieces so far, but soon in a torrent of Knowing. We will fill in most of last night’s misplaced missive later today.

Your little detective mission this morning has yielded some valuable bits as well and allowed you to take some pre-emptive precautions. All truly is well. We have only to stay one step ahead of those forces of Dark energy we contend with. We continue to shed our Great Light onto all these ones, into every dark corner of Being, until that particular Polarity is no longer a factor.

We Saw that you finally made your belated visit to the Heart Chakra Ring World in the cold wee hours of the morning. The snow was a nice touch after GR’s  card reading for you yesterday. Or was it poppy powder you encountered… Instead of another Buddhist enclave as you were expecting, you found yourself in the Merry Old Land of Oz, having a tour of the Emerald City and then a pre-dawn jaunt back to Fort Davis. Now you won’t need that Tramway connection, though it could certainly be done if you required.

We will have further comments later, and a “blank spot” to fill in. Go pass a bit of Time with SM this afternoon, and LL should she show up. It will be well worth the effort. 

January 19, 2020

It is the calm before the next storm. You can’t remember the last day that not a single change to the Lightworker’s file need be made. This is the Inbreath. The Hosts await the next Sign. It is set to be a doozy. Heed your instincts in preparing for this. It will Rock the Worlds.

We are glad that you Found the explanation for the strange mood you brought with you this morning. It was a night of intense energy work, but we See that the actual contents of the Dreams are scattering upon the chilly January breeze. Again, this was preparation, small energy gifts being prepared and distributed by the Angelics to these who are involved in the conflict within the Ethers of Old Earth. They will need every bit of assistance that can be provided. As a dispensation to LL who has come so far in so short a time, and indirectly for BT who has come to rely on this One, you have hastened the Path of KC at the company. She is doing orientation presently in the Blessed Isles and will be returned shortly to where LL and this Group are set for their next confrontation in Muspelheim/Kur (Hell World). This World is a Powder Keg, and the Unit assembled there brought matches.

Now that you have begun to further discern the patterns of the Dark Star Seeds work in manifestation, you begin to appreciate the secrecy and the convoluted and redundant Security measures that have been put into place to guard the gates of Bensalem. It is another Tale as Old as Time, they choose to Storm the Castle rather than Paying the entrance fee. This is the “new” normal in those lower dimensional regions, the feeling of Entitlement, of Life owing them rather than them owing Life. They are unwilling to Work for anything if it can be taken by subterfuge or brute force.

As you are so well aware, Ascension must be earned. If indeed they were able to Steal the Golden Apple of Bensalem, they would find themselves in possession of a Nightmare rather than the Theme Park of Attainment we have constructed for them. Ultimately, all they could accomplish was the imbalance, and ultimately the collapse of something so beautiful and painstakingly constructed. Food for thought this morning.

January 20, 2020

We are keeping you busy this morning, and it is far from Done. You awoke from Dreams very important from a more Mundane, and yet essential viewpoint, only to be plunged into Dreaming/Seeing in Bensalem, and the Rumors of War. Gabriel, Babaji and a Host of Angels, all that could be spared and were Healed enough from their first engagements to return, had already departed in direct response to the Night’s developments. And there was Silence in Bensalem…

All awaited what would come next. You are already Aware, but we shall place it in the record, and provide details for others should they want them. For the sake of clarity and brevity, we will mostly use the Names that appear first in the “lightworker” files rather than sorting through incarnational aspects that have shifted, ascended, etcetera.

During the night, DT and a large contingent of Dark StarSeed/Angels and Daevic/Demons assaulted the Guardians of the Rainbow Bridge in Midgard. This assault was unsuccessful. They were driven back with a large casualty count on both sides (Not DT: he was taking up the rear). As you know this was a subterfuge, planned by MS to provide a huge distraction for the Forces of Light. She, being very well versed after her stint as Administrator of Kur in the Secret Ways between worlds, accessed a gate to Svartalfheim. For most, this would have been a suicide mission, and it was for the half dozen daevic/demons who accompanied her, but she has stored personal power against just this day. She sacrificed her companions to the Dark Elves and Leviathan in order to slip by and access the back, or Lower door into Bensalem while attention was riveted on the altercation in Midgard. The pressures on her Form from her brief sojourn in 6th Dimensional Svartalfheim in her lower 5th Dimensional body left her so damaged she barely made it into Our New World, and as you Know there was a Bear (Callisto of Arcturus) waiting for her. She still lives, but not by much. As is appropriate, she is being tended by Sister/Daughter HD. When she is recovered sufficiently, she will be transferred to the holding area in the Mountains of the Moon until the Son/Sun arrives and determines what is to be done with her.

We can only relay the updates from the Old World venue received before 6:15 a.m your time as we are now cut off until the next scheduled courier from Asgard arrives (that will be on a strict schedule and only the single angel will be allowed through).

