Light Intersecting Matter—The Lifestream

Light and the Manifest Illusion

Light Intersecting Matter

As I read and research on current developments in Ascension Process as it ripples around the globe in ever widening circles, I See that there is a great deal of misunderstanding among the recently awakened regarding how life functions within the boundaries of the Earth/Gaia’s Planetary Grid. I am going to attempt to shed some Light in this area if I may.

First of all, there are a great number of misconceptions about how Hierarchy works in this Universe and many others. This is not a case of better than or more worthy than… It is merely a matter of Integrity. A condition of being Closer to All-That-Is in energetic composition. I am going to simplify greatly here, because it is not necessary to worry the details. The best way to look at it is to see Creation as a blossoming, and unfoldment from the Center (Source/All-That-Is/The Void). I would note that I am speaking of this Universe here. There are countless Universes, experiencing a myriad variations of this process.

Out of that Center(Source/All-That-Is/The Void). wishing to know Itself, Longing for the experience of Self-Reflection, first came the Emanations, the Sephiroth or Attributes through which the Infinite begins to Know Itself. There were Ten in the beginning (Until the War initiated by an Archangel attempting to Usurp the Creative Impulse caused Two of the Mighty Emanations to split resulting in Twelve. I will address this subject in the future if there is interest.) and out of the interactions of these Emanations, Life began to emerge into Creation. First those we know as the Archangels, the Word of God in Motion, then the Elohim, the Expression of God’s Nature, and Manu, the Co-Creator of God’s Will.

The Emanations were the First Lifestreams, those closest to Source, then they began to split into these Kingdoms of Beings, with each Emanation expressed through these Three. From there, the Kingdoms each began to split into rivers of Light/Life, into the various Angelics, the Elementals and the Humans, constantly branching into more diverse channels and tributaries. This simultaneous expansion and individuation extended the Awareness of All-that-Is and enriched all of Creation.

Light Becomes Matter—The Corporeal Being

When Light, and I speak here of Life— the Lifestream—enters into the restricted environment of the lower dimensional or material planes within the distortion of the Space-Time Continuum about a star or planet, it becomes fragmented. I use the term Lifestream to convey the concept of Self I wish to address, rather than the more limited concepts of Spirit, Soul, Entity or Being. When Light, the Lifestream, intersects the grid of Space, Time, Gravity and Relativity, it splits and refracts into a myriad tributaries of Light.

The Fragmentation that a Lifestream experiences upon entering the density surrounding a planetary body is unavoidable. This is the reason for the difficulty on Earth/Gaia of experiencing oneself as part of the Larger Reality, the loss of connection with the Higher Self and the isolation of the Individual. I will attempt a rather simple explanation. I have already said that Lifestreams on Earth have fragmented. Instead of intersecting with the Energy Body, the electromagnetic field, of the Earth while still maintaining their own integrity, Lifestreams here are pulled into a spiral of increasing Density, of condensed form, as they approach the physical body of the planet. Light becomes Matter. It is as if the Lifestream were passing through a grid formed out of the intersection of Time and Space. It cannot remain intact and do so, so it splits or fragments into many individual aspects.

Because there is a great variation in the gravitational field ones encounter as they approach Earth, the seeming flow of Time is variable also, or Relative, becoming slower as gravity increases and limiting the dimensions of Awareness that can be experienced by the Lifestream fragment. Since Time doesn’t really exist except as a dimension of Awareness, experienced by the limited consciousness of the Fragment Lifestream one point of focus at a time, in a linear or chronological fashion, the Lifestream is spread out along the field created by each Incarnational Aspect. In other words, the Self you are at this moment is not the same Self you were half an hour ago, or will be a half hour hence. To complicate matters further, each Self, operating independently within the moment, or the boundaries of its separate framework, has the power to choose from an array of decisions which may affect all of the Selfs which have come before or after. This creates a further dispersal of the Lifestream into a multidimensional terrain containing alternate realities and probable events, as well as variations in perception and perspective sufficient to “change the world” you seemingly inhabit. So, what was One shining stream of light before it arrived on Earth, is now incomprehensibly scattered.

