Navigating The Twin Flame Re-Union

Twin Flame Re-Union
Original Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

The Autumn Equinox—A Call To Balance

I was going to do a short info type post yesterday for the Equinox/Mabon/Alban Elfed (‘The Light of the Water’. The Wheel turns and the time of balance returns.) however, the day’s Business was too important and too all consuming to leave time for any such frivolous pastimes.

As has long been predicted, the Energy poured forth from the Cosmos that signaled the beginning of the initiatory rites that will reunite the Twin Flame couples of the 144,000. This is not some romantic fairy tale coming to fruition, or some reconciliation of tragic lovers (though in some cases these things may seem part of the experience). In a world still torn asunder by Polarity and Duality, it is a necessity if the Earth is ever to be healed and Ascend.

This is the fulfillment of a contract entered into by the LightWorkers from Venus when they accompanied the Ascended Master known as Sunat Kumara to earth some 8 million years ago. They endured the Fracturing of Souls (or Lifestreams, which is my preferred term. I will post about this and some of the other terminology used by myself and othes of this lineage when there is tme) which is the effect of entering into the Dimensional Grid around this planet. Part of the fracturing meant that the polarities of masculine and feminine were split. The time has come to heal that split. For the next Year and a Day, these determined souls will do the work involved in this Healing.

The 144,000 are not the only beings on earth at present who will participate in this great healing. Many of these other Lightworkers and Starseeds are in the same predicament when it comes to reconciling the duality that prevents full Ascension on the Earth Plane. Some of these are participating in this ordained healing, and many others will join them in the months and year to come.

The Fall of the Patriarchy

Before this event could take place, it was necessary that the world had progressed sufficiently out of the Piscean patriarchal cycle into the Aquarian Age, and its emerging matriarchal template, for this to become a possibility. The Tower of Masculine hubris and supposed superiority must be knocked down, and the Divine Feminine reawakened. The reconciliation of the two polarities didn’t even exist as a possibility before this.

It will be a difficult task still. The genders do not trust one another, and the amount of healing that regaining that trust will require is immense. The twin flame reconciliation is the greatest expression of self-love that you can have in this world. This being is the Same Soul, but the other side of the coin. It is yin-yang, opposite and equal in every way.

This experience will have commonalities among the participants certainly, but the differences will be staggering also. A template for this reconciliation of Halves has been created, but the circumstances the individual Lightworkers find themselves in will differ vastly. Many of these Lightworkers are awakened to their higher selves at this point, or at least have an inkling. Others dont, and wont until the Healing has progressed sufficiently. It is not uncommon for one to be awake and the other not at all. Some are already in relationships, not necessarily romantic, with their twin. Others may know them, or of them, but have no contact, and more than a few have not even met. Most will in the course of this healing, but it is not a prerequisite for the Union. Each Soul has their own mission or work on this planet.

For many, the healing will be less difficult in the absence of this other person in their life. The drive to achieve this union may cause this to not feel so, but the difficulties of face to face balancing are not to be underestimated. Anything you direct at your twin flame, be it love or bitterness and angst, you are directing at yourself. There is a danger of falling into emotional and behavioral loops that are extremely difficult to pull out of.

Infinity and Eternity
Original Image by Mari Carmen Díaz from Pixabay

In For the Long Haul

This healing is a commitment beyond what many have ever experienced or undertaken in their lives. So extraordinarily Personal, and yet at the same time seeming to be not. You are literally taking on an immense burden of what most likely will at times feel like someone else’s Bullshit. According to how far apart the two soul halves have drifted, how different their experiences, their Karma, in this lifetime and others, there will be large to massive amounts of mutual clearing and balancing to do.

This process has started. If you are one of these 144,000 (288,000) + people, you don’t have to do anything. It will begin to happen. How well you handle it, the amount of patience and grace you are able to muster—that is on you. Initially, it will be a lot of past life stuff. It will be confusing and often emotional, and there is no use even trying to sort it out. Just let it flow. As the healing progresses, you will effectively reach into the multi-dimensional Time Line and begin reclaiming the energy of supposed Past Lives and incorporating that consciousness into your Now.

Next will most likely begin an intense focus on healing both emotional and physical patterns acquired in this lifetime. You can look for strange seemingly senseless emotional responses, physical symptoms that don’t make any sense and may or may not appear largely on one side of your body (right for masculine and left for feminine). According to how sensitive you are, you may have the feeling of being larger or smaller on one side also. You will have thoughts and ideas that seem out of character, and impulses that don’t fit into any familiar pattern.