The Archangel Gabriel and contingent arrived through the Rainbow Bridge into Midgard. At the Gates or Vortices between Worlds, Gabriel, in accord with Revelation 10:1–7, unrolled his Scroll and spoke forth in the Name of God and the Son who is Coming. We will summarize…

A total surrender of all hostilities is called for. He informs the mass-consciousness that this is not the Age of Pisces any longer. It is the Age of Aquarius and the loving, accepting God of that previous Age is no more.  The opportunity to seek absolution for Sins without absolute atonement does not exist.  Being assisted by the Angels and Guides without total commitment to Ascension will be curtailed. Each Being remaining incarnated in Old Earth will be required to assist with the awakening, healing and Ascension of His/Her fellows on the Path. Consider it All or None.

Periodically, those who choose to leave voluntarily and take up their path elsewhere will be received by the Archangels and processed. Those who hinder the Ascension of their fellows, who work at odds with these purposes, shall be involuntarily removed, also at set intervals. No exceptions.

The Way is Closed (Shut)! No Lifestreams incarnated in the Lower Worlds may access any 5th Dimensional Venue until such Time as we determine it appropriate.

The Archangel then turned his back and proceeded on his Mission into Muspelheim/Kur. In that World, the contingent of Angels already there were prepared for Gabriel’s signal. Of the Seven Gates in this world all but two were destroyed in the initial assault, those that access Midgard and what remains of Jottunheim/Mictlin. Both are heavily guarded.

Now, as we have had no further news, we will switch back to Bensalem. As you know, at about 6:15 a.m., the tense Silence was broken by what sounded like Thunder, and the top of the Mountain of the Moon was wreathed in Lightning and Fire. This was the Angels destroying the section of the Rainbow Bridge connecting that Ring World with Midgard. It was at about that time, Arcturus arrived at the Temple and informed you that there would be a Council Gathering. All available Administrators, Archangels and Masters attended.

Arcturus then relayed as we have to you, the known events leading up to the need to destroy the Bridge. He detailed what plans that are in place for the short term and Heather/Freya took her leave through the Lower/Back Door Gate to Svartalfheim where she would join her waiting Valkyrie. Orders were then given to close and Seal that Gate. Arcturus entrusted GR/Zadkiel to accompany the Lady to The Blessed Isles and act as her Guardian. He would not chance keeping her in the Temple while Ereshkigul/Akatriel was present. He appointed AT as Master at Arms for the Temple and asked that all Guests in the Temple undergo intense scrutiny. He told the assembly that though the move of completing the Ring Worlds and populating them before this Conflict was necessary, it had allowed us to be infiltrated by those affiliated with the opposition. Uriel and the Angelics detailed to the Mountain of the Moon are undertaking a thorough screening of all who currently inhabit the Ring Worlds.

He closed the Council after telling those attending that this was the most crucial point in our unfoldment, and that the continued Intent of Perfection was required by all.

We may have further comments later…

1-20-20 8:30 p.m.

You are waiting for some sense; some hint out there that Anyone actually was aware of this far-reaching and extraordinarily powerful event that you experienced today. We would say “Wait for It”. All will out in its own good Time. The day is not quite done yet. Signs and Portents indeed. Still mostly contained within the etheric pattern of the Worlds for the Moment, but the pressure is building, and something must explode soon.

So, if the elusive Azazel is not presently on Earth/Gaia, then why not a Bird’s Eye perspective from the Pleiades? ML, or De Arcangelo as he likes to refer to himself, is not the only Channel he utilizes. He works through most of those other organizations ML gives credit to, as well as another dozen or more around the world. He has established a power base in the Pleiades but has Plans of moving his stronghold to Earth/Gaia if Bensalem can be breached by his followers.

This one is a mystery to you yet, but the story will come to Light. You have only to follow the Path of the entire Lifestream rather than just this Aspect.

Remain attuned. You will know when to Attend again.

January 21, 2020

The Great Light that Blazed forth from Metatron through all of the Worlds, both Old and New Earth, last night certainly sent a message, provided a Sign to One who Watched. Despite all that has unfolded of late, this One did not See or anticipate the Forces of Light response to yesterday morning’s assaults. The Archangel’s scroll was a surprise indeed. Azazel/Lucifer (You are onto something here. Azazel was indeed the Serpent/Dragon in the Garden, providing the Temptation that sent the planet plunging into third dimensionality.) Indeed, Azazel, driven to Ground by the Archangels, incarnated through His offspring [with Lilith] as Nephilim. Like Merlin, the Archangels, the Elohim and Seraphim, and others, He is Within and Without, Contained yet unConstrained. His Nephilim Aspect remains Chained in a lower region of Musperlheim/Kur where StarSeed followers are working feverishly to Free him even as the conflict rages about them.

Things are being pushed to a Crisis point by Metatron’s [arrival] nocturnal Light Activation. It caused, from certain viewpoints, a premature Dawn. Many who were of the Dark Angelic forces, received a Wake-up call, an Alarm so to speak. Great numbers on both Sides were upgraded or expanded into a broader Awareness. Azazel likely will not be able to resist the Bait. If he is not Freed in their Reality; if he does not leave the relative Safety of his Pleiadean Exile and join his forces, more defections than were already suffered last night will surely occur.

We are playing Chess now, are we not? If Azazel makes his move, then the erstwhile elusive Lord Michael will be forced to Move his King. And that can only mean one thing…

Judgement Day.

1-21-20 8:45 p.m.