So while you were a magnificent Being of Light, now you are a corporeal being, tied to the surface of the planet, forced to find food, shelter and sustenance before you can even start to ponder on your Larger Reality. And of course, when addressing the dimension of Time, there is the matter of what is thought of as reincarnationthe aspects of Self that appear throughout the probable pasts. Since Time is primarily a Tool used to organize Perception, it only seems to fall into a Linear construct. In Reality, it is all Now, dependent upon where you have placed your perceptual focus. The consensus reality is set up so that we experience it as a unidirectional flow for the most part, creating a shared framework through which humanity can interpret Life. However, each of what would be seen as these incarnational aspects represents a further sundering of the original Lifestream/Awareness that entered into the planet’s density. Since we’re keeping this simple, I believe this is enough for the present about the descent into corporeal existence.

Turning AroundGoing Back to The Light

Now that we have gotten to the Matter of the matter, I would like to speak briefly about some of the ploys used by the Lifestream in order to survive and organize itself within the limitations of physical being. I have broken down these systems into eight principle components which also correspond rather closely to certain of the initiatory experiences that accompany investiture into many of the traditions and religious vocations. These are the various aspects, readily accepted as Self by most, which are used to tailor or define our function within the boundaries of the World in which we find our self at any given point. You may think of them as costumes, disguises of what we are in the context of larger Reality, or for the more technologically minded, as the software,programs or apps used to adapt a computer or other device to the user’s purposes. These then, are the components of the physical focus as I’ve classified them; Persona, Mold of Man, the Form, the Ego, the Soul, the Spirit, the Christ Self, and the I Am. These are to some extent arbitrary labels I have assigned to the various aspects of Manifest Self, but very apropos for the most part. They align closely with the subtle bodies described by mystics and seers for millennia, but are a more concise picture of the more physical aspects we present to the world.

In order to escape this corporeal fracturing of Lifestream, this loss of memory and integrity ones encounter upon entering the planetary energy body, we must first realize that there is More to us. And that Realization ideally leads us to Seek Freedom, to pursue what we call Ascension Process. That process begins to unfold when we start the assimilation or balancing of these Aspects of Self. Greater numbers of people are seeking this very freedom, embarking upon the difficult journey of Ascension, than ever before. While it is as easy as making the decision to do so, it is not a decision made lightly, or past a certain point, without an understanding of what is entailed. It is another paradox that one cannot discover the True Self, until one has found the True Self…

To be continued…

Light into Matter

Peace, Love and the Path to Enlightenment

Counting Blessings—What an Awful Life (Awful or Awe-Full?)

During a recent meditation I was surprised to find myself reflecting on the word Awful (Awe Full). Like so many words we use without ever really thinking about them, the word originally had a very different definition. The archaic definition:

Inspiring reverential wonder or fear… Synonyms: awe-inspiring, awesome, impressive; dread, fearful.  

Somewhere along the line, the balance tipped and a word that began as being “filled with Awe” or Wonder became swallowed up by the Fear, and its connotations became almost universally negative. 

As I considered the word twisting around in my consciousness, I determined that my life is indeed Awful these days. I am, as always, filled with Awe at the magnificence of the Creation we live within, and sadly, too often filled with fear and dread at the directions I so often see it going. To progress on any Spiritual Path, one must overcome that fear and dread. Not in the sense of defeating it, but from rising above, seeing the bigger picture or plan, and releasing the limitations that fear always enforces.

One of my main objectives these days on my own Path is to release the lingering fear that is holding me back, and to once again experience the World filled with Awe and Wonder— to See the Awefull Truth of it all. 

For today, I am offering up another edited post from my previous Blog that still holds much meaning for me…

Peace, Love and the Path to Enlightenment

Being at peace, finding contentment and following your bliss are among the highest of spiritual ideals. They are wonderful states to contemplate. Just thinking in such terms evokes an emotional gestalt for me that I can only describe as “the warm fuzzies”. But practically speaking, is it likely that such states can be achieved and maintained in this frantic, chaotic and fast paced world we inhabit?

There are tools like yoga and meditation that can help. There is mindfulness—immersion in the present without the nagging voice of memory prattling in your ear. Neither will anticipation or anxiety about the future be distracting you. Nice when you can manage it, but often difficult in a world of deadlines and hectic schedules. Certainly, we all encounter people who are very “Spiritual“, who seemingly have it all together and just radiate their Love and Harmony to everyone they meet. Some of them are even genuine. More power to those few. Spiritual attainment is hard work. You can’t just meditate and think good thoughts.

