Aspects of Self—The Lifestream

Part Two: Continued from Light Intersecting Matter—The Lifestream

When We Seek a Larger Truth

Being Light
Original Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

In the first part of this exploration into what occurs when the Lifestream/Light encounters Matter, I noted that in order to escape the fracturing of the Lifestream that occurs in assuming corporeal reality, we must initially Realize that there is more. We must come to See that we are more than just this individual consciousness and this physical body. And that Realization, when accompanied by the thirst to experience that More, ideally leads us to Seek the Larger Truth. From this Seeking one may progress to pursue what we call Ascension Process. That process begins to unfold when we start the assimilation or balancing of these Aspects of Self.

Eight Aspects of Self

What follows are to some extent arbitrary labels I have assigned to the various aspects of Manifest Self, This is by no means meant to imply that this is All-That-We-Are, or that my scheme is the only True one out there. It is merely a way of Organizing what, in and of itself, is on the one hand a very complex landscape of internal energies, yet quite simply what makes up the Subtle (Energetic) Body. These are the various Aspects, accepted as Self by most, which are used to tailor or define how we function within the framework of the World in which we find ourself at any given point. You may think of them as costumes, disguises of what we are in the context of Larger Reality. Or, for the more technologically minded, compare these to the software, programs or apps used to adapt a computer or other device to the user’s purposes.

These then, are components of the manifest focus as I’ve classified them: Persona, Mold of Man, the Form, the Ego, the Soul, the Spirit, the Christ Self, and the I Am. They align closely with the subtle bodies described by mystics and seers for millennia, but may provide a more concise picture of the more physical aspects we present to the world. Though the assimilation or balancing of these aspects need not follow any certain order, and indeed, are most often progressed through to some degree concurrently, I have attempted to describe them in the order most often encountered. 

A fairly large number of people have experienced Working with and through the first few of these aspects [though possibly not to the point of conclusion or assimilation], but the numbers dwindle quickly as we descend through the list.  While pursuing a Spiritual Path is as easy as making the decision to do so, it is not a decision made lightly, or past a certain point, without an understanding of what is entailed. It is another paradox that one cannot discover the True Self, until one has found the True Self.

Obviously, some of the aspects of the fractured Lifestream are outside the focal points of Consciousness. A myriad probability lines (I believe many refer to these as Timelines) are either not/never focused upon, or discarded. If one is intent upon regaining the integrity of their own Lifestream, the tactic here is to first tighten up that probability field—Decisions and free will. I will talk more about Probability Lines in some future post. For today, we will focus on the Manifest Probability (or Time-) Line. A description of these eight Aspects follows…

1. The Persona

This is the interactive aspect of experience in the physical world, the face or faces that ones on Earth cultivate in order to participate in relationships with others. Though this is little more than the shallowest of facades, few people even recognize the fact that they wear various masks in their social intercourse, seldom or never revealing the person beneath. Recognition of this masquerade, and the beginning of the quest for the True Self that dwells within, is the first step toward the discarding of this reality filtering construct.

This quest is almost invariably undertaken as a result of a spiritual experience of transcendence, an expansion of consciousness called Satori. Though the Revelation itself usually arrives in a sudden and unexpected manner, it is more often than not triggered by inclusion in the lifestyle of some sort of a mental discipline. It might be meditation, intense study, therapy or analysis, athletic training or the pursuit of some other ascetic or self-abnegating mode of behavior. Though these might seem to be a diverse group of disciplines, they have a common theme of Self-Reflective disposition, It is this factor that allows the individual the conscious elasticity required to make an inward shift of Awareness (Assemblage Point). This initially experienced Satori is seldom of more than brief duration.

