Pentam Chronicles IX

Time Travelers

Winter 2020~ February~
Don’t you dare form any expectations as to how this will Manifest. Suffice it to say, your Future Selves will have to turn around and essentially Pull or Magnetize those past Selves to your Destination. While from a certain point of view, it would appear that we are Splitting you, this is not really the case. Perceptually, to all of those you have Left Behind, you are still very much present, but your Awareness will remain focused in this Future we are aiming for. The actions of Your Past Selves will depend upon decisions made by the Focal Awareness and Consciousness.


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Pentam Chronicles VIII


January 16, 2020
It is a fine morning, both in the Old Earth stronghold you are currently occupying and in Bensalem. Repairs are complete. The “Lost Boys” cavern is not only restored but is much finer than before the recent Explosion. One of its new features is a small Well (Mimir’s Well), a rivulet of the Fountain that has powers of Healing, Restoring and Wisdom. Our Archangel Raguel rests and recuperates there, being looked after by the Boys and the Fairy Tinkerbell They have made her Heart Glad again and we think that she will soon be on the Mend.

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Pentam Chronicles VII

Sun Angel

January 1, 2020~ We would speak just briefly on this auspicious day. You question our statement about the Gates of Bensalem opening “in a few months”, and even as you questioned you Saw the answer. Though you suddenly find Bensalem brimming with humanity, the Gates are still firmly closed, and access as difficult as ever. The fact is, whole Worlds were realigned with their cargo of less than ready and willing lifestreams intact.

For many of these, this will prove to be nothing more than a brief glimpse of Possibilities before they are plunged back into an Awareness Pool on the brink of War. All Hell is being prepared to be set loose.

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Pentam Chronicles VI

There Be Angels- December 2019

December 17, 2019
Good Day, Dear One! We believe that you are beginning this one from a more rested perspective than the last several. You did indeed escape the chaotic energies of this Node that opens practically into the Gate of the Solstice, dragging a very Odd group of Lightworkers in your wake. Those who have not already chosen this Ascension Gate, will have a difficult time Avoiding it at this point. Once more, we are putting up Signs. THIS WAY!

Despite any appearances to the contrary in your Household, keep up this Intention of Perfection, for that is indeed what is unfolding. We would say that you are becoming a Juggernaut of Change and Transformation. Accept no substitutions. Your Heart will not be gainsaid any longer. Time to go Home and Manifest the Temple and the Garden.

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Pentam Chronicles V

Fall 2019 Cont.~ December 1, 2019
Since you already have bits and pieces of what we wish to convey this morning swirling around in your consciousness, we will get right to it. As always, the Words in print will lend veracity to our statements and serve to im[print] them in your Awareness. Going over the Notes from 1997, you have already Seen that we are very much at the Same point in unfoldment in many ways (This is in spite of the fact that you are not yet Physically present in Fort Davis. However, you are there, and in a much more substantive fashion than you can presently conceive.)

The Daevics that bound your forms are once more freed, though it would be incorrect to say that those who served the Pentam Core were any longer enslaved or coerced. ..

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Pentam Chronicles III

Don’t Fear the Reaper― It perhaps speaks for itself. Of course, in the enlightened days to come, the Reaper will have changed his routine. If they don’t choose and embrace Ascension and the Pentam Model, there is Kur/Attalu ( A level of Awareness congruent with Hell). They can either go there to stew, die and return there, or even be reborn there after not being able to adjust to 4D Earth. It is quite a self-sufficient system that Ereshkigal has established. We (you may have noticed that Merlin poked his head, or mouth, in there) think that a tour should be arranged for select ones among our Sheep.

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