The Great Cleansing 2020

Moving Over 1000 Miles in the Days of Covid-19

I haven’t posted in a good while, since late April in fact, and really haven’t had the Time to devote to this Blog and Website at all. This year has been a Roller Coaster Ride indeed. Whether considered from a Spiritual stance, a Practical one, or just in view of the downright Chaotic background (and sometimes foreground) we’ve lived Life to in 2020.

I began the year on an optimistic note, already knowing that it would be the one in which we would finally go Home. No, nothing as Dramatic as returning to the Stars from which we hail, but going back to the place on Earth where my Heart tells me I belong in this, my final and most important sojourn into manifest incarnation. Having returned to this magical place, a tiny town on the edge of a high desert in West Texas, I feel that I, at least, have come full circle. We (myself, my partner of many years and two children, now adults) came here in 1997 to do a Job.

We were —are —Forerunners. This was what he and I were told by our respective guides and teachers upon Awakening to Ascension Process in the 1980s. During the intense and extremely busy and trying decade of the 1990s, we were simultaneously pushed through a number of initiatory experiences, educated and required to learn a great deal about all sorts of energy work, and very quickly. By the time we were sent to West Texas in the latter half of the decade, we were old hands at energetic work of many different kinds. The early Lightworkers seldom specialized as many do these days. We were spread too thin, and the demands of the Path caused no small number to fall by the wayside. This is not a condemnation of those by any means. The work was brutally difficult, and there was always more to be done, than there were bodies to do it through.

We arrived in this desert fastness then with high hopes, and that unquenchable optimism that was often all that carried us through. We were Pattern Makers, creating templates and preparing the way for the mass Awakenings that would come during the next two decades. Building on our mistakes, changing tack when a challenge proved too difficult or, at times, impossible, to surmount, we undertook whatever tasks the Great Goddess set us. Books could be written on the work we did, but here I will only say that while we did create many of the patterns for Ascension that are the models being used now, we were not as successful in creating a Home for our own group of Lightworkers as might have been wished by the Goddess and the Masters. Often we operated on marginal probabilities and nothing more than slim hope. And always, we were forced to engage with those Beings who would oppose Ascension and the work we were doing.

In the present tense, I see that this Opposition has been labeled Evil, has been made into the Enemy to be done battle with, rather than as a Life out of Balance, in need of Healing.. I don’t suppose there was any way this could be avoided. However, we were and are here to Heal, not accuse, fight or revile. Our Battles are fought with the Sword of Truth and tempered with the Love of the Goddess and the Mercy of God. We are here to help repair the damage done by a War in Heaven that split a Universe, not to be part of maintaining it. We are here to Assist Earth/Gaia and those who would call Her Home to Rise.

Full Circle

And so after years of struggle, and a decade during which All-That-Is, the Great Source that we serve sent us to Sleep, to recover from the many energetic wounds we sustained in our service, we ReAwakened last fall. Though we continued to serve during those lost years as Healers and Guardians, it was without access to our full Awareness or Consciousness. The Totality of what we had lived without during those years was overwhelming, and the vast changes in the Spiritual Community and the progression of Ascension Process hard to fathom.

We hit the ground running though, and have spent the past nine months completing the Patterns we put into place over two decades ago, building new energetic gestalts, and shifting the underpinnings of the Planetary Energy Body into the proper configuration for the current Situation.. Along the way, I was told it was Time to come Home, to return to the physical location of our most ambitious Etheric construct, and bring it into Manifestation. I have my own Hobbit’s Tale now. There and Back again. What a splendid adventure!

However, only the cooperation of Spirit/Source and the assistance of many Masters got us through the process of accomplishing this relocation during one of the most tumultuous periods in recent History. The four of us, along with two cats and all of the remaining (after selling off much of it along with our house in Florida) Earthly goods we required to set up house, and soon, hopefully, a business on this end of the journey. Accomplishing anything in the Days of Covid-19 seems to be frought with complication, and our actual relocation took place during the riots that erupted after the death of George Floyd.

Most of this I only knew because we turned on the News in our hotel room on the first night of our journey. I had inklings, garnered from Facebook and Social Media, but in the crushing lack of routine and last minute preparations immediately before the move, I had paid little attention. I quit watching or reading what passes as News these days quite some time back. If something catches my attention, or is brought to it by Guidance, I do research, but mostly just recognize that we live in times of extreme turbulence and chaos. To give any of this undue attention would only interfere with my Work.

