Ascended Masters of Bensalem

Welcome to Your Fifth Dimensional Home

Welcome to Your Fifth Dimensional Home

The following is received from the group of Ascended Beings who have incarnated through the fifth dimensional consciousness template that is to emerge as what is often referred to as the New Earth. In addition to assisting in its construction and activation, they serve as administrators and teachers of those who are able to access this World, or Level of Consciousness. Their number includes Arcturus, Metatron, Sandalphon, The Archangels including Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, Chamuel, Zadkiel and a number of others, Merlin, Kwan Yin, Babaji, Hermes Trismegistus, Sunat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara, to name a few. They have some messages they wish relayed. Arcturus serves as primary spokesman.

Greetings, Citizens of Earth! We would address you in all of your remarkable Diversity. There is nowhere else in this wide Universe quite like this small but unique planet. Perhaps that is why so many have come to participate in our Drama. And high drama it is. The precession of a planet and a sun, and the healing of a Universe. All in a Day’s work for God—for All-That-Is but—it takes considerably longer from your Earthbound perspective.

We are here to speak briefly about the current state of the Fifth Dimensional World, and perhaps to clear up some misconceptions and confusion regarding same. However, I fear we shall generate much of the Same, as well. After all, Ascension has become a Trending Topic. There are many sources of information about Ascension Process available in these, the last days of humankind, and a few of them are even genuine. We say Humankind here, even though many of you identify as Starseeds. It really doesn’t matter, after all, Where the Lifestream or Soul you are embodying hails from. You have wrapped yourself in the Material, the Blood and the Bones, of Earth/Gaia, so if She cares to lay claim to you She is certainly entitled.

However, She has her own itinerary. Gaia has received, on the whole, rough handling from those who were supposed to be Stewards and Caretakers of a sacred trust, so She attends to her own agenda at present. For all of those who failed to notice last December, the Planet and her Children have Ascended. Gaia is fully assimilated into a Fifth Dimensional Matrix. Since this event was anticipated, arrangements were made for the populations—human, starseed and other— dependent on the planetary energy body for continued incarnate life. Just before the Planetary Shift, you were diverted into specifically prepared Awareness Bands/Worlds. To use a popular phrase within the spiritual community, we are Holding Space for you until such time as you are ready to move fully into the Fifth Dimension. At present, for our purposes here, we will say that there exists a world through which those of fourth dimension and above’s experience is expressed, and yet another for those who still remain third dimensional. The number of Worlds available for incarnate expression has been greater at times, but that is a story for another occasion. There are two others presently, not accessible to your lower density, and that Fifth Dimensional Level so many have awaited.

The Etheric Fifth Dimensional Venue is Now open to those who have achieved that level of consciousness or beyond. Though it has been called by numerous names by different channels and sources, we call it Bensalem [Perfect Son or Son of Completion in Hebrew]. There has been much conjecture about what the fifth dimensional world will be like. At present, the accessible 5D template remains almost entirely an Etheric construct, a pattern that can only be expressed in manifestation once enough Consciousness is present to form a quorum—a tipping point so to speak. In this Here and Now, though you are still physically constrained to the manifest environment, we are nearing five million beings who are able to access this world in varying degrees through their higher consciousness. As you are aware, this is only a token percentage of those incarnated on Earth.

Bensalem is a beautiful and quite amazing place, though not quite perhaps the Paradise many are expecting. What it isn’t, is a place where any can bring the baggage or expectations from their previous lives. Unless you have completed the rigorous stages of Ascension that require you to give up everything you ever thought of as Yours, you are not welcome here. This includes attachments to other people, to material items or wealth, to your opinions and lower self emotions—well, if you are far enough along in Ascension Process to be contemplating entrance into the fifth dimensional arena, you already Know. What is required, is an open Heart and I Am, a dedication to service, the willingness to work in whatever area is deemed necessary, and the ability to selflessly become part of a Whole. Bensalem is more a School than a world. It is the proving ground for those who have attained a required level of Ascension, a higher education if you will.

