Navigating The Twin Flame Re-Union

The Autumn Equinox—A Call To Balance

I was going to do a short info type post yesterday for the Equinox/Mabon/Alban Elfed (‘The Light of the Water’. The Wheel turns and the time of balance returns.) however, the day’s Business was too important and too all consuming to leave time for any such frivolous pastimes.

As has long been predicted, the Energy poured forth from the Cosmos that signaled the beginning of the initiatory rites that will reunite the Twin Flame couples of the 144,000. This is not some romantic fairy tale coming to fruition, or some reconciliation of tragic lovers (though in some cases these things may seem part of the experience). In a world still torn asunder by Polarity and Duality, it is a necessity if the Earth is ever to be healed and Ascend.

This is the fulfillment of a contract entered into by the LightWorkers from Venus when they accompanied the Ascended Master known as Sunat Kumara to earth some 8 million years ago. They endured the Fracturing of Souls (or Lifestreams, which is my preferred term. I will post about this and some of the other terminology used by myself and othes of this lineage when there is tme) which is the effect of entering into the Dimensional Grid around this planet. Part of the fracturing meant that the polarities of masculine and feminine were split. The time has come to heal that split. For the next Year and a Day, these determined souls will do the work involved in this Healing.

The 144,000 are not the only beings on earth at present who will participate in this great healing. Many of these other Lightworkers and Starseeds are in the same predicament when it comes to reconciling the duality that prevents full Ascension on the Earth Plane. Some of these are participating in this ordained healing, and many others will join them in the months and year to come.

The Fall of the Patriarchy

Before this event could take place, it was necessary that the world had progressed sufficiently out of the Piscean patriarchal cycle into the Aquarian Age, and its emerging matriarchal template, for this to become a possibility. The Tower of Masculine hubris and supposed superiority must be knocked down, and the Divine Feminine reawakened. The reconciliation of the two polarities didn’t even exist as a possibility before this.

It will be a difficult task still. The genders do not trust one another, and the amount of healing that regaining that trust will require is immense. The twin flame reconciliation is the greatest expression of self-love that you can have in this world. This being is the Same Soul, but the other side of the coin. It is yin-yang, opposite and equal in every way.

This experience will have commonalities among the participants certainly, but the differences will be staggering also. A template for this reconciliation of Halves has been created, but the circumstances the individual Lightworkers find themselves in will differ vastly. Many of these Lightworkers are awakened to their higher selves at this point, or at least have an inkling. Others dont, and wont until the Healing has progressed sufficiently. It is not uncommon for one to be awake and the other not at all. Some are already in relationships, not necessarily romantic, with their twin. Others may know them, or of them, but have no contact, and more than a few have not even met. Most will in the course of this healing, but it is not a prerequisite for the Union. Each Soul has their own mission or work on this planet.

For many, the healing will be less difficult in the absence of this other person in their life. The drive to achieve this union may cause this to not feel so, but the difficulties of face to face balancing are not to be underestimated. Anything you direct at your twin flame, be it love or bitterness and angst, you are directing at yourself. There is a danger of falling into emotional and behavioral loops that are extremely difficult to pull out of.

Infinity and Eternity
Original Image by Mari Carmen Díaz from Pixabay

In For the Long Haul

This healing is a commitment beyond what many have ever experienced or undertaken in their lives. So extraordinarily Personal, and yet at the same time seeming to be not. You are literally taking on an immense burden of what most likely will at times feel like someone else’s Bullshit. According to how far apart the two soul halves have drifted, how different their experiences, their Karma, in this lifetime and others, there will be large to massive amounts of mutual clearing and balancing to do.

This process has started. If you are one of these 144,000 (288,000) + people, you don’t have to do anything. It will begin to happen. How well you handle it, the amount of patience and grace you are able to muster—that is on you. Initially, it will be a lot of past life stuff. It will be confusing and often emotional, and there is no use even trying to sort it out. Just let it flow. As the healing progresses, you will effectively reach into the multi-dimensional Time Line and begin reclaiming the energy of supposed Past Lives and incorporating that consciousness into your Now.

Next will most likely begin an intense focus on healing both emotional and physical patterns acquired in this lifetime. You can look for strange seemingly senseless emotional responses, physical symptoms that don’t make any sense and may or may not appear largely on one side of your body (right for masculine and left for feminine). According to how sensitive you are, you may have the feeling of being larger or smaller on one side also. You will have thoughts and ideas that seem out of character, and impulses that don’t fit into any familiar pattern.

This Clearing Process may go on for a long time, and also come and go in intensity. At some point you will probably start to question whether anything you feel originates with you.

Then comes the reconciliation of the subtle body aspects. You are already One in in the Causal Body, but to accomplish this healing the Etheric Template, Astral, Mental, Emotional and Etheric Bodies must be reconnected. You will more than likely receive assistance from your Higher Self, Guides or Teachers in this process. If in doubt at this point, call on Kwan Yin or Sunat Kumara, and assistance will be provided. This process is likely to cause great internal confusion. Relax and allow it to occur.

The next step entails joining or Sealing the Seven principle Chakras. This will necessitate further clearing and balancing of the Energy Body. There are numerous subtle processes that will accompany these various steps and processes, but ultimately if Balance can be reached, you and your Twin fame will become effectively One Being and have access to the Merkaba or Light Body.

I wish all those who are undertaking the fulfillment of this sacred Union well. I will be glad to answer any questions about this process, or Ascension itself, that I can.


Twin Flame Re-Union
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

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