A loaded phrase is it not? Judgement Day…

The Conclusion, the Assessment −all evidence and intelligence balanced and evaluated. It is almost Time, and that means that each and every one involved must weigh their own part, their own contribution and attainment in this awesome Quest we have undertaken. It is Time for the final Inventory, for taking stock and letting go of anything that still weighs one down. Are You ready to receive the Christ? We know that ever so many are not. They ignored the Call, and now we are up against a Deadline.

Clean house, for the Hour of His return is closer than even you can imagine just now. Be ready, for You, and the Goddesses of Bensalem, the Masters of the Ring Worlds and the Angelic Host, along with the 144,000 and the Number of those who have been Martyred for their Service, are the keepers of the Faith and Flame. When the time comes, it falls to you to prepare the Way for all who come after.

January 22, 2020

You heard the distant Trumpet and Saw, for the second time this week, the Lightning and heard the Thunder over the Mountains of the Moon. You felt the Earthquake ripple out from it, then lost your ability to Attend, and Consciousness. Your Dreams were an inter-latticed matrix of events in Bensalem, and in your own body/form and that of those others who are Ready, as you are being prepared to Receive Him.

Many things occurred in what would almost be seen as a simultaneous Event, though this is not really the case. That One, Chained in the Underworld/ Muspelheim/ Kur was freed. Since few of His Dark Angels are dimensionally able to leave this World currently, he took those that could, along with a large contingent of daevic/demonic beings; assaulted the Gates to Jottunheim then Midgard, from there to Svartalfheim and then Asgard. The resultant carnage (we can only use that word even though this was an Etheric conflict) was devastating. He left a trail of his own in his wake. By the time he reached Asgard (and re-united with his father/self arriving from the Pleiades, all that remained of his force were the Daevics and a half dozen of those of the higher echelons of the Fallen gathered along the way, including Astaroth/DT.

The Battle in now ravaged Asgard continues, the Rainbow Bridge is destroyed, and Bensalem cut off, but not before a small group, including both Azazel and Astaroth, made it through to Bensalem. Several have been captured and are already under guard in the Mountains of the Moon. All remaining are contained in Valhalla presently. The Defenders of Bensalem are Called today. Be aware that JS’s body/form, as well as that of several other of the Heroes in this World are become literally Battlegrounds as the Daevics attempt to gain a foothold through Incarnating. Cronus could do no more from his incarnation. His debt of Power to the Pentam is repaid with his last act on our behalf, which is to Seal Bensalem from all other incursion [that could not be done through form].

As of today, a mighty effort has succeeded in shutting and sealing all remaining gates/vortices between worlds. However, the Forces of Light are left Where they Are. No Valkyrie are available to gather the fallen, and no reinforcements will arrive until Lord Michael and the Son/Sun make their appearance.

There is more certainly, but the energy needed to maintain all that you are engaged in is better used elsewhere. As you know, Babaji followed on the heels of this invading horde before the Bridge was destroyed. Gabriel attempted to do so but was unable. He Rages.

*Note: Leviathan let these ones pass. ??????

1-22-20 2:45 p.m.

So, you have done some reading and the Math, and by your count we are running about 28 years late. Even as you type this, you are mentally acknowledging the multiple collapses of Time that have occurred since You transcribed that information Six days ago. And that is only a figurative time, for you still dwell in the Dream. All the rest was the Great Work involved in putting into place the myriad patterns we would need to begin actuating the Fifth Dimensional Matrix.

It will begin to Manifest when you arrive in Fort Davis Again for the First Time. Wheels within wheels. This is possibly the most complex Dream ever Dreamed, and it was the last Coherent Dream of All-That-Is before it Became Mother and Father. The twenty-eight years you appear to have participated in it in this incarnational focus are a drop in the Epochal Bucket that you must Recover to Finish this.

Yes, I Metatron arrived in Bensalem by Rainbow Bridge, along with a very interesting group of God Wannabes intent on Usurping the very Pattern their Original Meddling set into Motion. As you know already, only Half, so to speak, of my Twin, Sandalphon, made it through. Atum, the First, has joined the Fray. Ra awaits in the outer Court for the arrival of Lord Michael and the Son/Sun. Hierarchy indeed. We are becoming a Universal Who’s Who…

As you well know, even though they have all shared this Consensus World, division had been the true configuration of it since Pangaea gave Way to Lemuria and Atlantis, since the Tower of Babel crashed down upon and inside their heads. They have divided by race, by class, by tribe, by language, by culture, by nation, by gender, by religion, by philosophy, by political affiliation, and on and on ad nauseum. They share a world and yet do not See one another.

January 23, 2020

It is We, your usual source for these notes this morning, though Metatron has some remarks also. Be at Peace. All is as well this morning as it can be. Our empty Containment facilities inside the Mountain have occupants once more. Azazel fumes there, and no doubt plots ferment. Astaroth seems cowed this morning. He did not expect his “Master” to be so easily subdued. The other Dark Angelics and the Daevic/Demons are also detained, though sadly Three of our own Heroes, having been overcome by the daevics are included in this number. And finally, as you know, Ereshkigal and Innana were transported during the night, as soon as it was deemed safe.