Crossing the Parallel Lines

On my various trips back and forth between Texas and North Carolina, or Texas and Florida, I have observed that there is an invisible line that runs through the state, at least the parts of it I have visited or driven through thus far. On one side, it is the Mundane, that rushed, chaotic, overcrowded, driven and hurried World most live in these days. At some point on the very long trip across Texas, you suddenly find yourself in what feels like another world, and finally able to breathe more deeply. The traffic falls off, towns become scattered and back from the highway, the landscape grows wilder and more magnificent, and the air becomes more arid and simultaneously Magical.

I had not really thought of it in the terms used by Carlos Castaneda in his books describing the teachings of the Yaqui Seer Don Juan Matus, but the feeling or Mood of the trip through Texas certainly applies. You cross a line, west of San Antonio on one route, Austin another, and Fort Worth in the North. There are very distinctly two Texas’ in my mind, or Texas and Tejas— one part of the ordinary world, contemporary and very rushed while the other is timeless and extra-ordinary in every way And this trip across Texas, seeing the experience through the eyes of my two adult children who were still very young on previous trips, only enhanced this idea. My Son was entranced by the contrast, and told me he felt as though he were coming Home, even through the hasn’t been to West Texas in more than twenty years.

Arriving back in this small town was very much the completion of a Circle, or Cycle. In fact,we came very close to buying a house right next door to the one we occupied two decades earlier. Like our first time arriving here, our house was not yet ready for occupancy, so we spent two weeks in temporary lodgings, getting reacquainted and reoriented within the area. Covid-19 regulations were in a lull. Most places were open and only a few people wore masks. (That came to an abrupt end just a few weeks into our residency. We are now wearing masks in all public places, and many recreational facilities and some businesses remain closed,) My partner and I managed to open new Bank accounts here before the lobby closed. However, the younger members of our household had to do their bank accounts over the phone and using the Drive-Through windows.

On the whole, as is true with nearly everything these days, getting settled into a new locale has been made very much more complicated by Covid-19. As I write this, the experience continues to present challenges. Apparently, the disruption accompanying the movement of goods and obtaining services in a timely manner will continue as the summer progresses. A lot of time is spent trying to get things done that in less stressful times would have been relatively easy. We have furniture and goods on order for the house, and wait every week for the updates on what actually has arrived. We are just past July 4th weekend as I write this, and like many places, much of the usual celebration was cancelled here. Life feels constrained somehow, though here at the edges of the desert most of it seems more distant, less immediate, but still very evident. Despite the circumstances of our return, or perhaps more so because of them, we are glad to be Home.

desert poppies
Desert Poppies

What the World Needs Now

We all know what the world needs always, and that is more Love. It is a four letter word that doesn’t hurt the ears or connote negativity just by its utterance. Unfortunately, the way many people use it, it does. Love though, brought as Light into the Darkness is the Healing Salve for this weary wounded planet we—human, starseed, daevic, elemental and angelic alike—inhabit at present. And it is needed desperately in these troubled and tumultuous times.

As the year 2020’s surprises continue to unfold, many may wonder just what this all signifies. For many others, it is all too evident. Lightworkers are finding themselves pushed, and pulled, past their limits in these trying days. Like us, many are finding themselves uprooted, moved by their guidance or inner knowing to different places on the Physical Earth. Many are called to service who previously were uncertain of the roles they would play. And Play they will, for all the World truly is a stage right now, and we are all the Players.

Again, I would say this is only the beginning. There is much more to come. Though some cry to the rooftops that some fortunate We are ready to move into New Earth, to live in a paradise where none must toil or do without, the fact is the New Earth/Gaia is not ready for them. They are not wanted there until they can show that they have learned to be Stewards rather than Despoilers, until there is no doubt that these ones are those who would continue to work and sacrifice, leaving No One Behind unless at last resort, at All-That-Is’ bidding. Take a hard look around. This is not the World you live in. The guidance calls this Cleansing. I call it the Tribulation at the end of All Things. Heaven is not something given. It is Earned.