(Those who study such things in a scientific fashion say that the average length of the transcendent experience is about one-half hour. The Chronology of a Typical Transcendental experience as described by James A. Swan in his book, Sacred Places- How the living Earth Seeks our Friendship;

 a) Emotional arousal and a sense of being guided by a higher force.

b) Encounter with a trigger in the environment which causes Ego destabilization and begins a rapid shift in the state of consciousness, leading to a peak experience.

c) A peak experience, with feelings of energy, bliss, wonder, joy, awe, and love; intense excitement and relaxation at the same time.

d) Manifestations of power such as visions, prophecies, interspecies communication, hearing music, etc.

e) A return to normal reality, feeling inspired and deeply touched, a beginning of  integrating the experience.) 

Though quickly over, the intensity of this experience remains as a marker in consciousness, urging the individual to explore the possibilities which it introduced.

2. The Mold of Man

The breakdown or assimilation of this aspect is triggered by the Quickening or Awakening that accompanies Realization. It is often precipitated by either profound trauma or a peak experience. It suddenly becomes absolutely clear that Life is a much broader experience than just that which can be perceived through the physical vehicle. To make this conscious concession is, in the language employed by the Yaqui Seer don Juan Matus, to break the “Mold of Man.” 

This Mold of Man that I refer to is that sense of isolation, the feeling of individuation that most beings on Earth acquire upon passing from the relative dependency of childhood into the intense self-preoccupation adolescence almost always triggers. This self-absorption places individuals in the center of their own consciousness constructed universe, putting the finishing touches on the armor of EGO formed by the traumatic experience of birth into physical being. But even more dramatically, it nurtures an idea of Separateness which results in an almost total focus on the incarnated body and its linear chronology between the unflinching boundaries of birth and death as the totality of Self.  Within the limits of this strictly defined box into which existence has been invested, we discover this Mold. To recognize the ephemeral nature of any of those boundaries, is the Key which breaks down the entire system of unconnectedness, or aloneness.

3.  The Form

Once again I find myself borrowing from the terminology of don Juan to describe a facet of physical being. Time and again he would emphasize to his apprentices that in order to be true warriors they must become Formless. The form, in this instance, is the cellular structure of the body itself, as it exists three-dimensionally. That is, as light which has crystallized and condensed into physical reality. There is an energy which has been known to all traditions, but best described by those in the Far East, which is very effective in beginning the process which will Shatter that form. It is the Kundalini or Serpent Fire that is traditionally supposed to rise from its seat at the base of the spine.

She (The Kundalini is a Yin or Feminine energy, an aspect of the Mother in her guise of dark destroyer and agent of purification.) manifests differently in different individuals, sometimes taking a leisurely journey that may span many years to flow upward through the energy body in her quest for the Crown. Or, she may stop at some point, not to reappear for years if at all—and in some cases, she rockets upward without warning, like a wildfire out of control.

For most, this liberation from the grossly physical falls somewhere between these extremes. The Kundalini functions as a catalyst for Evolution, dissolving blockages in the energy body. Many of these Blockages extend into the Physical Body as health problems, weaknesses and thought-forms for Dis-Ease, into the Emotional Body as phobias, irrational fears and compulsive behavior, and into the Mental Body as aberrant thought patterns and cognitive difficulties. When Kundalini reaches the Crown Chakra, dissolving the last of the Blockages at that level, that is, those which are preventing recognition of Truth, or acknowledgment of your Connection to all of Creation (What is referred to by the mystics as a State of Enlightenment) you become a Formless Being.

4. The Ego

Surely, this is the worthiest and wiliest of the Adversaries we pit ourselves against on the spiritual pilgrimage. The Ego is an elaborate structure, a personality gestalt contrived as an extension of the Mental Body (Astral) to govern and define individuality in each Incarnation of the Lifestream. It is imbued with all the hopes, fears, beliefs and assumptions that the individual entity, shocked by precipitate entrance into, and inundation by, a very narrowly circumscribed system or world view, holds as reality. Until one reaches the point in understanding and realization facilitated by Clearing the manifest constructs listed above, it remains necessary in order to function within those parameters. Unfortunately, so well constructed is the Ego that when it is no longer necessary to the Lifestream, it becomes increasingly tenacious—almost seems to take on a life of its own. It assumes a level of self-importance that prevents exploration and discovery of the True Self it was designed to protect by blocking all attempts in that direction with our own greatest fears and misgivings, tripping us and deluding us at every opportunity. Clearing and Balancing the Mental Body (Don Juan would call this the art of  Stalking oneself.) is necessary in order to neutralize the Ego. While the early stages of this Clearing may occur quite naturally in one who has already experienced some of the previously discussed processes, the completion requires a conscious effort and decision to do so, as well as a surrender to the process itself which is very difficult from the point of view of the logically oriented Western mind. This is another topic I would be glad to expand on if there is interest, in a future post.