This Clearing Process may go on for a long time, and also come and go in intensity. At some point you will probably start to question whether anything you feel originates with you.

Then comes the reconciliation of the subtle body aspects. You are already One in in the Causal Body, but to accomplish this healing the Etheric Template, Astral, Mental, Emotional and Etheric Bodies must be reconnected. You will more than likely receive assistance from your Higher Self, Guides or Teachers in this process. If in doubt at this point, call on Kwan Yin or Sunat Kumara, and assistance will be provided. This process is likely to cause great internal confusion. Relax and allow it to occur.

The next step entails joining or Sealing the Seven principle Chakras. This will necessitate further clearing and balancing of the Energy Body. There are numerous subtle processes that will accompany these various steps and processes, but ultimately if Balance can be reached, you and your Twin fame will become effectively One Being and have access to the Merkaba or Light Body.

I wish all those who are undertaking the fulfillment of this sacred Union well. I will be glad to answer any questions about this process, or Ascension itself, that I can.


Twin Flame Re-Union
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

Finding The Pearl of Great Price

The Pearl of Great Price.... Original Image by moritz320 from Pixabay

Working the Light

I have not kept up with this blog lately. Truthfully, my outer life is virtually on hold this summer. The energy flooding this world as it shifts toward an ever higher vibrational frequency—as She [Gaia] Ascends into a Fifth Dimensional reality— is flooding through me also. One of the earliest pieces of information I was given upon earnestly beginning my Spiritual Path so many years ago was that I was like a Transformer and Amplifier. I was and am capable of moving the energy from the Cosmos directly into the Earth or to other people or things it was directed toward. Through the years, my overall capacity to do so has increased as my physical form adapted to it.

Like many of those first wave Light Workers, spread so thin in decades past, my functions in this incarnation have been many and varied. “Not my Will, God, but Yours”. Myself, and a few others I know have always done whatever was required. At times like these when we are approaching the end of a Cycle [1999-2021], the energy ramps up and those who are capable are pushed to their limits Channeling it into place.

That has certainly been the case since early summer. The fact that my own unfoldment, after a long stint of immersion in deep Earth energies, has made considerable progress is also demanding. I will resume my Personal History series of articles for those few who may be interested soon. This chronology will go far in explaining how I come to be who and what I Am now.

As I explained in a recent post about the Kundalini Yoga practice I took up earlier this year, I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening years back. That, I suspect, was only one of a number of Gifts I was given by Spirit through the Ascended Masters at that time. I was helped, or pushed, in order to set me firmly upon my Path. It was part of an Activation of Light, I see now. At the time, I was not entirely certain what was happening to me—or Why it was happening.

Putting in the Work

My experience this time around is very different. Aside from the fact that I am considerably older and was not in a very fit physical state upon starting my yoga practice in late winter this year—this time around I sense that it is my turn to put in the work. I am earning each energetic step forward with considerable sweat and effort. Nothing is being done for me, and I hope to stand as an example, to create a pattern for those who are Seeking or Awakening now or in the near future.

Guan Yin-- Original Image by smirnov27 from Pixabay

Even though I was enthusiastic about my daily yoga sessions from the beginning, the truth is I could not fully achieve some of the asanas and kriyas at all. I have made a great deal of progress in these past six months or so. Although I am an impatient sort and wish to be further along, to be stronger and more capable, I understand the need to take this at a somewhat slower pace [most of the time].

I am currently responsible for a growing group of budding and potential Light Workers at various stages of Awakening and Consciousness. These range from others of the First Wave like myself, to Second Wave Light Workers, Starseeds here for specific purposes, and humans who are potential incarnational vehicles for other Ascended Beings who wish to come into the trenches in the near future, so to speak. By responsible for them, I mean that I have varying degrees of personal interaction with them all in the mundane world, and in my capacity as Teacher, Healer and Energy Worker, on more subtle levels.

They are a varied group. Some are nearing the end of their Service. Others are Awakening quickly while a good number of them are still mostly ignorant of what they are and what they are doing. The youngest among them, given a head start by being born directly into fifth dimensional incarnation are only potentials who’s service, if it occurs, lies in the future.