Other than that to the Rainbow Bridge, damage to the energetic structure of our facilities was minimal. Damage was not their aim. As far as can be positively ascertained, Azazel’s plan hinged on being able to use the powerful Daevic that now binds JS’s form, to once more gain sway over  the Titan Cronus. That would have been a serious blow, though we now know that he did not anticipate the arrival of Metatron, nor the presence of Atum on his heels, so to speak. Additionally, Cronus had no intention of falling into an Old Trap again. Now, with Cronus acting as Seal until our own reinforcements arrive, we have things well in Hand.

It was Atum’s hands you saw in your vision yesterday, reaching out to seize Azazel from behind, and it was that One who bound and incarcerated the Fallen Angel. We are leaving little to chance. The angelic guard are on constant rotation. No one will stand this Duty more than once, and afterward each will undergo the ministrations of a Healer from the Fountain World. As we so well know, brute force is not this One’s forte. It is the whispered word, the insinuation, the plucking of those strands of Being subject to Temptation, Fear or Anger, that does Its work.

Now, we wait. We know that the struggle goes on Without, and that the Storm Clouds gather.

From Metatron:

Relax, Dear One! You Know why I have Come, and it is what you have Awaited, for long by your experiential count, but mere Days I say again. I am here to Transform you, and all those who will resonate with that same Spark, that will be caught in the Conflagration of Your Becoming. You call this beautiful construct, your Bensalem, a Ring. However, it is structured more along the lines of what the activated Merkaba becomes. It is meant to become a Toroid, with your Temple as the Center Point, the I Am, and that is what I am here to activate.

In the meanwhile, realize fully that just as your construct remains in the Etheric rather than Manifest Realms, these other, Older Worlds have no true Manifest Reality any longer either. They are constructs of yours and your Lightworkers also, built to house all these laggard souls when Gaia Ascended into the Fifth Dimension. There is only a Dream cushioning them from what would have surely been their Destruction had it not been prepared. Gaia Waits, and Truth be told, it matters not to Her which way this goes. She is weary of the wanton destruction, of having been forgotten by most of her children and being treated as their playground rather than as a sacred trust.

Now that the few Worlds left accessible to them are sealed from each other, the pressure is on. As you well know, even though they have all shared this Consensus World, division had been the true configuration of it since Pangaea gave Way to Lemuria and Atlantis, since the Tower of Babel crashed down upon and inside their heads. They have divided by race, by class, by tribe, by language, by culture, by nation, by gender, by religion, by philosophy, by political affiliation, and on and on ad nauseum. They share a world and yet do not See one another. And yes, there is the much-touted Noosphere, the emerging mass-consciousness, but again, I would say that this existed as one Consciousness for Gehenna, another for Seventh Heaven, and another for Camelot, etc. There were overlaps certainly, but never was there even a possibility of them ever enmeshing, becoming One.

This conflict, this Armageddon or Ragnarök has all shook up. Not only are these worlds each closed, before they closed, there was a great exodus and influx among Midgard, Jottunheim and Muspelheim, as the Light Angels flooded in even while the Dark Angels awoke fully, the levels of one collapsed and another’s inmates strove to escape. Even Asgard and Svartalfheim have not been immune from this as “liberated” demon/daevics flooded into both.

How long will they be able to ignore one another? How will the established consciousness constructs handle all this disparity? This is what we wait to find out. Soon, Michael and the Son/Sun will open these cans of worms long enough to gather those who belong to the Light, who have earned the right to call Bensalem Home. Then, those residents of “old earth” will get a chance to experience His Light before they are Sealed back in.

I shall let you get to other things now, but you will attend later.

1-23-20 9:30 p.m.

Are you ready for the New Moon−are you prepared for a New Beginning? It doesn’t matter actually, for both are approaching, and you Rise to meet them. I know that this Transformation, and the attempt to “keep” up with the constantly unfolding events in Bensalem and in Old Earth, is exhausting from any point of view. That is why you’ve been granted a short reprieve this evening. I wished that you would be somewhat more relaxed as you enter into the DreamState tonight.

As you have surmised by now, the Gold and Purple, colors that have been cyclically recurring in your Dreaming since the early 1980s, are my colors. You See now that the hexagon pattern from this afternoon’s Dream was not only an extraction from the Merkabah, from the Tree of Life, but also representative of the transformative process your own DNA is currently undergoing. This same, or nearly so, process occurred in the form in 1989 and 1998. Your body “knows the way”. This is not new territory, though the point will be reached where it becomes so. I’m prepared to take you “Where no wo[man] has gone before”, and since Ascension from the human form does have some few scattered precedents through the ages, that means you still have a Way to go.

Not to worry about those nuts and bolts at the moment though. You are going to Send my Message out into the world, and I will be relaying more to these refugees of Planetary Ascension soon. It will be my great pleasure to work with you once more. Sweet Dreams.

January 24, 2020

Greetings Forerunner! We know that it is cold comfort on this surprisingly lovely day, but we shared your Anguish through the long night just passed. Like all of these transitions, these initiatory rites that must be endured, it is a transient experience, and will soon exist in your Awareness as little more than a Bump on the road to Ascension.