More often, this spiritual realization comes as the result of years of effort, of divesting oneself of the very human accouterments of greed, desire, selfishness and pettiness. It requires being willing to look back over life, to both release and heal all that has occurred in the past. All of this demands that we both See ourselves for all that we are and have been, and that we find it in us to forgive ourselves also.


There are no magic shortcuts to Enlightenment, nor are there easy Paths to get there. You have only to look around though, to see that there are plenty of folks out there who would offer these very same to you. It is true, however, that nothing truly worth having comes easily or cheaply. So, if this book or DVD, or that course and teacher promise to set you on a Path to Realization, what do you choose? Is it easy as that? In a consumption driven culture, are we able to purchase the Keys to the Kingdom with a credit card or PayPal account?

Umm! Useful tools perhaps. But if you show me an Online Shaman who can convey your Initiations to you with a Certificate after you pay her/him enough money, I will show you a freshly shorn sheep. Look in the mirror.

Each of us is ultimately left to discern for ourselves what coin we’re willing to spend, and indeed, whether we want this spiritual aspect of being enough to make the required sacrifices. The Secret masked by all of the religious and philosophical Mysteries throughout the ages, isn’t really a secret at all in my view. To embark upon a Path of spiritual attainment requires your readiness for same. And, if you are ready, your absolute and unwavering Intent that it be so. That is all. However, until you have reached that point, it all remains a great Mystery indeed.

Now, anyone reading this has no way of knowing whether I have a clue about what I am speaking of—or not. That is perfectly alright with me. I have nothing to gain by making any of these statements or postulations. I have been privileged, in the past, to attain some rather profound spiritual states and I should very much like to believe that I am moving in those same directions again.

Making a Choice

Not that have I ever ceased to struggle in these directions, mind you, but it has been a struggle. More of one than I have been up for at some points. Life, with all of its insistent demands and cares too often keeps me mired in what I can only call Deep Earth Energies―not quite Hell, but this manifest world’s equivalent. I have known for a long while that it is Time for me to Seek the Light again, and I think perhaps I am supposed to take along any who care to follow in this instance. Having achieved certain levels of what I’ll call Enlightenment, not just once, but on several different occasions, there are those who may rightly wonder why I did not maintain that exalted state, and why I do not now consider myself in it.

I know a lot―about the processes involved in pursuing a spiritual path, about what sacrifices need to be made and how to go about making them. I am familiar with the need to maintain an outlook that is congruent with spiritual attainment. But for a long time I no longer Knew these things. In other words, I lacked the knowingness or understanding that transforms mere information into Awareness and Transcendence.

In each instance that I have reached one of these spiritual plateaus, I have been given a choice. The choice is whether to continue along the Path, to become free of the need for incarnation in the physical form, or to go back into the World, to be plunged once more into the mundane and from that vantage, to assist others to heal and to move toward their own freedom from the mortal veil. Though I could often as not kick myself during the in between, there is no real choice. Once your Heart and Eyes are wide open, Service to Spirit is the only possible action. 

Your Will, God, not mine…

In between these periods of Enlightenment―you forget. You forget how to Be and you forget the reasons you are pursuing this Path.  Awareness returns oh so slowly, and if you are not careful, you will be consumed by despair when you do begin to remember. Spirituality, like almost everything in life, tends to be cyclical. There are mountains and valleys, and when you walk through the Valley of the Shadow, it is very difficult to recall the view from those lofty peaks you have since quitted. I have been mostly in one of those valleys for a number of years now.There were intervals when I wondered if it would ever be Time to complete the climb again, and sometimes felt hopeless that it ever should occur. But I feel such stirrings in my Heart these days. The return of Memories long mourned has begun in earnest.

For a very long time, I Knew I needed to make changes— physically, mentally and emotionally. I would try, but seemed unable. Time and again I would realize that the Still, Small Voice was whispering to me. Learning to listen to Ones’ inner voice, or Higher Self if you like, is one of the most important facets of spiritual realization. I am quite accomplished at listening, though I also remain a master at avoidance when the mood is upon me or if I don’t like what I Hear. Ultimately, true change comes when you are ready, without being forced or coerced. All that was really required was that I start listening, and quit judging myself when I couldn’t accomplish all that I thought I should.