Body and Soul
Original Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

5. The Soul

Those who have been influenced by tenants of various of the religious systems currently predominant, or even indoctrinated by the belief systems of popular culture may find themselves balking at the thought of giving up their Soul. However, the Soul is no more valid a construct than the Ego was, and ultimately no more valuable. It is a contrivance of the Emotional Body (Etheric), and the clearing of this Body provides the trigger mechanism for Freeing the Soul. The presence of this particular aspect of Self was to provide human incarnates with a Conscience, a weathervane for sentiment, morality and codes of conduct, necessitated by the inability of a race cut off from its own Christ Self and Godhood to discern Truth. It is, very simply speaking, a replacement for the I AM spark we were separated from through the downward spiral into physicality. You have perhaps heard of the Soul being referred to as an immortal aspect of Self, and so as not to confuse the issue, I will elaborate somewhat. The Soul is only immortal in that it remains constant through All physical incarnations on Earth. In other words, this is where the term Oversoul originated. It is part of the Akashic Personality, the vessel that is identified with your Name as it is recorded in that Astral Book of Life. The Soul was an innovation that was put into place a bit more than 37,000 years ago, at about the same time as Sananda Kumara (Jesus’ Lifestream) incarnated as Abel, son of Adam Kadmon, in the hope of effecting some change which would prevent Atlantis’ second Fall. The Soul itself, was woven from the golden energy of a Solar Fire that was invested in the Earth for purposes best left to another discussion. Being Solar in nature, this energy was used to replace Cosmic Consciousness. The Freeing of the Soul or Emotional Clearing signals the reconnection with the living stream of Light which is the Godforce.

6. The Spirit

Once again, the influence of the simplistic religious doctrines fostered and encouraged by the most widely accepted institutions of spirituality leave ones with the notion that the Spirit is a true component of Self. Indeed, we are even led to believe that it is that integral thread which survives Death to face the judgment of  Omnipotence. Now, this is true in a very limited fashion, but it very far from the Truth.  Spirit does survive death, for it is our connection to the Goddess. However, this is not a true connection, but rather the Material (Matter) that has been borrowed from the Holy Spirit or Great Mother by the physical vehicle to simulate the relationship that once existed between She and Her Children. Traditions the world over, from the story of Adam created from the Clay of the Earth, to the myths of Emergence from the subterranean places common among many Indigenous peoples, speak of the connection to the flesh and bones of Magna Mater. This connection is maintained through an Elemental interface between energy body and physicality which is passed on through genetic lines in the process of procreation. In other words, these Elemental (You may understand their essence and nature better if you think of them as Totem Beasts or Spirit Animals) attributes are encoded in the DNA and passed from one Generation to the next. Through the process of Physical Clearing, we return to the Earth what is by rights her own. These elemental forces are among the first children of the Earth, and the most similar to Her in Nature. As we near the conclusion of this process and become more consciously aware of it, we find ourselves releasing these Spirits with reverence and joy, knowing that in giving them their freedom we are reclaiming our own.

7. The Christ Self

Once you have extricated yourself from the webs of the Goddess, you soon discover that even the Lamp of Christ you’ve lit through your open Heart is not sufficient to Light your way through the murky veils of Astral energy that surround the Earth. How do you keep that flickering flame burning brightly in this darkness… with the Fire from Within. It is at this point in your long journey toward EnLightenment, that you peer into the Mirror of Self only to find aspects you thought you’d long since abandoned. It may be that a certain harshness emerges, or the inclination toward judgment and hasty conclusion, perhaps even a tendency toward unwarranted anger and irritation.