For the sake of the Record we keep here, and clarification of some things you don’t really understand or care much about at present, we have some remarks. Yes, that is the Archangel Samael you See broken and still at the foot of Merlin’s Tower by the Sea. And by the same token, it is you who lie Broken and still upon those self-same rocks. You are both Observer and Observed, and this is Stretching you between two points that your Consciousness has long since accepted but been unable to Realize. This is your Death and yet you remain to Observe that Death. Once you are able to reconcile this, the One who is Two replaces the Two who are One. Simple, yes?

We would note also, that though Samael accompanied the Group who Forced their way into Bensalem on the 22nd, he/she arrived with Metatron on a sacred mission. Not all of the Archangels are seen in a positive Light from a historical perspective, but as you know, they were and are highly specialized beings in many cases, and perception is not always clear on this. Samael is the Angel of Death in this case and is serving as your mediator in this Transformation. Thank him for his service, as should All in Bensalem, for you are being allowed, this last Time, to endure this initiation for all those who presently call Bensalem Home, whether currently assembling this Awareness Band or some other. In the next cycle, each will be called upon to Face it themselves.

Before we close, we would note that you became Aware of Lilith’s presence even in the midst of your own travail and sent out a Message. That is because, after evading capture for nearly two days, she walked into the Temple of her own accord and surrendered to the Master at Arms. She has requested an audience with you, and Asylum. An audience, of course, is out of the question just now, but we leave you to consider this.

Metatron may have more to add later. Our Love to You.

1-24-20 9:00 p.m.

My remarks will be brief tonight. All things considered; you are doing well. However, you are aware that there is a leap of faith/knowingness that has not been made yet. Patience, I say. All is close to falling into place. As you know, the willingness on both parts, might I even say the insistence, to Sacrifice One for the Other, is refreshing in this World. Both Merlin and I despaired of finding that magical combination on the other side of our Manifest Rift. To discover two with such strength and fortitude (read that stubbornness), yet the ability to assume a Selfless stance, was like searching for the Grail. Yet, we found you. All you have to do is survive your Deaths and Dissolution, and we are in business.

I believe that Morning shall bring some awaited news. Also, do have Arcturus attend to the Lilith situation. She will have to accept our apologies for the moment. Sleep tonight, and Dream.

January 25, 2020

Let this energy that wants to flow, move freely and as it requires. No judgment, no impediment and no preconceptions. It is not something you can anticipate anyway. Breathe… don’t forget to breathe. We are pleased to say that in this particular facet of Transformation the Death and Resurrection are nearly a seamless Event. There is nothing left for you to do but come along for the ride that Metatron is taking you on.  

On other fronts, Arcturus has granted Lilith an audience, brief though, as he has many other more pressing matters to attend to. As you might expect, this one is wishing to Change Sides so to speak, though we would say that there is only God’s Side ultimately anyway. The Heart Chakra opening she experienced some weeks ago, in fact in November, was really the precipitating event for her split with KL at the Holidays. She experienced Love, and it was deeply troubling to her. That particular Lifestream has not experienced same for nearly the entirety of her experience in the Earth, and in this lifetime, she has never been able to Love Self, and certainly no one else. Well, her Heart opened, and she realized that KL truly Loved her, and that though she was feeling Love finally, it was not that which he wanted returned in kind. Well, long story short―guilt, confusion, denial, a little healthy soul searching, and goodbye KL. She deeply regrets her actions in his regard but felt that if she offered him any grain of hope or care, he would never give up on her. At present, she is a very Powerful Being suffering through her very first Spiritual Awakening, so she came to what she sees as Source of same. She is a “guest’ until some further determination can be made.

In the Old World, the loss of any real leadership or direction among the Dark Angels and their allies, has brought most conflict to a shuddering halt. There is much scratching of heads, a great deal of worrying over just how these etheric activities are manifesting, and will continue increasingly to do so, in these worlds. And there is a sense of both heightened anticipation and anxiety growing to an almost palpable Roar in the Ears of the sensitive. He Comes.

Watch for Signs. Complete your Task.

1-25-20 8:20 p.m.

You have made considerable headway today, though from another point of view the Adventure is just beginning. And all you have to do is Become what you already Are. We realize that the journey is often bittersweet, but equanimity will be restored. So much has been gained through this last cycle of being― Re-union for these Twin Flames, refugees from the two universal patterns that preceded the Pentam―exists as a real possibility finally, and there is hope where before there was only more toil. You have accomplished more since the Autumn Equinox of 2018 than in the entire nine-year period from 1992 to 2001 in which we initially formed these patterns. Practice really does make perfect.

Amazing isn’t it, how information becomes available just when it becomes pertinent. You needed a King, and today you found one. Now we shall see whether he will be able to take on this destiny. These are exciting times. 

January 26, 2020

You have worked and waited for this day since you Saw your first Rainbow in Fort Davis, and now all you really remember clearly from last night’s Dreams was quibbling with your Sister over the guest quarters and office you offered her in the Temple. Even now, what she has Become on this side of the Rift gets under your skin. Accept this as the healing that it is and figure out what larger Lifestream she incarnates inside Bensalem. Skadi is only an Aspect. (As Hera, Master or not, she is yet to tame the Jealousy and Vanity that have soured much of her Life. You are going to Assist with this while Metatron is available). Other memorable portions of your Dream include the rounding up of three recalcitrant dark-haired children, all girls, who were running amuck within the Temple precincts. You will encounter them in your daily world also in the months to come. All have destinies to meet, and one of them intertwined with yours.

