The Re-Union and the Great Divide

Grand Re-Union

by Gwen Simmons with the Merlin and Lord Arcturus…

Greetings, Fellow Travelers in Time, Space and Awareness! We are well met after a year that did not quite live up to either its Promise or Potential. Instead, it proved most Illuminating in so many other ways.

A call for Balance was made by the Masters and the White Council over a year ago— a Directive was received by the 144,000 (x2) along with many others among the Lightworkers on Earth/Gaia. The Time is arrived for the Reconciliation, the Grand Re-Union of those Lifestreams, so fractured and scattered by entrance into density. To these ones, these Lightworkers, having undertaken this Path, or Awakening, years, and in many cases decades ago, an extension of that Mission was assigned. Those who had successfully Healed much of the heavy energy residing in Form, were Now to extend that Healing to that Other, to the Twin Flame or Complement in incarnation.

This, despite the hype and build up that was received, or conversely, rejected, by almost all in the various Spiritual Communities, fell far short of the Ascended Master’s and other facilitators of this Great Healing’s hopes. Of our 144,000 Twin Flame couples, less than two thirds achieved this Lateral Rejoining, and of the many other Lightworkers who embarked on this same journey, far less than half. This is disappointing.

The Great Divide

A Cross to Bear

We would take a moment to briefly explain what we mean by Lateral Re-joining. Upon entering the subtle energetic levels surrounding Earth, that which we have likened to a Grid, Lifestreams first were split Laterally (Duality) and Horizontally (or Transversally; Polarity). This, before the further fragmenting into Time, Space and Probability. All of this is greatly simplified, of course, but there is no real reason to make it any more complicated than it needs to be. This is the Crux of the Matter, and the most essential significance of the Cross in human symbolism. Each and every Lifestream, or Oversoul, if that term makes you more comfortable, has been Crucified on that particular Cross just by being here. Each was fragmented, and there is a Pattern to this, just as there is to anything in Nature.  And there is a Pattern or Template also, for the Reconciliation of these splits.

Ones can argue the semantics and significance of our Words here. There are as many interpretations of these Truths as there are Interpreters. However, this is physics, this is Energy or Light in Motion, and the Descent from higher dimensional existence to lower. There are also many out there who insist on their own wholeness, their absolute unity and completion. To that we say, nonsense. If One is Whole, then they are Source and not mucking about on a small planet in a remote sector of the Galaxy and the Universe. Granted, there are those of us who have scaled the dimensional ladder somewhat, attained a higher level of integrity, but We know that we are not yet returned Home, that we have yet to attain Singularity with our Creator. And we work to assist others on this Same Path.

Where Do We Go From Here?

What comes next, indeed?

More adventure, Dear Ones. If you have followed us this far, you may suspect that the Second stage, the erasure of the Horizontal Split must take place. Of course, for those who still have not completed the first stage, that of rectifying the Duality within selves and with another, the Lateral healing, there is more of the same.

The word Twin Flame is a misnomer in many ways. If one Significant Other is presented for your consideration, and you can’t manage to balance and complete the required Energetic work out of which to become One, then most likely, another candidate will appear. It is nothing more than a rerouting of Probabilities, of Timelines some might say, though this is not truly the case either. There are second chances in this Drama we call Ascension— sometimes a third, but there comes a point where the impossibility must be acknowledged for a particular incarnational aspect of a Lifestream.

And this is a truth that those who guide, who teach, who are here to help in many capacities, don’t often touch upon. Sometimes ones who Awaken, who undertake the process that is involved in Ascending, don’t succeed. They don’t make the cut, so to speak. It is not a failure, merely a case of that particular one not being ready. So, back to the possibility pool. The water is fine. All will eventually resume their journey back to Source, just not in this particular venue. While it is the case that many Guides and Way-Showers may candy coat, may try to coddle and gentle their charges through what is, undoubtedly, the hardest task they will ever undertake, we are getting a little far into the Game to continue doing so. If one is ready to undertake the Twin Flame Reunion, than it follows that a bit larger Truth is in order.