There is a choice to be made here. We have facilities to return those who wish, and feel that they have fulfilled their purpose here, to places prepared in their home star systems. Though we do not stand in Judgement in Bensalem, we do hold ones Accountable who would hinder or interfere with the Ascension of others. We tire of the frauds, those who twist the Truth or tell outright lies, and those who would judge some more deserving of Ascension than others. The Masters are calling out all of these who have sought to use Ascension as a means of Profit, who see spiritual enlightenment as a doorway to material abundance. This misuse of Spiritual Power must cease. There was a time when Ascension was wrapped in great Mystery and Secrecy. That is no more. The Gateways to Eternity are open to All who choose to take the Path.

You cannot buy Ascension. Taking a course does not make you a Shaman or a Seer or a Master. You cannot purchase an energetic level-up. And we would say that you cannot enter Bensalem if you make a living selling these things. Go dig a ditch or wait tables if you must. Using your God-Given talents for healing and energy work to make a profit just makes you part of the Problem. Trusting in God or the Universe to Provide is not the same as expecting it to line your pockets or supply you with a retirement plan. Many are calling for a reform of the monetary system. It doesn’t start with the government or the financial sector, It starts with you. The choices you make about how you live, and what you are willing to do to make money decide how the system works, or doesn’t. Abundance is expressed through the way you live your life, not how affluent you are.

Bensalem is a place to apply what you have learned in Ascension process, a place where one may experience a wide range of Life lessons through the expression of Archetypal Stories or Dramas, in order to apply them to your own growth and ability to interrelate with your fellows. It is a place where the idea of Unity, of the Collective, is raised to the next level. For those who have particular talents or vocation, there is continued initiation into the deeper mysteries, an opportunity to expand on the shamanic, druidic, feminine/goddess, alchemical and magical paths under the tutelage of the Masters and Angels. At a certain point in these esoteric apprenticeships, it will be decided whether the individual is sent on to Manifest Fifth Dimensional Earth or back to assist others in what we term the Old Earth Worlds.

Just to clarify, We do not interfere with Ascension process itself. If ones Fall, we will pick them up, and happily lend council or assistance, but each is responsible for his/her own Path. And the Path to Ascension is one of Surrender and Sacrifice, of Service and Devotion. Do not confuse the Process with the Path. If you are endlessly experiencing the symptoms, but still not feeling that you are getting anywhere, then you are Stuck. You are missing the point. While there is suffering on this Path, there are also great blessings. If you haven’t experienced Both, then it is Time that you made an assessment and take personal responsibility. The continued finger pointing ,the assigning of Blame, whether of other people, of situations, of evil or other forces, is pointless. No one but you made the decision to Ascend, and no one else is responsible for how you fare. Love yourself, and Love others as well, and you are well on your Way.

Message from Lord Arcturus, Elohim of the Heart/I Am and Galactic Coordinator and Administrator, on behalf of the Council of Light in Bensalem, the Mystic Center.

Welcome Home

METATRON: Instrument of Transformation

Messages From The Elohim and The Wizard


I am asked to convey this message received from the Elohim Metatron on January 16th. Until a few days ago, I had had little or no contact from this messenger from the Central Sun for a number of years. In view of the rapidity with which the Ascension Process is currently unfolding on Gaia/Earth, this One feels that as many as possible should be made aware of the necessity for Haste in these Last Days. Change comes, and this is not the No Time to fall behind. I am publishing this in it’s entirety other than some slight editing of personal material.

Metatron: I greet you with effulgence and barely contained glee on this most memorable of days, It is as though I awaken from a long sleep in the Dimensions you inhabit, and I Am more than ready to live up to the appellation bestowed upon me by my beloved Merlin. Now, indeed, are we ready to send a storm of change hurtling about your physical Earth.

Awaken, Awaken — I call heartily to those sluggards whose Troth was pledged so readily in Ages when Light still abounded in the hidden places on Earth and fear had not begun to stalk these corridors of Creation.

