My Notes from Goddess and God

January, 1997

I close my eyes to tryst a moment with velvet darkness 
Then unroll like a fragment of ancient parchment
Willingly surrendering myself to visions 
Which surely must compose—
Beloved notes from God. 

On my soul are written in flowing lyric beauty
All the times which wll be and always have been
Etched on the surface of
This breath-caught reality—
In notes from God.
Engraved on my heart and sealed in silver laughter
The sacred hours of each day and every night
Held like precious treasure
 Forever and after—
In notes from God.

Dreams whisper and cry out amidst the silken swirls
That cavort through night’s silent passages 
To light the Way
And leave in their wake messages—
My notes from God.  

The Pentam Chronicles

The Pentam Chronicles

In the 1990s, after completing my Shamanic Initiation, the energetic work took some very different turns. I had long been what was then being called a conscious channel. I had written extensively in conjunction with my research into spiritual and esoteric matters, and the ongoing education being provided by Merlin, several of the Ascended Masters and the Elohim. 


At this point, I began receiving information from a Collective Consciousness that billed It/Them selves as my Future Self. This became a daily journal of sorts, detailing the energetic work my partner and I, as well as quite a number of other Lightworkers (of both the Conscious and Un-Conscious variety— there were then, and continue to be a great number who don’t allow their true work to rise or interfere with daily life), were involved in. This information also included advice not just spiritually, but concerning daily habits, health concerns and relating with the world at large. Though I never expected it when I began these Chronicles, they continued for three years. I will speak more at some point about what happened to interrupt this project for most of two decades. 


Suffice it to say, I, and a great number of others  went largely Asleep for nearly twenty years. Never completely though, and not without scattered peak experiences, periods in which Spiritual Guidance enough to steer us in the correct direction was available. It is very difficult to describe this long interval (and it did not seem long from most perspectives) of semi-amnesia, even to myself. Looking back Now, it is hard to accept that whole portions of my Life were missing and I didn’t Know. In this interim however, I have learned enough about Awareness and Memory to Understand.


It was shortly after the Fall Equinox in 2019 that these communications and the journaling resumed, and have continued since. However, I had been being not to gently directed toward this threshold. It seemed abrupt at the time, but actually was the culmination of several years of preparation. I have been urged, for some time Now, to begin publishing these writings, as well as other information that is pertinent to the Work myself and my co-workers in Light were/are called here to do. I hope, given the Time  and opportunity, to cover most of these Chronicles, what I call my Notes, as well as a good deal of other information I have gathered through these many years on Ascension Path. For now though, I am starting with the Reawakening in 2019 and working my way through the significant information as it presents. At some point I may include the earlier (circa 1990s) Chronicles as well, but that is yet to be seen. While I might try to organize this huge trove of information into a more Chronological narrative, that seems impossible due to the very Nature of the Path I have trod.  


I am not attempting here to be Teacher or Guide. I am only a Story Teller. Accept or reject as you please. I have been told in the probable pasts that it is just as well I am not in the Spiritual PR department. I am neither kind nor patient. However, while this website is a Task assigned me by Spirit, it is done out of the utmost Love. I Love you each and every one, and will provide whatever Service that Love requires. There is much that I can’t include at present, as it is specific to certain people/individuals, or of a personal or obscure nature.


I will share as much as I believe may be pertinent. My perspective on these events is my own. I am a Seer, but keep in mind that each of us filters information from the perspective of our own Awareness and background.  This narrative is my Story, and the Notes I have gathered from the Source that identifies as my future or Higher Self Aspect, filters through my mind, is a result of my education, experience and persona.  I have to assume that this particular dialogue will reach whatever audience it is meant to. This is a glimpse into My  Greater Reality, and perhaps a version of some of yours…