Well, this is a disturbing turn of events. Why is it that the solicitously nurtured stream of Unconditional Love at the core of your being is suddenly elusive and often obscured altogether by this Astral static? And isn’t it true that you’ve already released a set of energy bundles very similar to this back in your early days of spiritual struggle? Indeed you did, but those were nothing more than this incarnation’s emulation of the more deeply buried and stubbornly entrenched component of the physically oriented aspect of the Lifestream. The Astral Body was formed long ago, during the tumultuous latter periods of Atlantis, and it is formed of the very judgments and opinions, the heavy belief systems that caused Humankind to sink into the third dimensional bosom of the Earth. It is the Divine Will which you must call upon to defeat this Antagonist, the conflagration that results from the meeting of the Mother and Father with the ChristSelf (The Holy Trinity— Father, Son and Holy Ghost) at the center of  the Being. This then, is the Fire from Within, the Clearing process of the Astral Body and the incorporation of the ChristSelf with the I AM (Higher Heart).

8. The I AM

All that has come before has been the clearing out, the removal of those aspects not of Self which cause ones to resist the natural flow of life  and to waste life force in the vain attempt to replace Nature with the artifice of  imposed systems of Human organization. Well, here is your chance. If you’ve been through all of the previously described processes, you have a clean slate, so to speak. You have rediscovered the Tree of Life and achieved that state of original innocence that preceded the Fall. Live—that is all that is required to accomplish the Clearing of the Etheric Body— and allow your life to flow through Creation without Judgment and with uncompromising Love. Remember yourself, and glory in the eternal Moment.  Choose the Path of your Heart and become Truth. With the integration of the Etheric Being, we approach the end of one Chapter of Being and the beginning of yet another, for in this process, we cast the last moorings of Time and Space aside, freeing ourselves from the realms of Matter. And from that expanded perspective, we once more choose a Path to continue our journey back to All-That-Is… going Home.

Ascension 101

This description of the Aspects of a Lifestream that has entered into Manifestation is actually nothing more than an Outline for Ascension. Now, I know that there are various schools of thought on this subject, and a seemingly endless amount of information, much of it conflicting. All I can do is present my own interpretation and discernment, from all that I have received and learned through three decades of Connection to and working with Spirit.

God, and Goddess, willing, I will continue to share what I have gleaned during that thirty plus years of Service. Peace be with you!

Light Being[product_img]/0/

Merlin’s Notes on Time

Spending Our Time…

I was in the midst of one of those all too frequent episodes, where the intensity of the energetic work I undertake for Spirit and Ascension Process had reached the point where it was nearly impossible to function in the normal Day-to-Day. As is often the case when this happens, I was fuming and fussing, worrying about chores I hadn’t got to, about my lack of productivity. As is also often the case, Merlin laughed at me and supplied the following brief notes.

Merlin's Notes on Time

Despite the commonly held human assumption that it is so, Time is not a commodity. It cannot be bought, sold, saved, wasted, or spent. It is a condition of your linear oriented perceptual apparatus, a by-product of physical existence within a dimensional gridwork of space and gravity. At times, it may appear to slow down, to rush by or even stand still, but it remains the river upon who’s current the mortal incarnation rides from birth to certain death.

While you are directly aware always of the moment in which you are ensconsed, indirectly aware through memory of your past, and indirectly aware through anticipation of a future, Time itself is meaningless.

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Light Intersecting Matter—The Lifestream

Light and the Manifest Illusion

Light Intersecting Matter

As I read and research on current developments in Ascension Process as it ripples around the globe in ever widening circles, I See that there is a great deal of misunderstanding among the recently awakened regarding how life functions within the boundaries of the Earth/Gaia’s Planetary Grid. I am going to attempt to shed some Light in this area if I may.