In these strange days, we look about us and See, not the cozy Collective so often referred to by spiritual guides, teachers, the internet and Facebook groups, but billions of very separate Selfs. Union is the Dream, and more than that, a necessity for those who would accompany the Earth/Gaia on her Journey of Transcendence. Yet, at present, it seems further away than ever. The times have become perilously divisive, our social and communal structures increasingly at odds.

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

Words, Words Everywhere…

From Gwen:

It has been a long time since my last post on this Blog. That is largely because I find myself hesitant to add my voice to the Cacophony of those shouting out their opinions and beliefs on the internet, in social media and on any other outlet or pulpit available these days.

Words seemed at a premium just a few years ago when brevity was the rule, whether texting, posting or commenting. Bullet Points were in their heyday, Getting ideas across in as few words as possible was required in business and social commerce. Not so any longer. Words flow in effluvium-like torrents and people seem to have forgotten, or abandoned, the finer points of etiquette and diplomacy. It becomes all too easy to get sucked into this morass of judgement and disagreement. Never before have so many been so vocal about every issue, or so certain of their own superiority.

I work with Energy day in and day out. I’ve Seen the patterns that precipitated this present paradigm, but it makes it no easier to deal with. Why contribute my observations, when they are likely to be shouted down by someone who Knows Better or disagrees? Should I bother to share whatever wisdom I have gleaned from thirty-five years of spiritual pursuit, when it seems that everyone you read or listen to has the answers already?

Two of the more popular rebuttals—

You have everything you need within, so why listen to teachers or try to learn?

You are one with Source and Perfect already, so why strive? 

And it goes on and on. Spiritual nuggets and truths are reduced to pablum and used to support sides or personal views. Trite overlong treatises by pop-spritualists are used to substantiate authority or even attack, as well as to sell a brand or feed an Ego.

If it were that easy, why hasn’t everyone in these various Spiritual Communities Ascended already, and why are so many of them so miserable? I have more questions than answers it seems, but since I already Know that a large percentage of so-called Lightworkers will not like what I have to say, why bother? Because, it seems, my good friend Arcturus does have some things to say, and he insists that I assist him in doing so.

What Comes Next?

Lord Arcturus Speaks:

My Love and my Greetings to any who happen across and read this missive. If you do find it, it is because you were meant to receive my Words. Unlike the author, I have no qualms about spreading a little more manure on an already well fertilized pasture. It is, as we Masters and other Beings of Light who work with this One who transcribes my words often tell her, just as well that she is not in the Public Relations Dept. of Ascension Ltd. She is neither patient nor diplomatic, but I Am hopefully enough so for both of us.

2020 was a challenging year for even the most intrepid of Lightworkers, and we don’t believe that 2021 is proving a disappointment either. Never before has there been so much Needing done in Realms of Light or in Manifest Earth. Nor has there ever been such a challenging time and situation through which to accomplish it. 

If we are to succeed in our aim to see the populations of the Earth/Gaia Ascend along with Her, then this divisiveness, this separation and disunity cannot endure. As my scribe here would readily tell you all, the Planet does not require your assistance, though She does require your Love, your Respect and your Regard. After a bit of a slow start, she has outstripped her laggard populace. She Ascends with or without you.

It is past time to Look at one another, and see that you are One. Quit worrying about which planet you are from, what religion or spiritual framework is right or wrong, and toss all of your political pre-conceptions and fancies in the waste basket. Become the best version of Self, and See the same, or the possibility, in everyone you encounter. You have billions of potential soul mates or twin flames out there. 

Instead of Seeing the flaws, of picking apart everyone who does not See Eye-to-Eye with you, Love and Forgive. While the processes involved in Ascension from gross corporeality to those Light Bodies you so covet are unavoidably complex, to Ascend is not. 

Take one step toward light and unity, and then another.

I believe that we will cover the subject of this Great Divide in your world in more detail in our next post. 


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