I serve in a variety of roles and modes with this group. One of my most important functions is to demonstrate Ascension Process in action. This would be a large order if I had not been through it all before. It’s said that practice makes perfect. I hope this is so.

Pearl of Great Price

Over the years of my struggle through the up and down landscape of the Spiritual Path, I have come to deeply understand many of the parables and stories in religious literature. At least in my mind, the Pearl of Great Price is that Spiritual attainment for which you pay all that you have and are. I do not say this lightly, for more than once I have been asked to, and have, given everything I thought was Self or held dear, in pursuit of Ascension. When first I started, it was no more than an idea that resonated deep within my Heart, yet I paid the price. And, I counted it then and do now as a bargain.

When we give ourselves to Service, to Love and to the Highest Power, we reap much more than we sow. It isn’t always immediately evident. Stripping away the artifice, the ego, our judgments and attachments leaves us raw and tender. That is when the Light can get in, when we can be flooded with new hope and infinite love.

Having been through this process three times before, it seems that I may be asked to do it once more. I will not say that I am not afraid on some deep level, but I am oh so willing. At a time when many of my contemporaries are contemplating retirement, I am ready to cast myself into a new mold provided by Spirit. I am in the midst of Reiki training, and if this body will serve me a bit longer I am thinking of becoming a yoga teacher.

My guidance whispers of a new business in the fresh model that is now appearing on this planet. I’ve been given the vision of a business devoted first and foremost to Seva, selfless service, and to serving a community of seekers and those in need of healing. I have seen a new chapter in my life, one where I interface personally with a large group rather than living in the rather austere and isolated manner of my past. I am ready!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I will do my best to reply to any serious inquiry.

Sat Nam

Accountability—Time, Technology, Social Media and Magic

Living on the Cusp…Finding a Direction at the end of The Age of Reason


We are All fated to live in interesting times, living up to the blessing or curse of the old, supposedly Chinese, adage that is blithely and often bandied about. Perhaps this is always the case. Whatever times we find ourselves in are likely, speaking in the language of probability, to be eventful and fraught with one sort of adventure or other— very often not of the welcome or expected variety. I think most will agree with me though, that these are turbulent times we are presently experiencing . How often have you heard ones state that their lives are too busy, too hectic or just too rushed to keep up with this, that or the other thing? Attempting to express just how overwhelmed we [all] are has become a Mantra for this current decade.

This is another in my series of excerpted and updated Posts from my old blog A Glitch In Time. This one was called simply  “Accountability” originally appearing in the Summer of 2014.)

Time Traveling and Unraveling

For years now, I have been busy and harried—and seldom timely with my Blog posts. Though I am still not regular with my writing and posting, The last few months have wrought a huge change in perspective and approach. I will come back to that.

To me at least, it seemed for a number of years that Time itself had come unraveled. By the time I caught my breath from one chaotic tangle of events, I’d already moved on, seemingly at the behest of some automatic pilot I was not aware of being equipped with. I kept Thinking that I have all this time, that I should be able to accomplish so much and organize my life, but seldom got far past the initial thought. My life was like my Blog. That went off in directions I could not have anticipated when I first began it, and so, it seemed, did I. Often, I struggled with the directions in life was pulling me, trying to push it back into saner and safer channels. My refusal to flow with life only caused me to endure more chaos though. I finally surrendered, and I will let this Blog (not the one I originally wrote this piece for) and my life be whatever it wants and needs to.

No Time Like the Present

Not only Time is flying these days. Whole societal paradigms are shifting with nary a notice. The acceleration of technological development is overwhelming. The fact that I can decide to launch an online shop, publish my photographs or writing, or dabble in any number of other creative or business avenues as easily as I can, is just another indication of how fast and far we have come, at least technologically speaking, these past few decades.

I think I can safely say, without doing the research, that the first world nations have made greater scientific and technological leaps in the last fifty years than in the preceding several hundred. It is a New Millennium indeed. It literally boggles the mind of anyone over the age of thirty or so to try and mentally assimilate the vast changes just within our own lifetimes. I have to wonder about cause and effect though. Are we so rushed, so overwhelmed in our lives by this onslaught of change, or has the tempo of the change come as a response to an Acceleration of Time itself?