My own guidance, the connection to Higher Self that keeps me on my Path, calls these times the Great Cleansing. This particular appellation was chosen because of the continuing polarities, the divisiveness and separation that mark this Now with more dissension and disagreement perhaps than at any time in History. It is Ethnic and Racial, and it is Religious and Spiritual, and it is Sexual, and it is Political, and it is Scientific and Technological. A great tangle, a gigantic web of lies, untruths, half-truths and unrealized probabilities looms just before you. This is part and parcel of the Hopi’s Purification, of the Christian Armageddon, the Jewish Apocalypse, the Islamic Hour, the StarSeed’s Great Awakening… All Roads lead to the same Place in Tme, in Space, in Destiny and Fate. It is the Motherload of All Nexus’, an intersection of probability lines involving billions of Lifestreams (Beings, People, Animals, Birds, Insects and what have you) and it is Occuring Now. Covid-19 is just a Waystation along the Road, a place you have stopped briefly while some critical balance and preparation is done. You are only at the beginnings of this critical juncture in what remains of Time. It will seem as these dramas unfold that they are targeting certain groups, whether species or ethnicities, and this is true. This has happened with fires last year in the Arctic Circle, in the Amazon, and more recently in Australia. Additionally drought, storms, volcanoes and earthquakes have impacted much of the restless Earth. This year has brought pestilence and plague. A virus sweeps around the planet while record heat and fires begin another cycle. Many of our animal friends have already either Ascended with the Mother Earth or returned Home if not native to this Planet, and so have left what appeared as physical incarnations among us. Many more will soon follow. A great number of the Starseed Collective have completed their work over the last six months or so and also taken their leave of Earth. However, in most cases, they leave a bewildered Human behind in the midst of Ascension process.

Back to Work/What Lies Ahead

Having settled back into our Home in West Texas, we are already deep into the crucial energy work that is being required here, and in thousands of other seemingly out of the way places around the planet. Homes are being prepared for those who survive this maelstrom brewing in the worlds, and who are True to their own Hearts and Divine Purposes. There is no Time to spare.

The Signs are everywhere these days, though there are still many who refuse to see. However, with so many Signs, it grows increasingly difficult to See the Sights along the Road. And these must not be missed, for they include dis-ease, dis-quiet and despair, hunger and poverty, death and destruction. They also include Hope and Truth and Love and Light. Each Human, from the certainty of his/her own treasured Free Will, Sees what they choose to include in their own version of Reality.

All we can do is present them with Alternatives. For those stalwart enough, with Heart enough, the Road leads Straight to Bensalem, and from there, either Home to the Stars or on into The New Earth. For others, it is to Perdition they must go. That, we fear, is the World being prepared for them by that Other Side, that which I called the Opposition, but that others are labeling Enemy and Evil. It is only the other side though, as long as it Chooses to and is allowed to Be. And that World being readied for those ones who choose hate and fear over love and light is just a new Classroom. Another venue for clearing and ascension by those who should be weary of these endless rounds of earthbound existence, but instead, insist on running the hamster wheel for another Age.

Since I am no longer allowed to intercede directly for or on the behalf of the many who are caught in this Cleansing, I wonder sometimes what is the purpose of Seeing so many of these lies and untruths that continue to fuel the separation and discord that marks so much of human interaction in these latter days— and not doing anything about it. Well, that is the rub, is it not? There is not much to be done when any statements I make on Social Media or elsewhere are almost certain to incite more of the very dissonance I would ideally see reconciled. In a world with an unprecedented number of open Hearts, it is unfortunately true also that we are hard pressed to find many open Minds. The advice I receive is invariably to continue to let them disagree, to bicker, argue and fight amongst themselves. They are providing triggers for one another, pushing the envelope where clearing and reconciling the probable pasts is concerned.

So, I keep most of the things I know and think to myself, and write another one of these Blog posts when it is required of me. I am told that when it is time to step in, where a point can be made that will assist at least some of them, I will Know and do what is required. Most of what I do tell others falls on deaf ears outside a very tight circle. I am passing beyond the possibility of making gratuitous gestures, so perhaps it is true as I have been told that when I do comment or make an observation, it hits its mark. Whether I See results or not is immaterial. If I make a single person think, if something I say results in some revelation or another, this is good. And this is why, despite my conflicting feelings about Facebook and some other platforms, I continue to Watch, to take the pulse of an alien world by what they choose to publish.