What sort of changes do I need to make? Mostly ones that a great many people in our culture also need. More exercise―in my case, other than my usual activities, I have resumed a long interrupted practice of Yoga. And more Meditation time. Both of these things, while not required, facilitate spiritual growth as well as nurturing body and mind. Nutritionally, I have oftentimes fallen into bad habits over the past few years. I pretty much let my body have its own way. Like many others, it likes diet sodas, sugar and potato chips. Lucky for me, my body is also enamored of fruits, vegetables and not so fond of lots of refined grains, so it is not so great a challenge to make changes as it might be. In the past I have at times been vegetarian, vegan and even tried a macrobiotic diet for a short while. Do I think that is a necessity for someone pursuing spiritual growth? Not really, but if anyone is interested, I will perhaps discuss more on the subject at some later time.

I am doing an Awfully (definition: very or extremely) lot better these days. Change has found me, and slowly I am feeling more Myself, and no longer so tentatively resuming my Journey. Ultimately, it needs to be the right Time. We Seek because a spark is ignited in our Heart that will not allow us to do otherwise. We follow the Path because to do aught else is a pain we cannot contemplate. I feel that call as I have not in many weary years, and it may take me awhile to completely hit my stride, but I will follow. And if I can be of assistance to any others along that Way, it shall be my privilege and blessing to do so.

Follow Your Bliss!

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” 
― Joseph Campbell

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Peace, Love and the Path to Enlightenment

Looking Back—Moving Forward

A Brand New Day

Morning has broken, like the first morning

Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning 

Praise for the springing fresh from the word 

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens on the album Teaser and the Firecat released in 1971

I recently realized that I’ve been blogging for seven years as of January 2020—my first attempts at this medium having been on a Blogger Blog called A Glitch in Time  (Taken down several years ago).  I started it shortly after coming back to Florida, having most recently resided in North Carolina for the better part of a decade. We relocated here in late October of 2012 and my first post on the blog was in January 2013. These have been busy eventful years, and the time has flown. 

While my original blog covered all aspects of life— home, family, gardening, cooking, Florida history and my own roots. I often ventured into the territory of my Spiritual Path as well. For many years, this esoteric pursuit has been the wellspring of my being. So, with the inception of UnSeeyn Reality, it is my intent to make something a bit different for this site. It is my plan, insofar as I have any, to cover lots of Spiritual territory and explore the different manifestations of the Planetary Awakening I’ve been involved in since 1987.

There was a time when I thought that perhaps I should avoid dwelling on Spirituality and my sometimes controversial opinions and musings on same. I’ve come to the realization that the Spiritual Path lies at the core of all that I am and that was just Fear trying to rear its head. I can no more deny that essential part of myself than to Not breathe. And now I feel called to begin exploring that aspect more fully.

The upshot of all this reflection, is that I saved a number of my more popular posts from A Glitch in Time Blog and I will be updating and rewriting some of these posts to make them more relevant to where I am Now, and presenting them in this venue.

Here is an updated post from Summer 2013 that was called A New Day…

Playing It By Ear (The Songs in My Head)

Often, as I hurtle through these busy days, always rushing, and still falling a bit further behind each day—I find myself humming one old tune or another. There was a time in life when I successfully quieted the nagging inner dialogue that is almost universally part of the human condition. This was accomplished through meditation and contemplation, and with a consistent self-discipline. It crept back over the course of several years, and for a time seemed intent on running my life. That voice was back with a vengeance, and the only way it seemed I could keep it at bay was to let the music that lives in my busy mind, play.

I am much more adept at quieting the dialogue these days, once more able to find the silence out of which growth and understanding can occur, but still too often distracted. So, I often hum as I go about my daily business. Over the course of several decades, I have acquired a rather immense library of familiar and dearly loved tunes. This is not something I think about. Songs, some I have not heard in many years, are just there.

At times it is the full experience— lyrics, tune and even the approximate year and the band who recorded it. Other times a tune will worry around my mind, and I am unable to let it go until I can recall the words that go along with it. In those instances, Google is a wonderful tool. Mostly though, the music merely serves as a backdrop to my daily activities. Sometimes, some trick of the senses—sight, smell, or even touch—brings a particular piece of music to mind. When this occurs, I often fancy that the music, the particular song I am hearing in my head, is a message. I truly think that Spirit (God, All-That-Is, The Source) has to find other means of speaking to us when we get so busy and involved that we ignore or under-nurture our Spiritual sides. 

Such seemed to be the case as I gazed out the window early one morning while I waited for the coffee to brew. The sky was, simply put, beautiful. Mornings at our former rural home were often lovely, but that day was magnificent. As an old Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) song I had not heard in years began to wind softly through my consciousness, I shook off my morning torpor and ran to get my camera.