Even though I can contemplate and pursue avenues not available to me even a decade ago, through the magic of the internet and the array of gadgets that keep all of this constantly at my fingertips, there is a price. It costs me Time, an increasingly precious and rare commodity, and forces me to fragment my attention to achieve my goals. To be a successful internet entrepreneur, you have to not only keep up with a technology and infrastructure that is evolving right before your eyes, but you have to be savvy enough to use Social Media and other (often newly emergent) tools to draw traffic your way.

I readily admit that there are things about the internet that I like— and just as many that I don’t. I am old enough that none of this really comes naturally to me. The learning curve can be steep for those of us not born and raised on the techno-teat. However, the lure is certainly there. My Dad (before he passed away) was a Texting aficionado, seldom was far from his iPhone, and spent several hours a day on email and the internet. It is not something I would have expected of him, yet it is a testament to the power that these devices hold over us as a culture.

Getting Social (or Being Social-ized)

Social Media is another example of this magnetic sway. First embraced as a cutting edge icebreaker by the young and tech-savvy, or as a networking tool by the scientific establishment,  it has grown into a gargantuan array of internet industries catering to any interest you can conceive of. I think that it was a shock when young people discovered that their parents, often initially tuning into these social networks to monitor their offspring, became as enamored of them and as involved, as their children. Now, young people hopscotch from one venue to the next, trying to keep a jump ahead of their internet hungry parents. And there is always somewhere new to go.

Getting back to the usage of Social Media as a business tool, I will say that it can be somewhat akin to being sucked into a Black Hole in many ways. While infinitely useful, the pitfalls are always there. You can easily be caught in the magnetic fields of many of these media before you even realize that it happens. No matter how efficiently you manage these things, they will still swallow up large chunks of your precious time. Before starting a Blog, the only social type sites I had accounts on were DeviantART and Pinterest. 

As I would quickly admit, I was a bit of a Pinterest addict for quite some time. For a couple of years, it was my unwind at the end of the day activity. I kept expecting to get bored with it, but it was a long time before my fascination with that gargantuan Idea Board started to wane. It has by now lost much of its former luster in the constellation of my leisure time activities. However, it wasn’t boredom but, at least in my mind, an overly Commercial turn the company took along the way that cooled my enthusiasm.

When my feed started varying little day in and day out, became swamped with advertisements for products rather than ideas and inspiration, and when Pinterest started telling me what I was looking for rather than letting me explore myself, I just lost most of my interest. I keep up my Pinterest account linked to my Etsy Shop and this blog, but these days I am either saving new content from the many blogs I follow, or searching for recipes. I seldom spend more than a few minutes a day on the site now.

Additionally, since launching my second website I spread out, so to speak. At one point I had accounts on Google+, PinterestFacebook, Instagram,  tumblr, and Amazine (now defunct).  Ostensibly, I started most of these accounts to publicize my blog. And truly, I seldom spent a great deal of time on any of them. I have long since dropped my account on DeviantART simply because I did not have time to maintain it. The Amazine venue was pretty and interesting, but never really caught hold in this country and I canceled my tumblr when it didn’t seem to serve any purpose in my particular niche. 

There was a time when I almost abandoned my Instagram account, but after getting some pointers from my granddaughter and beginning to utilize it more for my business, something clicked, and I am still a loyal fan. Taken as a whole, these things, along with all else that goes into blogging or opening a web store, take an enormous amount of time. And still, you have to attend to all the regular chores of life, and hopefully use some of that scant leisure time to unwind away from devices, internet and Social Media…

Tuning In or Dropping Out

Of course, another issue that sees a great deal of attention these days, is that with the openness of Social Media, blogs and so forth, there is a proliferation of negative, and often downright nasty feedback. The fact that people use these forums to bully, denigrate and sometimes harass other folks who have different viewpoints or ways of presenting themselves, sickens me. If you don’t have something kind, constructive or supportive to say— Go Away. No one is making you look at or read any of this particular content.

In my view, our most potent weapon against ideas that we disagree with or that disturb us, is to tune out. Boycott things you don’t like. If enough people feel the same, the impact will be huge. I just have a hard time understanding how some people, concealed by the anonymity of technology, can be so inconsiderate of their fellows. But then, maybe this is just a reflection of what is happening more frequently in social relations out in an ever more crowded world. Common courtesy and good manners are becoming rarer all the time. 