First of all, there are a great number of misconceptions about how Hierarchy works in this Universe and many others. This is not a case of better than or more worthy than… It is merely a matter of Integrity. A condition of being Closer to All-That-Is in energetic composition. I am going to simplify greatly here, because it is not necessary to worry the details. The best way to look at it is to see Creation as a blossoming, and unfoldment from the Center (Source/All-That-Is/The Void). I would note that I am speaking of this Universe here. There are countless Universes, experiencing a myriad variations of this process.

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   Rise in 2020

Greeting A New Year—

A New Decade

Rise in 2020

Twenty-Twenty! Rolls off of the tongue more easily than twenty-eighteen or twenty-nineteen, but what is significant about it really? Since I can only speak from my own experience and observation, I do not know how You are perceiving the linear chronology we refer to as Time these days. All I can say is that the most recent cycle of It, from my perspective, began crumbling in early October. Master Merlin would say that we are “Rolling up the Rugs we walked in on.”

At this juncture, I am learning to navigate in a New fashion, using the Earth’s innate cycles as signposts for this unfoldment which is life. Day and night, light and dark, the moon’s phases and the rolling out of this season of sleep and death—winter—are becoming my landmarks. True, there are clocks everywhere; on my phone and computer, the wall and the bedside table. But Time does strange things. Sometimes it stretches and curves, and at others disappears in my rear-view mirror as if it never were. I can’t depend on it any longer, and that’s Okay. I strove for a long Time to discover the Eternal Now. Perhaps I have even found it once or twice along the way. I am still very much in the process of recovering those lost memories I spoke of in a recent(?) post.

Of course, though I feel myself to have largely left behind the phenomenal world, we are a culture that lives by the calendar as well. Since this is the case, I have to remain mindful of the outer world’s schedule even while I live within a different and not very complimentary framework. And the part of me that takes note wonders how another decade can be ending and a new one beginning. By the reckoning of these calendars, I began this journey, this Spiritual/Transcendent Path in 1987. So, I have to believe that in the Objective Sphere thirty-three years have elapsed, while subjectively I can’t even say if any of those years were yesterday or fragments of a Dream. This state speaks to the success of my clearing/recapitulation. There is little left to cling to any longer, and I am in the process of ruthlessly rooting out all that is left and requalifying it to return to the Goddess.

It is New Year’s Eve as I type this post. I picked up one of my awesome Granddaughters a little while ago to spend the day with us. She asked me if I was making a New Year’s Resolution, and I allowed as to how I don’t usually, other than as an Intention to live the next year Better—as a better version of myself, as a kinder, more aware and conscious being. Nothing much really. However, I think I just may be shooting a little higher this year, making a Resolution that I am asking all other Lightworkers and our Mother Planet, Gaia, to join in. I want for all of us in 2020 to Rise.


This, apparently and I think aptly, will be my Word for 2020. Since I began to Wake (back) Up a few months ago, I resumed an old custom of attuning to Spirit/Source that I call My Notes From God and Goddess. My first experience with channeling many years ago was through automatic writing, and it has always been my favorite means of attunement to these energies.

Yesterday morning, when I did my Notes, they shared the following with me—


It is a fine word, a wonderful simile for the Ascension Process which is the Reason for all of our Seasons.

Rise, like the Sun/Son is doing even Now.

Rise to meet Yourselves on the Road to Damascus and in the Halls of the King.

Rise to the Occasion.

Rise to Show the Light of Your Love to All-That-Is.

December 30, 2019

My Heart did and does thrill to these words. How apt for New Year/New Decade. Each and every Being in this World is being called upon to Ascend, whether they have admitted it Consciously yet or not. And what is Ascension but To Rise— to rise above limitation, separation and fear—to become the Awareness of God in Creation.


As the year turns, I promise to at least attempt to take up where I left off on developing this website earlier in the year (2019). I can’t promise any particular regularity, because I can’t Foresee the calls and needs of Spirit in this Probable Future, but I will expand it, just as I am expanding just Now. And I will continue the Story thread I began at Spirit’s behest.