Morning has broken, like the first morning

Brand New Day
Early morning looking across the pasture out front toward imminent sunrise.

How exhilarating it is to venture out early and greet the day. In the days that followed that one, this tune was often in my mind. Is there a message there? I think maybe the answer is yes. Morning has broken— that could just be an archaic way of saying that it is past dawn. Or, it could be a more personal communication to a woman whose favorite time of day was once morning.

Now, if I do sleep decently, I still rise grudgingly, wincing at the aches and pains the night seems to inevitably bring. Even once up, I don’t court wakefulness. All that accomplishes is to remind me of the endless list of tasks that need to be attended to. Too often, I cling to my grogginess and more often than not miss the beauty and grandeur of the early day. I am doing ever so much better these days, but I do still have a very long way to go. I exist all too often in a sort of busy void, neither particularly happy or unhappy, but preoccupied and rather unfocused a good deal of the time. I am quite certain that I am being nudged though, to wake back up to a greater reality, to See and to Breathe in Life rather than just getting through it. 

“Praise for the singing, praise for the morning. Praise for the springing fresh from the word.” 

Since I first wrote these words, my entire life has transformed. Instead of just thinking about doing yoga and meditating, I do both now. My ability to channel or connect with Ascended Beings, nearly non-existent for close to a decade has returned strongly. Such are the intricacies and ups and downs, of the Ascension Path, that one must constantly adapt to whatever level of attunement is available. Messages come to us from Spirit in a hundred ways, through synchrony and serendipity, numbers on a clock, in nature, or through a song stuck suddenly in our head. The trick is to learn to listen and observe, to remain mindful. And to be ready when that precious opportunity Knocks.

Do you ever feel like Don Quixote, tilting at metaphorical windmills? Too often, we can feel that trying to be equal to the task that is life is just such a futile act. That was me before I began my Spiritual Journey. It changed my life, gave me back hope and and purpose, and sometimes Joy and Bliss.

Remembering the Words to That Tune

I spoke before of quieting the “inner dialogue”, that running conversation we all carry on with ourselves in order to assure that we are we, that reason and consciousness are firmly in control. What a load of bull our Egos insist on feeding us. We long for that quiet place inside, for Truth and the opportunity to experience what each of us truly are. Until we can embrace this mass of contradictions that has become the me being expereinced just now, moving forward will continue at a snail’s pace.We will not become the truth of what we are until we can accept ourselves and forgive ourselves right Now.

In earlier times, this Spiritual progress came no easier or more quickly, but having already run this particular course, I am afraid that my impatience is showing. During that long ago spiritual quest, it took me months of meditation before I one day realized that I had finally achieved that long sought inner silence, and as soon as I realized it, it of course ended quite abruptly. (The need to “think” about what I had accomplished defeated it completely.) But I kept at it. The intervals of peace grew more common and lasted longer, and I found out that what fills the Silence is ever so much better than that which we manufacture to hide from it. In silence, we learn to speak with, rather than at, God.

Lest I forget, quelling the inner dialogue and achieving silence was and is, only the first step in a Process. you can spend years learning, healing, releasing the past, and evolving through a series of internal initiations. And it is true that it is difficult, that you suffer physically, emotionally and mentally, but it is the only road worth taking in my view.

I know now though, that the answer is Yes.

No Time Like...

Would I do anything differently if I could Reel in the Years (Steely Dan) and start again?

Quite simply— No. I may sometimes wish returning to that exalted and ecstatic state that is variously called Nirvana, Transcendence, Samādhi or Enlightenment was easy as clicking my heels together and being transported Home, but anything worth doing once is no doubt even more rewarding the second time around.

For me, ultimately, though I may kick and scream as I go, there is only God’s Will, the Path that Spirit has set for me. In the meanwhile, I will just let the music keep playing in my head. There are so many songs that mean so much, so many that speak to me on levels I cannot reach otherwise just now. Time after Time (Cyndi Lauper).

Baby Steps

I have made a great deal of progress in the nearly six years since I first wrote most of this. Not in huge strides mind you, but I am willing to accept Baby Steps. I am re-Learning Patience and Acceptance. No longer do I rail against my lot in life, and my outlook is in general a lot sunnier. I’ve rediscovered that elusive Inner Peace, if only briefly, from time to time. 

And the music in my heads keeps on playing…

Till Next Time!