In that same vein, you can’t help but see the lack of Presence and Attention to each other and the world around us these days. I know that many people are posting pictures of what they are doing on their Social Media even as they are doing it. But I also know that I will never be one of those people. I like to screen my photos, get rid of the out of focus or boring ones , and I like to enjoy what I am doing. How many times of late do you find yourself in a social situation where half or more of the participants have their mobile phones in their hands, either texting, browsing the web, or updating social media instead of genuinely engaging with those around them? In my experience it happens very often, and I have even found myself pulled into this same activity at times. Social Media is no replacement for true society or for having basic social skills. Even as the whole world rolls out before us through our technology, we are isolating ourselves in ways that just might prove not only unhealthy, but dangerous, ultimately.

Beach Day

There is a good chance however, that the isolation we are undergoing as a result of our burgeoning technological abilities, is part of some grand plan—a gateway into levels of consciousness that will open up new frontiers of human development. We are a lost people, looking for pearls in the dust of a decaying cultural milieu. So many of us have forgotten how to truly connect, or become jaded or suspicious from past experience. We know that the world around us is changing, that a way of life is passing. But we do not yet know where we are going, so we immerse ourselves in the barrage of artificial entertainments that too often pass for life.

There are hopeful signs as well as apocalyptic ones. Magic is again becoming a widely accepted possibility in this world. The Age of Reason is crumbling beneath the onslaught of imagery, information and technical wizardry that has become our contemporary norm. Albeit much of the imagery is altered and enhanced. The information, crushing in its sheer amount, is just as likely to be misinformation or outright deception as anything resembling truth or illumination. However, if this abundance flows forth via the magic of one or more of our many technical gadgets, than a certain credibility is lent, a shine that is acquired just by association with the divine oracle of the Internet.

Again, I would say that I believe we are a people on the Edge of an Abyss. Great change is occurring in the way we apprehend the world around us. Our perceptions are being shown through a new glass, and we are yet to understand just what it means. A choice, I think. We are a folk at the Crossroads, and we have only to choose a direction, or to let go and let Spirit select it for us. That is a Choice, too. I hope I have provided a little food for thought today.

As For Me

For myself, I may not have slowed down considerably over the past year or so, but I have gradually, slowly, drastically changed my direction in that time. No more rushing mindlessly—attempting frantically to keep to a self imposed schedule that I have failed at so miserably. It started with 10 minutes of mindfullness or exercise a day. It grew over the past few months to two hours of yoga and meditation a day, sometimes more.

I have tuned back into my inner guidance. It becomes clearer every day as I release the old patterns and forms I’ve lived by. I’ve found Peace again, at least much of the time, made stress a passing hiccough, and just let go. This does not happen without conscious reinforcement, without the occasional backsliding, but it is a journey I relish. I can say, for the first time in many years, I am happy on the whole, and I am content. Life will always bring fresh challenges, but this is the Now, and this is where I choose to live.

Sat Nam! Many Blessings and a wonderful Summer…

I Feel For You—Life as an Empath

(This is one of a series of excerpted and updated Posts from my old, no longer active, blog A Glitch In Time. The original version of this appeared in May of 2014. This is the second time I have edited and updated it for publication. I find that each time, not only does it change a bit to echo the shifts in Self I have undergone, but to reflect the changing attitudes of popular culture regarding Spirituality.

Though I wear many hats these days as business owner, website administrator, mother (grandmother) and homemaker, Who I Am outside of and over all else, is a Being on a Path of Seeking and sometimes discovery. While mundane aspects of daily life are necessary and often overshadow most other pursuits, my true Passion is somewhat larger.

I made a commitment many years ago to Follow the Path of Heart, to serve All-That-Is and this beautiful Planet we call home. I was called, and only one answer was possible. So, I try to share that what constitutes my true Lifestyle, and some of the trials, tribulations and Joys that entails. I don’t claim to know it all, or even a fraction of what the spiritual path involves, but my own experience may prove helpful or informative to some. )

I Feel for You

Changing Definitions

Part 1

One of my little jokes with Self (and some few who are very close to me) is that I really have not been myself lately. I could apologize, or make excuses, but since I really have not been, in large part, much myself not only just lately, but at most times for the past two decades or more, I don’t bother.

I am an Empath. I am not talking about being a person with an empathic nature or making some trendy effort at bonding with our (my?) fellow spiritual aspirants. It is a genetic trait as I understand it at this point, rare, of varying degree from one individual to another, and quite difficult to analyze or quantify. I was not aware that I was an Empath until I was in my late thirties. Before that, I thought I was crazy for a long time, and then as my spiritual path unfolded just lumped in in with other phenomena I experienced.