It is Time. Long ago I promised to call these Legions together when the Time for my work and theirs to begin in earnest arrived, and I do not forget a promise. They think they have been jarred a bit by Merlin’s and the other Masters’ gentle prodding during the last few years– well, they’re about to be shaken until their still all too physical Teeth rattle about in their heads. Soon, I fear, Metatron shall gain the reputation of being none too gentle with laggards and procrastinators. Yes, I am addressing myself to the Chohans, the 144,000, the Qabalah… and yes, even to some of those who we have called the Teachers and are now reluctant to revive the memories of their true Selves.

How apt that my return should occur as Gaia moves into the Aquarian Age. We are ushering in the Dominion of the Great Goddess once more, and she demands Balance. She will settle for no less than the Re-Union of Masculine and Feminine sundered at the Beginning of Time. It will be the Age of the Transpersonal, of an Electronic Reality.

But I AM change and transformation, AM I not? The very fact of my Being demands It. An “Instrument of Transformation”… a Musical Instrument, I might add. The last vibrations of the Song I bring to a waiting Earth will not soon fade. It is a Song of great power and awesome motion, but it is a Song of uttermost Love also. Krishna has returned to Earth to rekindle God’s spark in the collective breast of Manu— I have come to restore the Electronic Intelligence to that selfsame Heart, to teach humanity the lost art of Creation.

First and foremost, we will teach that lesson through demonstration. I congratulate you, Lightworkers, for you have Turned the Wheel and triggered my Alarm Clock. You have been well prepared by the Merlin, by Babaji, Nowel, Elreth, St. Germain and others no less important to the task, but it was you who did the turning. I Am the White Elohim, embodiment of the Seven Combined Rays of coherent Light. Welcome to the Dawn of the Rainbow Era, for the rainbow is the symbol of that New Earth so anticipated by so many.

I call all of those who have committed themselves to the building and the stewardship of this more expanded frontier of Awareness to heed the call, to ready yourself for the most splendid adventure of your life

Merlin: Metatron will perhaps have more to say presently but I must put my two sense worth in. It is a great day, is it not? Just one of many eventful days to come. Get a firm hold on your hats, my friends. I do believe the next few months— indeed, all of these next three years or so—shall bring transformation speedily enough for all of you. The Merlin has said more than once that he finds himself nearly out of Breath these days, and it is Truth. Metatron has awakened though, and this one has enough Breath and to spare for the changes that come. A transforming Storm of unbelievably vast proportions is being Created even as we speak. Its repercussions will be felt by all on the planet Earth. This energy is no respecter of persons— wealthy and poor, powerful and humble— all will reel under the staggering assault to existing thoughtforms and belief structures the Council of Light is about to launch under Metatron’s sure guidance.

Look for more political and economic upheaval in the immediate future— not only abroad, but striking heavily at existent institutions in the United States. More of the Mighty will begin to totter in the next days, and more than one shall fall before the month is out. Scandals will abound before the fall elections, and the central government shall be further undermined by a surprising turn of events that is even now taking place. This spring will be especially lovely, but poignantly so because few will be able to extricate themselves from their troubles for long enough to notice. Only those who have put their trust in God and Truth and the Great Awakening will feel and appreciate the fresh burst of Creativity which Easter this year will usher in. For all others on Earth at this time, there will seem to be no place or position of safety any longer, no security economic or personal to be acquired, no haven from the Storm they see tearing apart the fabric of their old life. Tell them to use their devalued dollars to light the Beltane fires, for by May that ancient Pagan ceremony will bring them a larger return on their investment than any stock or bond– and tell them to remember that the land can’t be bought or sold, it belongs to the Great Spirit. You will find the trends in Real Estate to be  most interesting, especially in the period from about six months to a year from now.