All that I can really say about this Nexus the Worlds are hung in, this Great Cleansing, is This is Big! While I have been somewhat overwhelmed by many of the assignments I’ve taken on in the probable pasts on this planet, it turns out that those were only the overture for the Main Show. I, and those I work closest with, have left those Old Earth venues behind, and need only observe activities in the 3rd and 4th dimensional constructs for the most part because now there are bigger Fish to Fry. This is what we were sent here for, what has gotten us through all of the rest, spanning dozens of lifetimes and countless possibilities and probabilities. Like sifting through a haystack, we have been rewarded finally by not only finding the Needle, but also learning to spin straw into Gold.

In our Etheric-becoming-Astral Construct, Bensalem, we have brought all the Stories, the myths, legends and tales that form the archetypal patterns of human life and experience on this planet together in a vast Educational Matrix that not only encourages but requires Ascension. In New Earth, we will bring all the quests, all journeys and challenges to Magical and Mystical Climax. Think about this and maybe submit an application. We require teachers, healers, energy and grid workers, and light-bearers of all sorts to keep Bensalem running as it continues to expand, becoming accessible in Awareness to millions of Ascending Lifestreams around the Earth.

As is often the case, this post has meandered, going where it wanted to rather than where I thought it might. That is fine. All is Perfection. As I get settled, hopefully I will find more time to devote to this Website. If it is what is required, I most certainly will.

Stay tuned…

Ascended Masters of Bensalem

Welcome to Your Fifth Dimensional Home

Welcome to Your Fifth Dimensional Home

The following is received from the group of Ascended Beings who have incarnated through the fifth dimensional consciousness template that is to emerge as what is often referred to as the New Earth. In addition to assisting in its construction and activation, they serve as administrators and teachers of those who are able to access this World, or Level of Consciousness. Their number includes Arcturus, Metatron, Sandalphon, The Archangels including Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, Chamuel, Zadkiel and a number of others, Merlin, Kwan Yin, Babaji, Hermes Trismegistus, Sunat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara, to name a few. They have some messages they wish relayed. Arcturus serves as primary spokesman.

Greetings, Citizens of Earth! We would address you in all of your remarkable Diversity. There is nowhere else in this wide Universe quite like this small but unique planet. Perhaps that is why so many have come to participate in our Drama. And high drama it is. The precession of a planet and a sun, and the healing of a Universe. All in a Day’s work for God—for All-That-Is but—it takes considerably longer from your Earthbound perspective.

We are here to speak briefly about the current state of the Fifth Dimensional World, and perhaps to clear up some misconceptions and confusion regarding same. However, I fear we shall generate much of the Same, as well. After all, Ascension has become a Trending Topic. There are many sources of information about Ascension Process available in these, the last days of humankind, and a few of them are even genuine. We say Humankind here, even though many of you identify as Starseeds. It really doesn’t matter, after all, Where the Lifestream or Soul you are embodying hails from. You have wrapped yourself in the Material, the Blood and the Bones, of Earth/Gaia, so if She cares to lay claim to you She is certainly entitled.

However, She has her own itinerary. Gaia has received, on the whole, rough handling from those who were supposed to be Stewards and Caretakers of a sacred trust, so She attends to her own agenda at present. For all of those who failed to notice last December, the Planet and her Children have Ascended. Gaia is fully assimilated into a Fifth Dimensional Matrix. Since this event was anticipated, arrangements were made for the populations—human, starseed and other— dependent on the planetary energy body for continued incarnate life. Just before the Planetary Shift, you were diverted into specifically prepared Awareness Bands/Worlds. To use a popular phrase within the spiritual community, we are Holding Space for you until such time as you are ready to move fully into the Fifth Dimension. At present, for our purposes here, we will say that there exists a world through which those of fourth dimension and above’s experience is expressed, and yet another for those who still remain third dimensional. The number of Worlds available for incarnate expression has been greater at times, but that is a story for another occasion. There are two others presently, not accessible to your lower density, and that Fifth Dimensional Level so many have awaited.