It’s not something that I have often spoken of with many others. And when I do, most folks either misunderstand what I am talking about, or just think I am crazy (exactly!!!). That’s okay! From a certain viewpoint, that cannot help but be the case. It’s very difficult to be in your right mind when as often as not you are feeling or experiencing what is going on inside of someone else. When I finally knew why my experience of life was colored by this constant emotional input, it was a revelation in many ways. It was very frightening also.

There was barely an internet back when I learned I was an empath, and certainly no readily available information about it. over the last few years I have noticed, and been made aware, that there are a large number of articles about Empathy showing up on the internet. I have read some of them. Some are good, but too many are full of Bullsh… or Bologni, or something. Like so many aspects of subjects that get lumped under the umbrella of spirituality or metaphysics, there is some massive sugar-coating going on out there, and huge amounts of misinformation in general.

Being an Empath is not a spiritual trait, though being empathic and compassionate are. I have also seen a number of articles concerning the psychology of the Empathic individual. Repeat above sentiments!  According to information provided by my guidance, it has been and remains an inherited trait, a genetic predisposition which seems on the increase along with a number of other changes in the function of the human mind, all of which are outside the subject of this post. There is a great deal of genetic research along these lines being done and available to those who look also.

I would also note here, that there is more than a fine line between being Empathically Sensitive or predisposed, and being an actual Empath. According to articles I have found, somewhere around 20 percent of the population share this predisposition. A much smaller percentage are actually functioning (or dysfunctioning, according to the individual’s ability to handle this trait) Empaths. I know a very small handful of other Empaths. Several are related to me, and one a long time friend Even among those I am familiar with in my own family, the degree of empathic sensitivity varies greatly from one individual to the next.

Emotional Healing

Trying Not to Drown

It is true, from what I’ve read and my own experience, that a good percentage of Empaths end up following various spiritual paths, that they are attracted to pursuits which help to balance and secure a bit of peace for the practitioner. I am nearly certain that a big part of that is the attraction to a belief system or discipline that can help to explain or at least to somewhat ameliorate the oftentimes overwhelming weight of the Empath’s experience.

Conversely, a good many of these people also end up in the mental health system as patients or in extreme cases, institutionalized.  Drug and alcohol abuse are very common among these gifted beings.  Years ago, I encountered a quote of Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing (from the book The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise) that summed up so much of my own experience, and that I resonated with so strongly that I have never forgot it. 

Mystics and schizophrenics find themselves in the same ocean, but the mystics swim whereas the schizophrenics drown.

R.D. Laing
The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise

I cannot begin to tell how very often I have feared that I was indeed drowning in a sea of disturbing emotions. Before being called (I will use this word, because it better describes what happened to me than anything else.) to follow a spiritual path, I felt completely lost, as though I were irretrievably broken and beyond help.  Since the Empathic experience is completely subjective, I can only relate my own observations on this trait. However, I have often wondered how many people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and other emotional disorders are actually Empaths.


From my earliest  memories, I was bombarded with emotional content that I was not, especially as a child, equipped to understand or process. I never felt myself to be a child, and strongly resented that I was treated so. While I was fairly outgoing and social, though given to extremes of behavior (tantrums, sulking, etc.), at home, I became extremely introverted in more public venues. An Empathic child, I believe, either learns very early to start building defenses and barricades around themselves emotionally, or soon become lost in the chaos of conflicting feelings and emotions they encounter every day.

As I said, I can only relay my own experiences. Perhaps some people have a native talent for controlling what and how much of other people’s emotions they are exposed to, and can separate what is their own from that of others. For myself, I gradually learned to limit the assault to my senses that life was—to constantly guard myself— but groups or crowds of people still made me cower, and inevitably the defenses slipped from time to time. When that happened, I would lose most emotional control, and the immensity of what I would “feel” would leave me utterly unable to function for hours afterward. Sleeping and dreaming were also times when my control would slip. I experienced horrific nightmares so profoundly disturbing and outside of my own realm of experiences that I was certain that it could only be an indication of madness.