Additionally, I have already begun and will soon publish a Glossary of the Words and Terms I use in attempting to describe the ineffable journey to Ascension. I realize that some of the words I use are not readily familiar to everyone. I hope you will join me on the Path.


Rise in 2020

 It’s All Coming Back To Me


It's All Coming Back to Me-- Now!

Part of me feels as though I should be apologizing for my long-ish absence from this Blog, but without making any excuses or apologies, I can honestly say that Life has swept over me like a Tidal Wave these past couple of months. A Tsunami of Realization, of Awareness and Memory, of something resembling a Continuity that I wasn’t aware of having lost for nearly two decades. Is That all?

You’ve got to admit, sounds like some Heavy Stuff, and indeed it has been. I have been in a daze of mystified amazement during which I repeatedly muttered or exclaimed “I’ve had Amnesia” like some exaggerating soap opera actor. Mostly to myself, mind you, and those few who have at least an inkling of what I’m talking about. I’m not exaggerating, though, and the depth and breadth of the Memory that had eluded me for all these years, is staggering.

And as it unfolds, it wasn’t only myself who underwent this Memory Wipe, but an entire group of people at various stages of Ascension Process and Awakening. It appears that it occurred to one extent or the other in the several score individuals that I/We worked with from 1988 to 1999― what I called the Pentam Pattern. I say We because three of our household of four are now aware of this occurring. The fourth, my daughter was relatively young at that juncture, so it is hard to really say, though she does seem to have regained memories, as have we all, the past few weeks.

Puzzle Pieces

If you’re wondering how this can be, I’m certain you’re not alone. While I had forgotten a great deal, I was sent into the New Millennium with a Mission to complete, a task that required me to maintain a thread of at least vague continuity, and connection to my Higher Self guidance. I was like a sleep walker I See now. I completed these tasks, served as an Empathic healer for twenty years, and kept my link to Spirit, with almost no clue of what I was missing. The years preceding this Break in our Reality, were spread over with a framework of remembering that mostly worked well as long as one didn’t look too close.

My son and I would joke about the fact that I seemed to have a rather large blank space during his early childhood. I thought he was being a dramatic kid at ten or eleven when he had to write a paper on his younger years, and he made me pull out the box of school memorabilia I’d saved because he couldn’t remember. For myself, I didn’t dwell, because the memories I did have were not very happy, and I was aware still of having done much clearing in pursuit of my Spiritual Path.

Did I wonder why my spiritual progress was so slow and never as much as I thought it should be? Vaguely, but it’s hard to miss what you don’t recall. A few months ago, I had the urge to bring out a box of old channeled material and notes I had hauled through numerous life changes and relocations. Never having much spare time, I didn’t get around to looking at much of it for awhile. However, as my connection to my Guidance, to Source, became stronger, particularly following the summer Solstice, I began to read through some of it. Most of it was from the late 80s and early 90s. So, though I was puzzled somewhat by the seeming depth of my understanding of many esoteric subjects, and the complexity of some of these concepts, I only thought how long ago it was and no wonder things had slipped my mind.

As I dug deeper though, it nagged at me more and more. I was, I knew, in the most Spiritually Awakened point of any past I still remembered. And something started to seem Missing― was wrong from any direction I looked at it. It all seemed to come to a head when I gave my Son, who was by this time going through an Awakening process of his own, a paper I had done on the Qaballah and another on the Sons of Belial many years ago. He returned them to me, scratching his head and asking if I was sure I’d written them.

Had I? It occurred to me that I didn’t remember writing them, and the concepts exceeded anything I could readily grasp at present. However, I was certain that the Qaballah paper was mine. The other… Maybe Larry, the children’s father and the man I had spent much of the last 30 years with. He was a Channel of the Ascended Masters when I met him. But no, this wasn’t his. He did however, have copies of work and research done by both of us through the 1990s, on Energy Patterns, Esoterica and the Ascended Master Heirarchy. Like me, he hadn’t thought about this material for years, and couldn’t remember the last time he’d read any of it.

Where Did It Go?