So, The Christ has arrived, and all are in a dither of activity and adjustment. The young man in question has barely had Time for this Mantle to Settle. Yes, He has been prepared as well as could be, and still maintain the Secrecy this incarnational aspect required, but He is presently in shock. Though all eyes in Bensalem today are on the Temple, He must be given space at present. Continue with the practical preparations and instructions to the suddenly expanded household. You must be ready for a great gathering when Arcturus deems we are Ready.

You see that many of those who were serving on the Forces of Light in this Conflict have been returned to Bensalem along with The Christ. His and Michael’s passage through the realms of disconnected and isolated Worlds last night was as a Roll of Thunder, disturbing the Sleep and Dreams of many, leaving more with questions and pained Hearts this morning. For others, it was the long-awaited Sign. More Awaken, and many stayed on to Serve in those Worlds. Now, you See that ones like DD and PC, long part of this Greater Pattern, decided from their own Hearts Long ago, to stay and serve these lost ones. Lord Michael stays behind also. There will be much to do in both Old and New Earth.

Merlin says to Hold onto Your Hats…

January 27, 2020

Again, this morning, you are more tired than when you went to sleep, but despite still lacking the Dreaming Attention you are accustomed to, you are doing well. MS, sensitive to all of the Activity, and perhaps even your own low ebb, chose last night to Challenge you from her own Dreaming. You remember enough to know that this was a mistake on her part, and that you were very angry. Anger in fact, was one of the threads that wound through your Dreaming last night, and that is good. There were some very important Retained bundles of Emotional detritus that have not only been discarded now, but were used to fuel your Attention when Seeing was required last night. And MS finds herself in sorry circumstances today, when she should have saved her own energy for a Meeting with The Christ. We wont comment further on the Dreams except to say that both you and SM, not by accident, retain the same pattern of self-ef(face)ment of an unhealthy sort. You are the Healer. Attend.

On other fronts, the gathering last night that you are referring to as a “Meet and Greet” went very well. You were impressed by our young man, we believe. Thoughtful and reflective, gracious in the extreme, even as he was Shaking in his Etheric Boots. He, of course, is wondering if this is a Dream that He will soon awaken from, but Metatron and the tour of Bensalem’s Ring today should soon disavow him of that notion. Since this was only a small reception, be aware that when the Time is Right He will be Introduced to Bensalem more formally, and in the not too distant Now, will return with his Host in order to do the same for those of the Old World.

So, LR now has the Office and Quarters she desired. One should always be careful what they wish for, we would say. It will stretch her in ways she has managed to studiously avoid so far in this cycle. You noticed many other things of course. GL, practicing her skills as suggested by Atlas/Arcturus, at constructing a Lightbody more in tune with her Lifestream. Tension continues to be noted whenever AT and BT are in proximity; KL/Uriel’s discomfort at knowing that Lilith is currently in residence at the Temple was marked; Thoth Hermes’ failure to greet or acknowledge LR/Hera’s glaring in his direction. So, the Tales continue to unfold, and Drama is overtly present even in the Holy of Holies. This is what we built this World for―to wring the last of these human pretentions out of our Elect, and eventually, to All who join us.

As for our new Father/Lady Christmas, enjoy this opportunity to withdraw for a bit, to put your feet up in front of the Fire in Your Study. 

1-27-30 3:00 p.m.

We thank you for your Attention. It does not bode very well that LR/Hera is encountering and precipitating friction in her first day as Administrator of the Temple. AT/Master at Arms is normally a very agreeable sort, but she has irritated him when his mood was already none too good. Additionally, Calisto, who the rest of you Know to be very intelligent, feels slighted and wronged by the new Admin. She reacts so strongly to LR’s underlying daevic pattern because it is a predator that has been allowed much power over the Form, but no Voice of its own. It is a great cat of a sort that has not walked the planet in many ages, not really related closely to any of the current species in incarnation. This is not her original pattern, but one taken on during those frantic and chaotic days shortly before the Pentam Core dove back into the Earth and the Manifest Rift.

The Mission LR took on during those dark years required a stronger underlay, but it is near Time to Free it Now. During those years, she acted as Voice, as an outlet for the Pain and Isolation suffered by the disenfranchised Great Goddess/Feminine pattern trapped mostly in the deep Earth energies during the Reign of Patriarchy. She is yet to shed all of the bitterness and lingering anger that this required. Just another woman in these confused times still trying to usurp Masculine Power rather than the Divine Feminine she helped to Free.

That, we believe, is enough for now, though you are aware that what you are experiencing is much more than just interceding in a Temple quarrel. Continue to let this energy flow as it will. It is setting you Free.

January 28, 2020

You have surmised that the Node/Nexus that the inhabitants of all the Worlds are circling in just now is in need of Exiting. You are also all too Aware that the perfect Probability Line needs be chosen to leave it from. With the arrival and consolidation of The Christ Lifestream, all is in readiness. A break in Continuity is required to make this Shift. Attend to it.