I was in my thirties before my spiritual explorations led to a place where I was comfortable enough with myself to allow the Voices in my head free expression. I do not particularly like the word Channel, but neither have I ever considered myself a Medium or anything of that sort. However, I suppose that I am those things. I have had a number of etheric Spirit Guides or Teachers, and I am quite certain that they saved my life. As far as I know, those with the Empath trait also very often have other “psychic” talents.  At any rate, for me it was contact with these beings, who have been called Ascended Masters among other things, that finally helped clarify a great deal of my experience for me. I was told, among many other things, that I was an Empath, and taught to exercise a much more precise control over the trait. Along the way, I was also taught to use my particular talents for Healing.

Little did I know twenty years ago that being an Empath would become a badge of distinctiveness—a sought after prize in the spiritual lottery. Articles with enticing titles like 10 Signs That You are An Empath or 20 Traits of an Empath seem to lead every supposedly sensitive being to believe that she/he is one of these special people. (The number at the beginning of the title not only lets us know that it is one of these lists so revered by humankind, but also that the author is trying to score SEO points with Google, etc.) To my mind, being an Empath is many things, but special, in the way most people want it to be, it is not. Nor is it a crutch, an excuse, or carte blanche to be socially obnoxious. Feel free to read on if you wish to learn more about my experience and take on being an Empath.

(As this original post was a long one, and with edits and additions, becoming even longer, I am going to continue it in a second part next week. I feel that this nation, and this planet, are reaching a critical point. Healing is progressing, but in the meanwhile, Chaos and Upheaval, on a planetary scale are proliferating. There is a great need for Awakening among the Earth’s population, and a need for those destined to be Healers among the already Awakening, to step forward.)

Some Closing Thoughts  

I wanted to mention that the photos with the I Feel For You quote at the beginning and end of this post were taken by me during the
Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 . We live in Florida, so not close to totality, but with all the buzz it generated and the Energetic Patterns that accompanied it, I took a camera out, and since I had no glasses or protection, pointed it in the direction I knew the sun should be. Well yeah, I deleted a few photos of branches and clouds, but I had several that were very interesting. Upon studying them closely, I realized that the sun appeared not just as a star, but in a configuration called Merkabah by esoterists. That particular configuration has great significance to me, so I was intrigued. I will discuss this more in future posts also.

Blessings to All! Till next time…

I Feel for You

Self Love or Self-Ishness

Integrating the Ideal of Selflessness with Self Love

Self Love or Self-Ishness

I really don’t know how we arrived at April 2019—already over a quarter of the way through another year . It certainly isn’t somewhere I set out to get to. (This is where I was going to make a lame joke about getting here ahead of Time, but I realized that the whole concept was too convoluted and stopped myself.  😉 ) Truth is, though, that this year, like its Sisters before it, is speeding by before I even have a chance to settle into it comfortably. I suppose the remainder of the year will be much the same.

However, I take heart from the fact that I began 2019 from a far better Place than any of these past few years. I am still not where I want to be by a long shot, but I am ever so much more firmly and consistently on the Path. This is for several reasons.

  • I am, in large part, content with myself.
  • My attitude (constant work in progress that it is) just keeps improving.
  • While I have by no means slowed down, I have found and cultivated that still place within, and visit it often these days.
  • My connection with Spirit, and with the Guidance that is always present when we stop and listen, is growing stronger with each passing day.

I don’t know about you, but I am more encouraged by what I’m experiencing and what I See unfolding around me. I feel another huge paradigm shift approaching, a groundswell of Consciousness returning to this planet as it hasn’t been able to since the Fall of Atlantis and the Earth’s fateful tumble into Two Dimensionality.  It is still very far from being a done deal, as some people say, and there is much confusion and unrest in the world, but Change can only come out of Chaos.

I am approaching life with Hope! I know that the disasters in the news, both natural and man-made will continue, and that the world is going to keep seeming Crazy for a good while to come, but I have high hopes that out of all of this discord, a new pattern will arise. I know that a great number of Lightworkers are striving toward this change, and that a great many more people are finally open to, and searching for a more balanced, meaningful way of life.

Ego, Self-Preservation and Selfishness

Everywhere I look these days I see photos and posts touting Self Care. I have been on a Spiritual Path for a very long time, and I have seen a great deal of change, both of attitudes and expression, from what was labeled the New Age Movement in the 1980s. There is also a lot of talk about Self Love. Both of these concepts are vitally important. My belief is that they have come to the forefront now because we live in a world so rushed and complicated that people easily lose track of just what their priorities and main concerns should be.

