Finding The Pearl of Great Price

Working the Light

I have not kept up with this blog lately. Truthfully, my outer life is virtually on hold this summer. The energy flooding this world as it shifts toward an ever higher vibrational frequency—as She [Gaia] Ascends into a Fifth Dimensional reality— is flooding through me also. One of the earliest pieces of information I was given upon earnestly beginning my Spiritual Path so many years ago was that I was like a Transformer and Amplifier. I was and am capable of moving the energy from the Cosmos directly into the Earth or to other people or things it was directed toward. Through the years, my overall capacity to do so has increased as my physical form adapted to it.

Like many of those first wave Light Workers, spread so thin in decades past, my functions in this incarnation have been many and varied. “Not my Will, God, but Yours”. Myself, and a few others I know have always done whatever was required. At times like these when we are approaching the end of a Cycle [1999-2021], the energy ramps up and those who are capable are pushed to their limits Channeling it into place.

That has certainly been the case since early summer. The fact that my own unfoldment, after a long stint of immersion in deep Earth energies, has made considerable progress is also demanding. I will resume my Personal History series of articles for those few who may be interested soon. This chronology will go far in explaining how I come to be who and what I Am now.

As I explained in a recent post about the Kundalini Yoga practice I took up earlier this year, I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening years back. That, I suspect, was only one of a number of Gifts I was given by Spirit through the Ascended Masters at that time. I was helped, or pushed, in order to set me firmly upon my Path. It was part of an Activation of Light, I see now. At the time, I was not entirely certain what was happening to me—or Why it was happening.

Putting in the Work

My experience this time around is very different. Aside from the fact that I am considerably older and was not in a very fit physical state upon starting my yoga practice in late winter this year—this time around I sense that it is my turn to put in the work. I am earning each energetic step forward with considerable sweat and effort. Nothing is being done for me, and I hope to stand as an example, to create a pattern for those who are Seeking or Awakening now or in the near future.

Guan Yin-- Original Image by smirnov27 from Pixabay

Even though I was enthusiastic about my daily yoga sessions from the beginning, the truth is I could not fully achieve some of the asanas and kriyas at all. I have made a great deal of progress in these past six months or so. Although I am an impatient sort and wish to be further along, to be stronger and more capable, I understand the need to take this at a somewhat slower pace [most of the time].

I am currently responsible for a growing group of budding and potential Light Workers at various stages of Awakening and Consciousness. These range from others of the First Wave like myself, to Second Wave Light Workers, Starseeds here for specific purposes, and humans who are potential incarnational vehicles for other Ascended Beings who wish to come into the trenches in the near future, so to speak. By responsible for them, I mean that I have varying degrees of personal interaction with them all in the mundane world, and in my capacity as Teacher, Healer and Energy Worker, on more subtle levels.

They are a varied group. Some are nearing the end of their Service. Others are Awakening quickly while a good number of them are still mostly ignorant of what they are and what they are doing. The youngest among them, given a head start by being born directly into fifth dimensional incarnation are only potentials who’s service, if it occurs, lies in the future.

I serve in a variety of roles and modes with this group. One of my most important functions is to demonstrate Ascension Process in action. This would be a large order if I had not been through it all before. It’s said that practice makes perfect. I hope this is so.

Pearl of Great Price

Over the years of my struggle through the up and down landscape of the Spiritual Path, I have come to deeply understand many of the parables and stories in religious literature. At least in my mind, the Pearl of Great Price is that Spiritual attainment for which you pay all that you have and are. I do not say this lightly, for more than once I have been asked to, and have, given everything I thought was Self or held dear, in pursuit of Ascension. When first I started, it was no more than an idea that resonated deep within my Heart, yet I paid the price. And, I counted it then and do now as a bargain.

When we give ourselves to Service, to Love and to the Highest Power, we reap much more than we sow. It isn’t always immediately evident. Stripping away the artifice, the ego, our judgments and attachments leaves us raw and tender. That is when the Light can get in, when we can be flooded with new hope and infinite love.

Having been through this process three times before, it seems that I may be asked to do it once more. I will not say that I am not afraid on some deep level, but I am oh so willing. At a time when many of my contemporaries are contemplating retirement, I am ready to cast myself into a new mold provided by Spirit. I am in the midst of Reiki training, and if this body will serve me a bit longer I am thinking of becoming a yoga teacher.

My guidance whispers of a new business in the fresh model that is now appearing on this planet. I’ve been given the vision of a business devoted first and foremost to Seva, selfless service, and to serving a community of seekers and those in need of healing. I have seen a new chapter in my life, one where I interface personally with a large group rather than living in the rather austere and isolated manner of my past. I am ready!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I will do my best to reply to any serious inquiry.

Sat Nam

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