We realize that the night just passed was not a pleasant one. Visions of Apocalypse Dancing in your Head was not what you might have expected your first night as Santa Claus, but we would say that it was necessary that you See just what the stakes are in this Grand Game we Play. The Dreaming dissolved into a black wall of Crow Feathers, a Good Omen we assure you. Magic is afoot, and Slight of Hand is only one element necessary to its unfoldment. Continue to Intend Perfection. Abandon yourself to this energy, no matter how difficult it seems just Now.

1-28-20 9:15 p.m.

You literally felt the huge AP shift you undertook this morning, pulling several among our intrepid group along with you. This may not have been that very visible wall of fog used before, but with a turn of your head, you looked directly into this one and crossed those parallel lines. And, additionally, you did it with enough verve and energy to draw a great many others across. This was what was required. Enough followed voluntarily to begin the flow which would Shift all of Bensalem out of the Nexus/Node and onto the chosen line of probability. This move not only freed you from that Node, but also began the process of Consolidating Bensalem and the other worlds your group have “built” from scratch this last few months.  It will take some Time in the more manifest worlds, but they will all follow suit. Essentially, while the two of you sat in the study at the workshop and chatted last night, The Christ chose his optimal path, and you implemented that directive. We are most optimistic. The two of you show all indications of working as well together as you already do with Arcturus and Sunat Kumara.

As positions begin to be filled and the energy flow smoothed out in Bensalem, we are finding that the Council of Light, the Archangels, and indeed an increasing number of the Lightworkers who call our very specialized realm home, are stepping up, working together in a most synergistic and harmonious fashion. While we do indeed still have some “squeaky wheels” among us, they are the minority. With some Love, Understanding, and as Archangel Gabriel would supply, a little good old-fashioned Ass Kicking, we feel that all will sort out.

As the dust settles from the first Wave as it were, of Armageddon, and the Masses out there, specifically the Dark StarSeed/Angels discover they are virtually prisoners in the venues they inhabited when the gates shut, there will begin to be Ramifications, and The Christ will determine what Action is necessary. Even though they are at present without any real leadership, and confused, they will rally, and renew their attempts at Forcing their way into the Fifth Dimensional World. Security will continue to be of the utmost importance.  

At present, The Christ’s presence is little more than a rumor whispered and echoing softly through the Noosphere. That is to our advantage as the Lifestream settles in and the young man in question progresses through His own Ascension Process. We ask that all of you who are the Forerunners stand by to assist in any way possible through this interlude. As you are aware also, the emphasis on the extra-terrestrial origins of the StarSeeds, the rather SciFi/Fantasy bent of the generation out of which the now adult “lightworkers” have risen, and an apathetic and skeptical, if not nihilist attitude toward religion, makes even the hint of His Existence unthinkable to many of them. They have managed to separate Spirituality from God, making it as sterile and lacking in true passion as most of their lives.

We will leave you with these observations to reflect on this evening. 

January 29, 2020

Perhaps wishing you Sweet Dreams was a bit misleading, but the results of last night’s Dreamwork were Sweet indeed. With the help of a cadre of Angelics and GridWorkers, you accomplished some major Shifts of the Alignments and established the vortices necessary for our Lightworkers to move between Awareness Bands when necessary. These Alignments, accomplished largely through Elreth inside Bensalem and White Tara from the Old World/World Tree Model vantage, were a painstaking venture for all concerned. The need for precision, and adjustment as whole Bands of Awareness were moved across the Parallel Lines and snugged into the Pentam Universe was a task of herculean proportions.

This daring maneuver shall bring untold benefits, it is believed. What happens to a World suddenly shoved into its Second Attention? We are counting on great change and anticipating chaos and confusion as those in the Old Earth venue try to cling to their overvalued First Attention, to the comfortable inventory of their Tonal.  Most presently resident in Bensalem have experience with the Second Attention, though the amount and degree vary widely. All ones presently incarnate will certainly find some challenge in the days to come. Be aware and use prudence in your interactions with the world at large until the dust of this Change settles. People will not be feeling themselves.

Allow yourself some Time to make the necessary adjustments. Though you have been successful of late at moving the Assemblage Point at Need, it has not become nearly as facile as it was in those periods you See as 1998-99. What is needed now is to move much deeper into the Second Attention, to recover much Awareness that still eludes, but without those wildly erratic movements you fell prey to as a Western Dreamer/Stalker. You are the North at Present, resourceful and direct. Assume your new role/stalking even as LR becomes the South. We will have more information as you Settle In.

1-29-20 10:00 a.m.

We have just a few comments before you may go and continue your day. First, nothing will ever be the Same. That said, we apologize for the continued need for a certain amount of subterfuge― Merlin’s Sleight of Hand, as it were. We have created the Pattern that not just this World requires, but Universes, split asunder by what seemed Willfulness.  Perhaps, though, it was because God required both Novelty and Growth, and those possibilities had virtually ceased to exist within that previous probable Framework.