The Etheric Fifth Dimensional Venue is Now open to those who have achieved that level of consciousness or beyond. Though it has been called by numerous names by different channels and sources, we call it Bensalem [Perfect Son or Son of Completion in Hebrew]. There has been much conjecture about what the fifth dimensional world will be like. At present, the accessible 5D template remains almost entirely an Etheric construct, a pattern that can only be expressed in manifestation once enough Consciousness is present to form a quorum—a tipping point so to speak. In this Here and Now, though you are still physically constrained to the manifest environment, we are nearing five million beings who are able to access this world in varying degrees through their higher consciousness. As you are aware, this is only a token percentage of those incarnated on Earth.

Bensalem is a beautiful and quite amazing place, though not quite perhaps the Paradise many are expecting. What it isn’t, is a place where any can bring the baggage or expectations from their previous lives. Unless you have completed the rigorous stages of Ascension that require you to give up everything you ever thought of as Yours, you are not welcome here. This includes attachments to other people, to material items or wealth, to your opinions and lower self emotions—well, if you are far enough along in Ascension Process to be contemplating entrance into the fifth dimensional arena, you already Know. What is required, is an open Heart and I Am, a dedication to service, the willingness to work in whatever area is deemed necessary, and the ability to selflessly become part of a Whole. Bensalem is more a School than a world. It is the proving ground for those who have attained a required level of Ascension, a higher education if you will.

There is a choice to be made here. We have facilities to return those who wish, and feel that they have fulfilled their purpose here, to places prepared in their home star systems. Though we do not stand in Judgement in Bensalem, we do hold ones Accountable who would hinder or interfere with the Ascension of others. We tire of the frauds, those who twist the Truth or tell outright lies, and those who would judge some more deserving of Ascension than others. The Masters are calling out all of these who have sought to use Ascension as a means of Profit, who see spiritual enlightenment as a doorway to material abundance. This misuse of Spiritual Power must cease. There was a time when Ascension was wrapped in great Mystery and Secrecy. That is no more. The Gateways to Eternity are open to All who choose to take the Path.

You cannot buy Ascension. Taking a course does not make you a Shaman or a Seer or a Master. You cannot purchase an energetic level-up. And we would say that you cannot enter Bensalem if you make a living selling these things. Go dig a ditch or wait tables if you must. Using your God-Given talents for healing and energy work to make a profit just makes you part of the Problem. Trusting in God or the Universe to Provide is not the same as expecting it to line your pockets or supply you with a retirement plan. Many are calling for a reform of the monetary system. It doesn’t start with the government or the financial sector, It starts with you. The choices you make about how you live, and what you are willing to do to make money decide how the system works, or doesn’t. Abundance is expressed through the way you live your life, not how affluent you are.

Bensalem is a place to apply what you have learned in Ascension process, a place where one may experience a wide range of Life lessons through the expression of Archetypal Stories or Dramas, in order to apply them to your own growth and ability to interrelate with your fellows. It is a place where the idea of Unity, of the Collective, is raised to the next level. For those who have particular talents or vocation, there is continued initiation into the deeper mysteries, an opportunity to expand on the shamanic, druidic, feminine/goddess, alchemical and magical paths under the tutelage of the Masters and Angels. At a certain point in these esoteric apprenticeships, it will be decided whether the individual is sent on to Manifest Fifth Dimensional Earth or back to assist others in what we term the Old Earth Worlds.

Just to clarify, We do not interfere with Ascension process itself. If ones Fall, we will pick them up, and happily lend council or assistance, but each is responsible for his/her own Path. And the Path to Ascension is one of Surrender and Sacrifice, of Service and Devotion. Do not confuse the Process with the Path. If you are endlessly experiencing the symptoms, but still not feeling that you are getting anywhere, then you are Stuck. You are missing the point. While there is suffering on this Path, there are also great blessings. If you haven’t experienced Both, then it is Time that you made an assessment and take personal responsibility. The continued finger pointing ,the assigning of Blame, whether of other people, of situations, of evil or other forces, is pointless. No one but you made the decision to Ascend, and no one else is responsible for how you fare. Love yourself, and Love others as well, and you are well on your Way.

Message from Lord Arcturus, Elohim of the Heart/I Am and Galactic Coordinator and Administrator, on behalf of the Council of Light in Bensalem, the Mystic Center.

Welcome Home