No Matter Where You Go…

Well, You Know

(Excerpted and Updated Post from my original Blog—Written in October 2013)

No Matter Where you Go...
Letting go

Letting Go!

The original version of this post was published just about a year after I moved back to Florida from North Carolina.  I think I was hoping that, having been here for a year (at that time), I would feel more settled. Instead, I was morose and depressed much of the time. When we moved, I believed that the change would jump-start my stagnant feeling life. Lots of things did change, but much still remained remained uncatalysed—was just the same old rut. I was seeking a direction, looking for a renewal of purpose to life, and every time I thought I’d figured it out, I seemed to be blocked.

Having voluntarily released the illusion of Free Will fairly early on my Spiritual Path, I was accustomed to having my wings clipped when I go on flights of fancy that don’t suit the purposes of the Higher Power that guides me. At that point though, I felt completely grounded. No matter which way I tried to go, I found myself right back where I started. I could do the day-to-day stuff, work around home, and basically fulfill all the obligations that life entails. Intermittently, I would work on my blog, the purpose of which continued to remain an enigma to me.

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