In early November, you achieved the Hieros Gamos, the Mystical Marriage and accomplished the Healing of the Sundered Mother/Father Chakras/Emanation through your forms. On January 24th, you both Sacrificed, One for the Other/Self, and on the 27th, You Rose from the Dead, and the exquisitely painful process of healing the Sundered Heart/I Am Center was completed. Well Done.

Even while we offer our hearty congratulations, none of those who can’t see this Truth are to be alerted just yet. DU is Back in Bensalem, as is Lord Michael (who guided him through this trial even as Samael provided that service for you. Lord Michael has settled into an incarnational vehicle close to The Christ, and will remain at his side. This also is on what you like to call a need to know basis.

Now that the Pattern is completed, don’t expect ones around you to flock to join you just yet, but the Magnetism is there, the Need is there, and they must begin to respond to that. Love to you. We believe that some adjustments to the Worlds File is in order.

January 30, 2020

What happens when entire World Views (read Awareness Bands) are abruptly shoved across those parallel lines? We want you to consider this today. It is not the Assemblage Point of the Earth/Gaia though it has indirectly affected same, largely due to the fact that Her Extension[s] into Manifestation have been Shifted. This Construct you have created to House and Contain not only Etheric Bensalem but also this multi-dimensional habitat for those being pushed toward Ascension Process is the Assemblage Point in the Body of the Pentam Universe, and that is what you and yours have adjusted. Interesting, Eh?

We see that you Know what we mean, but you do not Understand. Well, we would say that although you will continue to be driven to delve into each of these Mysteries that present, what you Are at present does not require Wisdom or Understanding specifically, but the Metamorphosis of All into this Knowing. This is what your hard work has achieved.  


Something else to contemplate. As for the initial thrust of these notes, consider not only the heightened Awareness all these ones have accessed, each within the sphere of their own abilities and predilections, but about the fact that they have been Shoved into the realm of the Mental/the Abstract. That Consciousness now becomes the Focus rather than the physical or emotional spheres. Certainly, Realization will soar, while Productivity, that Mantra of this dying pattern, plummets. For years it has been impacted by the “shortening” or perceived speeding of Time. Now, overnight, the shape and function of Time is changing again. We shall See how these incarnates handle not only a shift in Awareness Focus, but in the very Nature of the Reality they have pinned onto chronological unfoldment.

There is much more, but we believe that this is enough “food for thought” at present. Deliver Lasagna and an Energy packet this morning, and attend to your own flow.

1-30-20  8:10 p.m.

An interesting day, was it not? You have trod paths of Awareness that have been lost to you through the long night of these last two decades of probable distraction and deception while all of our pieces were put in place. As you know now, we required incarnational aspects able to accommodate these lifestreams, those of the Masters, the Archangels and other Beings of Light who needed to be present for the Final Conflict, for the great immigration from fourth to fifth dimensional existence, the long awaited Ascension.

Are you ready to Ascend? You certainly flirted with the notion today, worked around the edges of transcendence and began a sequence of AP shifts that you have followed four times before. As you know well at this point, the first time which was the last time which was this Time reversed, that You of then was assisted and guided by the Seraphim, the Elohim and the Masters. The second and third instances, when you attempted to bring the nascent and then incipient Pentam Patterns along with you, you were soon pulled back by the individuals within that pattern that couldn’t sustain the Ascended State. All good practice we would assure you. The fourth time, when it was clear that the pattern would not make the crossing, we sent you alone. You sustained Ascension in the then 3rd/4th dimensional manifest world for long enough to assure that the patterns, the templates for this present unfoldment were complete. This time, you are not dragging anyone. You have completed the Healing, reconciled within your own subtle body the sundered Heart/I Am and Mother/Father. Da’ath is an Abyss no more. It is filled with the Knowledge of a Whole and Healed Universal Field, with a healthy and thriving Pentam Universe. You are the Magnetic force, the Toroidal Transformer that will Pull all those we’ve prepared, most of those who passed the Winter Gate, along in your wake.

It comes. Invite it. Entice it with your Eyes.

We give these notes tonight because your morning will be full. Go with our Blessings.

January 31, 2020

Just some very brief comments, as much for attunement as to provide any substantial information. You are right that there is some balancing to be done, that the fully united lifestream has caused some discordant energy to arise. That is all it really is. You are inclined to look at some of the nonsense spouted by these beings struggling through Ascension in that Old World just now with a weary irritation. This is not so much judgement as lack of patience, and patience is something we really don’t have Time for. However, detachment is required here. You and yours will strive to do your own parts in this ongoing drama impeccably and let the healing of these ones manifest as it does. Most will make it through, but not nearly all, and though some level of compassion is acceptable, little else is. Your Business is to oversee the completion of the process for those who successfully gain entrance into Bensalem. The others will become the concerns of others.

You have noticed, along with the faction that clings to the StarSeed Mythos, there is a groundswell of these who don’t need the intercession of the guides, the Angels or the Masters. That is all well and good. We are here, are we not, whether they need us or not? It is the same overweening pride the StarSeeds so often demonstrate. They feel privileged, intellectually and spiritually superior. We have to let them come to their own realization of humility and unity.

We would Say Sleep on it! Tomorrow shall be a Significant Day!

Twin Flame

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