While all of this may seem just so much more doom and gloom, it is not so. Many shall Awaken out of the nightmare of these travails, and many more shall begin to cast about for some alternative to their suffering. Most importantly, the trouble of these coming years shall prove the only glue necessary to make the great diversity of peoples and their various cultures on Earth into a Community. It is the greatest healing we could hope for them at this time, to see the long sundered groups of individuals on this planet melded into the singular Humankind. Yes, we are counting on adversity to bring out the best in them, to open their hearts and their eyes to one another and ultimately to Truth.

Well, I have said a mouthful in a few words today, and I believe that that is enough. I will save whatever rabbits I still have in my hat for another time, and perhaps Metatron will return to conclude our little session.

In Conclusion

Metatron: The Merlin does not speak as though he were out of Breath, but perhaps it is time for others to shoulder much of the load our beloved Wizard has carried for so long on his backward trek through Earth’s History. What is the use of having proteges unless the time comes for them to take up the responsibilities while the Teacher has a well earned vacation? This is not to say that Merlin will be any less available— only that he is likely to delegate many of his former offices to those who have been prepared for these tasks. While it is true that I shall become increasingly a part of the planetary Consciousness these next several months, it won’t be at the expense of your old friendships with Nowel and Elreth. They are still here of course, only more so than in the past. You shall find, happily I hope, that both have gained new dimensions of Being in their reunion within my Self.

Unless you have specific questions, I shall take my leave at this time. Blessings to All.


Power―The Mirror

Power-- The Mirror

Received from Merlin sometime in the late 1990s… I have been so very blessed on my spiritual path to have had wonderful Teachers―some of them physically incarnate and others dwellers in less material realms. Merlin has been with me since nearly the beginning. He would say even before that, that I just wasn’t aware yet. He has served as guide, teacher and friend through three tumultuous decades.

Power is Love

While it has been close to, if not, twenty years since I hastily transcribed this on a sheet of notebook paper, I have only shared it with one other person that I can recall. A few months ago it was made plain to me that it was time to begin sharing some of the accumulated information I have garnered from Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Beings of Light along the long and difficult Way.

Today is the day I am guided to share this. These were, with some edits for clarity on my part, and with some updates provided by Merlin himself, his words…

Power! We’ve spoken at length on this subject over the years. Still, you are not quite at a point of complete understanding or knowingness where this phenomenon is concerned. As I have repeated many times―“Power is Love”. And that conflicts with the perception of Power that is generally held on the Earth at present, does it not?

If this is so, and I say that it is, then it must be a very fundamental part of the Grand Illusion we have been attempting to dispel. It must indeed be that Mirror which separates the material dual universe from the universe of the Triad which is Light.

What is Power within the strictures of the corporeal Earth plane? It can be defined as control, as authority, as influence, as might, as an ability or faculty to which one may aspire but may or may not ever acquire. It becomes a matter of struggle, because as we know, some have it, most want it, and no one wants anyone else to have more of it than they themselves have. Most of the history of this planet and much of the prehistory also is based on this rather simplistic premise― the pursuit of Power.

Traditionally, the pursuit of Power has been a primarily male (or masculine) occupation. Men have fought countless wars over it, committed atrocities for it, and very literally forsook their humanity to attain it. This was not the pursuit of Love! The very idea and ideals of Love have been inverted by this Mirror. Instead of honoring the sacred river of Love that flows forth into Creation through the medium of the feminine womb, a religion was formed around the ejection of the phallic seed into that womb. The mad proliferation of gross material―the male equating his Godhood with this ability to fill the world with flesh stamped with his genetic imprint, whether the Cosmic Spirit was available to inhabit it or not is the root of all this struggle for Power. And it has degenerated from there. Power came to be associated with the material, with acquisition and ownership, and the might required to maintain it, to protect it from all those others who would steal it if they could.

Phallic Fallacy

Look at the history of the human race―it is overladen with tales of slavery, fiefdoms, harems, kingdoms, empires, colonies, subject states, territories, protectorates, etc., ad nauseum―all of those things aimed at the acquiring of Power by subjugating other human beings. Now, to get down to the “nuts and bolts” (Interesting phrase, eh? Men have nuts, don’t they, and the bolt is another phallic replica?) of this pursuit of power.