As one computer was replaced over the years by another, and the world moved from floppy disc, to cds, memory sticks and and tiny cards. I had moved often also, and I lost a good deal of the earlier work I’d done along the way. Larry is more technically minded of us anyway, so he had copied from one format to another along the way. He made me a copy of all these many files, and I began to read. Initially, I was wondering when we had stopped doing these fascinating things, and why? Then shock set in, as I read the Warrior’s Journal, My Notes From God and the Goddess, that I had kept almost daily from 1996 through the early months of the year 2000.

This happened shortly before the fall Equinox. My Son, who by this time admitted to having his first Teacher and guide in energy realms, and I had a job to do. My connection to Source was becoming stronger with each and every day, and suddenly it all came together. It was like a physical blow at first. The sudden realization that a decade or more of my life had just disappeared, and that my Awareness had been virtually asleep for most of the past twenty years was traumatic.

Who Are We?

Memory returns, or more accurately, Awareness. The day to day memories are neither important or significant, but the Drama of what we achieved as a group working in Heightened Awareness in Higher Dimensional Energy Realms during that dozen years―the arduous completion of training and initiation As Shamans and Seers―are.

We were called the Forerunners. Our group entered into physical incarnation between the 1940s and the 1980s. Our job was to prepare the Earth, her Grid and the Worlds associated with same for Ascension. We are lightworkers, pattern makers, healers and teachers, and Warriors of the unknown. Someone had to go first. We were and are the Pentam Pattern. Our purpose was to establish a pattern for the formation of a Fifth Dimensional World, then to heal the rift between the two extant Universes ones on Earth have experienced, the Binary, that of Duality and Polarity and the Fall into the Third (and briefly 2nd) Dimension―and the more stable but still far from perfect Trinary Universe, that of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and their Binder, the Dreamer (Father, Mother and the Holy Ghost).

During those years, Lightworkers began to Awaken around the globe, but we were spread so very thin that the workload was more than some could shoulder. While there was light and joy, there was more of sadness, pain and seemingly endless suffering. Ascension process is still difficult (though growing ever easier as more join the Awakened), but it was tantamount to impossible in those days, and yet the impossible was what we were sent to accomplish. By 1999, we had went through five cycles, trying different configurations and ideas each time, but still fell short of the ideal, of the perfection of unfoldment that was desired. And we were exhausted. As I have said, some had already left the Path, unable to muster that internal resilience it required in spades. They were magnificent, and their service will not go unrewarded.

Those that remained in 1999 most likely would have willingly embarked on another cycle, but it was too much to ask. The Ascended Master whose charges we were and those of us who were responsible for the Pattern, decided that a rest was in order. We dispersed, and we forgot (some slower than others, but it happened to us all).


Why now! Because we slept through the time that two other generations were coming into their own. The great Awakening that started slowly in 2012 is gaining momentum. I can close my eyes and see the lights of new souls around the world joining in this miracle of enlightenment and uplifting. We, the Pentam Pattern are awakening, and finishing the preparation of that Fifth Dimensional World to greet these brave pioneers. I think perhaps my Granddaughter summed it up in a conversation recently. She said that this wake-up was happening Now because I had to wait for she and the others of her generation to grow up. It rang True.

This generation was raised on a technology that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, between dream and dreamer. They grew up without the rigid belief systems that defined the generations before them. Magic is more than just an idle imagining to them, and they don’t struggle to choose between It and Reason. Breaking the barriers of perception is no more of a challenge than a good video game.

Memory returns with every passing day, but I barely have time to catch my breath. We have so much work to do yet, so many projects to complete from all those years ago that are becoming no-time to us Now. Some wake up more swiftly than others. As my son said earlier this evening, how can it be a difficult choice? Though he hadn’t been more than thirteen or so when we “forgot” completely, like me, he never lost that longing for something more. He told me it’s the difference between being a Zombie, going through the motions of life for these last dozen or more years, and truly being Alive.

The world has shape and color and magic again, and we are Blessed.

It's all coming back to me Now!