If Self Care is remembering to take care of yourself, of understanding that you need to stay healthy, to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep, etc., than this is indeed a Good thing. If Self Love is the realization that unless you love and accept yourself (flaws and all) just as you are at any given moment, without judgement or needless guilt and self-recrimination—you will be unable to love others Unconditionally— than that is just right.

Where is the line though, between all of this Self Attention, and Selfishness. I have to wonder. I see so much of self-indulgence and self preoccupation put forward by people supposedly Spiritual and in pursuit of higher consciousness, and to me, at least, it very often smacks of Ego stroking. Just how many Selfies does it take to go from self-acceptance and being comfortable in your own skin— to vanity and narcissism? How spiritual is it to package the pursuit of Higher Consciousness as a marketable How-To and sell it with a slick Social Media campaign?

Part and parcel of a Spiritual Path, no matter what the philosophy or religion, is Self Sacrifice and Selflessness. The act of putting others before Self, of eradicating the Ego Self, and replacing it with that aspect of the Higher Self which loves unconditionally and without judgement is intrinsic to spiritual growth. The ultimate goal is to dissolve all patterns and obstacles that prevent us from recognizing our identity as a part of All-That-Is.

Now this is a tall order, and a difficult balance to reach or maintain. The Ego uses every tactic at its disposal to keep us as an [I]rather than I AM. While the concepts of Self Love and Selflessness can on the surface seem a paradox, they really are not. We simply must learn to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”— to Nurture ourselves just as we should Nurture others. When caring for our own health and well-being is so that we may continue to be of service to others, than we are on the track back to God or Spirit. I think the temptation to Self Indulgence is perhaps stronger than it has ever been. With our constant connection to the media through our phones, computers, devices and television, it has become all-pervasive.

While on the one hand, the fact that Spirituality has become the subject of countless internet memes is encouraging, there is a sad and serious downside. What was out there, the lunatic fringe or New Age, has become mainstream enough to be memed. On that other hand, it promotes a great deal of mis-information and outright falsehood. There are endless videos of a new version of Talking Heads, self-proclaimed Gurus who are anxious to coach you through the coming Shift????? And if I see many more photos of bathtubs surrounded with candles and filled with flower petals— or near naked yogis twisted into provocative poses for the camera…

Enough said!

Rosemary for Remembrance
Remembering to Breath!

Taking Steps Toward Self Love

I do see the challenges that life presents to self-care and maintenance. In the past few years I’ve been a prime example. While I have made major progress, there is still a long road to go. Taking the time to exercise, eat right and meditate have truly been my biggest challenges. Like so many other in this fast-paced world, I stay eternally either too busy or too tired to contemplate much besides reading or watching TV at the end of the day.  It is easy to get so caught up in the chores and jobs I set for myself, or just the endless minutiae of life, that I often just can’t get myself to Stop. 

Last year, during a short meditation, I was Told that if I were ever going to take steps to begin living a more balanced life it was imperative that I make a start. And that starting small was okay! Just give this quest for balance, this yearning toward a more fit and healthy lifestyle 10 Minutes a day to start with. Though it was baby steps at the timeit was the beginning of something much more pervasive and positive.

While I will write much more on this in future posts, I will say here that from a humble beginning last year, much growth has taken place. I/we (the whole family benefits) have been on an odyssey of choosing an increasingly healthy diet. Possibly the most life altering ideas and choices have come from a renewed interest in Ayurvedic health practices, and the chance reading of an article about Anthony William, the Medical Medium . I have two of his books now Medical Medium and Life-Changing Foods. Food as Medicine seems such a revolutionary idea to so many who were raised on fast food and processed fare. However, it is an idea with roots in all of the oldest healing traditions in this world. Incorporating much of the advice he offers in his books has felt natural and is proving to be life altering.

One Change leads to another. I began doing an hour of yoga at least five days a week, instead of irregularly and hurriedly, about two months ago. Not only is it becoming a habit, something I can’t wait to get to each day, but the transformation in this short time is gratifying. I feel better than I have in several years, clearer and more focused, and energized rather than eternally tired.

I am more enthusiastic about my healing work and meditation than in the past decade these days. I feel renewed in soul and purpose. I can’t wait to see what a few more months will do for me. I hope I can inspire others to try this kind of sustained Self Care for themselves…

Self Love or Self-Ishness