Think for awhile about the implements, the weapons that men have used in their unending quest for power. Let’s see―early on there were clubs, to be followed by knives, arrows, lances, swords, battering rams and so forth―every one of them a symbol of the male member, the erect and potent penis. Then, with the advancing of technology and the drive toward more efficient means of asserting power, there were guns, cannons, various kinds of projectiles, bombs and missiles. You can see where I am going with this. All of these things phallic, ejaculatory, and unmistakably invented by the male obsession with it’s genital energy center. When was anyone ever conquered by being enveloped in the vessica, the feminine vagina?

I told you long ago that Love was Power, that Power was Energy and that all Energy is sexual in nature. Well, power and sexuality are certainly enmeshed in the mass-consciousness of the humans on Earth. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, sex and love were separated, and that truly is the Mirror that was put into place to keep humanity from slipping back into the Void. For, as you can see, the sex which exists on Earth without Love is neither true sex, or true power. When access to the Fountain and the Love that flowed through it was lost, the memory of that Love dimmed quickly, but humankind remembered that sexuality was the inlet for that Power and seized upon that to the exclusion of all else.

Man remembered also, that the female had been the conduit of this power and came to the belief that she was purposely trying to withhold it, and that it could be taken from her by force. The female, though she had also forgotten that Love was the Power she once channeled, still intuited that love was an important ingredient in sex, and so became a victim of the very emotion she was trying to preserve.

Power The Mirror

Feminism (The Self-Rescuing Princess)

When Kwan Yin has spoken to you of the Great Separation, it is the separation of Love and Sex to which she refers. It is not the separation of awareness from God, though that is one of its effects, or the separation of male and female, though this is what prolongs and maintains it. It is simply the bastardization of Power that resulted from the schism between Sex and Love so long ago. Now we come to these strange and eventful times at the end of Earth’s history. The Fountain (The Void, Great Goddess, The Cosmic Mother) is becoming accessible again. Love once more flows forth from the Cosmos into this odd little pocket of fractured space, and yet it is nearly impossible to experience more than a trickle of that great Power, and that only among a very few.

(That number has increased substantially in the two decades since I initially received this information. GS)

Why is this? Because the Mirror hasn’t been shattered. It is high time that we relegated it to the dust bin, but it has been here for so long that it has become an integral part of Consciousness―a culture has been built around it, and if the Mirror breaks so must the very framework of human social structure. This is not such a bad thing to contemplate, but not an easy task to accomplish. Love again exists as an ideal in this world, but how many have yet equated it with the sexual imperative?

Just when we are needing most that female inclination to intuit that she once was Love, she has very nearly forgotten the inclination. She has observed mankind’s frantic scrabble for Power over the ages and has finally concluded that this pursuit of power is within her domain also. Through long suffering and hardship, she has honed her faculties of reason and logic, and has largely sacrificed her receptive intuitivity in the process. She has hardened her heart, strengthened her “physical” body and discerned that her vagina is a thing of great value. After all, men have been intent on prodding it through force, slavery, bribery and coercion for as long as she can remember. Just as the male ceased to see her as sacred, she has forgotten that co-mingling with him can bring any gratification beyond orgasm and the acquisition of temporal power. Just as the male has “stuck it to her” for so long, she now desires to stick it to him―using his own tactics, no less.

Finally, the struggle for power has been loosed from male dominance, not to become male pitted against female, the probability line that was once anticipated―through which the next stage of humankind’s clearing could be facilitated with relative ease and balance ultimately reached. But with everyone for him and herself, one doesn’t have to look very hard to see the impasse this sexual, power driven morass has reached.

Sex in a Box

Just look at the way the sexual vernacular has insinuated itself into office, boardroom and bureaucracy, and the vulgar connotations it has assumed. To screw someone, to fuck them over, to stick it to them, is to assert power over, while being screwed, fucked or stuck implies loss of same. Men who threaten another’s power are motherfuckers or cocksuckers, the women who do the same are bitches and ball-busters. Men quite commonly refer to women as cunts and pussies, reducing them, in essence, to genitals without value as human beings. Women do the same. Men are often pricks, fuckers and dicks rather than real people to them any longer.

Everywhere you turn, relationships, whether the traditional family-oriented type or the myriad of new forms that have been increasingly experimented with during the past several decades, are failing miserably. This is what occurs when the ethical and moral structures that have served to conceal the lack of love among them collapses. These structures were supposed to collapse under the weight of Truth and Love, dear ones, but instead they have been crushed by a power struggle the likes of which this old world has never seen. People are willing to prostitute themselves for this power in every conceivable fashion. Sex is the commodity, no matter how it is clothed, and power is currency in whatever form it appears.

People fuck their way up the corporate ladder. Other people find themselves fucking the powerful in order to bring them down. Sexual imagery is used to sell everything from cars to toothpaste. Television and other so called “entertainment” media pander to this thirst for power in every form, from the subtle violent/sexual signals buried in children’s shows, the blatant innuendo of prime time and on through the varying shades of primal violence and sexuality pervading the so-called adult programming. You have noticed that I used the word violence with sex in the last sentence, and that is because in this world, the two are virtually interchangeable. I will state, unequivocally that where there is sex, there is violence, and where there is violence, there is this world’s twisted version of sex.

It goes on and on. Pornography is in its heyday with all the technology at its disposal. Most of you are connected to one or more devices almost constantly now. No longer does one have to leave the privacy of home to experience all sorts of SEX, and one doesn’t have to risk relationship, emotional entanglement or loss of that personal feeling of power that can result from interacting with real people. Women happily open their legs for photographs and videos, because they feel their power pulsing through their pussies, and they less and less often feel any tug at their emotions or their Heart. Men exhibit their erect cocks like strutting birds, certain that how well hung they are confers some kind of instant status within the male hierarchy. And people fuck one another before these cameras, mindlessly and lovelessly, because they need to be noticed, to evoke some emotion, whether it is lust, admiration, jealousy or just titillation. Anything, to make other people feel something without having to risk giving something of themselves.

As for the watchers, the consumers of all this automatic Erotica, what do they get? They get to feel whatever these performances evoke without any danger of giving up their power to the ones who provoked these feelings. It is all the same thing, after all. The great majority of people on Earth have this deep need to feel something, to feel anything, yet they are terrified that they might have to give up their power to do so. Such is the anesthetizing effect of the Lack of Love.

Break the Mirror

It pervades deeper and deeper into the psyche, into the essence of the beings who inhabit this planet―this need to feel without the struggle for power which all experience says will result from that expression. Ones on Earth do not Trust. They have forgotten how to experience community and how to share themselves with their fellows. They have forgotten that there are entire realms of sexual expression that do not involve penetration and ejaculation. So they protect themselves from becoming the fuckee rather than the fucker by withdrawing further and further into the protective barrier of Ego identity. The Self and Selfishness have become the last bastion of defense against all those who would certainly take away their power if given the chance. It is a sad impasse. Humankind was meant to break the Mirror Themselves/Itself when the Time was ripe, but here it is nearly the end of Time, and it seems it cannot be done.

What then is the point of my diatribe you may wonder? To ask one more favor of the Light-workers, of those Awakening out of the long sleep to the possibility of Transformation and Ascension. We, the many Beings of Light who came to help restore Earth from the Fall, out of Love and concern for this planet and her children, put the Mirror into place all of those Eons ago. Now, it falls to us who have assumed physical form to Break it, to demonstrate the true Power of Love to these lost ones. I realize that what I ask goes beyond what many of you were prepared for, but I ask it anyway―for Love.

― Master Merlin

Power The Mirror